Colts offer single-game tickets, with an asterisk

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On Monday, Colts fans can buy tickets to one or more of the 10 individual games on the team’s home slate for 2014.  But to get tickets to one of the games, fans must buy tickets to another game.

The team announced that seats for the latest showdown with the Patriots can be had only by buying tickets to another game on the schedule.  The good news?  It’s the Giants.  Bad news?  It’s a preseason game.

Last year, Colts owner Jim Irsay justified the application of the same prices to preseason and regular-season tickets by arguing that the value evens out over the full course of 10 games.  By forcing fans who want to see the most valuable game on the 2014 docket to buy tickets to a far less valuable game, the Colts are applying a form of flexible pricing, essentially doubling the cost of the Patriots game — especially if Patriots fans will be buying any of the tickets.

It would be more sensible to simply adopt flexible pricing.  Approved to be used for the first time in the coming season, several teams (including the Steelers, Bills, Lions, Patriots, and Dolphins) have opted to slide prices up and down based on the perceived quality of the game.

The Patriots will visit Indianapolis on November 16 for a game currently due to kickoff at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.  That could change under the concept of flexible scheduling, which begins in theory as early as Week Five in 2014.

23 responses to “Colts offer single-game tickets, with an asterisk

  1. Lots of teams require a preseason purchase in addition to an attractive regular-season game. This is nothing new.

    Also, as a Colts season-ticket holder, I was given the chance to buy single-game tickets on Thursday. Only a couple hundred seats in the upper corners are available anyway. The entire season is over 95% sold out to season-ticket holders.

  2. This is a pitiful organization!! They screwed two great QBs, Unitas and Manning.

    Look, they need the extra money so they can replace the $30,000 the cops took from Irsay. Boy, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. I am a very anxious hardcore passionate NFL fan that would absolutely love to get some tickets and go to a game live and in person whoohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    *I’ve never purchased a ticket to an NFL game in my life, and the only time they have been purchased for me is when Barry Sanders was playing in the game. Until there is a money-back guarantee for losing, or a team near me builds an impressive stadium or team, then you’ll never sell me a ticket even if you sell them for a dollar (I’d buy a lot for a penny). Come up with a plan to get me to buy and then you are a ticket selling genius that is creating out of control demand. That’s a good thing to do in business by the way. Please, somebody, make me buy!

  4. I’m glad scalping is legal in Indiana. I buy tickets a few minutes before kickoff. Have never spent more than $50 per ticket. It’s ridiculous how NFL teams justify ticket prices.

  5. Thats not so bad. The raiders are making people buy half the season in order to get a ticket to their game against the 49ers but all their other game tickets are sold individually.

  6. Vikings do this also or at least use too. For the Packer game if you wanted to by single game ticket you had to by pre-season game ticket because more Packer fans then Vikings fans were going to the game so they were trying to stop Packer fans from going or at least if they still went get more money from them.

  7. The state of Maryland offered to build a stadium for the Ravens (with funding from lottery sales to be the source of the money), but with a MAJOR requirement –

    10% of the seats were required to be sold on an individual basis.

    I seriously doubt that anyone in the Colts organization would have accepted that, or they would have tried to find a way to get around the requirement.

    BTW – the Ravens have NEVER had even a threat of a blacked out game since arriving in Baltimore. Season tickets are sold out within minutes, and most years, single game tickets also.

  8. nfl is making truck loads of cash and still finds ways to squeeze their fans. Pre season tickets are full price equal to a season ticket and yet mean nothing and are worth nothing. The league needs to stop charging for these games and donate the tickets to those that can’t afford to see live games.

  9. And people constantly bag on Los Angeles for not foaming at the mouth to have a pro football team. This is one of the reasons why.

  10. What a racket. This along with the PSL’s. Go ahead and pay up fools. Unbelievable. I’ll be getting every game for free and don’t feel one bit guilty.

    These owners and the NFL are ripping people off and laughing all the way to the bank. Amazing.

  11. Preseason at regular season prices has been a problem for a long time. Quit worrying about London and fix this Goodell

  12. Also, as a Colts season-ticket holder, I was given the chance to buy single-game tickets on Thursday
    Do the colts think their season ticket holders are stupid enough to not realize they already have tickets to all the home games?

  13. I’ve said it many times on this site: The Patriots are the most desirable ticket on anyone’s season ticket sheet. It’s not the Cowboys. It’s not the Broncos. It’s the Patriots, and it’s for good reason. They put a high quality product on the field. It’s a barometer for your team, and they never get blown out. If your team can make a game out of it, you know that Pats will too. You can beat them for a half, but they always come back. I think it’s pretty reasonable to say they have given us a lot of great games over the years. Nothing is worse than spending hundreds of dollars to go to an NFL game and seeing a blowout, where you lose interest after the first drive of the second half, and start thinking about the value of beating the traffic home. If you are going to spend the money, The Pats ticket is the safest ticket you can buy.

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