Preseason Power Rankings No. 5: Green Bay Packers


Forget about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or anyone else not named Aaron Rodgers.  The best quarterback in the NFL currently plays in Green Bay.  And that’s good enough to get the Packers in the top five as the 2014 season approaches.

They’d be even higher if Rodgers had the help that other franchise quarterbacks enjoy.  Specifically on defense.  And everyone knows it.  Maybe that’s why recent remarks from Rodgers that easily could have been interpreted as a slap at the front office and/or the locker room didn’t ruffle many feathers.

“We haven’t had the kind of physical talent as far as size here in a while,” Rodgers said last month.  “I think there’s been times — I think back to playing Jacksonville in ’08 in Jacksonville, some of the battles we’ve had with our division teams at times — where you walk on the field and feel like you’re kind of a JV team.”

Beyond Rodgers, the Packers have been a JV team, mainly on defense.  But the Packers may have improved just enough that they’ll be good enough to have a chance to get back to the Super Bowl.


On offense, it begins (and arguably ends) with Rodgers.  A high-precision passer who can run the ball, too, Rodgers knows how to gain yardage on the ground without putting himself at undue risk.  Last year’s broken collarbone happened not while he was being reckless but while trying to step up in the pocket.  Shea McLellin of the Bears shed a block and spotted Rodgers and closed ground and pulled him down before Rodgers knew what happened.  If he can stay healthy throughout 2014, the Packers will likely win the NFC North.  The real question becomes whether he’ll have enough help in the postseason to advance past the divisional round, or whether it’ll be another JV-level showing at single-elimination time, particularly from the defense.

The Packers rolled the dice last season on a pair of tailbacks, stopping Eddie Lacy’s round-two free-fall and snagging Johnathan Franklin, who appeared to be a perfect fit for the Green Bay offense.  A neck injury ended Franklin’s career before it could get started, but the gamble on Lacy ended up being a good one — especially since he eventually was able to pound out some strong performances even when the Packers were forced to implement a crappy backup plan for Rodgers.  If Lacy can match the quarterback when it comes to avoiding injury, the Packers could have the best one-two offensive punch in the NFL.

A bad defense would be a lot worse without linebacker Clay Matthews, who continues to be one of the better pass rushers in the NFL, but who has missed nine games over the past two seasons combined.  The arrival of Julius Peppers could make Matthews even better, even though the jury is still out on whether Peppers still has it like he used to.

The secondary has the potential to be very good, with highly-paid cornerback Sam Shields and first-round rookie safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix potentially leading the way.  As a unit, however, the defense doesn’t belong in the “strength” category.


The tight end position holds little promise after the departure of Jermichael Finley.  He seems to want to return to Green Bay after neck surgery, but it seems highly unlikely that that Packers will clear him to play — or pay him what it would take to get him to walk away from his probably-too-good-to-be-true $10 million tax-free insurance policy.  The depth chart is so uncertain that the Packers have taken a chance on undrafted rookie Colt Lyerla, whose talent has been overshadowed by a litany of off-field concerns.

The offensive line continues to shuffle and rotate and generally underperform.  Bryan Bulaga moves back to the right side after a short-lived experiment at left tackle, which ended when his ACL gave out during an intrasquad scrimmage.  David Bakhtiari played well enough as a fourth-round rookie to keep the job, holding former Viking (new Bear) Jared Allen without a sack in two games and generally not being nearly as bad as some feared Bakhtiari would be.  Center Evan Dietrich-Smith bolted for Tampa Bay (to the chagrin of Rodgers), leaving the Packers to hope JC Tretter is ready.  Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang provide quality at guard, but the five-man operation as a whole allowed 45 sacks, ninth worst in the league.

Despite a few bright spots, the defense continues to be a liability, finishing in the bottom fourth of the league last year in yards allowed (372.2 per game) and points (26.8 per game).  Most of the blame lands on the poorly-toupeed head of coordinator Dom Capers, who should have been given a ticket out of Titletown after a playoff meltdown against the 49ers in January 2013.  Coach Mike McCarthy has opted for loyalty to a fault; that could end after the coming campaign.


G.M. Ted Thompson stepped out of character in free agency, adding veteran pass rusher Julius Peppers.  Whether he plays linebacker or defensive end (he’s listed as both), Peppers could wreak havoc, if his play in 2012 was more about not being in the right frame of mind and less about diminishing physical skills.

Offensively, Matt Flynn officially is back as the Week One backup to Aaron Rodgers, which is a much better plan that to have no plan for fear of jinxing Rodgers.  While not able to lead an offense, Flynn has shown that he can get it done when pressed into service.  The Packers wisely have decided to make sure he’s available to do what needs to be done, if Rodgers gets banged up again.

