Chiefs officially begin process of turning page on playoff collapse


The Chiefs chased a 2-14 season in 2012 with an unlikely playoff berth.  And that wasn’t the most unusual development in Andy Reid’s first season with the team.

Up 38-10 in the second half of a wild-card playoff game against the Colts in Indianapolis, the Chiefs authored one of the all-time postseason collapses, losing 45-44.

With rookies, quarterbacks, and injured players reporting for camp on Sunday, the process of climbing out of the valley of 0-0 has begun once again, with higher expectations and an important lesson learned.

“[W]hat can we learn from that?” Reid said to reporters on Sunday.  “Heck, there’s a ton you can learn from that game right there on how to finish.  You have to know how to do that.  There is no time to let your foot off the accelerator.  That can make us a better team going forward.  That I think is a positive.  As much as it hurt and hurts when you lose any game and particularly a playoff game, those hurt, but at the same time, it’s something you can learn and build on for this coming year.”

The Chiefs will have to apply that lesson week in and week out, if they even hope to be in position to blow a 28-point lead in January.  The Chiefs took big hits on both lines of scrimmage in free agency, and the signs are pointing to a step back in Reid’s second year.

Then again, not making the playoffs at all could be better than a meltdown for the ages.

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  1. Not trying to be a biased fan, but they were facing a team who usually plays all-star football in the 4th quarter and has repeated come back on teams in the 4th.

  2. Take solace Chiefs fans… at least you’ll finish in third, ahead of the Raiders, but well behind the Broncos and Bolts in the West. To expect anything more than that after the fluke that was last season is setting yourselves up for (more) heartbreak.

  3. the chiefs did not take big hits on both lines. on defense, they lost tyson jackson – enough said about that. on offense, the main loss was branden albert, and they addressed that loss last year by drafting fisher. other than that, they lost former journeyman geoff schwartz. the notion that the chiefs had some massive, crippling exodus in free agency is little more than a media narrative.

  4. As an Eagle fan, I had to endure this FAT SLOB for 14 years and his BS. I don’t wish the KC fans any bad luck, but they will begin to see that FAT BOY REID is nothing more than an average coach. He has no desire to change his strategy I was beginning to think our owner in Philly was being held hostage.

  5. Any Chiefs fans who thinks last year was merely a “playoff collapse” is delusional. Starting out 9-0 is indeed noteworthy, even if it was against lesser opponents. However, finishing 2-5, with all five losses against teams that made the playoffs tells a completely different story: the Chiefs could not compete with better teams. The Chiefs also will not have the luxury of an easy schedule to start off this year. 8-8.

  6. Andy could never make the necessary changes during a game.
    He just stood there, stone faced, and watched that callapse like everyone else.

  7. I felt horrible for Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense after that game. Smith put on the performance of his career with limited weapons and what was supposed to be one of the toughest defenses in the league totally disappeared in the second half. That was disgraceful.

  8. to be fair, the Chiefs lost 6 starters in the course of that game, and Alex Smith outplayed Andrew Luck.

    A big collapse, yes, but it wasn’t inept play. It was catastrophic injury.

  9. That collapse was as massive as it was sweet, I just loved every second of it. 🙂

    They’ll be hard pressed to win 5 games this year.

  10. .
    People have often accused Bill Belichick of “running up the score” on opponents. The Chiefs playoff misfortunes should put a stop to that. You have to play the full 60 minutes in the NFL.

  11. Shouldn’t it be the Kansas City Football Team? Ms. Blackhorse said this name has to be changed as well, and in today’s society if one person is offended by something then it must change, right?

  12. The playoff choke-job was just one of their problems. It’s hard for anyone to take a team that lost 5 of their last 7 regular season games to back into the playoffs seriously going into 2014.

    I don’t think they’ll be as bad as their 2012 2-14 record but I doubt that they’ll be anywhere near 11-5 either. 6-10 sounds about right to me, which may be good enough to land the chefs in the division cellar.

