Tribe refuses “bribe money” from Washington foundation

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It’s a story that has been percolating for a few days.  Now that the Associated Press has picked it up, the latest P.R. embarrassment regarding the Washington team name has become official.

A Native American tribe on the Arizona-California border trying to raise $250,000 for a skate park has refused funding from the Original Americans Foundation, a group started earlier this year by owner Daniel Snyder in response to ongoing opposition to a name regarded by many as a slur.

“No, we’re not going to accept any kind of monetary offer to side with allowing them to utilize the inappropriate name for this NFL team,” Quechan tribal president Keeny Escalanti Sr. told the AP.

“The sacrifice we took to say no wasn’t an easy one,” Escalanti added.  “We wish we could help the kids today by taking the partnership. We’re trying to teach our community and the youth that we can do things the right way.  We don’t have to accept this type of money from these people.”

Previously, the Arizona Republic explained that the tribe turned down a “blank check” from the foundation at a council meeting attended by Original Americans Foundation executive director Gary Edwards and director Karl Schreiber.

“He said he was a proud Redskin and had been a proud Redskin since he was a child,” Escalanti told the Republic regarding Edwards.  And it apparently got even more uncomfortable than that.

“Edwards just brought up key words that you just don’t bring up in Indian country, like assimilation, annihilation,” Escalanti said.  “And he tried to talk down about White people, saying they’re the oppressor. . . .  I don’t know what he thought he was doing in talking like that to us — impress us?  Like he thought he could talk like that among his ­fellow Natives?  It was so awkward.”

Thus, the tribe rejected an offer from the Original Americans Foundation to pay for the entire park, issuing the following statement to the Republic:  “We will not align ourselves with an organization to ­simply become a statistic in their fight for name acceptance in ­Native communities. . . .  We know bribe money when we see it.”

The debate regarding the name has simmered in recent weeks, with most of the news coming from failed efforts by the team to defend it.  While the controversy has reached a stage where it’s likely to not go away until the name changes, there wouldn’t be as much to say about the situation if the team could manage to stay out of its own way for a week or two.

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  1. Good for them. Hopefully the story will embolden other investors who aren’t trying to white-wash something racist by aligning it with the very people who it offends.

  2. Gotta give it to Snyder for trying….I mean the bribes, the bloggers, you name it….I can’t wait to see Sugar Hill Gang perform “Apache” at their traing camp fund raiser in RVA.

  3. Looks like some kids aernt going to get to play on a skate park because some adults are acting like children.

    But atleast its actual natives this time and not white liberals

  4. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” rules five and eight describe this attack on theredskins very well.
    Shame we can’t talk about football….

  5. refused funding from the Original Americans Foundation

    Wait.. when did this turn into Gangs of New York?

    Hmm.. guess things haven’t changed in the past 150 years..

    Really? “Original Americans Foundation”??

  6. Danny, Danny, Danny… You think money can buy you anything. Didn’t the fact that you can’t buy a winning team teach you anything? Like paying bribes to get your own way? That only works for the white man speaking with forked tongue. You’re dealing with people with integrity and pride, something that you obviously know nothing about. Keep your bribes to the people who work that way, like the politicians that are knocking on your door.

  7. Are you people EVER going to move away from all this, or do we have to listen to this for the rest of eternity? Enough already!

  8. Wow, talk about a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face. Dan Snyder: Damaging the Shield.

  9. “We don’t have to accept this type of money from these people . . .”
    You mean , American currency ? As opposed to what ? Greek Drachmas ?

  10. Well the tribe mentions how the renderings shown included a full branding of the team colors and their logo, so if that’s going to be part of the argument for considering this as bribe money, then where are the details of the conversation that cover whether or not it was asked if the colors could be changed and the logo removed? Maybe the Foundation said that was no problem, and if they did then it’s not fair to omit that from the report as it misrepresents the offer as having mandatory team branding conditions associated with it. Not knowing more details about this part of the conversation is also awkward.