The receiving corps continues to be in a state of transition.  A year after losing Greg Jennings to the Vikings, James Jones signed with the Raiders.  Jordy Nelson and/or Randall Cobb could be joining them a year from now, which perhaps suggests that the Packers realize a quarterback like Rodgers can make most receivers look good.

The biggest free-agency defection occurred when safety M.D. Jennings left for the Bears.  Rookie Clinton-Dix will be expected to fill the void right away, if he can.

Position battles.

Barring the unlikely return of Jermichael Finley, it’s time to find a new tight end.  Andrew Quarless is expected to get the first crack at the starting job, with others in place (like Richard Rodgers) to challenge Quarless for the top spot on the depth chart and playing time.  Colt Lyerla provides the most intriguing option.  If he can stay out of trouble and get the most out of his skills, Lyerla could be the next Finley.

Before we assume that Eddie Lacy will become the unquestioned workhorse, consider these words from coach Mike McCarthy about the tailback position:  “My depth chart looks nothing like your depth chart.”  James Starks and DuJuan Harris provide plenty of talent, when healthy.  If Lacy stumbles or gets injured, one or both of them could step up.

JC Tretter gets the first crack at replacing center Evan Dietrich-Smith.  Corey Linsley provides Plan B.  Plan C could be a lot of shotgun formation and plenty of roll-out passes.

At safety, converted cornerback Micah Hyde could delay the ascension of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to the starting lineup, if the rookie struggles to make the transition to the next level.


Since winning Super Bowl XLV, the Packers have had three straight playoff appearances that resulted in disappointment, with a home loss to the Giants, a road loss to the 49ers, and a home loss to the 49ers.  The defense has primarily been responsible for the inability to progress beyond the divisional round, and if that happens again in 2014, it’ll be time for a new coordinator, at a minimum.

Chances are the Packers will be good enough on both sides of the ball to let Rodgers carry them back to the round of eight again.  It’ll take more than a mild improvement to get to the NFC title game, or beyond.  The Packers could be poised to do just that, and they’ll get a chance to show where they are when traveling to Seattle for the first game of the regular season.

116 responses to “Preseason Power Rankings No. 5: Green Bay Packers

  1. “Maybe that’s why recent remarks from Rodgers that easily could have been interpreted as a slap at the front office and/or the locker room didn’t ruffle many feathers.”

    ohh no, the humanity! I would be interested to hear what the same people who 8 years later still crucify Favre for wanting the best WR in the league at the time (Randy Moss) on his team and pressuring the front office think about Rodgers doing the same thing with his passive aggressive statements towards Ted Thompson?

  2. A mere 22 spots higher than the Super Winning, 12 year Dynasty, perennial best draft having, greatest NFL team from May-Sept. Minnesota Vikings. Cue the jealously posts filled with misinformation and spelling errors from the west.

  3. #5 sounds about right.

    Packers have a lot to prove this season.

    The talent is there.

    No time for overconfidence.

    Time, rather, for hard work.

  4. “The biggest free-agency defection occurred when safety M.D. Jennings left for the Bears. Rookie Clinton-Dix will be expected to fill the void right away, if he can.”


    M.D. Jennings wasn’t going to be re-signed no matter what happened. I’ll be surprised if he makes Chicago’s final roster.

