Report: NFL weighing whether to own a stadium in Los Angeles


The NFL is many things to many people.

But could it be a landlord for a team in Los Angeles?

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the NFL is considering financing and owning a stadium in the Los Angeles area, though that’s just one of the scenarios on the table.

The NFL, Farmer reports, is “evaluating” a number of stadium locations in Los Angeles.

The NFL hasn’t had a team in Los Angeles since 1994. And as the Times details in its piece, any NFL-owned stadium would have to work both for the tenants and the league.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft told the Times he would be in favor of a league-owned Los Angeles stadium.

“Whatever gets us a team in L.A., that would be awesome. That might be the solution. Whatever it takes, I know I’d be willing to support,” Kraft said, per the Times.

This much is certain: were the league to build and own a stadium, it would be a regular in the Super Bowl-hosting rotation. The last Super Bowl in the Los Angeles area was in 1993, when the Cowboys beat the Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.

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  1. If one of those many things is that the NFL is secretly the Blake Association and could help fix the ending to the Red John saga, then that would explain a lot and be a big a win and I would thank them profusely for finally giving me something that I really want. Build it out and put a big Smiley on it, please do!

  2. Well the table is being set for 2 new expansion teams soon: London and LA. Of course, that also means two other cities will be getting teams 5 years after that time.

  3. See every other city, the NFL is fully capable of paying for new stadiums all by themselves.

  4. I think it’s a great idea. Take the tax payers out of the equation. Why should tax payers have to pay for seat licenses, tickets, cable tv expenses, and then also the stadiums that the teams play in. Pay the players less money to make up any short falls in revenues for the league.

  5. Let them play half their home games in London and the other half in LA.

    There, I solved the NFL’s problem.

  6. Instead if constantly ruminating over which team should move to LA or when expansion will come to LA, why doesn’t the NFL just host a few games there each year, a la the London Series, to build momentum in the area. The NFL has failed in LA on more than one occasion. Why not run a pilot for a few years in OUR 2nd largest media market and stop watering down the product by bringing it overseas each year. NFL teams in Europe are not going to be successful like they are here, it’s that simple.

  7. L.A. is a frontrunner town in every sport, everyone loves the kings now, yet no one can name anyone on the roster

  8. Apparently the NFL has come to terms with the realization that the taxpayers and politicians in LA aren’t giving in to their extortion tactics.

  9. Don’t take my Raiders. I’m from S.F. I like underdogs and I like options. Lastly I don’t like wine and cheese with my football, it’s not traditional and frankly it’s very pretentious.

    Raider games are not dangerous, they are loud and rowdy. The only reason I don’t have season tickets is that McKenzie put a tarp on my seat…”great idea let’s cover the 50 yard line.”

  10. So I assume Goodell and Kraft are going to also buy the tickets for the fans? Maybe pay for some paper cut-outs with speakers built in, and pipe in some crowd noise?

    This is a ridiculously stupid idea. I’m so sick of Goodell trying to social engineer the NFL and American Society.

  11. The rest of LA is on welfare…why not just buy them a stadium, team, and season tickets? How about limo service while they’re at it. Oh sure, the NFL can just pick the pocket the government isn’t taking stuff out of. We each have two.

  12. No way! Do you know how long the flight would be from London to LA? LA is a bad idea.

    Maybe the NFL could bring back the Concord to soften the blow? I am sure they could afford to resurrect that plane.

  13. Donald Sterling knows about being a slumlord in LA. Oh, you wrote Landlord. Same thing. He’s on line one.

  14. I knew there was a reason the league is thinking about holding the draft in L.A. What a bunch of scheming creeps. Sure, lets build a billion dollar stadium, put a team there. Then watch it fall into the sea.

  15. this Kraft stuff is bugging me…. admittedly, he is an idiot… “I was duped”

    why would anyone listen to or care what this guy thinks?

    for some reason Roger promotes and protects Kraft and Pats, when this is without a doubt a very low class org that reflects very poorly on the league

    London, LA…. any more dumb ideas Roger/Kraft?

  16. The NFL give up their biggest threat when extorting other cities for stadiums with sweetheart deals? Yeah right

    The trick is they have to keep dangling that carrot in front of LA to keep them engaged so the league can continue with their shaking down of everyone else.

    Leaving LA has been the biggest boon to the league over the past 20 years

  17. With a criminal law suit being talked about in the press the NFL is about to change. Handing out illegal drugs to ease the pain is about to cause a lot of pain.

    Los Angles as a city is about to go broke. California as a state is looking to become five separate states and Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft thing it’s a good idea to locate there!

  18. L.A. isn’t going broke and the state is not going to be split up.

    But as far as the NFL building a stadium in L.A. with their own money, I’ll believe it when I see it. IDK Maybe the NFL leaders want to take advantage of our excellent, early–February weather?

  19. Given their history, I’m thinking if the NFL owns the stadium in LA, then the Raiders definitely WILL NOT be moving there.

    In addition to the super bowl rotation, the pro bowl would also likely rotate between LA & Hawaii

    Also, just because the NFL owned the stadium wouldn’t mean they wouldn’t be looking for significant state funding assistance (a/k/a corporate welfare)

  20. Don’t worry east coast football fans. It’s just another smoke screen… similar to peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. You don’t have to worry that hated Los Angeles might get a team.

