Rex on Patriots: “They need to worry about us”

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Rex Ryan really is back.  And while he has yet to talk about not kissing Bill Belichick’s rings or guaranteeing that Rex will be wearing one of his own, Ryan has found a way to get back to being the guy he was early in his career as a head coach.

During a June interview with Brian Costello of the New York Post that was published Saturday night, Ryan made it clear that:  (1) the Jets aren’t worried about the Patriots; and (2) the Patriots should worry about the Jets.

“Somebody asked me if we focus on New England. Bullsh-t,” Ryan said.  “We’re focused on us.  We’re focused on us and how are we going to be better.  I have to be honest, I don’t worry about them.  They need to worry about us.  I think that’s really where we’re at now.”

I’m a little worried Rex hasn’t looked at the standings from the 2013 season.  Or 2012.  Or 2011.  Each year, the Patriots won the AFC East.  The Jets didn’t.

And while a strong argument can be made that the Jets are moving in the right direction, the Jets have a long way to go to catch New England.

Ryan knows, regardless of whether the Jets catch the Patriots, that the Jets need to do more than finish at .500.

“8-8 is not going to be good enough for us, for anybody in this organization,” Ryan said. “Am I going to get fired if we’re 8-8 or whatever?  I don’t know.  But I can tell you one thing — our goals are set a hell of a lot higher than that.  I don’t care where they rank us or whatever.  I know what we’ve got.  That’s why I just can’t wait.  I can’t wait to get to prove it.  Not by me.  I’m going to prove it.  I am going to prove it.  But so is my team.  That’s the mission that we have.”

Last year, Ryan’s mission seemed to include saying a little as possible and, when doing so, to not be like the guy he previously was.  Maybe he’s more comfortable in his second year of working with G.M. John Idzik.  Maybe Rex believes that, if he’d been a little louder last year, the team would have finished better than 8-8.  Or maybe Rex just could no longer suppress his nature.

If the last explanation is the right one, good for Rex.  Life is hard enough without trying to be someone other than who a guy really is.  For 2014, it looks and sounds like Rex is going to be Rex again — for better, worse, or otherwise.

133 responses to “Rex on Patriots: “They need to worry about us”

  1. I like the attitude and the confidence, now he just needs to prove he has the goods. If he does then everybody else is in trouble. If not, then hopefully the Jets are smart enough to figure out exactly where he was coming up short so they can adjust to fit that kind of a vision in the future.

  2. Both these statements are wrong.

    Every team in the NFL should be worried about the Minnesota Vikings.

    Who will win a Super Bowl this year.

    And dominate our inferiors.

    To take what’s rightfully ours.


  3. Pats worry about every team they play & that’s why they prepare so hard & gameplan for each opponent on a weekly basis & take nothing for granted…it’s called a winning mentality & culture so to be the best they can be week in & week out

  4. This bafoon has had a hard on for the Pats from the rip. Shut up Rex. Win something.

  5. Buddy Ryan was a great NFL assistant.. Maybe the best EVER …perhaps Rex should look at his legacy… Because if it wasn’t for Pop, no way you would be a HC. I love Recs bravado,if only he could sniff the old mans accomplishments… He was paid well during his tenure,and the old man set his boys up well… Recs failings make me appreciate his father even more. Buddy Ryan…. A legend

  6. You kidding me? Long way to reach patcheaters? There no way jets gonna catch up on pat cheating ways.. However, jets have better edge than pats this year.. Better Wr, te, and rbs. Yes Gonk is beast but always hurts.. Jets have way better team def, while pats only have bit better cbs… But mevis isn’t the same dude after he torn his acl…

    Overall this year, jets gonna own the division, and ofc, patcheaters ALWAYS win home despite their spygate still runs at home.

  7. Here’s a surprise – Rex is running his mouth like his daddy and brother. Yet, nothing productive is coming out….AGAIN

  8. Bill Belichick is quaking in his boots at the thought of facing Geno Smith. While Rex’s best chance is if the Patriots are overconfident.
    Tom Brady just needs to win another Super Bowl to be recognized as the greatest QB of all time. It is his destiny and he’s even doing it with just Amendola, LaFell, Dobson and Boyce as his receivers.

  9. Bill Belichick – Says little, wins consistently.

    Rex Ryan – Runs mouth constantly, wins little.

    Which method seems to be more effective?

  10. Bill has been drafting defense for the last 3 years, and now has arguably the best corners in the nfl. Rex, Geno isn’t putting up multiple touch downs on them

  11. I’ve already been convinced the 2nd wildcard spot will be to NYJ, BUF, or CIN. Sorry, but I see NE still taking the division this year, but they are not what they were, and in about 2-3 years when Brady leaves, it will be a big dropoff. I think the Jets will give all a run for their money this year.