  5. These are the REAL power rankings.

    1. Seahawks- Unbeatable at home, with the best defense since the 2000 ravens. Say what you want, but Sherman’s a beast, and the best player on that team, which is filled with stars.
    2. Saints- The offense won’t miss a beat. They’ll have the best d they’ve ever had.
    3. 49ers- The d will take a step back, but kaepernick now has all of his targets back. He’ll bounce back big this year. I’d say 4000 yds passing 1000 rushing. He’ll be the league MVP.
    4. Patriots- Best roster since 07, they’ll easily get the bye, with gronkowski back healthy, and with revis island and browner in the secondary, they will have a good defense too.
    5. Ravens- the oline is MUCH improved from a year ago, the rbs are healthy, Steve smith won’t be great, but as long as he can get open on third down they’re good. They also added two instant starters to their front 7. Jimmy smith and webb could be the best cb duo in the league.
    6. Packers- The D is still garbage, but they probably will have the best offense in the league, Eddie lacy is good for 90 a game, which is all they need, and rodgers is the best quarterback in football with some very dangerous wideouts.
    7. Colts- They’ll go 6-0 no problem in the division. With a schedule so easy, it wouldn’t surprise me if they got the 1 seed.
    8. Broncos- Demarcus and aqib will be injured by week 3, peyton manning will put up great numbers as usual before choking in the divisional round. The roster is old and washed up, and no one is scared of them after watching Seattle dominate them.
    9. Bengals- If they had an average qb, they’d be in the top 5, but since they don’t they’re number 9.
    10. Eagles – They won’t miss desean as much as you think, they still have a top 2 rb in the game, jordan Matthews is an OROY candidate because of how good Foles and Chip Kelly are at fitting people in that system. The eagles are as dangerous as anyone in the nfc. They’ll be the first team in the east to be repeat champs in some time.
    11. Chargers- The most balanced offense in the nfl, with Phillip rivers finally getting sometime to throw, and ryan Matthews and danny wood head finally getting involved, they should be able to at least grab a wc, maybe even take the division from the donkeys.
    12. Rams- Defense can still win championships, and they undoubtably have the best pass rush in the nfl at this point, and probably the best front 7 too, however their offense is still awful, unless they can find a way to give Tavon Austin the ball.
    13. Cardinals – Would have been top 10 had Washington not been suspended and Dansby not left, however they now go from being a formidable d, with a pretty good offense (They will improve) to an average defense with a good offense.
    14. Buccaneers – the defense instantly becomes better with Lovie, as his defenses always know how to force turnovers. The offense has good skill position players, but the oline is completely new, just like lovies days in chicago, they’ll still compete for the wild card.
    15. Chiefs – Hali and houston are both healthy and they are one of the best pass rush combos in the nfl and Jamaal Charles is unstoppable. Problem is alex smith will hold them back because all he does is check down over and over again. They’re like Cincinnati, except with less talent.
    16. Panthers- the secondary is terrible, the oline won’t be that much better, and the wide recievers are the worst in the league. They had the best front 7 in the nfl, but hardys gonna be suspended, they’ll go 8-8.
    17. Falcons- they have one of the best wide recieving corps in the nfl, Matt ryan and mike smith know how to win games in the regular season. They’re d will be a little better next year and the offense will bounce back as well. They could be 8-8.
    18. Bears – they have the best skill players in the nfl on offense combined with the most average qb in the nfl and a historically awful defense.
    19. Giants- Eli is past his prime, the oline is almost as bad as the dolphins, and they have no running game, though the defense and wide outs are pretty good.
    20. Dolphins- the oline got better but is still awful, Mike Wallace is still overpaid and the defense is still below average. Tannehill is pretty good but he has no help.
    21. Raiders- they improved at every single position, and since the afc isn’t very good they could push for a wc. They could finish above the chiefs, who were a fluke.
    22. Lions – Again they have amazing talent, especially on both lines, and the skill positions, however a bad qb, coach and idiotic plays are going to hold them back.
    23. Steelers – the depth is nonexistent at olb, cb, s, and dline, so pretty much this is going to be the worst defense in years for Pittsburgh. Which means bens 17-20 points of offense won’t get it done, 8-8 at the very best.
    24. Jets – if geno is qb, 5-11, if it’s Vick, 10-6.
    25. Cowboys – the offense will be top five and the d will force turnovers, however that same d will be the worst in nfl history. They might go something other than 8-8, like 5-11, maybe 6-10.
    26. Bills – the dline is solid with williams and dareus, and Mario williams. Sammy Watkins could become the next calvin johnson, and they have two solid rbs. However Alonso’s loss is killer to an already crappy run defense, the oline still has many holes, and to couple with that, EJ Manuel is awful. Just another season in the basement for the Bills.
    27. Vikings- Front 7 is solid, and they have a bunch of very solid young players, still though the qbs aren’t proven, and the secondary is pure garbage.
    28. Redskins- Rg3 will be better, and morris is still a stud, but the oline sucks and the d is the worst in the nfl besides dallas. Plus Desean Jackson will cry all season long, and it’ll be like the dream team eagles. 4-12.
    29. Titans- The team lost two of it’s best players in Verner and Johnson. There was an article on here that said the titans play football like it’s the 20th century and that is very accurate. Outside of Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter This team has very little talent, and Jake Locker isn’t making anyone look better.
    30. Browns – The oline is nonexistent, so the run game will struggle, they have no decent wide receivers, which mean Johnny (who could become the next Brett Favre) will be without much help. They do have a very solid defense though.
    31. Texans – They have a beastly pass rush, but outside of that they have a bad qb, a bad oline, one goo but aging wide out, an rb coming off an injury, a bad secondary, an average lb corps, and a bad hc, they probably will get the #1 pick again next year.
    32. Jaguars- Even though there are some improvements, still by far the worst roster in football.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, your 5th best team in the NFL is a crew that barely managed a .500 record and only made the playoffs because not one, but two of their division rivals both crapped the bed in the last two weeks of the season.

    I realize the Pack were without Rodgers for a few games last season but still, this is too much green-and-gold Koolaid for anyone to swallow.

  7. With HaHa, Peppers, good health from Mathews, Hayward, and the development of a lot of young players from the past few drafts, this will be a surprisingly good defense. Not top notch, but take them if you don’t have a fantasy D you like on the board.

