John Mara: Tom Coughlin not on hot seat, but hasn’t earned right to leave on own terms

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin has a contract that runs through the 2015 season and some people have opined that the two-time Super Bowl winner has earned the right to decide when his run as the team’s coach comes to an end.

One of the guys who pays Coughlin’s salary is not one of those people. In an interview with Steve Serby of the New York Post, Giants co-owner John Mara said that the furthest thing from his mind right now is making a change involving Coughlin and stressed that he wasn’t on the hot seat while also saying that he didn’t think any coach is guaranteed the right to choose their own departure date.

“Does anybody ever earn that right? That’s just not the way this business is in this day and age,” Mara said. “Let’s hope that it goes that way, but we haven’t even had that discussion yet. … We’re just looking forward to the next couple of seasons.”

Mara said nothing to suggest that Coughlin has to reach a particular number of wins or the playoffs in order to keep his job, but the reality is that another year out of the postseason would be three in a row for the Giants. There aren’t many coaches who hold onto their jobs through runs like that, even ones with two Super Bowl rings, and there will surely be more questions for ownership about the future of the league’s oldest coach if things don’t go their way in 2014.

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  1. Future HOF,who else has a coach in the NFC east as good as him?No one.The Giants are class and football royalty.the franchises in our division and the jets could learn a thing or two about being successful in the 21st century.NYG 2014 NFC east champs.

  2. The owner is right. We live in a world of what have you done for me lately. Because you were paid for what you done that is just the way it is. I love this guy he has been one of the best coaches in the league.

  3. Wow. I thought the Maras were cool, but this belies that belief. At least in regards to John Mara.

    The Giants ownership should be exceptionally grateful to Coach Coughlin — not disparaging him.

    Coughlin slayed some pretty game, and brought multiple pieces of hardware to NYC. Mara has a couple of rings on his fingers to attest to it, and even more than a couple if you count Coughlin’s contributions on the Parcells teams.

    Jacksonville ownership once said the biggest mistake they ever made was firing Coach Coughlin. They were right.

    My view of this situation is the Giants did have some problems last year, but this particular Mara is not effectively understanding cause and effect and is misplacing blame (and lacking in gratitude and showing due respect).

    My team is AFC-based, so this is not biased in any way other than my own assessment. I have a lot of respect for Coach Coughlin.

  4. It’s easy to say he’s not on the hot seat now, but if his team goes out and lays it’s third consecutive egg of a season I have no doubt that tune will change. It’d be one thing if he was consistently getting to the playoffs but four out of the last five years his team hasn’t qualified for the playoffs. JMO but Tom Coughlin has to at least make the playoffs this year to keep his job.

  5. I don’t think that it’s impossible for a coach to go out his own way. Tony Dungy did it in Indianapolis. Bill Cowher did it in Pittsburgh. I think there are a couple coaches in the league right now that can do it too if they wanted. Coughlin has been on the proverbial hot seat for years. Two or three years from now, he’ll still probably be on it.

  6. This is sad, because Mara is used to mediocrity he doesn’t have an idea of what things would be like if he found the greatest coach and GM you could possibly find. His world would have been completely different if he orchestrated an unbeatable dynasty. If that happened his entire outlook and attitude would be completely different. His vision is very limited because he can’t see the amazing possibilities after having very normalized results over the long-term. It’s all very disappointing to me that he can’t see it, and that unfortunately probably goes the same for every owner.

  7. In my eyes I’m thinking alright it sucks we haven’t made the playoffs in a couple seasons BUT the 2 rings on my hand tell me that we haven’t completely sucked the whole time I’ve been here. He’s old!! Can’t you see that he’s old?? Let the man do what he wants after this.

