Kluwe fights back against Vikings

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When a disgruntled former employee decides to file a lawsuit against a billion-dollar business, the billion-dollar business usually doesn’t quietly take the punches.  The billion-dollar business eventually starts pushing back, by among other things looking for anything and everything that can be used to make the disgruntled former employee look hypocritical or disingenuous or generally bad.

That process started last night for former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, with the team finally pushing back against the man who claimed that he was subjected to homophobic remarks and ultimately cut because of his gay-rights activism.  The 29-page memo analyzing the investigation that was conducted by outside lawyers includes the arguably relevant but potentially gratuitous reference to Kluwe mocking the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State by putting a hole in the back of Kluwe’s shorts and calling himself a Sandusky victim.

“I haven’t decided yet if that’s a roundabout ad hominem [attack], or moving the goalposts,” Kluwe wrote on Twitter in response to the allegation.

It’s a little of both, operating under the legal cover of showing that Kluwe couldn’t have found special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer’s remarks about homosexuality offensive if Kluwe saw fit to joke about the commission of homosexual acts by a grown man on boys.  Try as Kluwe’s lawyer might to keep that evidence out of any trial that may occur, the judge will be inclined to let the jury hear it, so that the jury can properly assess whether Kluwe took legitimate offense to Priefer’s comments — or whether Kluwe is seizing upon anything he can to challenge the decision to cut him.

Either way, Kluwe has opted to take the back-and-forth to the next level.

“And yeah, if the Vikings want to play dirty, we can talk about ALL sorts of stuff,” Kluwe said on Twitter last night.  Then came an unexpected bombshell.

“Oooh, shall we talk about the time two very well known Vikings players were caught in a compromising situation with an underage girl?” Kluwe said.  “Bet you didn’t hear about that one in the news.  We can do this all day, Vikings.  Special teams hears *everything*.  But we’ll save all that for the trial.  It’ll be more fun that way.”

Kluwe may not get the luxury of waiting for the trial.  At the latest, he’ll be grilled about the topic during his pre-trial deposition, especially since he has flagged an issue that the questioning from the team’s lawyers may have not otherwise uncovered.  (Which is one of the reasons why we suggested last night that Kluwe zip it on Twitter.)

At the earliest, Kluwe possibly will be hearing from law enforcement officials who will demand to know more about the situation, including the names of the “two very well known Vikings players” who were “caught in a compromising situation with an underage girl.”  Which, unless Kluwe is making it up or unless he wants to risk obstruction of justice charges by refusing to disclose the names to the authorities, will expose those “two very well known Vikings players” to an very awkward interview with police at best and criminal charges at worst.

Though the details change from case to case, this is what happens when a former employee decides to pick a fight with a billion-dollar business.  In a high-profile situation like this one, it becomes critical for the former employee to speak very carefully — or ideally not at all.

137 responses to “Kluwe fights back against Vikings

  1. This is getting out of hand.

    Kluwe is now in a snitch fest.

    When in all reality, locker rooms are supposed to be kept private with these types of conversations, it’s an NFL locker room not a church.

    Jeez, Kluwe is a complete coward.

  2. This has the sounds of a very ugly situation for the Vikings. While they may have some decent “dirt” on Kluwe…he’s only one guy. Kluwe’s is making it sound like he’s got tons of ammo if they want to play hardball. It’s one thing to make claims, and another to substantiate them however so I’m going to wait to rush to judgment on either parties.

  3. Kluwe’s lawyer is probably ready to snap. Or kluwe is about spend every dime he made in court.

  4. I’m really going to enjoy watching how this plays out. Not only do the Vikings suck at the game of football, but the Kardashian-like drama that surrounds this team is what makes them the perennial running joke of the NFL.

  5. Saw that the coach was suspended. I said last night (and got a bunch of thumbs down) that the Vikes should settle this before the Pandora’s box opens. It is now open.

  6. Is it becoming a little more obvious that this isn’t about gay rights? This is, and always has been about Chris Kluwe. He goes to the MEDIA about his friends/teammates being with underage girls? Not the police…but Twitter. Nice. I don’t know that the police will be willing to wait for him to decide to unleash his news on the Vikings when he feels he has the largest audience.

