Vikings suspend Mike Priefer three games in response to Kluwe investigation


An anticipated late Friday afternoon bad news dump became an early Friday evening bad news dump.

Per multiple reports, the Vikings have suspended special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer three games as a result of the investigation sparked by claims of homophobic remarks from former punter Chris Kluwe.  The suspension can be reduced to two games, if Priefer completes sensitivity training.

The disclosure comes at a time when Kluwe and his lawyer have made clear their intent to file a lawsuit against the Vikings.  Kluwe wanted the team to suspend Priefer for four to eight games.  Kluwe also wanted the Vikings to donate $1 million to gay and lesbian support groups.

Preifer was retained by new coach Mike Zimmer even after the allegations came to light.  It’s unknown whether the suspension will affect Priefer’s job status after the 2014 season.

83 responses to “Vikings suspend Mike Priefer three games in response to Kluwe investigation

  1. Guilty.

    And the team feels obligated to show how tough they are, and won’t be told what to do. “Three games, not four…..darn you.”

    Tough guys. Thick heads.

  2. I’d still like to see the report of what actually happened.

    And regardless of what happened, Kluwe was cut because of bad play, nothing more. If he was a good player who was cut for supporting gay marriage, then he’d already be playing somewhere else.

  3. Yeah, a guy can get fired for racial slurs, sexual harassment, etc. No issue with that. But the gesture by the Vikings seems more than enough. How was Kluew harmed by words? On the flip side to that, where I come from, providing threats to someone unless they pay some money looks a lot like extortion. So demanding the Vikes give a million bucks to a gay/lesbian organization Kluwe chooses or he’ll sue, looks like a non-starter to me.

  4. His comments added a little tarnish to the shield after the NFL spent all summer saying NFL locker rooms love gay people. Only reason he’s prob suspended

  5. uglydingo, kidding right?… Say what you will about what he said and didn’t say, however, he is an excellent special teams coach. Also, I don’t think he is the only football coach who is not politically correct. That doesn’t make it right, just sayin.

  6. Kluwe is so sensitive – 4 to 8 games? Riley Cooper got 0 games.

    Zimmer wanted this guy on his staff, so I think Preifer keeps his job too.

  7. Kluwe was right the entire time. Based on their own investigation, the Vikings decided to suspend their own coach for 3 games. I can’t wait until the NFL takes a look at this situation. The fact that the new coach decided to retain Priefer, despite the allegations, tells you all you need to know about this franchise.

  8. His name is fine. Kluwe is who’s name is mud. He will never get another job in the league and he knows it. That’s why he is trying to hurt anyone he can. Fact is that he just doesn’t have a good heart. He isn’t a good man.

  9. Ah, karma from pftpoet and brokebackbrees strikes I see…

    I’m sure more to follow…

  10. Just another in a long line of embarrassing episodes for the Minnesota Vikings…

    One of the least entertaining franchises on the field but by far the most entertaining off.

  11. The only reason they kept him was to control his testimony anyway. He got paid and literally “took one for the team”.

    Now it looks like the team took some action which is all about mitigation, once the suit begins. The team will claim they took decisive action, Priefer will tow the company line and get paid for the year, then they will kick him to the curb, after they settle with Kluwe out of court.

    In the settlement, the Vikings will not admit to any wrongdoing, Kluwe gets paid. Game over.

  12. Wow a football coach saying bad things, if this is something you never thought would happen, you had a boring sheltered life. Welcome to the real world……

  13. Vikings are stupid to not bury this a year ago and give Kluwe his settlement. Now it’s a story. I’m a fan of the team, but this is just poor management – everyone knows what happens inside of the office.

  14. Well this just proves that Chris was right all along. The termination part of the whole story is soley based on his on field production. The allegations against Priefer appear to be spot on. I wonder how PA will twist this in Priefers favor? We all know how PA drinks the kool-aid

  15. Where is ThePftPoet whenever we need to hear his excuses about the worst team in sports. I want to hear him talk more about how his team has never won a superbowl and how they will always be dead last in their division.

  16. “If i had it my way id stick them all on an island and nuke it till it glows”. So what happens to people when they say things like – they shud give he or she the death penalty for killing that person? Suspension looming? Beautiful country. Freedom of speech. Maybe not.

  17. As I said earlier, by the Vikings continuing to refuse to release the entire report, it’s projecting an air of ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’.

    By suspending Priefer and still not releasing the report, the Vikings look like a club desperately looking for a way out of corner they painted themselves into.

    And its not helping that the Vikings are trying to throw mud at Kluwe to try and deflect the criticism. Kluwe was in the locker room so knows all the other secrets that I’m sure the Vikings would like to remain secret.

  18. So Sterling has his team taken from him by the NBA for bigotry comments not made during office hours. This guy does it in the workplace and gets 3 games???

  19. Now the vikings admit that Kluwe’s complaint had merit, yet they did nothing but attempt to cover it up until now.

    This is worse than standing up for the coach. It is the worst thing they could do for their case.

    The vikings are playing this whole scandal all wrong.

    The suspension should have happened and been over with, a settlement with Kluwe, and no more disclosures or bad press.

    Now the scandal is going to dog them more than any trademark discussion in the nation’s capital.

  20. Lighten up Francis! My gym coaches in the 60’s would probably say worse things. Whatever happened to free speech?

  21. Since when does the victim dictate the punishment? I have never heard of this except when the victim claims damages and asks remuneration.

