Aldon Smith’s dad: He’s very happy with the sentence


Most people wouldn’t be happy with 12 days in jail. But 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, who was given that sentence for gun and DUI convictions, is thrilled.

I know he’s very happy with what transpired,” Smith’s father, Thurston Smith, told the San Jose Mercury News.

It’s easy to see why Smith is happy. He could have been given a much longer jail term, and even the 12-day sentence isn’t as bad as that sounds: He’ll get credit for one day served, and the other 11 days will be served on a work crew on 11 consecutive Mondays, starting July 28. Smith also gets three years of probation, and Thurston Smith thinks that will be good for his son.

“Probation is really good because you can’t get in anymore trouble,” he said. “We don’t want that to happen at all.”

As for the other discipline Smith is facing, from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Smith’s father said he doesn’t know what to expect.

“We don’t have any idea,” Thurston Smith said. “[Weapons convictions] being reduced felony to misdemeanor was huge, and we hope it carries much weight with what Mr. Goodell does. We’re praying for four [games] or less but it’s beyond our control.”

There was some talk in recent months that Smith might miss the entire season, either because he would be suspended or because he would be in jail. If Smith just gets a short suspension and doesn’t have to miss any games because he’s behind bars, he will continue to be very happy.

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  1. Thurston Smith….I’m not sure if you know how this works or not, but let me explain something to you. When a crime is committed, and the sentencing is administered, the criminal (your son) should NOT be happy with the sentence. You know, as a future deterrent. Ah, forget it….

  2. Young Aldon in Kindergarten: “Dad, I got in trouble! They sent me home because I hit another boy.”

    Smith Sr.: “Atta boy, that’s my son. I’m proud of you, kid.”

  3. He will never make it 3 years without breaking the law. No worries, he will get off again.
    Are the lawyers in CA that GOOD or is their justice system that BAD?

  4. Smith is happy with his sentence and the judge is happy with his new 49ers season tickets.
    It’s a win-win for everyone.

  5. Imagine if he killed somebody; he might get 14 days. And we are supposed to feel sorry for these idiots!

  6. For a Santa Clara 49’er anything less than a year in the pen is just a vacation. Enough of them in there that they are probably running OTA drills. Criminals with no character up and down that roster, which is one of the reasons the Hawks own them.

  7. The sentence works out so that his first free Monday will be for the Monday Night games against the Rams.

    I’m sure Cardinal, Ram, and Seahawk fans will be able to refrain from finding out where he’s picking up garbage and leaving ice-cold cans of delicious, frosty beer randomly scattered about.

  8. I don’t practice law in California, but this does not sound like an unusual sentence to me. It was a negotiated plea bargain, which is how 99% of cases are resolved. And given the overcrowding in California jails, I suspect the State wasn’t all that anxious to give him a custodial jail term in a case where no one was injured. It doesn’t hurt to have lawyers that the best money can afford, but this doesn’t seem to be a case that’s out of the ordinary. Now, what Goodell will do is an entirely different question (and knowing Goodell, he’ll probably screw it up).

  9. The funniest part is that headline could read, “Jim Harbaugh: He’s very happy with the sentence” and it would make perfect sense. Every organization takes on the personality of its key leader.

    Santa Clara 49’ers: Criminals and Cheats with No Character.

    Seattle Seahawks: World Champs with an Iron Will and Endless Confidence.

  10. Another slap on the wrist. He must think he’s bullet proof at this point. Guarantee he will do something stupid again because he knows there are no repercussions.

  11. Of coarse, his daddy loves the millions of dollars…Parents always protect their criminal children…Especially when they become the main breadwinners…

  12. Driving a vehicle drunk in traffic on the highway? No Problem. Gun Charges, Ditto…
    Hang out in a bar in GA and be a drunken pig soaking up fame, with no priors, and trying to get laid?…. 6 game suspension. It just depends on if the team pulls the strings to get them off or decides to let the guy twist in the wind and learn a lesson…long term, the 49ers (harbaugh, IE Mr No championship as a player or coach)…are not doing the guy any long term good, but heck, he only needs to be out of trouble till he is cut anyway…

  13. This sentence is a travesty and a complete mockery of our judicial system. He’s a ticking time bomb with severe behavioral disorders. Must we wait for him to kill someone (sorry to say that will happen very soon) before an appropriate sentence is imposed?

  14. and another Rich and Famous person gets away with crimes the rest of us would have gotten serious time for……

  15. I just drew September 22nd for his next ‘incident’ with the law in the online pool! Anyone else in?

  16. His sentence and probation requirements are actually tougher and more stringent than a typical person would get in such cases. Now, we can argue whether or not someone should receive a tougher sentence for these type of charges (I would say yes) but it is unfair to say that he somehow ‘got off’ because he is rich or famous.

  17. Another slap on the wrist. He must think he’s bullet proof at this point. Guarantee he will do something stupid again because he knows there are no repercussions.

    I doubt it he’s not a Raven. I guess your speaking from the experience of watching so many Raven criminals ….right? Hilarious.

  18. Those twelve days of work are going to suck worse than doing twelve days in the clink. He could sit around in jail (likely a pod and not the “real” jail because the sentence is so short) and it’d be over with in less than two weeks.

