Tim Tebow is back in Jacksonville, as a homeowner


Tim Tebow is finally back in Jacksonville.

Sort of.

The former Broncos and Jets quarterback, who Jaguars fans have always had an odd obsession with, has bought a home in Jacksonville.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal,  Tebow bought a $1.4 million estate in the Glen Kernan Golf and Country Club.

As recently as a year ago, this would have created a panic, as there’s been a small but loud fringe of fans who wanted the Jaguars to sign him.

But after surviving the Blaine Gabbert Error, they’ve found a new quarterback of the future in Blake Bortles.

Which means that no matter how things get for the Jags this year, it’s unlikely we’ll see another sparsely attended protest, or planes flying over the stadium calling for him to return to his hometown team.

But he’s close, just in case.

45 responses to “Tim Tebow is back in Jacksonville, as a homeowner

  1. Actually Jacksonville is the one place where signing Tebow may make sense. The team could use any kind of buzz it can get, because fans are apathetic there. Tebow would sell a few tickets for them and even though it would be a media circus that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Jacksonville. I remember when they were awarded an NFL franchise years ago, I was surprised. There were several other, stronger candidates. A lot of people who live in Jacksonville are from other places and have loyalties to other teams. Not to mention Florida is a big college football state, and the Miami Dolphins have a good following as well. Tampa Bay is popular in a few areas of Florida as well.

  2. “as there’s been a small but loud fringe of fans who wanted the Jaguars to sign him.”

    At least you are finally admitting that most people did not want him here.

  3. I guess he’s saved his money or else the Lord’s surely blessing him since he spent $1.4 million on a home.

    I can’t even imagine spending $1.4 million on a house to live in.

  4. Anyone who really thinks he is not a better QB than plenty of the current starters and certainly many backup QBs doesn’t understand football or they let his whole religious persona thing prevent them from seeing that. Teams know it but just don’t want the publicity all though as many have pointed out just having him as a backup in Jacksonville would put butts in the seats.

  5. Well, at least he can say he got a chance to be a starter, took over a team with a losing record and beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. No amount of thumbs down can change that fact.

  6. With all the abuse he has taken as an individual, it might be worthy of mention the good he is doing thru his foundation in Haiti.

  7. Pittsburgh should sign him, then they acutally might have a chance of winning a playoff game!!!!

    In all honestly, he should try the arena league…..

  8. Matthew 6:24

    “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

  9. Luke 16:13-15

    “No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus. He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.

  10. Jacksonville was a disaster last year, they had nothing to lose and could have at least taken a shot at a miracle, but they didn’t even try. That’s really disappointing.

  11. odd obsession? it would seem to me you guys at pft and in the media are the ones with the odd obsession with the man. you did miss an opportunity to report his every move and slam it. his fans meanwhile just wanted to root for a guy who had proved he was a winner his whole life on and off the field. the amount of abuse you heaped on this guy for simply living his life according to his beliefs his beliefs is ridiculous.it is sad that you can’t accept a guy who lives his life on his principles and faith and who actually backs up his talk. no you would rather talk about and praise the guys always in trouble with the law and people like the guy linebacker who plays for the rams. he deserves to live his life with no problems and must be accepted or you have to go to reeducation camp…er sensitivity training until you do, but a man of faith must be mocked for his beliefs.

  12. Tebow is not and probably never will be a good NFL Qb, but the sad fact is he is better that a bunch of 2nd string QB’s and better than any of the 3 QB’s they have in Minnesota.

  13. It’s funny. In a league full of players that use illegal drugs, drive under the influence, beat their significant others, etc (not all, but more then there should be) – so much effort is exerted in ripping someone who has led a clean lifestyle. Who does many things of a charitable nature (some reported, some not)…

    Was he a hall of fame QB? Certainly not. Do I think he has better ability then some people currently playing QB – Yes. But, the league has decided to move on from Tebow – and he seems to have as well.

    Why the need for such a non story? The man is allowed to buy a home. He has earned the money he has – and there is nothing wrong with him spending it on legal items – like a home.

    Some people need to relax, and drop their Tebow fixation. It’s as if for some reason they are threatened by him.

  14. Tebow will go down in the history books as a guy who won games when given the opportunity. Horrible mechanics, but he got the job done. He was run out of the league by the media.

  15. The first poster has no clue what he is talking about. The Jags are on track right now to lead the NFL in season ticket sales. Nothing but excitement here. Go Jags!

  16. $1.4 mil house?

    What was that in the bible about a rich man getting into heaven? What was that parable?

    Can one of you cross-hugging Tebow fans enlighten me on that one?

  17. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you have to live in a cardboard box.. All you people that believe in nothing don’t hate on the man…

  18. There’s nothing “odd” about the obsession.

    Tebow happens to be from Jacksonville. As in, that’s his home, that’s where he grew up.

    There’s nothing odd about a city wanting the hometown boy to play for the hometown team. In fact, it just happened in basketball…with that guy from Ohio whose name I can’t remember…

  19. ctiggs says:

    Jul 18, 2014 9:31 AM
    Foreclosed in 3 years. Book it


    Hard to foreclose on an owner who paid the mortgage off in full at the closing !

  20. @2difshoe -If that is true, it’s is about the stupidest financial decision one with that much money could make, besides making it rain. Also buying a home for that much money in a real estate market that is not CA or NY is flat out stupid.