  21. So everybody else has to pay for their stadium but LA gets theirs for free?

    Also if the league pays for it, does this money count as owner revenue per the CBA? I’m sure players don’t want their salaries lowered to pay for a LA stadium.

    It’s pretty sad that the league would bend over for LA, which of course is a much bigger region then just LA proper which could decide to fund a stadium. If none of these locales in the LA region want to build a stadium, then they shouldn’t have a team.

    Of course the flip side is, if they build one for LA, just about every team and owner at some point is going to want the NFL to build them a new stadium. Good luck NFL. You ready to build a new stadium in Oakland, San Diego, Buffalo, etc, etc?

  22. The “tax payer dollars” everyone likes to their a fit about isn’t a tax on the average citizen. It’s mostly an raise on transient guest (hotel) taxes. Every city does it to pay for something similar, although, maybe, not quite as big. A well run stadium can be a boon to the local economy, it’s not just used for 8-10 NFL games every year. There are college teams that could use it, bowl games, concerts, etc.

  23. Build a stadium at Hollywood Park next to the old Fabulous Forum in Inglewood. It makes more sense than any other location in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  24. Did you notice how they talk about OWNING a stadium and not necessarily PAYING for a stadium??

  25. Jacksonville goes to London, raiders and rams go back to LA and share a stadium deal. that’s the long term plan for NFL like it or not….

  26. Well its a better idea putting a team in LA than putting a team in London. I wonder why Baddell wants a London team anyway? Putting a team in London is just dumb.

  27. I was happy as a clam when the Rams left LA. That meant I could see more Eagles games on TV. We don’t need another new stadium where the NFL can keep their cameras trained on celebrities sitting in the best seats.

  28. Hadn’t the NFL tried the L.A. thing a couple times before? They had their chance and you insist on another city give to somewhere worthy.

  29. So much ignorance. LA doesn’t have a team because UNLIKE so many smaller insecure towns, they WILL NOT provide tax money for a stadium. Sounds like a bunch of people are hating on LA because its such a worthwhile market that the NFL is willing to make it happen. If you don’t like here’s a solution, move to L.A. or New York and stop complaining. And while your at it, BRING BACK THE L.A. RAMS!!!!!

  30. They can host their own Super Bowls, host their own pro bowls, they can put in an area to host the draft, without an LA team they can make teams come and play there like they do in London and Canada, it can be a training camp location for a team, etc… I think it is a great idea and it should be built to accommodate the things I listed and probably a million more I didn’t think about. What is the saying, build it and they will come?

  31. This is a good idea. They need to have the Raiders face the chargers in Los Angeles.

    To market the football Brand in Los Angeles more the NFL should have the Dallas Cowboys go there and play games. The two favorite teams in Los Angeles are the Raiders and then the Cowboys.

  32. Ha! We held fast, and ignored the bully tactics that the NFL used in an attempt to get us to subsidize the staduium. We don’t need the NFL to feel good about ourselves as a city.

    If other cities would do the same thing then they woudln’t have to give taxpayer money to billionaires.

    I love me some NFL, would love to see a team here but if we don’t have one it also means we never get blacked out. Not that it’s really an issue with all of the digital streams available.

    Which brings up another rant, with digital streaming available why is the NFL so slow to embrace it ? They could sell individual games, team packages, confreneces as well as the the current 199 for every game package. When it comes to embracing digital technology Goodell and the rest of the NFL is acting like a cluless grandparent.

  33. L.A. is a frontrunner town in every sport, everyone loves the kings now, yet no one can name anyone on the roster
    Well now, aren’t we just a tad bitter that Los Angeles has become THE city of champions?

    Even though we haven’t had a team here for twenty years Los Angeles has as many Super Bowl championships as the Jets, the Chiefs, Indianopolis Colts, Bears, Buccaneers, Rams, and Seahawks.

    What’s more, even though we haven’t had a team here for twenty years Los Angeles has more Super Bowl championships than the Bengals, Browns, Bills, Chargers, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Lions, Vikings, Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, and Panthers COMBINED!

  34. So everybody else has to pay for their stadium but LA gets theirs for free?
    It’s not our fault the rest of the country continually acts against their own interests. Just because the rest of the country gives into the NFL extortion tactics doesn’t mean we have to.

    The people in Miami seem to be wising regarding the NFL. If the billionaire Dolphins owner wants to upgrade his stadium, great, have at it. Knock yourself out! But they’re not footing the bill for it, nor should they!

    It is absolutely mind boggling to me the way working people are always willing to throw their hard-earned money at billionaires.

    L.A. is already home to NFL Network and is the entertainment capitol of the world. If the NFL wants to be part of the entertainment culture over here they’re going to have to buy their way in, just like any other franchise that wants to do business here.

  35. No other business in the world demands that cities and taxpayers pay for their work places that sit empty the vast majority of the year. Big corporations contribute much more to local economies in TAXES, employ hundreds with real salaries and not just minimum wage (stadium workers), and use the site every day instead of a few Sundays a year. They don’t demand the locals pay for their skyscrapers just because they’re creating jobs.

    Eff the greedy NFL.

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