    This is getting clearer and clearer. We have a bitter dude who decided to go public with every piece of dirt he could recall to go after his former employer.

  7. After he gets caught in a situation. Kluwe can’t remember if he did something. He remembered it, he just didn’t have it in him to say – yes I did do that. So Kluwe is it really worse that a coach said something stupid about gays or you joking about sexual abuse of children?Locker rooms have a lot of stupid, inappropriate talk . But don’t be a part of it and then smear a franchise for what happens in every locker room.

  8. If Chris Kluwe goes to jury trial, he’s going to get annihilated.

    I hope the Minnesota Vikings sue him until he’s broke.

    He’s ruining the privateness of locker rooms as we know it.

  9. The Vikings Dynasty begins now.

    The whole league will find out soon enough.

    All of you are now faced with the dilemma on how to go on with life.

    Here’s the solution: go on living life with your normal daily habits of mediocrity, but just remember you will never be as great as the Vikings franchise.


    No team you ever cheer for will even have a miniscule amount of greatness compared to what the Vikings will have.

    We define proficiency.

    We are the immaculate prodigy that your franchise will never be.

  10. If it’s proven that the Vikings organization in anyway conspired to cover-up statutory rape, well, this just got a lot worse for them.

    Now we’re talking about NFl sanctions with real, game-changing implications such as fines and loss of draft picks.

    The vikings refusal to admit wrong (in private) and play ball with Kluwe in a settlement might have just set their entire team back another 5 years… Assuming they could have possibly gotten any worse than they already were.

  11. Justice will be served, one could only hope that the two Vikings who were with underage girls is Peterson and Harrison Smith and the impending 8 game suspensions will start at the beginning of the season.

    0-8 Vikings has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?
    Not enough bad things to happen to this morally bankrupt organization, as if never winning a Superbowl is enough.

    Let the good times roll!

  12. So Kluwe appears to be wrong (lying) about the promises to publicly issue the report.

    That is the second time he has been shown to be disingenuous. His original defence of his actions regards Penn State of, ‘I don’t remember…’, has changed to suddenly recalling this behaviour on Twitter (including why and how long that type stuff went on for).

    As much as a point as Kluwe may have had once upon a time, that is now largely lost as he now looks like a very bitter little boy who has spit his pacifier out of his crib.

  13. They might finish in last place every year, but you have to give credit to the Vikings for finding innovative ways to entertain every summer.

  14. He makes obnoxious jokes about child rape, but tells him the lawsuit is about gay rights! Making veiled threats about his teammates shows it is all about Kluwe’s ego and the fact that he can’t come to grips with the fact that he just wasn’t good enough.

  15. What does 2 well know Vikings have to do with your case Chris? Nothing, you once again come off as a fraud. You never deserved to play for that team. Take your bitter self somewhere and stop talking.

  16. This isn’t a new story. The players in question were Tarvaris Jackson and Sydney Rice and the story was debunked years ago. BTW, Kluwe is right that Priefer is a bigot and created a hostile work environment (which is illegal in this country) but he was released because the Vikings found someone younger and cheaper that could do his job roughly as well as he could. Unfortunate, but perfectly legal.

  17. Dear PFT writers, before writing today another Kluwe article, remember the time, when your mother called you 6 times a day!!!

  18. filthymcfunny1
    Do you really know what your talking about? Explain to all of us, the money the Packers are not making….
    “What are you people on, Dope!” (Mr. Hand)

  19. Kluwe feels he was let go because of his outspokenness on sensitive issues… I feel he is going to have a hard time convincing a judge and or jury based on his on field performance… Cut in Minny and cut in Oakland all based on performance.. It is easy to tie in his off field comments to his release and that’s where the difficulty is

    That being said the blackmail that is being mentioned is disturbing.. Tells a lot about his character… As a long time Viking fan and a part time player elsewhere us athletes are treated different from the owners to the fan base to the media.. When you are no longer of value to any of the three groups you become a nobody… This stuff he speaks of happens and gets rolled under the carpet all the time… Media and team keep it hush and that’s where the problem lays. Does he has a case??? Yes and No

  20. f1restarter says: Jul 19, 2014 10:27 AM

    I’m really going to enjoy watching how this plays out. Not only do the Vikings suck at the game of football, but the Kardashian-like drama that surrounds this team is what makes them the perennial running joke of the NFL.
    Start a fire on yourself dude, idiot! You suck at life, get one troll boy!

