Vikings begin to push back against Kluwe

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For months, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (a friend of PFT) has made public remarks, claims, and contentions about the circumstances surrounding his release and the work atmosphere in Minnesota.  The Vikings have largely remained silent, until now.

In a memorandum analyzing Kluwe’s allegations, released Friday night by the Vikings, Donald Prophete of the Littler Mendelson law firm specifically points out workplace conduct by Kluwe that would potentially undermine the notion that he was offended by homophobic comments from special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer.

For example, the report notes that Vikings kicker Blair Walsh described Kluwe as someone who “loves the attention,” “was focused on everything but football,” and wanted to be in the spotlight. Far more relevant to the substance of Kluwe’s complaint was the conclusion in the report that Kluwe made light of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

“Kluwe also made fun of the Vikings’ then Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy, an alumnus of‒and former coach at‒Penn State University, concerning the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation,” the memo states. “In his interview, Kanavy explained that Kluwe cut the seat out of his pants and then put them on to imitate a victim of the Penn State child-abuse scandal. According to Kanavy, Kluwe said that he was a ‘Penn State victim’ and to ‘stay away’ from him while his buttocks were exposed.

Kluwe told investigators that he did not recall that behavior, but that “it’s very possible” that he did it.

“It didn’t stick in my mind, but, you know, I — it is definitely — if people said they saw it, then yeah, I probably did it,” Kluwe said.

This information arguably is relevant to whether Kluwe was truly offended by homophobic comments from Priefer. As a practical matter, it lets Kluwe know that, if he sues, the Vikings will attack him as zealously as he attacks them.

We’ll have more throughout the evening as the 29-page memo is fully digested.

129 responses to “Vikings begin to push back against Kluwe

  1. Well, well, well. Mr. Self-Important, Self-Righteous ain’t so righteous, now is he?

    “Kluwe told investigators that he did not recall that behavior, but that ‘it’s very possible” that he did it.'”

    You know you did it, Kluwe. Now go back to anonymity you hypocrite, child abuse endorser.

  2. Now what did you learn Chris? You can’t fight the NFL. Especially if you’re just as bad as they are.

  3. As they say, the foot’s on the other hand now, eh? Looks like a guy who’s not so much a mistreated player for his sexual orientation as much as he is really just turning out to be jerk–trying to get something for nothing.

  4. Kluwe is a washed up punter and is using his talent as an attention wh*re to try to extort some sort of settlement from the Vikings in a case he holds no legal standing. End of story. Moving on…

  5. Kline is a hypocritical, money – grubbing POS who is frantically grasping at whatever fleeting fame / influence that being a punter in the NFL brings. The Penn State reference just shows how this jackass thinks he can game the system. If I were running the Vikings my response would be: see you in court A-Hole.

  6. The last Kluwe supporter be sure to turn the light off on the way out. Goodnight everyone.

  7. Hmm interesting… well it’s really not. The only people who are taking this whole thing seriously are people who hate the Vikings no matter what happens.

  8. Pretty sure he’s an attention monger. I used to like the guy but that statement by Walsh says he had no problem making jest of victims of sexual abuse in the literal sense.
    That’s really funny, Kluwe. Your career is over due to your lack of focus on the game of football while thinking you are a fighter for justice, when you indulged in the same or worse of what you are accusing. Need some more “attention” now?
    What just got REAL?

  9. They’re making it clear to Kluwe that they’ve been stockpiling dirt to throw back at him. I hope he stands up to them and proceeds with the lawsuit anyway. That’s the only way the report will become a matter of public record.

  10. Making light of an innocent child being sexually abused is sick and in my mind is far worse than any verbal slur made by another. I do hope that if this is true that pft reconsider their friendship with Kyle and distance themselves from such an insensitive person.

  11. Between this and Bullygate (the most overblown story of the past 100 years) it’s getting ridiculous. People are too sensitive anymore. Get over it already.

  12. I hope the Vikings shut up Kluwe once and for all.

    To Christopher…You were an average punter! You were replaced because you no longer could hold a roster spot! You are not as smart as you think you are! You’re not bigger than the game! Nobody cares what you think! Go away!!! If you don’t, Ziggy is gonna put the beat down on you!

    Unfortunately, Kluwe believes he’s so smart that he can take them on. After all the mud throwing that Kluwe’s been doing this past 6 months, it’ll be fun to watch his, or what’s left of it, character be dismantled.

  13. We’ll Chris always had a sense of humor, might be a good time to take the $100,000 all kidding aside!

  14. Kluwe loves the spotlight. Even if he loses dragging him through the mud just gives him what he wants. This isnt close to being over. The report also mentioned that every expert interviewed would have cut Kluwe because of his performance age and salary.

  15. RUT ROW!!!!!!!! You mean Chris isn’t the upstanding citizen for the downtroden and abused like he claims he is? See the problem with Kluwes case is any dirt the Vikes can dig up, then can use. Any person in the NFL, college, high school, etc can say Kluwe said such and such…… Welcome to personal execution Kluwe

  16. Just like Martin. He went along with it to fit in.

    Time to change some attitudes.

    Good luck Chris kluwe!