    Either way hopefully they get their money soon if they feel this is a great way to curb suicide rates considering I just learned this startling fact from the second link:

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says suicide is the No. 2 cause of death for ­Native Americans under age 35, at a rate 3.5 times of the ­national average.”

    If the Foundation really wants to help, then there are other ways than building skate parks to save lives, so they should figure out what is the best way to do that and put that money to use if they can’t find a tribe to accept the money for an equally worthy cause as saving young lives.

    But in any event, Snyder should change the team name and brand a healthy new identity that is non-offensive, and for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

  11. They will however take bribe money for their casino, their tax free liqour and cigarette vending operation, their drug smuggling corridors, their unregulated hunting, fishing, and trapping outlets, social service abuse networks, etc. etc.

  12. Good for the tribe. Bribe money from Snyder and his cronies is exactly what their motive is. Snyder is just trying to pay off tribes and causes for his personal benefit. 3-13 this year says Karma. Well, they did improve in a few areas so maybe 5-12 is not out of the question.

  13. 1. That sum of money isn’t nearly enough.
    2. That money isn’t lining the pockets of “the right people.”

    Snyder really is an amateur at this.

    He has no idea how the political correctness forgiveness machine works.

  14. Hello Quechan tribal President Keeny Escalanti Sr.,

    I want to congratulate you for refusing to accept a bribe from Daniel Snyder – and yes, it was an attempt to bribe you. Accepting money from him would have forever placed you in an untenable position and he would consider that he had “bought” you and the entire Quechan tribe.

    Well done!

  15. I’ve lived in Arizona for 31 years, and I’ve never heard of the “Quechan” tribe. But they sure are getting their name out there, aren’t they? Funny that they would meet with team reps several times before refusing, so publicly, the assistance.

  16. Whatever you think about the name, either way, the redskins ownership and management is a total embarrassment and has done about as much as you could do to specifically mishandle their response to the situation.

  17. I swallow my pride and let things go on a regular basis, for free. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where I’d turn down six figures just because I embrace the concept of being offended.

  18. Good for that tribe. They are offended by the name and backed it up despite it requiring a real material sacrifice.

    Down with the Washington football club 🙂

  19. At the risk of sounding cynical, if you aren’t taking bribe money, are you going to start paying taxes on the money made in your casinos?

    That was out right bribe money, you seem to like that money.

    The thing about trying to take the moral high ground and drub it in somebody’s face, is that everyone has made some mistake or has done something that leaves the smell of hypocrisy when doing it.

  20. That, my friends is the sound of the fat lady a-warming up.

    I’ll bet that Snyder has a team name, uniforms, all of it ready to go. He may be a racially insensitive (or even a bigoted) individual, but he is also a business man. I’d bet he has been influencing and waiting for demand to in order to let loose the supply.

    The team from Washington will make money hand over fist.

  21. Original

    …and I’ll bet they worked hard to come up with that…LOL

  22. The handling of this situation is literally the mod embarrassing. The NFL needs to just step in and stop Snyder from shooting himself in the foot over and over again.

  23. What happens if they just don’t change the name? Oh I know! Maybe we can pass a law that says the government can take all your money if the right people don’t like you. Heck, all out other civil liberties are disappearing anyway. It’s just a matter of time….

  24. Let’s get the language straight first. This was an awkward thing to do, but not illegal…so this wasn’t a “bribe.” Second, the quote speaks of “allowing them to use an inappropriate name.” This isn’t their call. Third, the controversy is dying down the politicians in the numerous upcoming elections have already scored their political points. That’s where the outrage should be. Snyder’s always been awkward and smug, and he should just ignore all of this, not try to throw money at it. But he and the Washington Redskins are not racist, never have been. It’s time for football.

  25. If Snyder’s guy really came off that way, like a phony sleazy political type, that’s bad, really bad, for his cause… Embarrassing

  26. Thank you Florio for continuing to expose this terrible racist name. It is inconceivable to me that anyone can defend the name redskins. I would not feel uncomfortable calling an American Indian an indian, or a warrior, or a brave, but I would never consider calling an American Indian a redskin . The other names we can argue about. But not redskin.

