Bills G.M. expects playoff drought to end this year


The Bills haven’t made the playoffs in the 21st Century. But General Manager Doug Whaley expects this to be the year.

Whaley told the Bills’ website that he believes the pieces are in place for the Bills to turn things around and consistently compete for championships.

“We haven’t been in the playoffs in a long time and we owe it to the fans, our late Hall of Fame owner and everybody in this business to show that we’re not the Bills anymore,” Whaley said. “We want to be a playoff team. We’re planning to be a playoff team and that’s our goal.”

If the Bills aren’t in the playoffs this year, there’s a good chance that the next owner of the team will fire Whaley after the season. Whaley recognizes that reality, but he doesn’t think that makes this year any more urgent than any other year.

“I don’t understand why everybody keeps saying it’s a win-now situation. It’s always a win-now. That’s what sports are for,” Whaley said.

In Whaley’s view, the roster he has assembled is good enough to get the Bills out of their current rut of three straight 6-10 seasons.

“That’s why we’ve built this roster and the moves we made in the off season were with the eye of making the playoffs,” Whaley said. “We feel that we have a roster that we are building with some cornerstone pieces that we believe can consistently compete for playoffs and championships.”

Whaley had better be right. His job depends on it.

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  1. What is he supposed to say ? , “No we are about 3-5 years away” , or “As soon as Brady retires we might have a shot” …. No GM will say they are NOT a playoff team before the season starts. Look at the Cowboys .. Jerry Jones thinks they are a Superbowl team every single year… Even the Quincy Carter days !! Bahahaha !

  2. Oh, and no team in the AFC East is going to the playoffs as long as Tom Brady is still wearing a Patriots jersey. Sorry, but it’s true.

    Jets or Dolphins might occasionally get a sniff, but the Bills…? Not a chance.

    No offense, I’m a Chargers fan and I love and support all the loveable losers in the league my Chargers and your Bills, but we all need to be honest with ourselves here.

  3. If the 2013 Buffalo Bills didn’t have so many injuries and 2013 Miami Dolphins didn’t have so many injuries and scandals… they both would have made the playoffs.

    THAT SAID… the NFL referees might have stolen wins from Buffalo and Miami with BOGUS LAST SECOND PASS INTERFERENCE CALLS (like they did in the Week 14 new england-Cleveland game).

  4. By “playoff team” I presume he means just squeaking in as the #6 seed. But you know… as weak as the AFC is these days, they might just have a shot. The West will likely produce one of the wildcard teams and the South will likely not, but where the 2nd wildcard team comes from, who knows?

    For sure I see the Bills being the best positioned to give the Pats a run in that division. There’s too much drama and too little talent in Miami, and the Jets are… well, the Jets.

  5. So, if the top organization doesn’t visualize success, then what do you expect from the coaches and players?

    It’s not dumb to make that statement, it’s dumb of people to expect him to do anything otherwise.

  6. The new owner should ask him to restructure his deal based on how lousy he performed in his role so far. How about you go down to minimum wage for the time being, that way if you get fired when we don’t make the playoffs there isn’t so much money wasted on somebody who already has taken more money than they deserve, and if you make the playoffs then you can earn the previously contracted money back and we work it back out? If that doesn’t work for him, then just fire him on the spot and move on.

  7. Sounds to me like he’s been drinking shots of Polish cherry liqueur out of the thumbhole of a bowling ball out in the parking lot.

  8. How much veracity can he have? He picked EJ Manuel. Stevie Wonder could read the field better.

  9. “We’re not the Bills anymore”

    Unfortunately, there is only so much a GM can do and changing teams doesn’t appear to be one of them. They are indeed still the Bills.

  10. This guy makes Jerry Jones sound sane.

    QBs on current roster:
    EJ Manuel, Thad Lewis, Jeff Tuel, and Dennis Dixon. “That’s why we’ve built this roster and the moves we made in the off season were with the eye of making the playoffs,”

    It’s laughable.

  11. So the team that swept the dolphins an split with the jets doesn’t have a better chance than those teams to make the playoffs. Someone is smokin sonething

  12. Seriously, the Bills have put together a pretty good roster. They even had a good offseason and draft, with the notable exceptions of losing Byrd and Alonzo getting hurt. There are two huge strikes against them. The inexplicable inability to find a viable Nfl QB for way too long. Manuel hasn’t had much of a chance yet, but I’m not seeing it. Ownership in transition is a big problem too. Ask the Raiders, the Pats of the late 80’s/early 90’s or the Modell Browns to give a few examples. This team will surprise some people if they get any decent play from the QB, but playoffs would be a real surprise. The Colts, Pats, Broncos and North winners seem like locks. Only 2 spots available and a lot of teams look better than the Bills.

  13. The team that swept the dolphins and split with the jets FINISHED LAST IN THE DIVISION …AGAIN!! BY 2 games lmao #laughingstockmafia

  14. Should be an exciting year for the Bills. Aiming to make the playoffs and an announcement this fall stating the Bills will remain in Buffalo and not move to LA, Toronto or London. I’m not a Bills fan but hoping they have a very successful season.

  15. Cleveland is praying that Whaley is way off his rocker.

    The Browns have Buffalo’s first round pick next year, and it will probably be a top five pick!

