Chris Snee on retirement: My body has had enough


Longtime Giants guard Chris Snee announced his retirement today, saying that as he dealt with hip and elbow injuries at age 32, he realized he simply doesn’t have it in him anymore.

I felt worse by continuing to work out,” Snee told Josina Anderson of ESPN. “I am nowhere near the level of strength that I usually have. That’s been my game for 10 years, being one of the strongest players out there and using that to my advantage. If I don’t have that, I wouldn’t be able to do my job the way I expect, but also with what they expect of me. That’s kind of what [Giants G.M. Jerry Reese] and I agreed upon in March when we decided to try this thing and see if I can come back. I told him that he had my word, that I would be honest with him, and I was. I’ve told him that my body has had enough. With the way last season ended that’s the last thing I wanted to experience again.”

Snee has spent his entire NFL career playing for his father-in-law, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. At the time the Giants drafted Snee there was some talk that it was a case of nepotism, but in reality Snee has turned out to be one of the Giants’ most consistent players over the last decade.

Now the Giants will have to make do without Snee, who will walk away rather than go through the grind of another NFL season.

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  1. Well it’s smart of him to make an educated decision that he is in a better position to decide than anybody else. He can look forward to good health in the future and make room for somebody new to have a chance at an NFL dream, that’s a pretty honorable way of going out. Maybe he can stick around and coach the new guy and show him how to make that consistency happen?

  2. Hes been a solid player and it has to be hard to work for your father inlaw..The abuse these guys take everygame is pretty crazy..Hell wake up every morning probably hurting but when he goes to check his bank account Im sure he’ll feel a whole lot better…

  3. This guy was always a tough competitor and one of the more annoying people for my Eagles to play against because he was so good. Wish him health and good luck.

  4. solid contributor for a long time. Now lose that weight and enjoy your life Chris. True football player.

  5. Sounds like he’s doing himself and the team a big favor. He understands that his body is breaking down and he probably would like to try to avoid dealing with pain and other health problems the rest of his life if it isn’t already too late. He’s also not gonna be any help to his team when he can’t perform at the highest level. I think a lot of players who don’t seem to know when to quit should follow this guy’s example.

  6. Smart move.

    And who cares about nepotism? If my father-in-law were the head coach of an NFL team, I’d take any job he could get me. The Ryan brothers are a case of nepotism, along with players with family history like Clay Mathews. The only reason Jerry Rice Jr. got so far is because he’s Jerry Rice **JR**. The NFL is all about nepotism. They just prefer to call it “pedigree.”

  7. I respect him for making that ddecision. Most people will say “how can you walk away from that much money, suck it up”. Then again, most people aren’t an NFL offensive lineman. Imagine taking all those offensive snaps, running into and trying to out muscle another 300+ lb. guy. Now try to imagine it when you’re not 100% and you’re in pain. Only he knows how his body feels and his body is telling him it’s time to retire, so you gotta respect that. Hell, most of us can only dream of retiring when we’re 32 years old, so good luck to him.

  8. Best lineman on a 2x SB champ. That says a lot. Congrats on a great career and well wishes for your next chapter.

  9. Glad he didn’t shoot himself up to feel better and end up destroying his body. I figure if he’s that man’s son in law he hasn’t screwed up to badly in 10 years. I hope he heals and enjoys the next chapter in his life. Get some rest, Snee!

  10. Translation … I can’t con them into paying me any more money like I did the last couple years.

  11. I noticed he never said anything about his head. Hmmmm. Guess he’s probably not going in that direction. Good for him.

  12. What a feel good story.

    Hard working young man gets a Division I scholarship that wasn’t expected. Has a great college career at a good football school and a real college where he got an education. Marries his freshman year sweetheart, still happily married 15 years later with three healthy and happy kids.

    Gets drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft, gets to play his entire NFL career for his father-in-law as head coach. Key player on 2 of the most surprising Super Bowl championship teams. Goes to several Pro Bowls, named All-Pro too. Highly respected competitor by his peers, highly respected off the field for his charitable and community work.

    The biggest challenge he faces now is his body. Hopefully, even though his body no longer can hold up by NFL standards, he will be able to live a a very active life by all other measures, and not need more surgeries.

  13. ^dude…you’re a troll. He took a $5M paycut down to about the vet minimum to see if he could play this year. If he wanted to con a team, he could have refused the paycut, gotten cut, taken a huge signing bonus from your dopey team and then hang em up before week 1.

  14. A lot of people are calling his career a case of nepotism without considering that the guys he blocked (and blocked quite well) didn’t care that he was the head coach’s son in law. Nepotism can work in office or coaching jobs, but if a guy can’t do it on the field, that will be soon be obvious. Chris Snee earned everything he had.

  15. He was more then just one of the Giants most consistent players over the past decade. Consistent doesn’t say enough about him. He is one of the best O-lineman the Giants have ever had.

  16. Hey look you have to give Snee a lot of credit, it can’t have been easy.

    Pretty hard to come home to your wife and tell her what he thought of his Boss.

    Pretty hard to always be around the Team, even at home.

    He played well, true pro, and lead not only by example but he quit ahead of the game and didn’t just collect a paycheck.

  17. One of the greatest linemen in Giants history. Drafted in the 2nd round of the same draft as Eli, and he’s been protecting him ever since. Congrats on a great career. Just goes to show what O-linemen go through that at the age of only 32 his body can’t take it anymore.

  18. Great career Snee. Thanks for all your contributions over the last decade. A true Giant!!!

  19. I wish we knew before the draft that he was going to retire….
    its always nice to praise someone but thanks for screwing us this season.

  20. lunigod3 says:
    Jul 21, 2014 3:30 PM
    I wish we knew before the draft that he was going to retire….
    its always nice to praise someone but thanks for screwing us this season.


    The Giants knew there would be a chance he would retire if he wasn’t fully healed. That’s one of the reasons they drafted Weston Richburg. Richburg’s also been getting the majority of the snaps at RG with the first team.

    And how exactly did you expect to know if he’d be able to make a go of it or not when teams weren’t allowed to hold OTAs or scrimmages before the draft?

  21. It is common sense. You really gonna think John Jerry or Mosley can hold up a whole season? let alone the has beens that we signed this off season… you want to start with the draft.. yea its nice we picked up a 2nd round Center, but we could have had Zack Martin who would have been a nice fill in the blank over the years.

    I appreciate chris snee’s service but too little too late. Reese knew he Snee could have been lost and rolled with the dice anyways.

    5 Pre season games for the Giants this year you think were going to stay healthy? i dont think so…

    It’s nice to be a Giants fan or supporter but think about the future…

  22. And they did address it with the draft by picking up Richburg. Like it or not, they valued OB Jr. more than they valued Zack Martin. Whether or not Snee retired before or after the draft, it’s highly doubtful they would have made Martin their pick in the first round. The Giants weren’t depending on Snee to play because they knew he may not be able to. Between Jerry, Mosley, and Richburg, the Giants have the standard amount of depth at the position.

  23. Enjoy your retirement, Sir. You have earned it. An honest all-guts, no-glory team first guy and solid citizen.

    Here’s to hoping you don’t suffer long-term adverse effects from your injuries.

  24. Congrats on a great career, Mr. Snee. My ‘Boys won’t miss you on Sundays, but the NFL will miss you. Great football player and a better man. God Bless!

  25. Best of luck to an old school Giant. Thanks for the great memories over the last 10 years. Respect…

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