    Let’s say I had an American Indian friend, which I don’t. Let’s say he was in my fantasy football league. Let’s say we were smack talking. I still would NEVER call him a redskin.

  27. “Here, we’ll give you this land over here and we’ll never bother you again.”

  28. “The sacrifice we took to say no wasn’t an easy one. We wish we could help the kids today by taking the partnership. We’re trying to teach our community and the youth that we can do things the right way. We don’t have to accept this type of money from these people.”


    We prefer to engage in more honorable means of raising money, such as the facilitation of gambling that leads to crime, prostitution and the financial impoverishment of the elderly. You know, honorable things like that.

  29. Now they are being jerks. Could have had the money for this cause.

    Stand your ground on a non issue at the expense of your charity.

    So stupid.


  30. How do the Indians define the word “inappropriate”?
    They’re refusing the money because they don’t need the money. They make enough off of their tax free land to buy anything they want……the catch word here is “they.” They, meaning those in charge, not the everyday citizen.

  31. How much “political” pressure did the tribe get to turn down the money from a certain well funded tribe to the east?

    I guess it’s different when the bribe money comes from richer tribes that would have ignored this Arizona tribe had it not been for the Washington Redskins offer.

    Mr. Escalanti’s “bribe” statement to the AP would have been more believe able if it hadn’t taken “days to percolate”.

    I wonder which lawyer wrote the statement for him?

  32. there wouldn’t be as much to say about the situation if the team could manage to stay out of its own way for a week or two.
    Or, if you would quit trying to fan the flames…

  33. I like how the people who are for the name immediately devolve into using stereotypes to prove the name isn’t racist and trot out the inevitable casino and federal grant “jokes”.

    Irony is delicious.

  34. I never understand (stood) how the name is racist.

    The only context I’ve ever used Redskin in is to describe the football team.

  35. Once again, my apologies for every time I accidentally hit the report button. I never ever hit it on purpose! Even idiots deserve freedom of speech. I freely give someone permission to disable mine. Thanks 🙂

  36. In today’s world of being politically correct now everyone is worried about the Redskins name! We as Americans need to focus on how we can not screw up the world, the reason this is a big deal is simple smoke screen. Have this issue try to take over the news to hide the other real issues. Good thing the Pilgrims landed on the rock instead of Someone else.

  37. Its just a matter of time. The name WILL change. Its kinda like everything else in D.C……messed up.

  38. Glad to see these pompous jerks getting caught in their own traps every step of the way. The name is changing… accept it.

  39. Take the money, build the skatepark for the kids, open it on 12/8/2015, and name it ‘Chicago 73 Washington 0’ in honor of the 75th anniversary of the biggest loser in NFL history.

  40. I am definitely against a name change, but if all Indian groups united against it I would concede it should be changed. It just seems they cannot even agree amongst themselves if it is offensive or not.

  41. One can not help but wonder how the rest of the world looks at this. They are probably thinking “man I wish things were so great here that we could obsess over something as truly trivial as the name of a football team”. Imagine..of all the starving children in the world, people dying, suffering, etc…this is what some choose to obsess over. And those wanting a name change claim the higher moral ground how? Give me a break.

  42. Survey polls show 90% of Indians do not have a problem with the name Redskins and 80% non-Indians could care less

    more of the Orwellian authoritarian agenda from the leftist PC police

  43. Everyone keeps putting the pressure on Washington to change the name. The only way it gets done is if the other owners tell their puppet Goodell to change the name. This comes down to the might of the all powerful NFL shield. Its sad when a sport becomes so omnipotent ( like the rise and fall of NASCAR) they actually destroy themselves.

  44. Seems dumb to me to turn down any kind of offering. They don’t have final say(or any say for that matter) on what the team’s nickname is.

  45. I don’t think you know what goes into the design and construction of a skatepark. 250K is just the startup and design. BTW, they are big in the Atlanta area where I live, the counties around here have opened at least a dozen of them, and they are a great environment for kids to burn off excess energy in a positive way. A lot better than playing video games in front of a screen all day.

