Kiko Alonso had ACL surgery on Thursday


The Bills moved linebacker Kiko Alonso to the Non-Football Injury list this week while Alonso was getting ready to have his knee operated on by Dr. James Andrews.

Alonso’s agent Steve Caric announced that Alonso had surgery to repair the ACL he tore while working out early this month on Thursday. Patients usually have to wait a while to have the operation because any swelling needs to subside before doctors can get inside.

As you’d expect, Caric called the surgery successful but it will be many months before that label can be placed on Alonso’s recovery. He’ll need to avoid any infection or other post-surgical issues in the knee, rebuild his strength and then pass various tests on the football field, to name a few.

With this season lost, Alonso will have plenty of time to do so. In the meantime, the Bills will turn to Preston Brown, Nigel Bradham or someone else to fill the big hole Alonso left in the team’s defense.

14 responses to “Kiko Alonso had ACL surgery on Thursday

  1. I still can’t believe it’s true!!! Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true!!! Maybe it’s all a ploy by the Master Jedi Coach Marrone to fool Coach Hoodie. Hmmmm….

  2. drfeelyouup are you basing that on the illustrious history of the Brownies before or after your team abandoned you for another city?

  3. drfeelyouup says:Jul 18, 2014 1:26 PM

    He’s no Karlos Dansby. Browns will squash the putrid Bills again this year.
    Keep dreaming…………Bills will crush the Browns this year. You guys should of been ranked 32 in the PFT polls.

  4. Preston Brown is 6-1, 265 lbs…for the love of God/Kiko…he is not an OLB, at all.

    This is Bradham’s chance to step up. But it will probably be Rivers-Spikes-Lawson.

  5. not a bills fan or anything but I really liked watching Kiko play. Rehab SUCKS, I hope it goes well and he never has to go through any of this again. I want to see this guy back at 100 percent.

  6. Quote: “He’s no Karlos Dansby. Browns will squash the putrid Bills again this year.”

    If I recall correctly when they played in 2012 in Cleveland the Bills thoroughly embarrassed the Browns on their homefield, with Fitzpatrick no less.

    Last year in Cleveland the Bills were carving up the Browns yet again with little difficulty. Gipson takes a cheap shot at Manuel’s knees instead of tackling him from the waist up. Enter practice squad QB Jeff Tuel and the rest of the game got ugly. Yet if it werent for 2 Travis Benjamin kick returns they most certainly would have lost that game as well.

    If you honestly think the Browns will come into Buffalo and have any chance of winning that game , you must obviously live in Colorado if you get my meaning.

  7. When will the lawsuit be filed? Were players warned that ankle injuries can occur in the game of football?

  8. Dude is a beast. I was hoping my Bears would get him but it was not to be.

    Here’s hoping he’s back in form sooner than later. Football will be a lot better when a second team in the AFC East rises up to seriously challenge the Patriots, and the Bills actually may be the closest of the three to doing that.

  9. Kind of surprised, as it’s been over two weeks since he was injured. I thought he would have already had it. It takes at least 9-12 months to be able to participate, and even then often up to a year after that to really get back to form (i.e. RG3).

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