  17. I’m torn here … I can’t stand the Vikings and their whiny fans, but Kluwe is almost the embodiment of their awfulness. I guess I can take solace in the fact that both sides look petty, stupid and childish, which let’s be honest sums up the Vikings organization perfectly anyway.

  18. Ohhhh…………this is rich!! Nice work, Kluwe. Can you say, “hypocrite?”

    What a complete fraud.

    I hope the LGBT community publicly denounces any association with you.

    And this officially ends Kluwe’s 15 minutes. Bravo.

  19. Ohhh man, that Penn State comment he allegedly made is pretty damning. Especially since he admits it’s possible that he did say it..

    Kluwe should cut his losses and go play World of Warcraft.

  20. The vikings admit that they took no action for such behavior and that it therefore is normal for the viking locker room.

    It will only get worse for the vikings.

  21. Kluwe says, “It didn’t stick in my mind, but, you know, I — it is definitely — if people said they saw it, then yeah, I probably did it.”

    Really? You cut the butt end of your pants out and paraded around and you don’t remember it? Really?

    Kluwe, you’re an attention-whoring piece of dung. Enjoy unemployment.

  22. So the Vikings can’t defend themselves, and instead engage in a smear campaign? This is going to carry us to the regular season…

  23. He didn’t recall the behavior, but it’s possible he did it? It’s obvious that this joker on his way to running for office when this is all said and done. (Could that be sooner rather than later please?)

  24. Find it interesting that no one is jumping in to comment on the whole Kluwe thing but if you post a Washington Football club post BOOM! The internet just about blows up… Why is that?

  25. “Doesn’t have a” Kluwe is showing some inconsistency at the very least. Or totally insensitive toward victims of sexual assault. Can he now- just- go- away!!! Never has someone accomplished so little, received so much attention. He makes the Kardasians look credible.

  26. It will be interesting to see if this site goes after Kluwe with as much eagerness as they go after coaches and teams. I feel his remarks about the PSU scandal are disgusting and more offensive than what he has claimed against the Vikings. However I’m sure this site will always back the player.

  27. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The investigation was done, they found in favor of Kluwe, and they suspended the coach.

    They all need to move on…

  28. It’s pretty obvious, Kluwe was so hurt by the comments because he is in the closet still, no straight man would give 2 craps about that statement…

  29. And boom goes the dynamite. Kluwe may be a friend of PFT but this circus just blew up in his face. He admitted he made remake equally insensitive to what Priefer allegedly said. Pot calls kettle black.

  30. Making fun of penn state situation far worse then saying “nuke the gays” as a passing joke probably….Kluwe should just shut up, drop all lawsuits, and be happy collection his nfl pension for being in the league 5+ years…..

  31. Kluwe’s credibility just went down the drain along with his football career. Vikes are better off without him!!

  32. He doesn’t remember cutting a hole in his pants and claiming to be a rape victim, but he concedes if people say its true, it probably is?

    Is he on qualudes or something?

  33. god if he doesn’t temember doing this, what sorts of things was he doing and how often that this one could slip his mind?

  34. Well that’s pretty stupid and immature. At least he is showing some transparency in being willing to acknowledge that it probably happened that way, so hopefully he can learn from it and grow and put effort towards more refined times in the future.

    It would be very relevant to know more of his thoughts at the time regarding the Penn St. headline stories and how he reacted to that or was affected by that news to try and help explain what would prompt him to think to conduct himself with that kind of behavior in the first place. Was he in a disturbed state and crying out for attention to the issue, or was he bullying the coach, or understanding that rude crude insult humor was acceptable and having very poor judgment to think that was funny?

    This is a complicated case with several different intertwining issues that is definitely going to need to be closely and deeply examined to understand the flow of the entire story.

  35. So much for Kluwe’s lawsuit. His actions aren’t any different than what he has accused Prefer of. How can he claim he was offended?

    I can’t even imagine joking about the sexual abuse of a child.

  36. In other words, quit now Kluwe before you become the week long laughing stock of professional sports.

  37. Kluwe is a hypocrite looking for his 15 minutes of fame. He got cut because for every 50 yard punt, he had a 3o yard shank at the worst times. And he repeatedly kicked to the other teams most dangerous returner instead of kicking out of bounds. He sucked as a punter, and now we find out that he is just a crybaby hypocrite. What a loser.

  38. “For months, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (a friend of PFT)”

    No bias there.

  39. “Arguably relevant” At best it shows he’s no better or morally superior to the people he’s accusing, in legal speak or otherwise.

    At worst, his actions and comments are arguably much more offensive as the ribbing he took, and to boot, his simple dismissal of that behavior is arrogance at it’s finest and shows how empty his allegations really are.

  40. An end to the human race in two steps:

    Step 1. We put all the bigots on an island and then nuke it until it glows.

    Step 2. We put all the killers on an island and nuke it until it glows…

    revenge doesn’t work….ever. Neither does taking something through violence.

    In my uneducated opinion…
    Priefer needs to learn from his mistakes and get to know and appreciate people who are different than him.

    Kluwe needs to stop trying to make himself look like a hero and activist while using revenge and hate as his tactics.