  16. With that list of current QB’s on the roster coupled with the loss of Alonso and the mortgaging of their draft future on a WR of all positions, the Bills are screwed.

  17. Hey, didn’t he read PFT’s Power Rankings? Nobody in the AFC is getting out alive, especially the AFC East.

    Jeez, I hate when GM’s don’t read PFT’s rankings!

  18. Actually our LT is going into his 3rd season and played pretty well last season. Besides Watkins the Bills have Woods, Goodwin and Williams. Not to mention a the deep and talented group of RBs . Manuel is unproven. The D has a lot of talent on all 3 levels. It’s not out of the question. But even as a Bills fan…. I gotta say talk is cheap
    As for Jets fans commenting.. Do you really have room to talk?

  19. By my count that makes 4 playoff teams from the AFC East. Who says it’s a weak division? Seriously though, the Jets and Dolphins were both 8-8, and the Dolphins were still in the playoff hunt until the last game. Small improvements could result in one or both making the playoffs. I’m not sure the Bills are solid enough or experienced enough to make it through the long haul of the NFL season and come out with enough a playoff spot.

  20. Playoffs? No chance.

    2-14 and first pick in the draft? Much more likely.

    With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft the Buffalo Bills select… Oh wait.

  21. I’d like to see it, but NE still has Brady, which means they will win the division (instead of finishing last if they didn’t have him) and Miami will be better with the fast-paced offense.

  22. The Buffalo Bills have the most talented team in the AFC East…except QB.

    It’s all on the QB. Plain and simple.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise cannot evaluate football talent.

    An elite defense and running game can get you to the playoffs with a middle-of-the-road QB…and that’s what they have.

    Keep fooling yourselves that these guys have not improved the talent on the roster.

    It’s comical…and we’re fine being underrated.

  23. And no, losing a LB does not cost you games.

    And last in the AFC east again? By what measure? They swept the Dolphins with Thad Lewis playing QB!?!? Lmao. Wow.

  24. You gotta lure Rex away from the Jets. He won them three already and headed to the playoffs this year.

  25. I will buy this possibility if E.J. Manuel stays healthy and manage games. He will need Watkins and probably Mike Williams to do well when needed (if nothing else, just keep the ball moving/possession), and Spiller to allow E.J. to mix it up. The D is good, but it’s not enough. The Bills fans deserve a nice year…they’ve been through a lot.

  26. The Patriots have been developing young talent on defense and retooled the defensive backfield. It’s not just “all Brady”. It will take a major effort for the Bills to leapfrog NYJ and Miami. Worry about the playoffs after you pass them. Until then, they will be among the NFL have nots.

  27. I’d not count it out. It all depends on E.J. and injuries or fluke bad years can always happen. All things being equal, I’d say division titles by:
    PIT and BAL will be close. I think one of those will get a wildcard, leaving the second wildcard to either BUF, NYJ, or CIN. BUF and NYJ could very well be the dark horses for the AFC. NFC is:
    TB and NO will be close, but they play each other late, this time in Tampa, outdoors in December. For whatever reason, it’s always close when they play in Tampa. The Bucs will be the surprise of the of NFC. NO will at least get one of the wild cards (Bucs will get it if not), with the other one going to either STL or ARI. Yup, GB, WAS, and CAR will have clunker seasons. Too many issues.

  28. Bills will be better than expected, maybe 2 or 3 with Dolphins. NYJ’s just can’t get it together – 4th. NE will win the division as long as Brady can stand on 2 legs.

  29. Bill and Tom won’t be taking the Bills lightly. I wouldn’t rule out a wild card at this point, I doubt they have the horses to take the division.

  30. djshnooks says:Jul 19, 2014 1:35 PM

    And no, losing a LB does not cost you games.

    Bears fans would tell you otherwise.

  31. No Toronto game, no cheerleaders, soft schedule, upgraded defensive coordinator, quality depth at every position except QB. Defense and a strong running game can get you a wild card spot, but it’s going to be all on EJ not to screw it up.

    We talked to Flutie, he’s going to lift the curse for just this year out of respect for Ralph.

  32. The simple reason the Bills are getting so much press lately is pretty simple. Unlike the hoards of pathetic, unknowledgeable football minds that troll this board, real football minds and analysts know different. The Bills have a Top 10 D with 3 pro bowlers on the front line alone. They have the deepest stable of quality RB’s in the league. Quality corners and a deep WR corp. QB is a question mark, but not to the extent haters make it out to be. Yes they will have to deal with the Pats and the preferential treatment they receive, but so does everyone else. Playoffs? Maybe. I see this team making the same kind of leap KC made last season though their schedule won’t be as cupcake. This team will win a minimum of 8 games. Will it be good enough, who knows?

  33. sometimes it’s best to keep expectations low, that way you won’t be disappointed.

  34. What PFT does not get is fan sentiment is behind this GM. Any owner can see that they are selling seats faster and gaining more press than any other GM we have had since we had Butler and Polian. If an owner wants to make change for the sake of change than he might be gone but if you look at hard cold numbers and dollars this is guy is doing a good job and going nowhere

  35. realityonetwo says:
    Jul 19, 2014 11:54 AM
    The No. 1 goal for the Bills this year is that no one gets hurt.


    Uh, well since their best defensive player is already out for the season, there goes that goal.

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