  8. Top 5 offense and defense – 6th, because, uh, well, the defense has to regress, doesn’t it, uh…

    Aaron Rodgers and garbage D – 5th, because Aaron Rodgers is the Aaron Rodgersest player who ever Aaron Rodgersed

  9. The ranking is fine. get over it Viqueen fans. Rodgers and Company won the division (or should I say accepted it), from the other teams that couldn’t produce to save their lives. Rodgers missed half the season, the offense had to play one dimensional (run), and the defense was porous and yet we still held off the other three teams. If the Packers are terrible, what does that say for the Lions, Vikings and Bears???????

    I expect improvement on all three areas this year from the Packers. Given the fact that the NFCW is going to be a battle, the Packers could win a first round bye. I look forward to seeing how GB plays at Seattle. At the least, a good measurement as to whether the defense has anything?

  10. The team is healthy, improving, and they got the talent to improve on D. They have the best stadium and fans around too!

    Got a great feeling about this year!

  11. With a healthy Rodgers, the division runs through green bay. Anybody thinking else is kidding themselves, beyond that though there’s not a lot to like other than the rookie safety, eddie lacy and clay matthews. I don’t think one guy makes the team the #5 in the league and probably won’t deliver their third legitimate championship in the last 47 years.

  12. Is there 5 teams in the NFC North? Then maybe they are number 5 in the NFC north. Not number 5 in the NFL. Must be because Lacy is the best RB in the NFL, and A.J Hawk is the best LB in the league. Right Green Bay fans??

  13. Having GB ranked so high is hard to fathom with that defense and Oline. Yeah having one of the best QB’s is a perk but the D giving up 27pts/game isn’t conducive to winning games. Their best player on D is Clay Matthews and the only reason he looks so good is because that’s how horrible the remaining 10 guys on D are. Cobb should continue getting better and so should Lacy but nothing on the team resembles a TE even if Finley does comeback. It’s not like he was great before the injury. This TEAM is not ranked in the top 10. The QB definitely is but you can’t rank a team based off of one person. If you do that you give Vikings fans to think their team is #1 because of AP and we all know that’s not the truth. Put GB where they belong around #11.

  14. Wow, not a lot of happy thoughts expressed here beyond the analyst’s painfully obvious, albeit understandable, mancrush on Aaron Rodgers. The piece didn’t mention good coaching, which the Pack also has in abundance. Still… with so many question marks and concerns, there has to be a little bit of uneasiness in Green Bay. Always a good game when they play my Saints!

  15. 49ers fan here who thinks if you are in the top 5 or 10, you have a legit chance to win the SB. So what is the point about quibbling? Packers with Rodgers always seem dangerous. Niners have had their number lately but if they can improve a bit on defense then they could potentially get home field advantage, especially with how tough the NFC west is. That could set up an NFC championship game in GB which would significantly help them. If they got through that, SB should be very winnable given the state of the AFC.

  16. 5 is a joke. Because of one guy? Then the Vikings should be 5 also, if that is the criteria. And it is not Green and Gold. It is green and yellow. Yellow. If you want to see actual gold color in uniforms, I refer you the the Niners, Rams or Vikings.

  17. NE is not stronger than GB or the Saints. Time to shuffle your cards on these rankings.

  18. Don’t see how they can be ranked this high, too many injury concerns at WR & QB, along with an average at best defense. Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos, Patriots, Saints, Colts, Panthers are all better. If the Cardinals made the playoffs last year does anyone think the Cards would have lost to the Pack in the playoffs? I know it’s hard Packer fans, but look in the mirror and honestly say to yourself that the Packers would have beat the Cardinals in the postseason, or any of the teams listed above.

  19. The packers will be lucky to win 9 games this year as they failed to fix their terrible defense. They have proven that counting on Rodgers to win the division and any game in the playoffs is a rotten strategy. The bears, Vikings and lions all got better while they regressed so they probably won’t even win the division.

  20. No defense
    Crappy O-line
    Unproven rookie receivers

    Ranked no.5?


  21. Bears fan here- Until Green Bay is dethroned in the North they are champs. Don’t get me wrong I dislike the Packers but I also have a ton of respect for their organization and Aaron Rodgers. Bears/Pack is the most respectable rivalry in sports. In 2013 the rivalry got competitive again and I hope it remains competitive. I think it will as I believe the Bears roster is ever bit as good as anybody’s in the North heading into 2014.

    Are the Packers top five? In my opinion, right now, yes they are. Rodgers is that good. However, I do believe times are about to change in the North. The Lions have a ton of talent and I honestly believe the Vikes are simply a QB away from being really good.