    Kluwe is trying to grasp and hang on to ANYTHING possible. He knows it’s over, and by the way what do ANY of his comments (drunk fool) have to do with his case? idiot. period.

  21. kluwe sucks in every possible way. maybe if he managed his money better we wouldnt have to hear from this bigot(a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinion)

  22. Kluwe knew about this and never told it? I think he should be fined or something for knowing about this and hiding it from law enforcement.

    Obviously, I don’t believe him and he just looks disgruntled and grasping at straws but if it is true then I think he needs to be brought on charges for knowing this. The fact he would cover something that happened to an underage girl and then let it out on Twitter shows he is all about himself, not very bright, and he is sounding more bitter and grasping at straws than having a real complaint.

    Kluwe, do yourself a favor and shut up. Wait for the trial or better yet, drop this whole thing. You aren’t looking good buddy.

  23. regardless of your opinion of kluwe or the gay rights issue in general, this whole “he sucks because the locker room is a private place” mentality has GOT TO GO.

    that is the same crap people say to justify hiding things like sexual abuse, rampant racism, physical violence, etc.

    do you all want your kids to grow up in a situation where if something inappropriate is happening in the locker room (they are getting assaulted, their coaches are touching them, they are verbally abused, etc) that they don’t say anything because it’s private?

    Since when did privacy mean “don’t report when underage people are being raped” ?

  24. How are the Vikings playing dirty Chris? You said the Vikings reneged on a promise. But there was no promise. Your lawyer had to admit it that fact.Then they bust you making Sandusky jokes. And you can’t remember doing it – right Chris, how convenient for you.Who says “if people saw me do it, then I probably did it” Grow a pair and say yes I too acted inappropriately at the Vikings facility. Now you bring up rumors that are not involved to your case. At this point who believes what you are saying? You are a proven liar and fraud. But it is the Vikings are playing dirty. Okay Chris. Wow.

  25. he willingly chose not to report to the police a crime against a minor? how does this not make him look like a dispicable human being. the police should charge him. this was never about gay rights but always about Kluwe, and that’s why he was cut. no one is worth this headache..

  26. What kind of a person sits on this kind of information for a year only to use it to spite his former employer for firing him? I have zero respect for Chris Kluwe. Zero. I’m glad the Vikings dealt with Priefer. But Chris Kluwe is acting like a vindictive middle schooler. And making fun of child rape victims? Disgusting…

  27. It seems that Kluwe supports gay rights. That is great. Apparently, he doesn’t care about child sex abuse. He jokes about Penn State and then does not report that his teammates were in compromising situations with underage girls. He can write whatever he wants on Twitter about knowing everything in the world. When he goes to court and says “I heard” or “I think”, he is going to get destroyed because he has no actual evidence. he is trying to strong arm the Vikings into settling by having people on social media shame them. The Vikings probably do have some skeletons in their closet regarding some issues, but it seems Kluwe (Mr. Righteous) does too. So he isn’t some innocent crusader for those who have been wronged. This is going to be interesting to see play out. If he is defaming/slandering the organization, I hope they sue him until he has nothing left. If he is right, I hope he destroys the Vikings organization and then advocates for change throughout the NFL.

  28. To those claiming that Kluwe’s allegations of covering-up statutory rape have no basis on his case, you’re wrong.

    It shows (if proven) that there is a systemic environment of covering-up workplace violations, or indeed this case, serious crimes.

    It would therefore benefit Kluwe in the sense that, his claims that Priefer’s comments being denied by the franchise and proper punishment being levied for them is inherent in the corrupt management of the franchise.

    It could also damage the employer’s reputation, signifying that the team may be capable of firing someone for their protected speech, since they are allegedly capable of things much worse, notably covering-up statutory rape.

  29. This insignificant clown needs to go away. Run for political office already and take up your social causes in that arena and leave the NFL fans out of it.

