Bills could go for at least $1.1 billion

As the process of selling the Buffalo Bills ramps up, the numbers likely will be large.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN says that the franchise is expected to sell for at least $1.1 billion.  That’s considerably higher than a recent valuation from Forbes of $870 million, although the presence of name Forbes gives what amounts to speculation and guesswork plenty of caché.

The final price hinges in large part on the still-unknown mandate of the trust that will be responsible for selling the team.  If expected to get the most possible money without regard to the potential for relocation, a group that would eventually Mayflower its way to L.A. could be willing to pay a lot more than $1.1 billion.  If expected to find an owner that will keep the team in Buffalo, the number will be lower.

Few expect the team to move.  The final purchase price, along with the identity of the purchaser, will go a long way toward allowing a full assessment of whether the perfunctory “we have no intention to move the team” can be believed.

In the end, the team will be sold for whatever someone decides to pay for it.  That’s what any asset or person ultimately is worth.  With only 32 seats at the most exclusive table in sports and plenty of folks who disagree with the notion that the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich and anonymous, someone will be forking over much more than $1.1 billion for the Bills.

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  1. They will never leave new York. They are the only true team that plays in new York. The other 2 play in new Jersey. Politicians will get them a new stadium.

  2. I don’t think it necessarily follows that someone who wants to keep the team in Buffalo would pay less than someone who would want to move it, especially since there are a bunch of interested buyers who have said they want to keep the team in Buffalo.

  3. Goodell should force the new owners to move the team to LA so he can get another new stadium in a market he wants to tap. And no older, established owner gets burned like Model did.

  4. So is now too early to predict in what year Justin Bieber owns a team? Hey if you got a problem with him as an owner, then just outbid him. With some luck Keyshawn Johnson will have a son that ends up playing for him!

  5. Should the trust sell to the Bon Jovi group or anyone that Bills fans sense will move the team after 2019, it will be a lame duck and an embarrassment to the league for 5 years. If the NFL thought the Browns 3 game lame duck move to Baltimore was bad, they have not seen anything yet. I and countless thousand of Bills ticket holders will drop our season tickets. This is a solid committed established market with time honored tradition. The grass is not always greener.

  6. You could pretty much put any dollar amount after your very specific “Bills could go for at least …”. Very helpful. I personally guarantee that they’ll sell for at least $1M…but less than $2B. You heard it here first.

  7. Morgan Stanley announced $2 Trillion being managed in the wealth management division, so their group could by the Bills 2,000 times over collectively. I think the money comes out of left field, huge money from an outside source (think a Jag type owner).

  8. Early on in the Clippers fiasco, Forbes valued the Clippers at eight hundred thousand. The purchase price now on the table is Two Billion. So the question begged is: What is an NFL franchise, located in LA, really worth? Something north of 2 bil, I’d guess.

  9. jjb0811 says:
    Jul 21, 2014 11:24 AM
    Goodell should force the new owners to move the team to LA so he can get another new stadium in a market he wants to tap. And no older, established owner gets burned like Model did.


    I think Goodell has forced the NFL into enough decisions. He needs to keep his mouth shut on this one and let it play out.

  10. The biggest buyer in Buffalo just freed up 1.2 billion in liquid money a month ago. The Buffalo buyers arent anything to shake off. Pegula can bid with the best of them.

  11. You have to be a little worried if you are a Bills fan right now. The Bills would be worth a lot more if they get moved to LA, so someone wanting to move the team to LA would be able to pay more than someone wanting to keep the team in Buffalo.

    I’d rather see the Bills stay, but logically there’s a cause for concern. A guy from LA might just up and pay $2B plus and the cost could easily be justified financially based on the recent NBA Clippers’ sale.

  12. They are worth the least amount of money if they stay in Buffalo, that’s a simple fact.

    If you really believe that the estate will forego hundreds of millions of dollars “to keep the team in Buffalo”, you’re asleep at the wheel.

  13. If expected to find an owner that will keep the team in Buffalo, the number will be lower.
    I disagree. I think some of the potential owners who want to keep the team in Buffalo are well aware of how much this could cost, and are willing to pay for it in the name of keeping them in WNY.

    Needn’t look any further than Sabres owner Terry Pegula turning $1.75 billion of his assets to liquid, in addition to the already vast liquid assets he had.

    And Pegula isn’t he only one.

  14. Financially, it makes a lot of sense to move to Toronto, Bills situation reminds me a bit of what happened to the Expos in the MLB (of course, with the inverse path since they were a canadian team that moved to Washington DC).

    Not so much to LA considering that are 3 teams from California in the NFL, if someone moves to Los Angeles, it’ll be a team that is already in California (more likely the Raiders, less likely the Charges), if not, it’ll be the Rams.