  22. With Rodgers missing all that time, the Packers were still ranked 8th in scoring last year (for Vikings fans that can’t do math that’s still in the top 1/4 of the league). They were also missing Finley, Cobb, Jones, Harris (who was suppose to be the starting RB), Bulaga…the list goes on. If the team is relatively healthy they are going to put a beating on the majority of teams. Yes, the defense will have to step up for them to get pass the likes of the Seahawks and Niners, but for the mouth breathers who can’t believe they’re ranked this high, come back when the Packers hang a 35 on your pathetic team.

    The Packers and the Saints are very similar: run into them on the wrong day at the wrong stadium and they’ll hang 48 on a team without a second thought.

  23. Haters will hate but this team is a top 5 team according to Vegas as well. Two years ago the offensive line needed to be addressed and now it has been. They will have good depth and a unit that looked good no matter who ran the ball last year. The defense has been addressed recently and you will see improvement. The secondary will now be a strength and Peppers will help a team that wasn’t too bad at sacking the QB even thought Matthews and others were injured. The D-line is younger and more athletic. Barring a major injury to Rodgers the North is still the Packers to lose and they can compete with anyone.

  24. If you think the Viking trolls suffered the indignity of being ranked #27, imagine the butt hurt put on them when the Packers are ranked #5?

    Yet the predictions of a season sweep continues from the fans of the (Spring) Superbowl champs.

  25. “If you got a ton of haters, you’re doing something right.”
    -Plato or Kat Williams

  26. LOL @ all the “Packers only have Rodgers” comments. This team is loaded with depth and talent at almost every position. You know damn well if all their players were cut tomorrow, the rest of the league (especially the Vikings) would be fighting each other trying to sign all of them.

  27. therealstrategist says: Jul 20, 2014 3:21 PM

    These are the REAL power rankings.

    1. Seahawks- Unbeatable at home…
    The Packers are one of only 2 teams in the last 2 years to beat Seattle at Century Link, but neither the Seahawks nor their ignorant fan base will ever accept that. Seattle didn’t beat us, the refs did.

  28. @therealstrategist – You are right on. I think Saints will win it all only because its so difficult to repeat. Seattle should be even better than last year and Saints will be hitting on all cylinders with its best D since Dome Patrol days (won’t be the best Saints D ever, not even close, but a great D nonetheless) and one of the best Os of all time. But while Seattle will have the best D in the league and a better O than last year, Seattle has harder schedule than Saints, doesn’t get Saints at home in regular season, and its just hard to repeat. So I think its just the Saints year. But Seattle will win another superbowl in next few years.

  29. If Packers had top 5 or even just top 10 defense, they would be in business.

  30. I am far from a Packers fan. But if I’m going to the SB, and my guy is unable to play for whatever reason, I would take Rodgers on my team in a heartbeat…over Manning in a nanosecond. He is absolutely elite, you can’t do much better than him in the big game. Sheesh, you Packer’s fans get as many jealous troll posts as NE does.

  31. How they came to figure that the Packers were better than the Saints is beyond me. Guess well see soon enough.

  32. #5 for the Packers is too high.

    Rodgers may be arguably the best QB in the league, but the offensive line will be worse with Evans-Dietrich gone, and the receivers will be worse with Finley and Jones gone.

    Defensively, there are a lot of expectations that:

    1) Peppers at age 34 will suddenly return to his 20-something form.
    2) Clinton-Dix will be an all-pro rookie.

    Neither is going to happen. Meantime, there remains a lot of deadwood up-front and at LB in the Packers lineup, and the secondary is not particularly fearsome in any respect- average maybe.

    I could see ranking the Packers #12 on the back of Rodgers, but the rest of the team is mediocre at best.

  33. The Packers won the north with and were missing a multitude of starters- including their QB. That actually points to the strength of their backups. So- are they really #10-15 if their backups are playing like last year? Sure. Now put the starters back in. #5 easy. I’d say higher, but the 4 above them are damn good.

    Improved defense, improved safety play, improved WR corp (see NFL draft), and best NFL QB back. In which areas have they regressed?

    Gonna be a fun season. They will get beat the first game. Everyone will turn their heads away saying same ol same ol- and they will sneak into a bye as the West beat each other up. NFC Championship at Lambeau in 2015. Don’t believe me? Look at the schedules…

  34. Dietrich-Smth was not great last year. Not an elite center, and definitely replaceable.

    Peppers will be 1 on 1 pretty much all season, this will change things. They certainlly won’t leave CM3 1 on 1. If you don’t think Pepper’s at even 34, can’t beat anyone 1 on 1 50% of the time you are nuts.

    Clinton-Dix only needs to be servicable to be an upgrade, and with Burnett at SS.

    Believe it or not they have a great O-Line. Bulaga, Bahktari, and Sitton have all proven to be probowl quality. Freak injuries have ended every chance for them to play together.

