Rex: I’m not saying I’m the best of all time, but I’m a great coach


Three straight seasons out of the playoffs has done nothing to diminish Jets coach Rex Ryan’s confidence.

Ryan continues to believe that he’s a great coach — and in his view, that’s not just a belief but a statement of fact.

“Do I think that I’m a great coach? I absolutely know I’m a great coach,” Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “But it’s not just about me. What makes a great coach is the people that surround you, the people that are with you every day. There’s guys that help me be a great coach. My players help me be a great coach.”

Ryan clarified that he’s not claiming he’s Vince Lombardi.

“I’m not saying that I’m the best or whatever . . . or the best of all time,” Ryan said. “I just know that I’m the best that I can be. I know that I’m willing to do the work. I may have limitations. I get that. But nobody’s going to convince me that they’re more passionate about their job than I am . . . and that they’re more passionate about their organization than me.”

Now this great coach needs his team to play like a great team — or at least a good team. If the Jets miss the playoffs for the fourth straight year, Ryan is going to be a great coach without a job.

138 responses to “Rex: I’m not saying I’m the best of all time, but I’m a great coach

  1. “If the Jets miss the playoffs for the fourth straight year, Ryan is going to be a great coach without a job.”

    Or he’s going to be a coach without a great job.

  2. This guy reminds me of Chris Christie, loud, obnoxious, fat and always making a case that he is the best and trying to sound disgustingly humble, yet doesn’t work well with others.

  3. Rex is definitely not the best coach in the NFL but getting to back to back AFC title games with Mark Sanchez as your QB is pretty impressive in a quarterback driven league.

  4. So this coming super bowl is an easy shoe-in for Rex and Gino. Because they live in NY, the wonderland and center of the universe

  5. Good to see that Rex is putting on a brave face with the loss of Mark Sanchez. He is a completely delusional egomaniac. Maybe he should get into politics.

  6. Im a patriots fan & I can say Rex is a great coach just needs to leave the offence to someone but himself…

    We all know that Rex’s Defence is always a pain in the ass to deal with !! Gotta give that to the man…

  7. Didn’t he recently have a QB that was extremely passionate about his ability? Passion has very little to do with being great.

  8. .
    How Rex managed to win 8 NFL games with the Jets expansion-like roster last year is a mystery to me.

  9. He talks too much for sure but he is very good. What he’s done with the rosters he’s had; have to tip your hat. Couple of NFC Champ games; And that squad last year was abysmal so to go 8-8 he has done a great job.

  10. Rex is delusional …. he also guaranteed a Superbowl win a couple of times in preseason or something like that and said that Sanchez would never get canned as long as he was there

    I don’t get how an NFL owner can seriously employ a guy like Rex…. the Jets have been a non-stop circus ever since he got there … Rex isn’t qualified for a job at the register at McDonald’s….

  11. Unbelievable. This guy just never learns. I’m a Pats fan and I can’t imagine Belichick ever in a million years saying crap like this. And to make matters worse, Rex hasn’t won a damn thing yet.

  12. If Rex had a top 10 QB the Jets would be a contender every year. Last year they somehow finished 8-8 with the 4th worst rookie QB EVER! Most other coaches would have finished 3-13 at best. Not a Jets fan, but a big fan of Rex.

  13. First off it sounds like he was responding to a question, and then he gave a lot of people credit, so a little misleading as always

    Rex has never lacked for confidence which is a good thing. He can’t shut his mouth which isn’t a good thing

    End of day he’s a great DC, and a pretty good HC….two AFCCG with Sanchez as your QB is pretty damn good. Parcells, Belichick, Harbaughs, etc wouldn’t have done any better

  14. Thank You, Rex. I needed a good laugh in the worst way today. Your self-proclaimed greatness, subsequently followed by complete failure, never fails yo give me a good, hearty belly-laugh. Keep em comin, Big Guy!

  15. At some point, when this idiot is finally fired, nobody else will hire him. Right? Just as bad as growing up in Phoenix and seeing all of the Cardinals “Buddy Ball” billboards in town. What is that they say about the apple? Rob is overrated too. His defenses are outside the top 15 all but maybe once or twice in his career. These two just need to go away.

