Pats clarify texts between Belichick, Hernandez

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The team that never says anything unless it has to has decided that it needs to say something about the report that coach Bill Belichick and former tight end Aaron Hernandez exchanged 33 pages of text messages.

Via Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe, lawyer Andrew Phelan released a statement clarifying the extent of the communications and the period over which they occurred.

“Earlier this week, a report indicated that an exchange of text messages between the team’s head coach and Mr. Hernandez totaled 33 pages,” Phelan said.  “While it is unknown how the texts were printed or displayed, I thought it was important to clarify that during an early investigation conducted by state prosecutors, the team produced a total of 34 text messages (not pages of texts) spanning a period of five months (December 2012 — May 2013) between the head coach and Mr. Hernandez.”

While the content of the messages remains to be determined, the Patriots felt compelled to make sure it’s understood that the back and forth didn’t consume 33 full pages of text.  This won’t change the fact that the messages will be scrutinized with the benefit of hindsight for any hint that would have put the Patriots on notice of Hernandez’s impending implosion.  It only means that there aren’t as many messages as the report of 33 pages of texts would imply.

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  1. There is no way in hell that we should be putting Belichick on trial for sending text messages to his player so early in this whole situation.

    We don’t know what they said, we don’t know the context of them. But I do know this, if I were a head coach and one of my players got in trouble I sure as hell would be doing everything I can to support him under a presumption of him being innocent, until facts and data come out that indicate otherwise.

    Once the level of seriousness and amount of evidence suggests something as horrible as this occurred, then the coach not only has a right to cease contact, but he has a responsibility to cease contact. A responsibility to his other players and his employer.

    But given what we know today, I think Belichick did the right thing in keeping in contact with his player. So let’s not crucify the guy for being a leader.

  2. 33 messages, back and forth, so about 16 or 17 by Belichick. Nothing big, most likely small talk and jibber jabber.

    But, it’s the Pats, the flood gates will still open here….

  3. It’s all a ruse by the prosecution I’d bet. Let’s be clear: there are witnesses to these murders, but they’re not talking now. But they will talk when they feel like the prosecution may no longer needs their testimony due to other evidence. So the truth will come out. And rest assured, whoever killed those people will no longer need to worry about a thing, for every decision will be made for them for the rest of their life–which will hopefully be a short one.

  4. Not sure why it’s a big deal. If anything, coach B was probably supporting, advising, talking football with Aaron. It’s not as if Coach was helping Aaron by giving him advise on how to kill people.

    For the record I’m not a Pats fan, but know some of you knuckleheads will use your hate because the Pats have been good for so long as an excuse to tie coach to Aaron and the murders.

    Go Hawks!

  5. I bet the texts are mild at best and won’t really uncover anything. Probably football related. Hernandez was still on the team when the alleged texts happened.

    He was arrested a month after the texts ended.

  6. I simply do not trust Kraft, BB or the Pats organization…. and neither should anyone else.

    Pats seem to play by a different set of rules than other teams and receive special protection from the league (Goodell)

    Pats are not a very classy or ethical organization… and this is truth, so sorry if Pats fans get offended.

  7. Belichick was just giving advice on how to dispose of evidence. Nothing to see here.

  8. THAT warranted a statement?

    Wow, the Pats really are running scared on this one, aren’t they?

  9. “This won’t change the fact that the messages will be scrutinized with the benefit of hindsight for any hint that would have put the Patriots on notice of Hernandez’s impending implosion.”

    The Patriots aren’t dumb. They knew Hernandez was a bad guy in rough situations. There is no chance Belichick is going to compromise himself or the team in those text messages. Bill Belichick is not stupid enough to expose himself in text messages with a potentially dangerous guy.

    They took a chance on Hernandez, it didn’t work, and these text messages aren’t going to make them look bad. If anything, it’ll make Belichick look good by reaching out to try and help Hernandez. When this thing is all said and done, the only people who will be criticizing Belichick or the Patriots will be the people who hate the team.

  10. If they printed 34 text messages on 33 pages that sounds like a huge waste of paper.

  11. The key isn’t how many pages or how many texts.

    The key is when they texted and what they said to one another after the date and time of the Lloyd murder (if they did text after that time).

  12. Oh, it took them several days to clarify the difference between ’33 texts’ and ’33 pages of texts’? Something is still fishy. An error that glaring would and should have been clarified within hours, not days.

  13. Can’t wait to see these. Knowing Belichick I can take an educated guess as to what the 34 texts say

    No yes no no yes no yes yes yes no no no yes…. etc.

  14. It changes a lot. 33 pages implies that they were very close and in regular contact.

    34 texts is possibly just a few conversations. Not nearly as big of a deal.

