Colts take the 8th spot in our Preseason Power Rankings


For many teams, division titles are the measure of success.

But for the Colts, that’s not as much of a challenge as for others.

Running away from the Titans, Jaguars and Texans shouldn’t be much of a challenge, leaving the Colts to look for higher marks.

Last year’s playoff win was a huge step for quarterback Andrew Luck, but it also creates more pressure for them to continue to progress to be one of the AFC’s top teams.

That makes their coming into the eighth slot in our Preseason Power Rankings feel right, since they’re good but they have plenty of work to do. You can read the full preview by clicking right here.

They’ll miss defensive leader Robert Mathis for the first month after his PED suspension, but as long as Luck is playing pitch-and-catch with a deep group of targets, they’re going to have a chance to score with anyone.

You can weigh in on their prospects in the comments, and by voting in the poll below.

33 responses to “Colts take the 8th spot in our Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Seems fair. But they need to balance their offense, or Luck is going to be the guy who throws for 4-5000 yards every year and never sniffs a Super Bowl.

  2. Apparently PFT is giving extra credit for arrests in this year’s rankings. It’s the only explanation I can give for the Ravens still not being ranked.

  3. They will win their division simply because none of the other teams are good enough to. It’s hard to objectively evaluate a team whose level of competition is so low.

  4. trollhammer20 says:
    Jul 19, 2014 9:08 AM
    Seems fair. But they need to balance their offense, or Luck is going to be the guy who throws for 4-5000 yards every year and never sniffs a Super Bowl.

    That guy plays in Detroit.

  5. Karlton3 quit being a crybaby. It is a testament to the quality of players and the strength of the draft of the Ravens to still not be ranked in spite of the arrests. It also shows that those arrested really don’t matter to the Ravens considering it is no one of value. Even losing Rice for several games still doesn’t affect their ranking. I said before I preferred to be ranked lower and be the underdog. Besides these are rankings before training camp starts. That’s like having a mock draft tomorrow and caring.

  6. Too high. They can’t run the ball and there defense is mediocre. Luck is a stud and will keep them in games but they didn’t do enough in the off season to prove to me that they will improve in either area.

    They will sleep walk to 10 wins due to their easy division/schedule.

  7. Colts fan here. Not going to come on here and say their rated to low to high, the Colts are quietly under the radar building a strong team.
    Those who are saying they win because of a easy division/schedule just remember they beat Denver, Seahawks, and the 49’ers last season with a team that by all account not as good as they will have this season.

  8. I was gonna point out the quality wins adgainst top teams last year as well. Now they have to be consistent and win the games that they are SUPPOSED to win. I feel like the Colts are the team to beat in the AFC.

  9. I don’t think much of pre-season polls… and… I have already said I can live with Cincinnati being at #9… but… this one is a problem.

    In Week 14 of 2013… Cincinnati DESTROYED Indianapolis 42-28 WITHOUT All-Pro Geno Atkins and All-Pro Leon Hall.

    Indianapolis is getting better… but… they are not better than Cincinnati.

  10. Indianapolis beat Denver, Seattle and San Francisco last year because of Andrew Luck. The rest of the team is not so good though so they could not get to the Super Bowl.

  11. Coachbeck, if that is your playoff prediction, it doesn’t work. There is no NFC Least team. I do like you including 3 teams from NFC West… I don’t see Atlanta bouncing back that far…

  12. You all clearly didn’t watch the win over SF last year AT San Fran. The Colts ran the ball down their throat. Look back at the stats.

    Then Ballard and Bradshaw went down and it killed the running game.

  13. Gotta feeling that someone could win the AFC South. It could be texans (yes with pickpatrick but they have O’Brein, JJ and good team around), the titans or my Jags.

    Something seems not going well for Indy this season. Maybe they can pull this out who knows. Their Defensive MVP gets suspended for the first 4, one of the WRs get cut/suspended from league. Not a good sign for me.

  14. Lavon Brazil is garbage. He was never a valued contributor in Indy in any way. Will not be missed.

  15. You mean the Golden Child isn’t ranked #1? I mean the Colts still play in the God awful AFC-South and they have the EASIEST strength of schedule in the NFL. With Lucky’s leadership they should go undefeated and win the Super Bowl 48-0.

  16. Dear doctorrustbelt: did not have Atkins or Hall? Well we did not have Reggie Wayne( All-pro), Dwayne Allen and I almost forgot the blown fumble in the end zone call that gave you 7 points and forced the NFL to change another rule. Wow a real beat down from the “home team” Go win (one) playoff game with the Red Head and then maybe you can tell us how much better your team is than Indy. Your team has a school of talent more than the Colts do but…. We have a QB my friend and to win in this league you better go get one. See you week 7!

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