  16. When you’re truly ‘great’ at something – which is a term that gets way over used – you don’t have to tell other people – they’ll tell you.

  17. Well we can all conclude that being humble is not his strong suit. Humble people have something to be humble about. Ya know what I mean – nudge nudge.

  18. I am a Broncos fan and I agree that Rex is a great coach. His biggest weakness isn’t the X and O’s or motivating his players, it’s his mouth. Rex give the media less to work with! Jeez!

  19. I think Rex is a good coach but I find people that need to express just how good, are the ones that doubt themselves.

  20. He had potential maybe five or so years ago of jumping into the good column, but great….? Even back when the jets had a decent shot at making a run, he mismanaged that team, thought he was one of the players, and got out coached time and time again.
    He’s about ready to be forced into a sweet gig with his brother as co-defensive coach’s of whatever team wants that set of boobs!
    I’m obviously NOT a Rob or Rex fan 🙂 but nonetheless, Rex has gotta be on thin ice heading into 2014, unless he has some scathing images of the jets owner…

  21. as a ravens fan I can tell you that rex is a defensive genius and an amazing coordinator. when billick was fired I prayed that Ozzie and Steve didn’t promote him for reasons like this. he is just too far over the top and he thinks he is the star.

  22. Rex will be in the “Recycle – A – Coach” program immediately after the 2014 season is completed.

    He will pop up in some also-ran city like Cleveland or Oakland mostly because nobody else wants the job.

  23. Ryan is the apple that fell close to the tree. He’s a loud-mouthed braggart, just like his old man. His old man proved to be a good DC, but lousy HC. Ryan will end up with the same reputation.
    If Ryan ever did win a Super Bowl, he’d make Cassius Clay’s rant in the ring after Sonny Liston quit in his corner in their first fixed fight look like a hiccup.
    Clay ran around the ring screaming, “I am the greatest!” If Ryan ever won, I could see him doing something like that.
    At least Clay/Ali was a great fighter and proved it many times.
    Rex — please, stop blowing your own horn. Because when you fall flat on your face as you’ve done so many times already, it just gives Jets fans more heartaches.

  24. Bill Belichick – 725 W/L with Pats
    Vince Lombardi – 724 W/L with Green Bay
    Paul Brown – 767 W/L with Cleveland
    John Madden – 763 W/L with Oakland
    Tom Landry – 607 with Dallas but over 29 years

    Sorry Rex not even close

  25. Quite a few on here seem to be saying, “Look how well he has done with less than stellar players/teams. It is my understanding that head coaches have significant input into the drafting of new players and selecting free agents. That means part of the assessment of the coach would include looking at the team’s ability and make up. So when a person says Rex is a great coach stuck with a poor team, they aren’t looking at the full picture.

    Because the team reflects the coach’s ability to select players, I would put him in the upper middle class overall. He gets good effort from those he selects, he just doesn’t select really high quality players.

  26. He should have continued by saying, ” I know I’m not the greatest coach in the AFC or even the AFC East. In fact, I know I’m not the best coach in New York City.”

  27. That’s Mehta setting up Rex 101:
    Hey Rex do you think you are a great coach?
    It’s stuff like that, that makes BB the press moron he is.

  28. What has he done to think he’s so great? Maybe he’s just good at the talking about it. Perhaps prove it with the Jets first.

  29. Who drafted Geno Smith?

    Who is sticking with Geno Smith?

    If Jets make the playoffs Rex Ryan is a GREAT coach. If not he is the idiot who drafted Geno Smith and the idiot who stuck with him.

  30. Simple questions.. Is a great coach only one who gets to the Super Bowl? Obviously winning matters, but could a great coach be one who takes a predicted last place team and gets to .500? Have any of the “great” coaches had a qb like sanchez or smith and gotten as much out of the team? Wouldn’t it be easier to win games with a Brady or Manning versus a Sanchez? And didn’t Rex beat both Brady and Manning with Sanchez? Just wondering who had to work harder to win….. Rex has a big mouth, but he has gotten more out of marginal players than most coaches.

  31. Man those two apples don’t fall far from the tree. His brother said he is a great d coord a few years ago also. Sounds just like Buddy.