  46. Hmm, Redskin is a slur, a sign of disrespect. In KC the nickname Chief is ok because it’s a name of high regard, of respect. Change the name to Warriors Dan, very respectable. Problem solved.

  47. It’s none of my business what someone else chooses to name their business.

    Those who can’t accept this fact are, by the very definition of the word, bigoted.

  48. Good for them. Now change the name Snyder. This battle has been lost. All you fat old white guys will just have to stop dressing in drag because the “hogs”, are no more. Yes, you are losing the country.

  49. Native Americans, other groups and even individual persons in this country, rarely pass up a chance to play the victim. Being easily offended, taking any little misspoken word as a slight, the feigned outrage, demanding apologies and when getting one, declaring a meaningless moral victory, is who we’ve become as a society now.

    I had to laugh at the above comment that while they’ll turn down NFL money, they WILL accept money from tobacco and alcohol–and casinos. So true. Moral high ground for turning down the NFL? [eyeroll]

  50. Did bucs just say the Washigton Redskins have never been racist? Ok, bud. If you say so…

  51. Several comments referencing “white” people.

    Isn’t that just as racist as you claim “Redskins” to be?

    I mean, it’s referring to a group of people by the color of their skin, isn’t it?


    Or is it ok to be racist when you’re in the minority?

  52. As many many have said: I AM SO SICK OF THIS. Personally I don’t have a problem w/ the name but I am not Native American.

    I just researched how the name came to be. The team started as the Boston Braves (anyone have a problem w/ this name?) in 1932. In 1933 the owner changed the name to the Redskins to honor its coach, William “Lone Star” Dietz who claimed to be part Sioux. This was later proved to be a lie.When the team moved to DC , the owner kept the name.

    As I said, I really don’t care. I don’t know what the answer to this is and how to stop the controversy and endless talk. I do know that Snyder made a major mistake in trying to fix it w/ a bribe. Bad PR.

  53. Well, maybe if the Indians didn’t engage in aggressive attacks with their tomahawks against the early white settlers, then they wouldn’t have created this fighting image that many sports teams have adopted as part of their team names and logos. They should blame themselves for creating this mess. Talk about not taking responsibility for their own actions smh.

  54. This thing went to the Supreme Court twice and lost twice. Dan Snyder bought the team and it already had this name, this brand, this fan base, this logo. The Redskins, yes that’s right the Redskins are the 9th most profitable organization in sports. Every year they are in the top 10. In the NFL they are always in the top 3, with the Cowboys and Patriots. As far as the name Redskins go it was a Native American that came up with the name Redskins, and it was another Native American that made the logo. You do remember it was once a spear right? I love when haters speak on what they don’t know. Now knowing these facts, and the fact that 61 teams in 22 states go by the name Redskins, including Native American teams, and the fact that the term “redskin” came from the warpaint they used to put on before battle, why would you change the team name if you are Daniel Snyder? The majority of the Redskins fan base stands by his stance. You haters make no difference at all. Troll baiters go back under the bridge and stick to your RG3 black QB bigotry you hypocrites.

  55. Yea let’s blame everything on white people,!!! the redskins name, unemployment, immigration, Middle East, blame it all on those damn European Caucasians. Wait is Caucasian okay to say anymore?????

  56. ‘Send the oaf out with guns and whiskey for the natives’, good plan Dan. What I can’t see is why DS is fighting to keep the name when he probably really wants to call them the Washington Snyder’s anyway.

  57. All Indian named sports teams should drop their names & mascots. ALL of them. Then maybe this 12 member Native group will wish they had thought out what they were doing.

  58. It seems that the name will have to change eventually. I find that sad being a cowboys fan. If I owned the team and had to change the name I would change it to something that has nothing to do with Indians. I mean forget em. I also would not allow Mike Florio in my stadium because he’s d’bag.

  59. If they were offended by the name, why did they meet with them at all, let alone several times?

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