  8. Coughlin’s biggest problem is his loyalty, to both veteran players that couldn’t get the job done and his coordinators who couldn’t change their game plans to suit the personnel they were trotting out there. IMO Gilbride deserves the bulk of the blame. When the offense runs the same plays series in and out behind a line that cannot buy the skill positions enough time to throw, run, or run the right routes, the 3 Nd outs do nothing to help your defense. And that’s on Gilbride.

  9. Even with as old as Coughlin is, if Mara does give him the ax, TC would have 10 job offers – college, pro, & broadcast – within the first 5 minutes of being let go. Mara may mean it as a threat, but the old man isn’t losing any sleep over it.

  10. All you haters can hate Mara and Coughlin but this is really sad. My Giants have fallen apart and can’t stop fighting with each other. We need a leader like Tiki Barber to come back and set everyone straight.

  11. I knew Wellington Mara and saying anything about one of the best coaches in the NFL, no matter what, is an in house situation!
    Would Kraft say BB is getting old? John Mara as an owner, is only flying behind his father but cannot and never will be the man who cared about his players, coaches, and and fans like no other.
    He would never publicly say something as stupid as this.

  12. That’s owner side speak for “win or else.” That said, if I’m Coughlin, I’m thinking “No worries you big bag of wind. I’m a millionaire NFL coach who has done all I want to do. So what? Fire me. You want someone else to do this, fine! I’ll get my tee-time set up.”

  13. Not a Tom Coughlin fan here, but he deserves a lot MORE respect than this!
    If Jon Gruden had managed to win a 2nd Super Bowl for Tampa Bay, they would have nominated him for sainthood and renamed the stadium for him.
    TC deserves to leave WHEN he is good and ready!

  14. If there is even a passing, vague comparison to Jerry Jones then you know it’s the dumbest thing Mara can say. The Giants are a class origination because they exude it, not demand it, beg for it or try to pay for it. Agree – keep this stuff in house, even broad stroke comments on the “game” that can be construed as a preemptive position on the coach down the line. Coughlin is the class of the origination right now. I’m rooting for the guy to lead this vastly changed team back into February. All we need to be thinking about right now.

  15. If anyone has earned the right its Tom Coughlin. He’s a great coach that instills discipline in an undisciplined world of athletes. Alot of athletes can’t control themselves and their actions.

    Tom Coughlin represents old school principles in the modern athletic world.

    Mara comments about him not going out on own terms are asinine.

  16. What the hell did Mara say that was so bad.He has all the respect in the world for Coughlin,he said he’s not on the hot seat,he’s not even thinking about it right now.Unless the Giants are unbelievably awful and finish 5-11 or 4-12 Coughlin will be the coach.I don’t understand this bashing of John Mara,the guy cares.He has won and will do whatever it takes to keep the Giants championship caliber.

  17. I usually like Mara, but this is a stupid ass comment.

    Coughlin has won more Super Bowls with the Giants than all but 8 franchises have won in their entire history.

    He should have the job until he doesn’t want it anymore.

  18. Actually, seems every year Coughlin is publicly on the hot seat the Giants pull a Super Bowl victory out of their butts.

    Why not just leave on the hot seat?

  19. No job on Earth guarantees somebody to go out on their own terms. You either retire when required, get fired or retained for your abilities. You can’t dictate if you have you job just because you had some good years. Coughlin has been successful during his tenure and seems to make due with the personnel that the GM brings in, but as soon as he finishes his contract 6-10 and 5-11, the locals are going to ask why was he still employed. If he doesn’t produce what the owners want, they have every right to let him go…and he still gets paid.

  20. The over use of the word “that ” on pft is driving me crazy. Count the number of superfluous uses in this post alone. There are only maybe three legitimate uses of the word in this article. Take all the others out and it does not change the sentence.

  21. Coughlin: John, I think I’m going to retire.
    Mara: No, you can’t retire. You’re fired!

  22. why not put him on the hot seat? it’s the only time he wins.

    that’s right I said it!

  23. I love Coach Coughlin on the hot seat. Every time it happens the Giants win the Super Bowl.

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