RG3: Offense is “very similar” to last two years


The change in coaches in Washington this offseason has led to a lot of discussion about the different things Jay Gruden wants to do on offense from what Mike Shanahan did with quarterback Robert Griffin III over the last two years.

There’s been talk about fewer planned runs by Griffin in hopes of building up his skills as a pocket passer so that the team can take advantage of a talented receiving group that includes DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed and Pierre Garçon. That would be a noticeable difference from Griffin’s first two seasons, but the quarterback says that things aren’t completely different for the Redskins offense.

“I think having two years’ experience running an offense, a pro-level offense, West Coast type, this is very similar,” Griffin said, via the Washington Post. “So it’s not been as tough as you might think. But all the concepts translate over. They might be called something different. But the reads are similar. It’s just about the philosophy of the coach. Jay has a little bit different philosophy. We’ll find out what that is on Sundays.”

Outside of limiting Griffin as a runner, the Redskins aren’t expected to make big changes to the run game as things worked pretty well with Alfred Morris even when the offense struggled elsewhere last season. If Griffin can adapt to his new responsibilities as a passer, the chances of a rebound for the Redskins will look pretty good despite last year’s issues.

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  1. which means he will likely get injured again if he doesn’t play smarter .

  2. I’m not a Redskins fan, but I like RG3. Now if he doesn’t stay healthy this year and become a better pocket passer, I’m going to lose respect for him, and view him as Vick 2.0. He has no more excuses.

  3. RG3 can become a great quarterback, he certainly has a lot of offensive weapons, but he has to stay extreamly healthy, no pulls or nicks.

  4. So make 1 read and run for your life and be on IR by game 5? The rest of the NFC east should be able to handle that. Not that they feared the REDSKINS last year. To bad they traded away this years 1st round pick, they could have gotten Manzeil or a QB that knows how to run an offense.

  5. without Shanahan, I believe Alfred Morris comes down to earth, Under Shanny, he was clearly Washingtons best player, But a lot of RB’s blossomed under Shanny.

  6. I expect Redskins to win division and hope they surprise and make run through playoffs…

    I take Redskins, if all goes well, above nearly half this top 10 on PFT (Carolina, Ravens, Pats, Colts)

    the big difference for the Redskins this year…
    healthy RG3
    DJax (legit #1 and legit deep threat)

    Hail to the Redskins!

  7. The Skins certainly have potential especially on offense but AGAIN RG3 must stay healthy and that defense must improve, a lot.

  8. I think the (Fill In Politically Correct Team Name) will be much improved, but the Eagled are the team to beat. Unfortunately, for the Giants and (This Team) a 10-6 season will not get you in the Playoffs because the NFC North and of course West will put multiple Teams in by getting those Wildcards. Any NFC Team will need to be 11-5 this year to make the Post-Season. I have no bias in this statement, just a pure fact. The Broncos, Patriots, Ravens and Colts don’t stand a chance either way. The NFL is becoming very lopsided over the past 10 years. Other than the Giants surprising the Pats in SB, it has all been predictable.

  9. the primary reason washington regressed last year was rg3, with the support of dan snyder, forcing his way into the starting lineup in game 1. this destroyed an owner-coach-player relationship that was already strained and the team suffered tremendously for it. rg3 had no business playing until mid-season. he was not 100% and he was ill-prepared (see poor mechanics and go from there). i am one of the few that like shanahan but with him gone hopefully they will return to 2012 form. i do wonder if they will have as much success running the ball this year; are they still running the zone blocking scheme that morris executed so well? the offense has the potential to be explosive. i think they will be a much better team this year. time will tell.

  10. If that means theyre going to run the same YOLO college offense as before, its only a matter of time before RG3 goes down yet again.

  11. Most of you did not read the article, you only read the headline.

    Rg3 is clearly stating that they will run a west coast passing offense, the same as they had in 2012 & 13.

    They won’t have as many designed runs for RG3 as the Shanahan’s did.

    Their running game will look similar, even with Gruden’s hire. The only difference being that they won’t run as many outside zone runs. Instead, they will run more inside zone runs and sprinkle in some man/power blocking runs.

    Hence, the offense wont be that different than it was in 2012 & 13 when it was in the top 1/2 of the league each year.

    Morris will still rush for around 1300 YDs + and RG3 is still going to throw for at least 3,000 YDs, but more likely his passing yards will jump up to near or over 4,000 because of the weapons he has at his disposal.

    I’m going to laugh like crazy when Eagles defenders are trying to cover DeSean Jackson like the Redskins defenders had had to do since 2008.

    Don’t you all realize that he was the main reason our rivalry has been so lopsided the past 5 years?

  12. You all also have to Remember that every defense in the NFC east sucks! Which is the main reason why they’ve all been one and done in the playoffs since the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl.

    Other than RG3’s injury, which is the main reason the Redskins didn’t beat the Seahawks at home in the 2012-13 home playoff game.

  13. Well, that doesn’t bode well.

    I believe they’ll regresss, especially in the running game.

    Could the Foreskins actually be worse than the Vikings???

  14. The offense isn’t what the Redskins need to worry about…. what will their defense look like?

    Until and unless they develop a defense, Washington won’t get far…..

  15. Lol at the people calling this kid a bust. He was rookie of the year folks. Last year was screwed due to a lot of distractions and a very serious injury that wasn’t fully healed. He had no business playing that early and it’s not his fault that he did. The coaches and trainers are there to protect the players from themselves. He’s a young talented QB, of course he’s going to rush back. They didn’t protect he’ll probably never be the same. That said, he’s still one hell of a QB. – Disgruntled Lions Fan

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