    Great QB
    Great RB
    Good/Great WR

    Offense will get you to the big game every time, defense just wins it.

  35. Yes, one person makes the difference. This is a QB driven league. If you have that much right, you have 50% of the puzzle figured out. If you have the best QB in the game, you have 50%+.

    Every team has holes. So if you’re going to pick out a couple holes and are critical of the Packers being at #5, show me a team that should be higher with the caliber QB as Rogers AND fewer holes? #5 is very fair, and I might even split #5 with New Orleans. Seattle is stacked right now, Denver has Peyton, NE has Brady and plays in a weak division that they’ve owned for a decade, and the Niners are a deep team that have GB’s number right now.

    The only thing holding this team back from being higher are injuries.

  36. Gotta love the Vikings trolls. The Packers are apparently a one-man team. And they’re apparently the worst team ever without that one-man.

    Yet without that one-man for half a season (and without many other injured starters), the Vikings still couldn’t beat them, and no one in the division could stop them from making the playoffs

    So if the Packers are absolutely awful without Rodgers……what does that make the Vikings?

    Oh, that’s right. The worst team in the NFC, with the worst starting QB in the NFL.

    53 years of failure and counting.


  37. 11-5 and another division win since their rivals couldn’t even do it with Rodgers hurt.

    Now defense is the key, in a QB-driven league, an elite QB can easily make you a SB contender, but unless they want Kaepernick running over them again, they must build some strenght at the unit to go further than the divisional round.

    Clinton-Dix was my favorite safety coming in the draft but he needs some working at tackling (misses too many), if he booms, they have two playmakes on the secondary, Peppers is washed up, he won’t turn into a top DE again just because he isn’t in Chicago anymore.

    I hope the top 4 is SEA, SF, DEN and NE at this order.

  38. Some pretty funny stuff to read in here. The Viking trolls are always worth a giggle or three. Should be another fun run in a long line of years being a Packer fan. Two losing years since 91′ is a pretty remarkable run. Smart talk is cheap, put your money were your pie hole is if you want to bet against GB being in the money at the end of the season. An injury free year for the Packers would be doom for many teams in the NFL

  39. Interesting how its mostly Vikings fans who are talking crap.
    Detroit fans are hanging on the fact that they swept the Bears last season and somehow that means that they will for the rest of time too, so they have no time for the Packers. But I don’t blame them for dearly clinging on to the one thing that worked out for them a year ago.

    Bears fans are playing the wait and see game. They only missed the playoffs because Aaron Rodgers knows that Chris Conte is perhaps the worst starting defensive back in the league. They also know that Julius Peppers wouldn’t have broke the poverty line if his pay was based on effort, or even pretending to try. Instead he makes mad stacks that aren’t effort based at all. So why give 100% when 7% makes you the same amount of money?

  40. All the bravo on these post. Any team ranked in the top 10 has a chance to win the SB. Its a game of inches. You have to have a team that’s good enough to get within inches to win it all.
    1 or 2 inches is the difference between winning & losing. be it SF @ Seattle, SF @ GB, GB @ Seattle. You need a QB that can get you there & any number of players that react fast enough to make up that 1 or 2 inches.

  41. No team with a defense that bad is a top 10 team. I give due credit to Rogers. He is not the problem with GB.

  42. It must be painful to be a Viking fan. They have a team built to be fast on artificial turf. But still can’t win. Now they are going to be plodding around on real grass for 2 yrs. They will be 2 steps behind every play instead of 1. Then about the time AP is done, they go back to artificial turf. They will need another 2 years for the next few years high draft choices to come around. Because with AP they will be middle of the road in draft picks. Not like SF that was so bad for so long they are loaded with high draft picks.

  43. Drew Brees and company will destroy the Packers on a national stage October 26…mark it down!

  44. As for the bears. That offense does worry me being a Packer fan. Except for Jay Gutless. He can’t stay with the game plan. If the defense can’t hold a lead, he reverts back to sandlot plays . Throw it up for Marshall. It will win some games. But when they have to play with the big boys he knows to just take a knee, theres always next year.

  45. My favorite posters are the Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers fans who come into EVERY article to try and rundown the defending AFC Champion Broncos, even when the article’s not about Denver. Keep crying, haters… your tears are delicious.

  46. Goodall still has it out for the Aints & will not let them win for a few more years. He ha a highlight meeting with the ref’s before every Aints game to show how to call the game.

  47. No Rodgers
    No Cobb
    No Matthews
    No Finley
    No veteran Left Tackle

    and yet they still win the division

    See you in September chumps

  48. I’m praying that Julius Peppers decides he really, really wants to play in the next couple of SuperBowls. Age won’t hold him back. Reggie White was 35 when the Pack won SuperBowl XXXI and Reggie was named Defensive Player of the Year two seasons after that.