  13. As a Chiefs fan it was really hard to watch the second half as the defense just couldn’t stop a high school JV team. It just goes to prove that naming that many of the Chiefs defensive players to the Pro Bowl meant very little when they were ahead 38 – 10 and still blew it.

  14. Making the playoffs is a successful season. Only 6 out of 16 make it in each conference. Only one team wins athe SB and pretty much any year it won’t be your team without some lucky breaks. Saying that missing the playoffs is better than a playoff meltdown is ignorant.

  15. Wow! As an Eagles fan, that sounds familiar. The same speech he gave after every failure. We will learn from that and move forward. I always liked Andy Reid and he is a good coach, but unfortunately for Chiefs fans, you will hear that a ton during his time there.

  16. Lets be brutally honest here. The Chiefs had a very soft schedule last year. This year it is extremely tough. They lost atleast 6 pretty darn good players, ex: Branden Albert, Jon Asamoah, Jeff Schwartz, Branden Flowers, Dexter McCluster, Tyson Jackson and Kendrick Lewis. What they acquired in the off season is a bunch of no name average players + the draft. Rookies always have lots of ups and downs. Eric Fisher struggled badly last year against the competition. I think now they will get back to a “realistic” situation and be darn lucky to go 7-9 this year. And lets face the facts Alex Smith is NO Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. Last year was an anomoly.

  17. He did a great job all year, but that playoff collapse was all on Reid, there’s no doubt about it. It felt like a flashback to the Schottenhimer years.

  18. Andy NEVER was a great “game day” coach and it showed durning that playoff loss. How many times have we watched Capt. Andy on the sideline with that blank look on his face?
    He looked the same during last years playoff loss as he did in his Super Bowl.

  19. The Chiefs lost a LOT of starters to injury over the course of that game with the Colts. So while it never should have gotten as close as it did, it’s hard for any team to hold on after all the injuries they sustained in that game.

  20. Typical Andy Reid. Play a soft schedule and end up losing to good teams in the playoffs. Look at his “successful” tenure in Philly. He had very few wins against winning teams. Some credit is due for winning the games you should win (not all coaches can do that), but the majority of his “success” has always been a result of favorable schedules.

  21. For all of the soft schedule talk people and Any Reid haters, let’s go thru this one more time.

    The Chiefs achilles heel last season was pure lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball. They were 9-2 when Hali and Houston went down in the first game against the Chargers. From that point forward, the pass rush effectively disappeared for the rest of the season. No team can lose that much pass rush capability and not be effected. Without a pass rush, the deficiencies in the secondary (Kendrick Lewis, Dunta Robinson, Sean Smith, and a by that time struggling Marcus Cooper) were completely exposed. The following week against the Broncos Manning showed the league how to beat the weakened Chiefs D and the rest is history.

    The question for this season is whether a healthy Hali and Houston, the addition of Dee Ford and the changes in the secondary are going to solve last year’s problems. Way too soon to predict a step backwards at this point.

  22. The bottom line is this young team did not learn how to close out games last year. That’s the coaches fault.

  23. I think people are blowing the Chief’s free agency losses, out of proportion. It is pretty clear that those who left, were expected to leave and were not in the Chief’s future plans. Dorsey and Reid are trying to bring in players who fit their system and what they are trying to accomplish. This is actually a deeper team, than given credit for and the Chiefs did add some talent and depth, in free agency. Remember, the Chiefs backups should have beaten the Chargers, who were in a must win game, at home, the final game of the regular season. They are building primarily through the draft and we will see players that we haven’t even heard of, step up and be productive starters, this season. The Chiefs are probably the only playoff team, from last season, who are predicted to regress significantly. I don’t see it. Year two under Andy Reid, will exceed year one. I hope everyone does take them lightly. This may be the Chiefs season!

  24. My ideal Chiefs head coach:

    Stram’s inventiveness,

    Schottenheimer’s clock management,

    Vermeil’s ability to father-figure,

    Herm’s ability to scout DB’s,

    Haley’s ability to handle and transform the problem child, and

    Reid’s winning percentage.


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