    As for the three years he’ll spend on probation, as long as he doesn’t black out again, it will serve as a deterrent. He has to know that a three year probation is a last-chance gift from a Judge.

  19. This is just more proof how pathetic California is as a state and the Whiners as a team.

    Now Roger will complete the circle jxxx with a stern warning.

    Maybe part of the whiner’s problem is karma.

  20. No kidding! I bet he’s ecstatic. He barely got a love-tap on the wrist. Any non-athelete/celebrity would’ve done real time & had their entire life ruined, he walks away w/probation. Ridiculous.

  21. “Probation is really good because you can’t get in anymore trouble,” he said. “We don’t want that to happen at all.”

    Said no probation officer ever.

    Papa Smith passed his dummy genes on didn’t he.

  22. As long as he can continue to violently assault NFL QB’s, it’s ok with me. He got a DUI folks. The Felonies were a 30 round clip and no bullet button on his assault rifle. In 40 other states, he would not have been charged with anything. He is no angle, but he is far from the evil guy portrayed in this forum. Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are far worse people, as they batter woman.

  23. Three year probation will do him in. He’s been getting off so easy that I don’t think he’s learned his lesson yet… I have a feeling he won’t be playing in 2015

  24. What will be really interesting is what happens WHEN (not if) he violates his probation. Will the judge have the stones to sentence him to some actual jail time. As it is this guy has done whatever he wants without any regard for any law even going so far as saying he has a bomb in his luggage at the airport, and what is his punishment? A few days picking up trash. Wow…that’ll teach him. I bet he doesn’t even do it. He’ll just give the guy in charge a signature and laugh all the way home. This guy is a chucklehead and he’s going to continue his disregard for the law with the feeling he can do anything and get by with it…and why not…nothing has happened to him yet…even with felony gun charges.

    The thing that really disturbs me is the threat that he had a bomb in his luggage. When you endanger the lives of all the people in the airport there MUST be some sort of punishment. You can’t say stuff like that in airports. I’m pretty sure if Joe Citizen had done that he’d be looking at a mandatory prison sentence. However, a star athlete with lots of money can afford to buy his way out of any trouble he gets into.

    It’s probably only a matter of time before his reckless behavior kills someone since he has learned the justice system favors psychopaths.

  25. Wow! What sentences do most state give for DUI… years in jail? Aldon got a higher than normal sentence for DUI in California.

    And let’s not forget. The weapons that Aldon possessed were purchased LEGALLY in Arizona. Where are all of the guns rights wackos when a gun owner needs their support?

  26. Lynch actually ran over a women in his car a few years back, got his liscense revoked then got another DUI. So why isn’t he in jail?

    The guy should be in prison, period ! If you or I did all this, we would be sentenced to 3 years in the big house. But because of the CELEBRITY status and the pathetic manner in which money talks and the judicial system listens to money talking, he gets a slap. It’s wrong and there’ no other way to say it.

  28. “I know he’s very happy with what transpired,” Smith’s father said. “My son happens to be a huge fan of jail, so hes absolutely ecstatic to receive an all-paid 2 week vacation there. “

  29. What Lynch did as a BUFFALO BILL has absolutely no bearing on him being a current Seahawk. So that arguement is completely irrelevant. And comparing blowing exactly the legal limit of .08 to driving hammered and plowing into a tree with a car full of pills is just Niner delusionality at its finest.

  30. The judge is obviously a 49ers fan.

    Not too long ago a certain Giants receiver got two years in prison – for shooting himself in the leg.

  31. for those saying 12 days for a dui is a slap on the wrist because hes rich is verry funny. i got a dui and only got 1 day in jail, a fine and some community service and im not rich. didnt even need a lawyer.

  32. Different states have different rules and laws. A lot of judges have different amounts of discretion when it comes to sentencing people. Some defense lawyers and prosecutors work out deals that may satisfy both parties. I don’t think there is a “one size fits all” application to some aspects of the legal system. And now, people on here are jumping all over this guys father because he says his son is happy he’s not getting 3 years in prison. And then you’ll run out and spend a couple hundred bucks and buy his jersey.

  33. Plaxico packed a loaded concealed 9mm pistol into a night club and in NY where they have a zero tolerance policy. Cali had no such policy. And the “us regular guys would be in prison” take is so lazy. Not even close to reality. He pleaded no contest which always leads to outcomes like this.

  34. Good grief, lotta armchair lawyers and legal philosophers posting things along the lines of, “Duurrrr, whatta joke, he needs to learn his lesson, I woulda been in jail (however long X moron believes he would’ve received.)” For those who might not be aware, normal people who find themselves in Smith’s position don’t automatically go to jail based on the maximum penalties for either a DUI or illegal weapons charges. Every case has it’s own different set of facts, and not all defendants are the same. Smith had, I believe, one prior conviction for reckless driving (reduced from DUI, I think), and the illegal weapons charges were reduced to misdemeanors, so receiving a sentenced of time served plus (what amounts to) a lot of community service and supervised probation isn’t unusual or unfair.
    On the other hand, if you want an example of unfair, Google the case of the Philly woman who is now facing a MANDATORY three years in PRISON because she crossed into New Jersey with a handgun she legally bought and possessed in Pennsylvania, and NJ doesn’t recognize as a valid CCW permit.

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