  21. jimmyt says:
    Jul 18, 2014 9:13 AM
    Anyone who really thinks he is not a better QB than plenty of the current starters and certainly many backup QBs doesn’t understand football or they let his whole religious persona thing prevent them from seeing that. Teams know it but just don’t want the publicity all though as many have pointed out just having him as a backup in Jacksonville would put butts in the seats.
    No, no, and NO… Tebow is NOT a good qb. Anyone who honestly believes that is recalling his college days when he got away with being a big bodied running qb. His throwing mechanics are god awful and he has zero accuracy. I don’t think you understand NFL football where most defenders are stronger and faster than Tebow. He realized pretty quick he had to start relying in his arm and that didn’t get him far. All that being said, his run in Denver was fun (especially the Steelers game), but he’s just not a long term answer for any NFL team…

  22. except for his time on the Jets all he has done is WON. You might not like what he stands for but all he has done when given a fair chance with the team is WIN. What is not to like about him when it comes to sports.

  23. We may not know for a long time why Tebow has been black balled. I’m guessing that he wasn’t willing to go along with something, somewhere along the way. Was his QB play questionable? Sure it was but he was going to get better. Look at Geno last year, awful. And Blaine Gabbert, terrible. Tebow is a winner.

    Maybe the fix is in, NFL games are fixed, players tank, etc. Someone somewhere knows Tebow knows something they don’t want him to, and thats why he’s out of the league. If it was the case of signing him to generate buzz and revenue any team would do it. The NFL loves them some $. So I ask you then, what is the problem with the guy?

  24. It is nice to know that Farve’s position of ever ending stories before the season has been taken by Tebow stories.

  25. Tebow went to high school 30 minutes from Jacksonville, and was with the Gators (who have a huge following in Jacksonville) for 2 national championships.

    Its not odd at all that he still has a lot of fans in Jacksonville- to me its odd that he never got a shot there.

  26. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:

    Say what you like about Tebow, but there is no reason he couldn’t win the starting QB spot on that Jags roster.

    Yes, there is. In fact, there’s two reasons. Chad Henne and Blake Bortles. Tebow couldn’t beat either of them head-to-head in a training camp QB competition, and Bortles hasn’t played a down in the NFL.

    I’ll tell you what. I’ll make it four reasons: Ricky Stanzi and Stephen Morris, the third and fourth guys.

  27. Contradiction……first off I am a Tebow fan…..not an apologist, but a fan. I have long admired his willingness to publicly embrace his faith…..but I don’t understand why he insists on being an NFL QB……you can’t tell me he couldn’t make it as a FUllback/H Back/Special Teams Kamikaze…..somewhere in this 30 team league he could make a roster and make a living as an NFL player…..not an NFL QB…..someone please explain that

  28. @hardrockfootballfanatic

    You sir are an idiot. What’s odd to me is people who have never been to visited Jax but act as if they know more than Jag fans. Sorry Junior but go troll the next team.


    Sure, I’ll explain it. It’s b/c fanboys like yourself are so obsessed with a 26 year old man and as soon as he is on a roster at any other position other than QB you guys protest, put up billboards, take out newspaper and radio ads, etc until you see him playing football. No team wants to see all of Tebows little minions, loud I might add, when the guy simply can’t throw a football. I think that explains it.

  29. Loved watching Tebow in college, he was so exciting. Then he went to Denver. Wow he was exciting again, in the NFL. Dont tell me that steelers playoff game wasn’t exciting and he threw for over 300 yards…but they say he can’t throw. Loved seeing all the experts the next day fumbling their words….and they gave the credit to the Defense for keeping them in the game. The next week the Defense gives up 40 plus points to NE and it’s Tebow who gets the blame.
    Anyway, he was exciting and I miss him in the NFL.
    But I know people will pay to see Blane Gabbert, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chad Henne, Gino Snith,….but i wouldn’t.

  30. People who say he is better than various backups and such don’t understand why he’s not a backup somewhere.

    In order for Tebow to be successful, a team has to completely change the way they are doing things. Different blocking, different coaching, different play calling, etc. Nobody wants a backup where they have to change everything to make it work. They want a backup who can step in and run the playbook and not miss a step.

    THAT is why Tebow isn’t on an NFL team. He cannot play QB the way most teams want to play it.

  31. Savage, I get what you’re saying but Terrel Pryor
    is exactly like Tebow and he’s a backup right now with the Seahawks, the superbowl champs. Look at Pryor last season with the Raiders. There is more going on here. I don’t think teams want the microscope that comes with Tebow.
    For me, as a fan, his games i@ Florida and Denver were always exciting. I for one miss the excitement.

  32. The fact that there are still NFL fans out there that still believe that Tim Tebow is a starting NFL QB is unbelievable to me! And what is even crazier, is that there are even some fans who believe that the media ‘blackballed’ him and chased him from the NFL because of his religious beliefs! Holy cow is that dumb! Have these ‘fans’ never seen the 25-30 players who huddle up, on field, after EVERY game to pray? Hall of Famer John Elway said no thanks, the Jets (who Tebow chose to be traded to) said no thanks and Hall of Fame Coach (in waiting) Bill Belicheck said no thanks! Then no other team CHOSE to sign him….hence his commentary for ESPN’s SEC Network. He was a great college QB who was successful because of on his will, leadership, shear tenacity and running ability. Once he got to the NFL, he quickly realized that in the league, every player has will, tenacity and running ability. To be successful as a QB in the NFL, aka face of the franchise, one must be able to successfully throw the ball downfield,, complete 60% or more of your passes and properly read defenses. Just ask Vince Young, another running QB who can’t throw. Qualities that were surely missing from his game and that is WHY he is out of the league. BTW, he also refused to switch positions (in order to better have a chance of staying in the league) to TE or H-Back because he wanted to be a QB.
    Oh… and @thegreatgabbert please stop! You are an embarrassment to all Jaguar fans. And one more thing, anyone who thinks the Jacksonville area and North Florida is a dump, clearly has never been to our DUUUUVAAAAL!

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