    Reggie decided he was finally going to get to play in SuperBowls when he came to Green Bay. I don’t think the Pack offers Julius a nice contract unless they were fully convinced that Julius also has that fire.

    Now, I think the plan in Green Bay is to get another 2 -4 sacks per game, one with a QB fumble (because you can’t double team both Clay and Julius) and another interception each game with better safety play from Clinton-Dix. That’s maybe +/- three more defensive stops …… maybe twice as many defensive stops as Green Bay fans have become accustomed to seeing in a game.

    OK …… so that gets the offense on the field three more times than we’re used to … maybe with field position too. Yikes.

    Let’s see how this math works out: about 3 less scoring drives for the competition and about 3 more scoring drives for the Pack. Even if you go heavy on field goals vs. TD’s that’s a 26 point swing. Is that enough to beat Seattle in week 1 and set the tone for the year? Yeah, I think so. It’s conceivable.

    Then for the balance of the season, only the Saints and the Pats are major obstacles to an undefeated season. Even if we lose both of those, it’s a 14-2 record and all the playoff games are in Green Bay (under next winter’s polar vortex).

    Go Packers !!!

  49. I’d say the Packers should be 4, behind the broncos, niners, and Seahawks.

    But then again, I don’t really care that much about power rankings.

    Packers/Patriots Super Bowl this year.

  50. Packer fans are very deserving of such high honors for their team.

    The Green Bay Packers.

    Better football for better people.

  51. It is just killing the empty trophy casers (Vikequeens)fans. They aren’t very bright, they don’t know football, and they talk smack like they won the last three Super Bowl games. Look at their posts, all running down the defense. That was LAST years defense, missing a lot of talent because of injury. It has been replenished, upgraded, and it is going to throttle your pathetic Vikequeens. I think the Bears and Lions are going to be hard to beat, but over the course of a season I will go with the proven over the pretenders. Rodgers is the best QB in the game, and his offense is loaded.

  52. The Packers wouldn’t even make the playoffs in the NFC West or South, and I don’t think anyone would be shocked if they don’t make the playoffs from the North if the Lions stop being head cases and/or the Bears decide to field a real defense this year. #5 is too hight.

  53. @packerfanfordecades
    Peppers hasn’t commanded a double team in about a year and a half, the Bears had no opposite pass rusher (becuase losing both tacklets, forced them to bump down a DE to DT) and teams still didn’t need to double Peppers.

  54. @pak1forgb
    The Packers won the division because the Lions are head cases and the Bears played 12 out of 16 games missing 4 or more starting defensive players (2 of them both starting DT, at least 1 LB, and in 10 of 16 games 2 the other, their starting #1 corner, and starting nikcle back AND the 3rd string DT and that was just on defense… they also were without their starting corner, and before you talk about McCown.. he lost to two last place teams, he played mistake free football which was great but he didn’t put up points and lost games) The Packers won the division but you can’t say they had a couple injuries and make that like they were overcoming something that other teams didn’t (other than the Lions.. the Lions are just idiots who should have won last year)

  55. To the point about team colors –
    How is GB Green and Gold?

    Cheese is YELLOW. Y-E-L-L-O-W.

    Niners, Saints and Rams utilize GOLD.

    I’ve even seen references made to the DC ‘Skins as burgandy and gold.

    No, it’s YELLOW.

  56. jdubs82 says:
    Jul 20, 2014 10:26 PM
    The Packers won the division because the Lions are head cases and the Bears played 12 out of 16 games missing 4 or more starting defensive players (2 of them both starting DT, at least 1 LB, and in 10 of 16 games 2 the other, their starting #1 corner, and starting nikcle back AND the 3rd string DT and that was just on defense… they also were without their starting corner, and before you talk about McCown.. he lost to two last place teams, he played mistake free football which was great but he didn’t put up points and lost games) The Packers won the division but you can’t say they had a couple injuries and make that like they were overcoming something that other teams didn’t (other than the Lions.. the Lions are just idiots who should have won last year)


    Packers were missing:
    Rodgers 7 games
    J Harris 16 games- projected #1 RB
    Cobb 10 games
    Finley 10 games
    Bulaga 16 games- projected #1 LT

    Defensively without getting further into it since Mathews is their big star- and missed 4-5 games.

    Others missed alot of time too- Perry, Burnett, B Jones, Heyward missed just about the whole season (was up for DROY in 2012), and a slew of others missed quite a bit of time.

    Tell me what other teams were missing their #1 QB, #1 TE, #2 WR and projected #1 RB, LT for half or more of the season and won games? Much less their best rusher (Mathews) and arguably the best pass defender (Heyward) missed good chunks as well.