    @jackburton77 Los Angeles is the answer for your question, a basketball team that shares a 5 million people market and a 16 million metropolitan area is obviously more valuable than a football team in a 300k people market and just a bit more than 1 million metropolitan area.

    It doesn’t matter that historically the Clippers are a bad franchise and that the Lakers own LA.

  15. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Jul 21, 2014 11:40 AM
    I wouldn’t buy them for $15.
    Man, you’re a loser. What did the Bills and Buffalo do to you?

    Get a life, dude.

  16. BAD investment. The NFL bubble is just about to burst like Cuban will have predicted. Goodell and the owners have squozen the golden goose so tight that it’s face is virtually purple now.

    I would tell Jon Bon and the 10 others that are lining up to bid to start their own league for a fraction of the $1B. Invest the rest in NFL talent giving them better secured contracts. Get rid of the pansy rules making the NFL a fantasy event. And watch NFL fans run to it like never before.

  17. “restorativejusticeprogram says:
    Jul 21, 2014 11:37 AM
    That price just shows the brilliance of Donald Sterling using Liberal guilt to get a price 3 times market value for the Clippers.”

    Conservative mindset still thinks that racism is OK.

  18. Dumbass, Pegula has $2 Bill in cash.

    I hope a Mayflower mayflowers it’s way right over the top of your thick skull.

    Team’s going nowhere…there are rich people in WNY, you pompous prick.

  19. Value less than the Clippers because only 10 home games played and possibly 2 playoff games at the NFL stadium vs 41 home games and possibly 16 home playoff games for Clippers

  20. If LA’s second favorite basketball team sells for double its value how does an NFL team for half that? $1 billion seems like a bargain, odd to say

  21. Hey raiderrob…I think you’re forgetting a little something about “generated revenue.” I’d rather have 1 NFL game in my portfolio than 20 Clipper basketball games. Not only do they stink but regular season basketball is extremely unwatchable. You aren’t presenting apples to apples with that statement.

  22. joetoronto says:
    Jul 21, 2014 11:55 AM
    They are worth the least amount of money if they stay in Buffalo, that’s a simple fact.

    If you really believe that the estate will forego hundreds of millions of dollars “to keep the team in Buffalo”, you’re asleep at the wheel.
    If you really believe there aren’t plenty of bidders in WNY capable of matching the Toronto or LA bidders, you’re asleep at the wheel too.

  23. The reason’s the Clipper’s went for so much money then expected is that the NBA TV contract is about to be renewed for bigger money plus the ultimate major factor is that the NBA allows teams to have their own local TV contract, and that is also up next year. A football tram moving to LA would not be eligible for that as the NFL doesn’t allow it.

    (and the Bll’s are the only NY team, I too don’t understand why the Giants and Jet’s aren’t called the New Jersey Giants/Jets. )

  24. I just love all the L.A. comments on here, they can say all they want about the market but the simple reality is that they had 2 teams there and they both failed,rour team has sucked the last 15 years and there it’s still a loyal fan base that sells out most of the time and if they gave us a fighting chance to make the playoffs, it would be sold out every game…

  25. You cant even build a stadium in California for 1 Billion (I Believe cost for Levi stadium was more than 1.3 Bill) So might be wise for group that is buying Bills to grab them at that cheap price before moving them to Los Angeles.

  26. Buffalo, akin to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore, Cincy, Green Bay etc, is a blue-collar football town which deserves to keep the team which its fans have faithfully supported for 55 seasons. Here’s hoping that Wilson’s instructions to the trustees requires that the team stays in/near Buffalo as long as a reasonable bid is offered by a new owner with pockets deep enough to sustain NFL approval.

    Niagara Falls (American side) is where I predict the team will ultimately reside. LA & London will wind up as expansion cities.

  27. Let us remember back to yesteryear when the Bills were one of the league’s best teams. During that span, games were sold out one after another and Buffalo was one of the most popular teams in all of sports. That is the key with the new owner. He HAS to do whatever it takes to make this team a winner again. No more “rebuilsing”, no more “wait til next year”. If he puts the effort out there, signs the coaches and players the team needs to be dominant again this area will make sure he is rewarded handsomely. That’s all we want. A return to glory. Ask Dallas fans if they wouldn’t kill to go back to a Super Bowl. Sure they’ve made the playoffs whereas Buffalo hasn’t but that’s not good enough anymore. In fact their last Super Bowl appearance was only two years after Buffalo’s…19…yes 19 years ago. I personally want Donald Trump as owner. There is NO WAY he would associate himself with a loser and would have this team turned around in a mere two years. Do you think The Donald would let someone like Jerry Jones out-do him on a stadium? C’mon….Trump would build his own, call it Trump Stadium and make it the most glamourous venue in the country. Buy us Mr. Trump. PLEASE!!!

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