  12. After being the Head Coach during the most memorable moment in NY Jets history as voted by their fans ” The Buttfumble” he has more things to worry about than the Patriots.

    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason

  13. Most successful coaches, keep their mouths shut and produce WINS on the field. Buffoons just keep blabbering and produce nothing.

  14. No one but NE will make the playoffs out of that division. The Jets will finish last, and Rex will be somebody’s DC next year.

  15. Jets fans have to understand. This is why no one can stand the Jets! All they do is yap they act like they won 4 straight Superbowl’s!! This is why everyone laughs when they fall. I have a feeling with a subpar O-line and Vick or Geno starting.. There will be a lot of laughs this season.

  16. .
    Rex, this isn’t like Texas Hold ’em. Everybody can see all your cards. They know all you’ve got is a pair of fours.

  17. Rex knows that this is the end of a rather mediocre HCing career. I respect that he’s chosen to go out on his own terms, He’s an self promoting Ahole and he’s not ashamed to let everyone know it.

    He’s been a source of great entertainment for Patriots fans. We will miss him when he’s gone,

  18. Rex is a clown and the patriots cheat
    Pats – zero SB since Spygate
    Jets- Clowns of the NFL since Rex was hired
    Vikes- caught cheating zero times and used Brett Farve to almost win a SB!!

  19. The Bills, Browns, and Jaguars will be better than the Jets. Vikings….not so much.

    Who would you choose to be your QB, Geno Smith or Teddy Bilgewater????

  20. When will all you Rex haters GET IT?! No one will believe in you, unless you believe in yourself. This is how helps make the team believe in ITSELF by putting himself out there displaying his confidence IN THEM and putting himself in a position to be ridiculed. Do you think he honestly gives two you know whats about what trolls on ProFootballTalk and national media says about him? Not one iota.

    Just because you have confidence in your players and just because the team has confidence in itself doesn’t guarantee success, but without them there is guaranteed failure. Early on he guaranteed Super Bowls and he has realized you can’t make guarantees but you still have to make public your belief in the strongest way possible. What coach doesn’t say “Well, I think we’ll do well this year”? To really be out there you have to make statements that are pushing the line between confidence and bravado. That’s when people pay attention to what you say. Does it really matter, does it REALLY MATTER in the outcome on the field in how the other teams play against them? No, so what harm does it do if he tries to help rally his team and its fans?

  21. For goodness sake Rex shut up. Why do you have to keep bragging, it’s ridiculous and no one except the Jets care, they really don’t. Let’s see what happens when the season begins.

  22. This guy really likes to talk about the Patriots. I think he says more about the Patriots than Belichick. Is he trying to convince all of us the Jets are that good, the players, or himself?

    He sounds a bit like Stuart Smalley: “This year, we are going to beat the Patriots, because we’re good enough, and I’m smart enough, and Doggone it! People like the JETS!”

  23. Oh Rex, I think it’s so adorable how you make these preposterous claims of winning the Super Bowl, the Patriots need to be scared of you…hell, even your team finishing at 8-8 is hilarious.

    Your team is a joke, and until you do something with that 53 man squad of misfits, you will remain so.

  24. Any team that ‘worries’ about another team, shouldn’t even be in the league. Respecting the teams you face, is a different story entirely. Ryan’s points are always clouded by how he expresses them, which is, generally, why he’s a laughing stock.

    However, he’s always got his D ready for action against the Pats, but fear? No. No team should ever go into a game, fearing (or worrying about) their opponent.

  25. Lol…. Offseason paper champs…. In-season…. Chumps !….J E S T S ….. Jests Jests Jests …

  26. Rex should worry about getting caught by the Bills for God’s sake before he challenges the Patriots. Jeesh, what a doofus.

  27. Rex must be already tired of his current rosters feet so he is going back to his national past-time, running his fat mouth

  28. Wrecks is right.

    Belichck should keep in mind that playing against shoddy competition like the Jets twice a year leave the team vulnerable to tougher teams in the playoffs

  29. on NFL N It showed when Miami was undefeated early in the year with sparano as coach. and Bill was able to take what he said in the locker room which was something along the lines of “the division goes through us”

    why feed them like this? Rex…I can count on 1 finger how many times Bellichek has sat there and started talking about the jets or teams fearing his squad. and the funny part to me is how he separates himself from his team as if him being prepared is going to be the reason.

    sure not lacking confidence

  30. Rex should worry about finishing last in his division……Geno Smith…….. HAHAHAHAHA

  31. No matter what you think about Rex, you can’t deny that the jets win more games when Rex is running his mouth than they do when he is not

  32. After being the Head Coach during the most memorable moment in NY Jets history as voted by their fans ” The Buttfumble” he has more things to worry about than the Patriots.
    I, and I’m guessing other non jet fans, voted for the Buttfumble, I suspect people who are unfortunately afflicted with jetfanitis weren’t the deciding votes there.

