Sammy Watkins wants to make impact, isn’t trying to be Superman


Bills rookie receiver Sammy Watkins hasn’t made a Randy Moss-style vow to rip up the league.  But Watkins doesn’t need to.  The importance of ripping things up is implied in the all-in move the team made to get him — especially with a new owner coming.

After his first training-camp practice with the team that gave up a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick in 2015 to move up five spots in the top 10 to get Watkins, the fourth overall selection was asked whether he can make an instant impact right away.

“With our offense, weve got a lot of explosive guys, so for me its just about coming in right away and trying to make plays,” Watkins told reporters in comments distributed by the team.  “Dont try and be Superman, but play my role and everything will work out.”

He may not try to be Superman, but the fans may have already fitted him for a cape.  Watkins already is a favorite at practice.

“It means a lot,” Watkins said.  “I came from a big Division I school in Clemson so we need our fans.  Thats what moved me and its great to hear the fans calling my name out and being active while were practicing.”

They’ll be even more active during games if Watkins can quarterback EJ Manuel can connect.  Per Mike Rodak of, Manuel was four-for-four in passes thrown to Watkins during team drills on Sunday.

“It felt good,” Manuel told reporters regarding the throws to Watkins.  “You really just want to get it in a spot for him to catch it and get some yards after the catch.  That’s the biggest thing about a receiver like Sammy.”

Big things will be needed from Watkins and Manuel or big changes will be coming once the new owner is in place.

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  1. Good, because there’s a guy down here in Charlotte, and he’s still working on that impersonation, albeit unsuccessfully. Although, I’m pretty sure he believes thoroughly in his immortality. SMH

  2. The Patriots aren’t arrogant, just a great football team. Now, if it’s The Jets you’re referring to, I concur.

  3. Ehh I’m rooting for the Jets this year. I’m totally neutral and unbiased but the Dolphins and Bills have serious organizational problems going on right now and really lousy GM moves of recent times, and I like that Rex Ryan is putting himself way out on a limb and going all in on his beliefs in himself. And I can’t root for the Pats, that’s a team that has Tom Brady and still can’t figure out how to build up a credible dynasty and they have arguably the most overrated coach in Bill Belichick, and I just don’t get excited about teams that squander opportunity and get too much credit from others.

    And if anybody is going to play the Superman role, Cam Newton already has the shoes and the pose, so Sammy should find another superhero to not emulate while he’s striving to be Jimmy Olsen when the world starts calling for heroes. But there’s nothing wrong with that, Jimmy Olsen is a really important support guy and has lots of great qualities and skills that we need too, so that’s a really neat role to fill! Just don’t expect a lot of autograph requests, cause not many people notice the useful things he does.

  4. Sammy Watkins will be the latest rookie to rip up the NFL. Rookies hardly ever dominate hockey or baseball or even the nba like they do in the NFL. This is good for football. Younger players generally = better players.

  5. “Im not a bills fan, but you gotta root for that organization, especially in that division full of arrogance.” chargersdiehard

    It’s not arrogance it’s just total New England domination and superiority. Yes – it helps having the best Head Coach and the best QB in the NFL. With Revis now a Patriot, we’re talking Super Bowl this season. The Jets, Bills and Dolphins will have a good competition for AFC East 2nd place, again!

  6. Big changes? You don’t trash the whole thing if a rookie recover and 2nd year QB don’t blow up the league. You keep building. NOT getting rid of your best receiver would have been a good start. But we’ll see how it goes.

  7. A new owner would be a fool to just come in and rip the place apart without a thorough looking at first. He or she should take at least a full season to make any drastic changes.

  8. Well if he wants to be successful, he needs to watch tape on the best wide reciever in the league Dez Bryant who plays for America’s team.

    Dez Bryant
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Terrence Williams
    A.J Green

    In that order

  9. Funny how nobody mentions how the Bengals and Falcons gave up just as much to get Green and Jones…the Cowboys gave up just as much for a cornerback, who wasn’t even the best in his class.

    And just last year, the Rams gave up quite a bit to get Tavon Austin…who’s average…and the 2nd rounder turned into Kiko Alonso, who will be a star in the NFL.

    Watkins was worth giving up a 1st round pick, but they got the 4th back with Stevie.

    They looked damn good tonight. Lots of speed. Lots of size. Lots of skill.

    Lots and lots of hunger.

    I don’t expect a Super Bowl or the division…but if EJ Manuel can play even average like Dalton, they’ll be a wild card.

    But the fact you’re trying to run Whaley out of the league, shows your intelligence. He’s completely turned over the roster and stacked it with talent…arguably the most talented roster in the AFC east, from top to bottom…besides QB, obviously. But, out Brady or Manning on that roster, and it’s a Super Bowl contending team, no doubt.

  10. Paying through their nose for this guy was oh so Buffalo.

    Small pecker syndrome all the way.

  11. Just like QBs, there are 4 true elite WRs…. the question is who can be the 5th…..I think this is the guy to join the true elite WRs…
    CJohnson, AJGreen, LFitz and AJohnson

  12. Browns will regret passing on another elite WR again. They already passed on Julio Jones. And that is why they continue to lose 10+ games every year. They have zero impact players on offense with Gordon most likely suspended for the year. The appalling thing is they knew Gordon was going to be suspended at least half the season, and they still made a dumb decision. They needed Watkins even if Gordon was playing a full season

  13. Everyone is saying the new owner will clean house if the Bills don’t make the playoffs or at least come close. If the new owner is smart and knows anything about football he will keep the coaching staff intact for at least one more year. Otherwise it will be another 3-5 years before the team can make a playoff push.

  14. I’m not bashing the Bills at all but I really hope this guy’s talent is not wasted there. I think he can be really, really good. He was unbelievable in college.

  15. Uhm, Mike, if I remember correctly, the Bills gave up 2 first round picks along with that 4th to move up and get Watkins… Seriously though, it’s the right attitude, and the kid’s got an amazing supporting cast to help him succeed. Robert Woods and Scott Chandler are good enough to draw their own coverage, and, well, you can’t overlook the running game. This offense could be what the Vikings were hoping their offense would be looking like for years with AP. Single coverage across the board because you need to stack the box. Now, Spiller and F-Jax are no AP, but you get the idea.

  16. “You really just want to get it in a spot for him to catch it and get some yards after the catch. That’s the biggest thing about a receiver like Sammy.”

    What’s he trying to do with his other receivers?

  17. Tons of talent on this roster. One of then best groupings of young WRs in the league. The running game is solid the O-line has improved and the D even without Byrd and Alnoso there is still plenty of talent on the roster! It’s all on EJ if he can play well.. Not great but well they can realistically contend for a wildcard .

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