  57. “The biggest free-agency defection occurred when safety M.D. Jennings left for the Bears. Rookie Clinton-Dix will be expected to fill the void right away, if he can.”

    Oh my that wasn’t a defection. They just plain needed at upgrade so they didn’t tender him. It was an upgrade to GB to have M.D. go to CHI (though he did make the play that beat SEA, except for the bad call).

    Micah Hyde got all the starters reps as the other starting safety, so you got that wrong, too. The rookie isn’t expected to fill the void right away.

  58. Mark my words, GB will start the year by beating Seattle and finish it by beating Denver in the SB.

  59. Green Bay’s Defense and Oline are going to surprise some people if they can stay healthy. Their main problem was injury, not lack of talent.

  60. Rodgers’ career is being ruined like Manning’s was when he was with Indy and they had such a garbage defense. Hopefully their D will be halfway decent this season and they can make a serious playoff run.

  61. therealstrategist says:Jul 20, 2014 3:21 PM

    18. Bears – they have the best skill players in the nfl on offense combined with the most average qb in the nfl and a historically awful defense.

    Have you been living under a rock? Last year was the first year that I can remember in my lifetime that the Bears have had such a bad defense. Historically they have had very good, if not great defenses. That has always been their bread and butter! How can you say that they have had a “historically” awful defense. Oh and they are far better than #18.

  62. It took me a while to figure out the purpose/rubric for these power rankings; it’s like college football rankings. It’s not how good the team is, it’s how easy a run they have and GB has nothing in their division to stop them from getting to the playoffs, that much has been proven, but when they get there it’s like Oklahoma or Ohio State in the championship game; out manned and brutalized.

  63. Getting Bulaga back and another year under Bahktiari’s belt should spell improvement for the o-line. If Peppers has anything left and Clinton-Dix can step in and be decent (hard to imagine him being worse than MD Jennings), the defense should to be better, too. But having an elite QB pulling the trigger, even with marginal talent, can make the difference. Rodgers is awesome and GB’s talent is much better than marginal. Either way, the preseason rankings mean nothing. If everyone stays relatively healthy, GB, NO, SF and SEA are each scary in their own right and a game involving any two of them will be worth watching. Can’t wait for the season!!!

  64. So the one tie was against the lowly Vikings who are #27, so clearly without Rogers this is a bottom feeder. What are the odds Rogers stays upright the entire year? About 0% given the OL he plays with. Optimistically I’d put GB at about #12.

  65. Yeesh…little jealous Vikings fans? I guess one playoff win in 10 years will do that to you. What do you call a Viking that’s won a Super Bowl?…A former Packer. What a shame to see Adrian Peterson wasted like this.

  66. I am amazed that anyone thinks the Packers have a bad offensive line.

    They averaged 123yds rushing a game while Rodgers was hurt.

    And that’s with Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzein, and Matt Flynn generally waiting around in the pocket with no idea where to throw the ball.

    And they still finished with the 3rd most yards in the league. You can do that with a bad offensive line? I don’t think so.

  67. You can’t really believe the Vikes are THAT bad of a team…right? Any one of you internet coaches could’ve done a better job than the staff we had last year. We played musical chairs with 3 qbs like it was a MLB staff, played a safe tampa 2 zone at the end of every game that didn’t actually cover a receiver, and had a pee wee football offensive game plan that anybody sitting at home on their couch knew what play was coming. But based on pure talent alone, we were able to grind out 5 wins and were a few bad 2 minute drill defensive calls away from being a 9 win team. I’m not going to sit and knock the Packers just based on the fact I hate them as our rival, but some of your views on our vikes are plain ridiculous. We will surprise some people this year.

  68. I agree that the Vikes will improve this year. How much will be based on settling into the new system and a new QB. Your last coaching staff was a joke. They reminded me of the days when the Packers coaching staff were good enough to look competitive but nothing more (circa 1970’s and 1980’s).

    Chicago is a dangerous team. The Lions and Vikings are at least one year away due to the new coaching systems.

  69. Aaron Rodgers may indeed be one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but he has had good receivers to throw the ball to. His numbers can slip if Jordy Nelson and/or Randall Cobb were to leave as free agents. Jermichael Finley’s absence will also hurt. Nevertheless, as a 9er fan, I hope that are good enough to beat the Seahawks in the season opener. LOL. I may even forgive Clay Matthews for trying to hit Kap in the head if he can sack Russell Wilson multiple times in the game.

  70. Personally, I like where the Pack is ranked. They “shall be refined as if by fire”. With a prolific offense of biblical proportions, and a defense that can hold the fort, one of the great coaches in the league and one of the best, if not the best GMs in the NFL, THE PACK IS BACK! Above all, ladies and gentlemen, let the trash talk begin. Are you ready for some football? GO PACK!

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