  33. Good old Rex….. Open mouth insert Foot…. Both of them. I can’t see the Jets doing any better than 8-8 AGAIN I’m glad he didn’t get fired. Just an other year of fun watching kiss Bill’s Ass as oppose to his rings because he won’t ever get one with the J-E-T-S
    Keep up the good (or not so good) work !

  34. “Life is hard enough without trying to be someone other than who a guy really is.” Well said Mr. Florio…well said

  35. Rexy is like the jealous spinster.

    Bottom line is this…2 division titles, since 1969…thats 45 years w/o doing squat…except chirping.

    Every 2 years, the jets manage a win over NE, on some preposterous call, like last years FG …BS…But, it’s their SuperBowl…Afterwards, season long deflation.

    Never mind the butt fumble…Rexy needs to learn that when he is given privledge to worship feet, he needs to avoid toes w/nail fungus…going to his brain.

  36. Rex is more obsessed with Belichick than I am with my old girlfriend, and she was a lot better looking than Bill.

  37. The only thing the Jets have going for them is one more Super Bowl win than the Vikings…….Skol

  38. Keep answering those questions honestly, Rex. Those of us that have confidence and self belief understand what you’re doing.

  39. Its a 50/50 shot.
    But atleast rex has the ability to kill hype.
    Just look at what happened with the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Overly hyped but soon that came to hault. Then when miami was about to enter the playoffs, rex shut the hype up.
    Rex is good killing streaks.

  40. As a Jet fan and longtime season ticket holder (back to Shea) two suggestions for Rex: 1) win something before you try to sound like your father 2) win something and act classy w/o the usual bluster. The act is very old.

  41. I’m not sure what else the guy is supposed to say other than absolutely nothing, but his attitude and heart are in the right place…and reality is in another.

    I was hoping that he would get fired from the Jets in a messy display of Jets ineptitude and get hired by the Pats to coach their defense. Say what you will, but I’ll take a Rex Ryan defense any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I’d have been real interested what he could do with Revis and Browner in his secondary and all the pieces that BB has been drafting over the last few years.

  42. He just needs to stop talking. He doesn’t know how to speak in a professional manner. Also, his points continue making the Jets look like a classless franchise.

  43. Honestly, he’s right.

    Don’t you folks get the expectations game?

    The Pats are expected to sweep the Jets. Anything less is a problem. For whatever complaints you might have about it, the Jets almost swept the Pats last year.

    The Jets performance is going to be evaluated on more criteria than the Pats, so they can possibly get swept by the Pats without Rex getting fired.

    But, in Boston, where success is measured in Lombardi trophies, any unexpected losses could contribute to them falling short. Out of the three division teams the Pats face, the Jets are the most likely to score upsets. Not saying they will, but they have a better shot than the Fins or Bills currently.

  44. Rex Ryan thinks he’s a Great Coach. 46-40 not sure that’s a great coaching job.

    Coaching a team with a top ten defense and a bottom five offense with no QB.

    Good luck with that.

  45. Rex has to stop obsessing over Belichick. It’s evident in almost everything he says and does, and it has NOT made him a successful HC.

  46. I love the passion he has for the game and his team, I see nothing wrong with it. Glad he’s toned it down a tad from the past but still I appreciate his excitement.

    Also he is a quality coach in my opinion. He was stuck with a lot of crappy players from poor management and still made the most of it. When he had a fairly competent Mark Sanchez, his teams went far. All they need is average QB play to be in the mix.

  47. When the Patriots are polishing their Lombardi Trophy in February and Rex Ryan is looking for work.

    We will look back on this and… well actually we won’t look back on this and care in the least.

  48. If he really wants to get some attention, he should say something like, if they finish 8-8 or worse he will RETIRE. That might get people talking.

  49. The Patriots to worry about the Jets. They always have. They prepare hard and treat them with respect, as the Jets ave beaten the Patriots many times, including last year. They just don’t yammer on about it. Why would they need to do that? It doesn’t change anything that will happen in preparation or on the field.

    The Jets should worry about the other 14 games, because as it has been proven many times since the Jets last won the division in 2002, a split with the Patriots doesn’t mean you can get ahead of them.

  50. khuxford says:
    Jul 20, 2014 5:56 PM
    Honestly, he’s right.

    Don’t you folks get the expectations game?