  30. The Vikings Dynasty begins now.

    The whole league will find out soon enough.

    All of you are now faced with the dilemma on how to go on with life.

    Here’s the solution: go on living life with your normal daily habits of mediocrity, but just remember you will never be as great as the Vikings franchise.


    No team you ever cheer for will even have a miniscule amount of greatness compared to what the Vikings will have.

    We define proficiency.

    We are the immaculate prodigy that your franchise will never be.
    your so called dynasty just went down the drain pipe its moments like these that make me very proud to be a cowboys fan even if they are mediocre GO COWBOYS!!!

  31. For those of you believing this will be a slam dunk win for the Vikings if this all goes to court, you haven’t been watching your team the last 53 years.

    They will probably choke at trial like they do everywhere else.
    They didn’t chose the color purple as their own for nothing.

    #circus music

  32. What are we talking about?!

    We talkin bout a punter….a sorry punter

    Not a game! Not a game! a punter!

    W..W..What are we talkin about…a punter!

    A PUNTER!!!

  33. Dude just doubled down on stupid.

    Either he’s libelous in stating untruths about the Vikings and covering up statutory rape (among whatever else he has for ‘dirt’ on the team) or he’s an accessory after the fact by not raising the issue with law enforcement/NFL security.

    Either way – this will not end well for the punter and whatever goodwill he FEELS he has from the LGBT community – he’s squandering it because all this does is make their cause look bad.

    Dude’s lawyers need to get a hold of him right now.

  34. In its closing arguments, the defense will remind the jury that the same franchise which protected two star players from statutory rape charges, and which slapped the wrist of a high-level assistant coach who stated his desire in public to kill every gay person on the planet, also fired someone for being outspoken on gay rights.



    Fried Viking meat.

  35. There have been 3(?) articles updating us on the whistleBLOWING (pardon the pun) antics of this out of work has-been punter, and I’m as tired of this as I am the endless articles on the whole “NFL plight against Native Americans around the solar system”.
    Hopefully the Vikings stick it to this guy (sorry, pun número two) for all of his panty-waste pain and suffering claims, and he gets the minimum compensation.

  36. thepftpoet says:
    Jul 19, 2014 10:33 AM
    If Chris Kluwe goes to jury trial, he’s going to get annihilated.

    I hope the Minnesota Vikings sue him until he’s broke.

    He’s ruining the privateness of locker rooms as we know it.
    Its not kluwes fault jonathan martin opened the locker room door. SKOL loser. 0 rings, irrelevant on the field.

  37. Heard any good Favre stories? Hope he ponders (no pun intended) coming out of retirement – rather read that than this mess.

  38. Chris, you are losing credibility here. I started out on your side, but if it’s just a mudslinging contest played out in the courts where the only winners are the lawyers that you’re after, I can’t support that.

  39. Minnesota Vikings
    Regular Season Record (all-time) : 431-365-10
    Playoff Record (all-time) : 19-27 (Last appearance after 2012 season)
    Super Bowls Won: 0 out of 4 appearances
    Championships Won*: 0

  40. Kluwe is a disgrace. To make fun of the PA St fiasco and then try to take down a coach due to insensitive remarks is cowardly. All we need to know about Kluwe is that he is now threatening to take down other players (former teammates) after he started this. Kluwe may have had some support prior to the investigation but now with the revelation he somehow found the Sandusky case funny is appalling. As I said, Kluwe is a DISGRACE!

  41. wheels579 says:
    Jul 19, 2014 11:24 AM
    This all could have been avoided if Wilf had fired Priefer as he should have.

    I agree, but remember, Priefer vehemently denied making anti-gay comments initially. It wasn’t until the investigation, that at least one player other than Kluwe (the long snapper) corroborated Kluwe’s allegations.

    Therefore, it might have been irresponsible of the Vikings to fire Priefer until wrongdoing could be proven.

    But now that it HAS been proven, even admittedly by Priefer himself… Why this guy wasn’t fired for threatening to kill every gay person on the planet, multiple times, in front of multiple people, is beyond me. And just a minor slap on the wrist, at that…

    In any sane corporation, this man’s words would have gotten him fired. Protecting him, as they are apparently doing, lends credence to Kluwe’s case that at least when it comes to the Vikings, hate speech is protected but defensing gays in public is not.