  22. *Kluwe … After all the abuse suffered at the hands of viking posters I owe it to him to correct my mispelling

  23. Really? Sigh. Welcome to the Tumblr era of the NFL. It’s gonna get worse from here, folks.

  24. I’m a Vikings fan and I thought they should have fired Priefer with the rest of the staff. Why did they not distant themselves from his poor coaching regardless of this other stuff. I say cut bait, admit he should have been fired, and move on. Why protect a special teams coach when he is easily replaced?

  25. WOW! 4-8 game suspension because of a comment? So, if I say Kluwe is a jerk, how much should my suspension be? And what does a one million dollar donation have to do with anything?

    I guess the league is both run by and the participants are a bunch of wusses. What ever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”? We now live in the day and age where if one says ” yo’ mama wears combat boots!” a suspension is warranted for hurting the mama’s boy’s feelings.

  26. So the Vikings failed to do anything about Priefer until it became apparent that litigation would ensue. Kluwe’s attorneys will be smiling in their sleep tonight.

  27. An end to the human race in two steps:

    Step 1. We put all the bigots on an island and then nuke it until it glows.

    Step 2. We put all the killers on an island and nuke it until it glows…

    revenge doesn’t work….ever. Neither does taking something through violence.

    In my uneducated opinion…
    Priefer needs to learn from his mistakes and get to know and appreciate people who are different than him.

    Kluwe needs to stop trying to make himself look like a hero and activist while using revenge and hate as his tactics.

  28. Wow… what a train wreck of a franchise… I bet Zimmer is wishing he had stayed a D coord.
    Kluwe lies…. we will donate money if you go away
    Kluwe lies… we will suspend our guy.

    Looks like Kluwe was right and Minni is playing catch up in the public arena. Too late.

  29. Real men own up to their own words, and their own mistakes. Preifer initially ran away from the words that ran out of his own mouth. That’s not something a real man would do. Let’s hope that this incident helps Mike Priefer raise himself to a higher standard than he previously set for himself.

  30. Vikings conditioning coach should sue kluwe for making offensive comments about the penn state scandal. That’s how this all works right? Sue when you’re offended? It’s exactly the same thing.

  31. Honestly, that sounds fair. I think the way the Vikings have handled the whole mess a little slimy but overall, three games seems reasonable without being overly harsh.

  32. Go Kluwe! Not just on this subject but many subjects wherein an NFL owner and management do not operate transparently. They lie and act untouchable. The NFLPA should be ashamed for watching from the back of the theater on this one. Cowards.

  33. Mike Priefer is a veteran and a great football coach. I’ve heard many people who know him describe him as a great person who doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body. He may not be PC all the time, but what do you expect from someone who’s spent his whole life in the macho worlds of the military and football? Let’s try to remember that before we pass judgment on him.

  34. One of the best special team coaches in the NFL.

    Numbers don’t lie.

    People say stupid things, such is life.

    It certainly doesn’t mean they’re stupid people. Ask Mr. Kluwe, I’m sure he regrets his “Sandusky skit”.

  35. drgreenstreak says: Jul 19, 2014 12:58 AM

    Go Kluwe! Not just on this subject but many subjects wherein an NFL owner and management do not operate transparently. They lie and act untouchable. The NFLPA should be ashamed for watching from the back of the theater on this one. Cowards.


    Please tell me you’re not serious….

    NFL franchises (sans Green Bay) are privately owned companies.

    Transparency….. Imagine *if you have a job* that your company made ever single personnel decision public knowledge… Now think about every single employer doing such things….. Transparency? Who the hell do you think you are?

    Let us know when you figure out how incredibly stupid that sounds.

  36. *Karen kissed Mark – Burger King, middle of nowhere

    WE MUST KNOW what you are doing so we can tell you we’re wrong – Liberals.

  37. I suppose the fact the Raiders cut his sorry self too is all because his views, right?

    Please… I watched this joker in every game his last season and he was terrible, shanking more punts than ever before.

    Even his teammates are saying what a distraction he was, but since it’s supporting the gay agenda I suppose that’s okay, right?

    If this was Dez Bryant being a distraction to his team it would be a storm, but since it supports the gay agenda we should all shut up and let Kluwe go to town I guess.

    He’s an idiot and a distration, and a poor punter. He is there to play football, and not just use football as a platform for him to speak out.

    Good riddance to him.

  38. It’s worth pointing out that suspending a coach for two weeks (after he completes his sensitivity training) is not nearly as strict as suspending a player for two games. Coaches get paid over 52 weeks, so 2 weeks = 3.8%. Suspend a player for two games and it costs him 11.8% of his pay.

  39. I can see why Zimmer kept him on. Zimmer came in after the fact, and probably wanted to see the results of the investigation before making any decision. I also doubt this was Zimmer’s decision alone. Based on the suspension, Priefer must have made some comments, but did not do enough to get fired. It would be nice to see the report to know for sure.

  40. “Lighten up Francis! My gym coaches in the 60′s would probably say worse things. Whatever happened to free speech”

    Your gym coach was a Neanderthal loser who lived a paranoid, haters’ life. Evolution will weed out the tiny, pea brain haters, eventually.

  41. Coach held accountable, by a class organization as San Fran and North Carolina and Baltimore pat their troubles on the back and smile.

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