    The Pats are expected to sweep the Jets. Anything less is a problem. For whatever complaints you might have about it, the Jets almost swept the Pats last year.

    The Jets performance is going to be evaluated on more criteria than the Pats, so they can possibly get swept by the Pats without Rex getting fired.

    But, in Boston, where success is measured in Lombardi trophies, any unexpected losses could contribute to them falling short. Out of the three division teams the Pats face, the Jets are the most likely to score upsets. Not saying they will, but they have a better shot than the Fins or Bills currently.


    The Patriots don’t sweep the Jets that often. They generally lose one or two division games every year. It’s not a shock when the Jets win. The shock would be that the jets sweep the rest of the division and end up with a good record.

    also… Following your logic, the Patriots almost swept the Jets last year too. However, they actually split, so just go with that.

  51. As a Patriots fan it is more fun as a spectator when Rex is being Rex. As much as I hated Rex when he first came to to Jets he provided conflict and after last year with him being essentially castrated by Idzik, it was not as fun.
    Dont get me wrong i hate the Jets, thier team philosophy, fans, and style of play, but adversaries like Rex keeps things interesting.

  52. Expectations (the feeling that the Pats should sweep the Jets every year) versus outcomes (that they split fairly often), Bullcharger.

    Again, I was talking about expectations. You Pats fans expect a sweep every year because you feel (most times accurately) that the Pats are a far superior team.

    As far as being able to switch it up and say the Pats almost swept the Jets…sure. But then they would have been expected to actually do it, so that they almost did is a disappointment.

    On the other hand, the Jets were expected to be one of the worst teams in the NFL last year and managed to finish 8-8. That a .500 team that was projected to be well below that was able to split the series with the Pats and almost sweep is kinda ridiculous.

    Win that second game against the Jets and you have home field against the Broncos. And maybe another SB appearance.

    So, again, the Pats go into every game expected to beat the Jets. Each time they lose, it can have great consequence. The Jets losing a tough mudder in New England kept their season from being even more surprisingly positive. New England losing due to a penalty in a game that shouldn’t have gone to OT cost them much more.

    Translation: there’s more cause for worry by the team that has the most to lose. That’s the Pats. That thorn in their side is the Jets. It is what has made this a worthwhile rivalry, even when the Jets haven’t been in contention.

  53. Keep it up Rexy…whenever the Jets act humbly they do much better than expected (finishing 8-8 in 2-13 when they were predicted to finish 4-12), but whenever Rexy brags they finish poorly (2011, 8-8, 2012, 6-10). I don’t see how Rex and the media even can predict playoffs for Jets when they don’t even know who the QB will be…will Geno start? Will Vick finish?

  54. Poor Rex. It’s not his fault he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. A lovable loser, just like his old man.

  55. Man, he is so annoying! All he does is talk! Win something first Rex, comparing yourself to one of the top (3) best coaching in NFL history! He laughs @ you man!!! Simply just laughs out loud! Says to himself.💬 “this dude just makes me laugh! What a 💩!!(turd)… Oh, and yeah, you will finish bottom (2) in our division!!! 👀 💖 kicking your A💤

  56. NFL teams without a good QB don’t go far.
    Get a QB, Rex, then talk about how good a team you have.

  57. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Same thing year after year from “the mouth”. When will he learn that talk is cheap? Do it on the field and maybe we can talk. The Patriots have won 10 of the last 11 AFC East Championships and the one they lost was to Miami on a tie-breaker. But Rex isn’t worried about them. Good thing because Miami is going to be a tougher opponent for N.E. than the Jets are. Rex should worry about the Dolphins & Bills pushing him into the cellar.

    The Jets? The Mouth’s overall head coaching record is 42-38, but only 22-26 over the past four seasons. Whaaap Whaaaaap…sorry folks. Time to cut bait and get a real head coach!

  58. All that weight loss he loss some brain cells, The Bills are the team on the move…Go Buffalo

  59. Jaygats, he is a good Defensive Coordinator way over his head as a HC.
    The Jets will go nowhere until they get an offense, and Rex won’t bring it.

  60. To Rex:
    1) The Patriots aren’t worried about you.
    2) Bill Belichick is not worried about you.
    3) I can’t think of any team that’s “worried about you”, however….

    4) Jets fans are worried about you though. Very worried.

  61. Hey Vikes fans. You need to GET to a superbowl with Brett Favre before you can “almost win one” with him. Even the 4 superbowls your team were in they didn’t come close to almost winning one. Geez.

  62. I’m a Pats fan who usually sticks up for RR because I agree with the poster above who commented that the way RR says things is often the problem, not what he actually says. This time, I got nothing though. You’re on your own RR. All teams need to worry about themselves, not other teams.

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