  42. Kluwe started out on the moral high ground. That advantage is long gone. Does he realize ALL of this stuff is now potentially admissible since they are his statements?
    The first rule when you are suing someone/being sued. Shut up.

  43. Kluwe is simply getting back at the team that cut him. He is the most butt hurt individual I’ve ever seen in professional sports. And he was a punter…let’s face it, it’s the lowest end of an nfl team. Though it’s now official he himself made INSENSITIVE and OFFENSIVE comments about child rape, oh he was just joking! I hope the Vikes sue him for those comments. See how he likes it. I would love to see his defense for that. ” it was a joke, everybody was doing it!!!!!”

    This guy is a disgrace and a typical weak minded individual that can’t accept being cut without taking down an entire business and all the people that work there. Kluwe does not care about the gay movement. He cares about the kluwe movement. It’s all about kluwe and always has been. He just used the gay movement to get attention.

    FYI: kluwe reads these posts on this site. He said he did on a radio show. I hope he reads this one.

  44. He’s not tweeting all this stuff for his health, it may be awfully embarrassing to make those tweets, but he’s doing it so that the team feels the heat and gets embarrassed themselves regardless of what happens to himself. For all we know his lawyer is advising him to keep it up whatever he brings on himself, he’s also bringing onto the team, and that’s his goal.

    And it’s not illegal to be caught with an underage girl in a compromising situation, that could simply mean something embarrassing and not something that is abuse or a sex crime or anything illegal, so if any cops come around snooping, he’s of course just going to find a way to redirect that into more problems for the Vikings or more general embarrassment. To say what he said sounds like an opportunity for other people to interpret that in horrible and illegal ways. He made it sound as bad as you possibly can without implying a crime, otherwise he would have said “criminal situation”. I guess we’ll find out more if/when the authorities ask him some more questions about that, but they might not be interested in getting ensnared into his game that could be a trap to recruit them for more pressure and embarrassment for the team. Kluwe might be hoping they take the bait.

    The point is none of us can know exactly why Kluwe says what Kluwe says, except it would probably be wise to think it’s all part of strategy in his game of elevator embarrassment. This ride can go all the way to the basement to get really down and dirty, yet it can also rise all the way up to the highest levels.

  45. How is anyone defending Kluwe at this point when he obviously lied about not remembering making comments about the Penn St situation, which is worse than anything he alleged? He’s a lying hypocrite.

  46. This is such a stupid and pointless non-issue at this juncture. Who really cares?! Kluwe has been done for some time now, and if he wasn’t such a holier-than-thou jerk he might have stayed on.

  47. One thing we know for a FACT, is that Mike Priefer said in public on multiple occasions that he’d like all gay people to be killed.

    Then he lied about it repeatedly, like a coward.

    Then, after admitting to lying about it for months to his employer, the public and law enforcement, was suspended for a paltry 3 weeks by his employer.

    That tells us right there, that Priefer fostered an illegal, hostile workplace, and that his employer levied just about the smallest form of penalty they thought they could get away with.

    That’s not going to play well for the Vikings in court.

  48. The vikings fought back with stuff that was relevant to the suit. Kluwe is retaliating with stuff that is irrelevant (although not unimportant) because he doesn’t have anything better. That basically shows his suit is quite weak on its own. It’s all about a settlement now. He is threatening to bring up several allegations that (whether true or not) will damage the reputation and “brand” of the Vikings and the NFL–so the NFL will likely step in soon. What Kluwe is doing happens all the time and should be punished. It is in essence using the justice system as the ransom note in an extortion scheme. Too often corporations/celebrities (even when completely innocent) will offer money in a settlement that is less than it would cost to repair the damage done by an extended story. Shameful it is somehow legal.

    The underage girl stuff has absolutely nothing to do with Kluwe’s suit. Nothing. My question is if he thinks it is worthy of damaging the Vikings in social media now (because he is butthurt), why wasn’t it important to seek justice for the underage girl then. Kluwe, through his knowledge of and failure to report the incident, is no better than the team. In reality (though not necessarily legally) Kluwe is complicit in the cover up.