  32. I’m a coach Ryan fan, but, keep your mouth shut! The mouth that roared. I was hoping he’d get fired from Jets and hook on to another small town team where he can’t shout from the mt tops.

  33. He is a great coach. He is one of 32 coaches to coach football at the highest level and he’s had moderate success.

    Coaching is teaching. I think he may have trouble with the managing part that goes along with being an HC in the NFL.

    and he still a better coach than the person who wrote this article and all the people commenting on it. So at least he has that.

  34. Rex needs to lose a job in order to learn how to tone it down. Up until now he hasn’t been fired and have to look for work. He is a classic case of a pretty good coach who is going to blow his first chance and most likely do well somewhere else. Happens all the time. Now he should go get a god damn snack.

  35. And this folks, is why the Patriots are the class of the NFL. They never brag or boast about how good they are before the season begins (never mind the fact that they are actually the best in the league).

  36. when he gets fired this year maybe the best GM in league (jerry jones) will hire him. that would be awesome the best coach and GM ever together, they would dominate…lol

  37. He’s great at picking Defensive players and having them blossom into stars – his defenses always play well. Offense? Questionable player selections, very little evidence of players learning and improving – no matter who Rex has as OC, the offense is lackluster at best. A great DC, but not so great as a head coach.

  38. He still has a winning record as a head coach and is ranked 13th in playoff wins among active head coaches in the NFL. So he’s better than more than half of your teams you trolls root for head coaches, so to call him a bad coach makes your teams coach even worse. He also did that without a franchise QB. The 12 coaches above him all have one except Fisher. Don’t let your perception or hatred of Rex cloud your judgement of what kind of coach he is cuz facts show he can coach.

  39. Well, realistically, he may have been one great QB away from winning 3 SBs…seriously, Mark Sanchez?

  40. He is a great Defensive coach. That’s true. But don’t run your mouth so much. It’s not even about bulletin board material. If your a professional you don’t need extra motivation to be the best and to compete hard.
    He just needs to shut his mouth if he wins a Bowl as a head coach then fine let him run his mouth.. Until then shut up Rex!

  41. “I’m not saying that I’m the best of all time, but I’m the best of all time.”

  42. Hahaha, he inherited Mangini’s team and added a couple guys from the Ravens. Had a nice couple seasons but has done nothing for a long time. He’s a good defensive coach but any other team would of canned him a long time ago as a HC.

  43. Hubris–what the Ryan family will be remembered for, not coaching greatness. Buddy had brilliant players. Great coaches? Not if Landry, Noll, Shula, Lombardi, Belicheck, Vermeil, and dozens of others are what define greatness. Blowhardy is just that.

  44. Rex is one of the better coaches in the league. The only thing that hurts him is the sideshow. Maybe he thinks it helps him get the job done, but he’s never gotten the job done actually.

  45. Lifetime 42-38, 22-26 over the last 3 years and hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010

    By what definition is this “great”

  46. Sounds like a candidate for the 2014 Muhammad Ali “I am the greatest!” Award. Hope Rex can back it up… Ali did.

  47. Like players I feel only the elite coaches get to the Pro level. So yeah, Rex is a very good coach or he would not be coaching at the NFL. But some coaches have no idea what type of players fit the system they have. Some are still very quality coaches at the NFL level. Norv Turner simple the best offensive coordinator in football. He nows how to max/min pieces of an offensive better than anybody. However he has no fin idea how to fill out a 53 man roster. As a strickly defensive coach Rex Ryan may be better than Bellichek, however he does not understand the other aspects of the game as well as Bellichek nor does he know how to fill out a 53 man roster. But I do feel he is a great defensive coordinator, but a mediocre head coach.

  48. Minnesota vikings of coaches.

    Bragging about self thought importance but never winning anything. Can’t even do the first step – win the division.

    Makes you wonder if this coach or the vikings ever watch game video other than their “highlights.”

  49. Rex, I’malet you finish…you’re a great coach, but Beyoncé is the greatest coach of all TIME.

  50. Nobody, absolutely nobody gets the amount of comments on PFT than Rex. From a sports marketing and entertainment perspective the man is pure money.

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