  41. And why is the article entitled “Vikings begin to push back against Kluwe” instead of “Kluwe exposed as pedophilia jokester””

  42. Get use it band wagon fans of cheeseheads; Florio is a Vikings fan & a lawyer. This saga has no end in sight. Loving every minute of it. Eff-U Kluwe.

  43. so the true bigot is a good for nothing ex punter that thinks he is relavent sorry good for nothing…

  44. I always knew Kluwe was a scumbag. What type of sick person makes fun of children getting molested. Where is the public apology from Kluwe. Everyone else has to do it, why is he getting a pass because he supports gay marriage. So children getting molested is less important then gay marriage. Very sick individuals.

  45. So what? This is simply a clumsy attempt to deflect. We’re supposed to believe a former player’s crude prank is equal to the team harboring a bigot – a bigot who was not fired after lying to investigators about his conduct in this matter? The league needs to step in here in response to Zygi’s incompetence.

  46. I’m sure Kluwe will try to spin this and paint himself as the victim again. The more he speaks and raises a stink in the media, the more he looks like a juvenile, petty, tactless, self-righteous twit.

    He’s been hiding behind his “activism” and using it like a shield to deflect any criticism aimed at him. This isn’t about being an advocate for LGBT rights and other social-justice-warrior stuff. This is, and has always been, about Kluwe.

  47. “Gee, I don’t remember cutting a hole in my pants to expose my buttocks to make light of child abuse, but that sure sounds like something I would do!”

    What else did he do if he can’t even remember something like that?

  48. Kluwe, you were never paid to think – you were paid to play. And you could not do that; that’s why you are no longer in the league.

    That is absolutely disgusting that you would make a joke out of the Jerry Sandusky situation.

    You just wanted the attention.

  49. Always two sides to every story.

    Calling BS on him not remembering his Penn St comments. Pretty foolish to think that any controversial things you’ve said wouldn’t come up by the organization you’re making allegations against.

  50. Let the two sides attack each other endlessly for the next 3 months. Maybe the Vikings will start the season 1-5 (just like last year) and the legend of Kluwe will live on in infamy.

  51. I heard Ben Leber on the radio talking about the disrespectful stuff he would write about the coaches on the white board after meetings, much of it of a sexual nature. He should be thanking the Vikings for allowing him to be employed as long as he was.

  52. So Kluwe is really concerned about “human rights,” but the only human rights I’ve heard him advocate for are the “right” of two people of the same sex to get married and his right to be employed as a punter in perpetuity. How about standing up for child rape victims? Not too concerned about their right not to be raped, are you?

  53. “Gee, I don’t remember cutting a hole in my pants to expose my buttocks to make light of child abuse, but that sure sounds like something I would do!”

    What else did he do if he can’t even remember something like that?


    When he said, “Gee, I don’t remember…”, he was mocking Priefer who said that he didn’t remember wanting to kill all the gays in the world, but said that if the long snapper remembers him saying it, that gee, maybe he did.

    You are not intelligent enough to grasp Kluwe’s sarcasm.

  54. If Littler Mendelson is involved, you know that the corporation they’re representing are EVIL INCARNATE.

    Littler Mendelson is an Corporate Employment lawfirm who protect big corporations from the huge might of – yes, you guessed it, the LITTLE GUY.

    They get a class action lawsuit thrown out which steps on disabled people’s rights and protects their fat-cat clients from having to treat their employees with dignity and fairness under the law.

    The lawfirm is SO messed up, they can’t even conform to the CANNED SPAM act and their marketing department has been blacklisted more than 10 times by SPAM protection agencies and ISPs for having sent out unsafe spam emails to their clients and unsuspecting prospects that want NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR GREEDY FIRM.

    Of course, this is merely my OWN opinion, which I’m free to express here. You’ll find out what despicable bastards they are if you ever have to deal with them yourselves.

  55. Let me get this straight… it’s horrific to make fun of a gay person, but it’s perfectly fine to joke about child rape?! Kluwe is the most vile kind of person out there.

  56. I hate the Vikings, but it’s time they stood up and struck a blow against PC Stalinism. Appeasing the Left doesn’t work. It just encourages more assaults on liberty.

  57. Maestro… classic.. imitation is when the Poet gave us “Captain Munnerlyn” as a top 5 CB.



  58. If he feels this strongly about this – do something productive for the LGBT (whatever their acronym is) community by raising money or awareness or whatever their issue is now.

  59. He was mocking the child rapist, not the child rape victims.

    You Republicans are disgusting, vile, rotten-minded people.

    Convenient that none of you care or acknowledge that Priefer wants to KILL all the gays in the world. That, or you completely agree with Priefer’s opinions, which is even more disgusting.

    Shame on all of you.

    Kluwe is absolutely destroying the Vikings and their bigoted employees.

  60. There is a world of difference between child sex abuse and sexual activity between consenting adults. It is not fair to equate making fun of a sexual predator and the institutions that protected him with making hateful statements about adults against whom discrimination is regularly accepted.

  61. Kluwe can mock children that were victims of a heinous crime and it’s humor but if his coach makes a blanket statement he’s offended.

    Way to draw the line Chris.

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