    Belichick was apparently not BFFs with the guy.

  15. I went back and re-read the PFT article when the report was that there 33 pages of text, instead of 34 actual texts, and PFT’s analysis was virtually giddy at the thought that this might envelop Belichick somehow: “…. if/when the text messages ever come to light, the words thumb-typed by the cryptic coach will be scrutinized for any hint that Belichick knew or should have known that Hernandez was behaving irrationally or otherwise at risk of doing something incredibly stupid and/or criminal while left to his own devices.”
    Now that we know it was just 34 text messages, at least PFT seems to have jumped off the “get Belichick!” bandwagon, although clearly the Patriots haters are still working full-time (really, don’t you people have anything better to do than hate Brady and Belichick?)

  16. Too bad for Belichick that the commissioner can’t destroy the evidence this time
    How you know any evidence wasn’t destroyed before the commissioner was able to receive it?

  17. In FLA Hernandez was close to his coach and leaned on him when he got high and did troublesome things. He obviously tried the same with BB but realized after 33 texts BB wasn’t gonna save him or embrace him like his FLA coach. Instead BB gave him some advice and that then cut it short. AH stopped texting and then turned to Bo Fish for guidance and love and you see where that ended up. Simple nut to crack folks. Read Gangster in the huddle to understand the kid.

  18. For comparison, they should let us know how many “pages” of texts have been sent between Gronk & BB, or Brady, or Talib. What a non-story.

  19. j0esixpack says:
    Jul 18, 2014 10:22 PM
    Can’t wait to see these. Knowing Belichick I can take an educated guess as to what the 34 texts say

    No yes no no yes no yes yes yes no no no yes…. etc.

    Strange, that’s the exact sequence of replies he used when answering Goodell’s questions about exactly which NFL franchises were taped.

  20. No, that’s not what Phelan said. What he did say was the 34 texts(not pages) were from the 5 month period spanning (Dec 2012- APRIL 2012). The Pats offseason program started April 15, 2013. So you know the report that the league might want to look into the texting as a violation of the CBA and all the cheating comments following? Just forget we brought it up, right?

    And no, the messages will not be scrutinized for any hint the Patriots were put on notice of Hernandez’s pending implosion. The defense haas stated they’re using the tapes to establish Hernandez’s state of mind. Hernandez is on trial, not the Patriots. Except maybe on PFT.

  21. 1.

    no one cares what you think or say. don’t kid your self

    2. Media will do anything for clickbait these days and they know you Pats trolls will salivate like Pavlov’s dogs to be first to post while trying to expand upon the overused and far too old theme about spy this and NE sux that.

    You’re well dried up long ago haters.
    Find some new material

  22. everyone HATES the best! Love seeing the haters come out.


    You idiot.

  23. RexCanCoach says:
    Jul 19, 2014 8:14 AM
    Congrats Patsy fans on 10 years without winning a super bowl!!!


    Really, this coming from a Jets fan!

  24. It’s not 34 messages!

    It’s one text saying they are using the 3-4 defense.

  25. PFT, maybe its time you did something about posters that:

    1. post the same message on message on multiple threads;

    2. post inane banter that impairs the quality of the discussion; and/or

    3. post under multiple names.

    It has gotten to the point that one cannot even get through a Patriots thread because the discussion is juvenile to the extreme.

  26. Amen, tigerlilac. It’ll never happen. All the redundant clicks make them look more relevant.

  27. As long as one isn’t “Hey coach, NE idea how 2 disable home security vids?” isn’t one of the texts, I think there’s nothing to see here.

  28. Good news for pats fans is if anything incriminating is found in the text, it will be destroyed by the Goodell. Nothing to see here. History repeats itself.

  29. Oh how cute scott. Rolling out the “if there is no smokng gun, then it simply was disposed of” mantra.

    Where do you think all those 9-11 plane crash victims who actually didn’t die are being kept?

  30. Don’t like the Pats at all, and it’s due to my dislike of Belichick and Brady’s “smugness”,. That said I don’t get what the big deal is over these texts. If anything, the NFL should be more concerned about them than the criminal investigators. It’s highly doubtful Hernandez was telling his coach all about his shady off field life. The NFL on the other hand might find some offseason communication violations… Belichick certainly doesn’t come off as the type to be sending simple friendly “what are you up to today buddy?” “want to grab a beer sometime?” texts….well maybe to Brady, but that’s irrelevant here. I’m amazed the man texts though. I could see 17 of those 34 texts being Belichick responding to texts with “If you have something to say, pick up the phone and call”

  31. Probably anyone with at least half a brain would believe Kraft or BB… That leaves politicallyincorrect out…

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