  49. As a Packers fan, and the fact that Viking fans and Packer fans love to post sarcasm towards the opponent, I AGREE with the Vikings in this case. Kluwe has very little solid evidence on his side and the suspension of your special teams coach is a joke too. Kick his butt in court. None of this is football worthy news. It’s nothing more than SOUR GRAPES.

  50. Got to hand it to Kluwe the vikings upped the ante and Kluwe raised them again. The team is inept at poker as they are on the field. Based on everything thus far Kluwe has been telling the truth and the vikings have been in denial but it’s about to get a lot more serious. That’s why the purple trolls are even in hiding and we are about see a whole new batch of usernames.

  51. Wow, I’m so glad Chris Kluwe is bringing to our attention the fact that NFL teams and players make bad decisions- SHOCKING!
    If you were such a ‘stand up dude’ Chris- why didn’t you bring these things up when you were on the team. You’re no better than any other spoiled NFL player. You’re bitter and lost right now because nobody wants you. This won’t help your situation… in fact, I’m not really sure who you think this will help. Another tragic tale of a bitter player who couldn’t get out of his own way. If you put this much time and energy into your kicking perhaps you’d still be playing.

  52. “He is threatening to bring up several allegations that (whether true or not) will damage the reputation and “brand” of the Vikings….”


    Except you can’t fall out of the basement.

  53. I have been on Kluwe’s side in this, when I’ve paid attention at all, but that is starting to change.

    I am now sick of both sides in this.

    Kluwe has gone from crusader to immature jerk, as shown by his Sandusky ‘joke’ that he says he can’t remember, and now this.

    I’m with everyone else on here who feels nothing but disgust for him and anyone else who knew of the statutory rape of an underage girl and failed to report it to the police.

    If that girl actually was assaulted, than the two players involved need to be locked away, and the Vikings deserve to fighting a much more serious lawsuit by her parents.

  54. Full disclosure, I’m not decided if I agree with how Kluwe is going about this. BUT, It’s funny the power of perspective. Kluwe has always been this way. The difference is when he was writing letters to congressmen that are published on Deadspin, people laughed and embraced his fresh, witty, unapologetic stance on controversial issues. He was beloved in Minnesota! Him and Jared Allen were the “everyman”. He’s a video game junkie and plays in a band. He’s not popping bottles in the club, booking party boats, or getting caught going 100mph in 45mph multiple times. I lived in Minneapolis when he was there, and he was a regular on sports talk radio. He just happened to have a platform to voice his beliefs, and he did it in a charismatic way that we all found amusing.

    But now he needs to shut up?? Why? Because he’s not a professional athlete anymore? He’s the same guy! He hasn’t changed, your perspective has changed. And it’s sad that we as a society give our loyalty to a team, who holds the city hostage for a new stadium, but turn their back on someone who stands up for what they believe in. It’s a more display of moral compass and character. For any Viking fan that calls him disingenuous needs to think back a few years and look in the mirror.

    This is, and always has been, Kluwe being Kluwe. If you loved him then, you should at worst, respect him now.

  55. If this clown were punting for a team anywhere in the NFL it’s highly doubtful he be litigious, or that he’d even mentioned the alleged indiscretions of former team mates.

    Yep. It’s all about money, not what is right/wrong.

  56. Guess Viking fans won’t be bringing up Mark Chmura anymore huh?

    Maybe the Washington team should hire pftpoet as there official propaganda machine, he can put lipstick on a pig better than just about anybody.

  57. This guy wanted to be paid as a dedicated NFL player while dedicating his time and energy to his activism.

  58. Wonder if Zimmer is ready to take his old job back in Cincy? This looks like a train wreck.

  59. Two things you don’t mess with: A fool letting crazy emotions drive his actions; a team of lawyers hired by a very wealthy organization. This has both elements…which means CIRCUS. The only winners will be the lawyers for each side.

  60. apollo1989 says:
    Jul 19, 2014 11:04 AM
    Does this surprise anyone? This is the same team that was responsible for the love boat scandal.

    The “love boat” was a bunch of grown men on a boat with naked women. And….well you tell me who wouldn’t want to be on that boat, better yet, tell me what was wrong with that?

  61. If Kluwe did make that flippant allusion to the child molestation situation with Jerry Sandusky then how can he say he was offended by what that coach said? I get the feeling he lost his job and now he wants it back an dis going to whine until the entire world gets tired of listening to him. If the coach said it, he should get suspended but Kluwe shouldn’t be the one saying how many games he should get given how he made fun of the Sandusky incident. In my mind, that might be even worse.

    Maybe he just needs a diaper change.

  62. PC Wars, A Punter Strikes Back

    Not so long ago, on a football field far, far away…..

    It is a period of political correctness.
    LBGT advocates, striking from every
    angle possible, are trying to gain
    victories against evil “racist” empires.

  63. 0 Superbowls, loveboat, whizzinator, roof collapse…
    Add this to the laundry list of embarassments for these losers.

  64. copack20 says:
    Jul 19, 2014 12:32 PM
    …And it’s sad that we as a society give our loyalty to a team, who holds the city hostage for a new stadium, but turn their back on someone who stands up for what they believe in. It’s a more display of moral compass and character.
    At what time are you referring to when you say “someone who stands up for what they believe in”? Before, when he knew of an alleged assault on an underage girl and said nothing (just like some folks did in the Sandusky drama) or now, when saying something about it may get him a few bucks in an unrelated lawsuit of little merit? I’d say Kluwe is the one who needs to check the functionality of his moral compass, not the fans who supported him and then changed their mind after learning of his abhorrent nature.

  65. contra74 says: Jul 19, 2014 5:35 PM

    apollo1989 says:
    Jul 19, 2014 11:04 AM
    Does this surprise anyone? This is the same team that was responsible for the love boat scandal.

    The “love boat” was a bunch of grown men on a boat with naked women. And….well you tell me who wouldn’t want to be on that boat…………..

    Chris Kluwe and Aaron Rodgers

  66. I’ll admit, I had a small amount of sympathy for his position initially, but once this information came forth about his making fun of the Penn State child-abuse scandal, he lost all credibility with me. Whether or not he was let go as a result of the reasons he claims is mute at this point. This is like an ugly divorce where both sides start airing their dirty laundry in public and the more they do it, the more they make each other look foolish. It’s a lose/lose scenario for both sides and Kluwe just needs to literally pick up his ball and go home…

  67. Klueless has possibly admitted to having knowledge of a crime and not reporting it to law enforcement. I’d say that’s a bigger issue than any anti gay comments a coach may have made.

  68. If this allegation proves true… The season is over before the first game.
    Kluwe may be facing a charge of accessary after the fact… detectives will be speaking with him and his lawyer by Monday lunch. We will learn soon enough if Kluwe lied or Minni covered up a felony.

  69. Move the dang report comment button away from the dang thumbs. I have huge fingers dangit. I’m conservative I don’t report comments because they are offensive I’m not a little kid.

  70. Do you honestly think anyone really cares about this?
    C’mon man…. Really?

    It’s irrelevant…

  71. Lol you people are an embarrassment. You have no problem with your organization covering up crimes. Do you get paid by the Vikings for your horrible takes?

    You people have no problem with the truth being hidden. Wilf has already been found guilty of illegal business practices in court.

    Keep the truth coming Kluwe.

  72. His contract probably prohibited revealing information detrimental to the organization. Corporations notoriously put language in contracts protecting their interests.

    The organization has been shown to have less than a stellar reputation. They are to blame for covering up any crime that may have been committed not Kluwe.

  73. I have felt all along that Kluwe was doing the right thing. But I don’t think he is handling it correctly.

  74. “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when your living on a dream”

  75. What is wrong with people here? If Kluwe knows something about what sounds like statutory rape (or at least what sounds like an attempt), “locker room culture” has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am a BIG Vikings fan, but my fandom does NOT give any of the players a pass on sexual assault. I don’t care if it sinks the team for a decade.

    At the same time, I have lost respect for Kluwe for not saying anything before this.

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