Favre denies he’s worried about getting booed at Lambeau Field

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Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said recently that Brett Favre has not committed to a jersey retirement ceremony at Lambeau Field in part because “He wouldn’t want to come back to be booed.” But Favre says that’s not the case.

“I’ve heard that was a concern of mine, and I’m here to tell you I’m not,” Favre said on ESPN 1000. “I’m not worried about that. I’m well aware that you can’t please everyone. Not everyone’s going to like you regardless, and you know what, so be it. But I think the 16 years that I had in Green Bay speaks for itself.”

Favre was booed off the field the last time he played at Lambeau with the Vikings, but he thinks he’d be cheered if he returned to have his green and gold No. 4 jersey retired.

“I have played with other teams, but I will be remembered as a Packer,” Favre said. “I feel that. I think the true Packer backers, which there are tons out there, feel the same way. I’m not the first player to play for other teams or rivals. . . . As time goes by, that’s how I will be remembered, as a Packer, and that’s how I want to be remembered.”

Favre believes that most Packers fans remember him fondly, even if they didn’t much like the way he left.

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  1. Favre was the dreaded enemy coming in with that Viking team and i can honestly say i am overwhelmingly happy he didnt win a Super Bowl for them..that being said his 16 year career DOES speak for itself. He was a 3 time MVP, a Super Bowl champion and among others made Packers football relevant again for the first time in almost 25 years. His #4 deserves to be retired and put in the ring of honor along with the other greats and the fans should cheer him loudly when that day comes.

  2. I think there will be a VERY small minority that would boo him. Probably not even enough that he would even hear it.

    For the most part, people would welcome him back. I know I would.

  3. jmoe1130 says: Jul 21, 2014 7:12 PM

    just get it over with will ya? Retire the jersey.


    Pretty sure they are just waiting until he gets his 1st ballot HOF induction in a couple years to co-inside with that.

  4. I’ll admit I booed when he returned to GB and cheered when he choked vs NO. But I like most, have gotten over it. He’ll always be remembered as a Packer.

  5. I’ve been to Green Bay twice as the fan of an opposing team and was treated incredibly well. Even at the game with the booze flowing, Packers fans were very nice to me. I can’t imagine #4 being treated with anything but respect and adulation.

  6. Lambeau should just have fake crowd noise pumped in like the Metrodump did. Problem solved.

  7. f1restarter says: Jul 21, 2014 7:48 PM

    The Lombardi Trophy that the Packers won without Brett makes forgiving and forgetting a whole lot easier.
    “Trophies”. You’re welcome.

  8. I’m sure there are some Packer fans who’d like to stick it back to Favre but I doubt this is a serious concern for anyone.

  9. The plan is to bring Favre back to make friends this season, retire his number in Green Bay next season, then join the HOF in 2016. His number must be retired in Green Bay first to avoid any concerns for the HOF induction – for Brett as well as the Packers. It will happen, there will be a few boo birds, but they won’t be heard. Overall, Favre will be VERY well received.

  10. Bret Favre is the reason I started watching football. I’ll never forget the Packers vs Cowboys/49ers in the 90’s… This games were fantastic!

  11. I think 98% of packer fans have moved on…he was one hell of a watch when he played. He always made things happen on the field, good or bad depending on who you were rooting for.

  12. As a Packer fan who went the through the Lombardi years and the twenty-five lean years that followed,, I have disowned the boo birds. Most of them were johny-come-lately bandwagon jumpers that would never recall the musical chair qb position of 1991, much less the late 70s.

  13. Let us learn to forgive and forget.

    Favre upset some fans toward the end of his tenure in Green Bay.

    Let us not forget he was the face of the franchise for 16 great years and he made the Pack viable again.

    Let number 4 assume his place in the Pack Hall of Fame.

  14. He will be welcomed with open arms. He was as important to GB as GB was to him.

  15. “I have played with other teams, but I will be remembered as a Packer,” Favre said. “I feel that. I think the true Packer backers, which there are tons out there, feel the same way.”

    You are right Brett. Come on home, I’ll be cheering loudly.

  16. I wouldn’t say Favre choked against N.O. Adrian Peterson is the one who choked. Favre made a mistake at the end but mostly played an unbelievable game against guys who were being paid extra to take him out. Even the refs turned a blind eye, yet he never left the game. Favre will always be remembered for that last pass he threw but AP’s multiple fumbles are what put them in that position to begin with. Favre played like a warrior and did more than enough to win.

  17. Bears Fan, but this was broadcast was on chicago espn 1000’s Carmen and Jurko since John Jurkovic was his teammate and I say get it done already. He deserves the honor, his play spoke for itself and he left it all on the field. Played the game the right way and killed my Bears for years.

  18. I am tired of the remember what Brett Favre did for the Packers. As if it was him alone. People seem to forget Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren and Reggie White. It was horrible for years before ALL these men transformed Green Bay.

    But it is nice to see Favre now distancing himself from the Vikings…we all make mistakes.

  19. I’m far from being a Packer fan…. but those fans have some class. He was the face of the franchise and brought a lot of special moments to GB and a Super Bowl over the years.. They won’t boo him..

  20. Just think of what else he could have done for the Packers if he was not such a diva… boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. This story makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t a story about Favre be soaked in drama. Dude lives for this kind of drama.

  22. I will remember as the narcissistic all time leader in interceptions that he is was and always will be.

    Personally hope the day never comes when Green Bay embraces that puke ever again.

  23. Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said recently that Brett Favre has not committed to a jersey retirement ceremony at Lambeau Field in part because “He wouldn’t want to come back to be booed.”

    What Mr. Murphy is really saying is that he’s afraid that the Green Bay Packer fans will embarrass the organization by booing Favre.

    They should have retired Favre number in 2011 – when he retired. No one in the history of the Packers organization has given so much of himself to the team.

    Favre’s a big boy. He proved time and time again how tough he was on the field.

    He can handle whatever the Packer fans want to do – whether it be booing, burning his jersey, or some other embarrassing (for the Packer organization) activity.

  24. This is said from a diehard Packer Backer: I will not be a Favre fan again until he publicly apologizes for his poor attitude and actions from 2005-2010. It is understandable that he wanted to continue playing. He played great (except in the playoffs – shock) until 2010. He truly was an amazing athlete.

    It is true that winning the 2010 Super Bowl with ARod getting the MVP while the Vikings season (and their stadium) imploded was some serious comeuppance, but the fact is that on his way out of town Favre intentionally hurt the team who gave him the only real shot he got when he was trying to break into the league in 1991-1992 by going to their 2nd biggest rival! It could have been handled with so much class, but it wasn’t – because Favre let his ego get bruised. For “Exhibit A” in class despite a difficult situation, look at the way Peyton did things with the Colts. There is no animosity from either side because Peyton didn’t let his pride get in the way of what he knew was a tough situation for everyone involved.

    It takes a real man to say “I was wrong.” Until then – when his number is retired, I am left hoping that there is nothing but absolute silence from the fans. Not boos. Just silence. That will speak louder than any outpouring of anger would.

  25. So what if he went to the Vikes? That was managements decision to let him walk. The guy still had good years left in that ROCKET of a right arm! And he proved it. I am a diehard pack fan, and he will always always always be a packer! He was and is a mistake prone, egotistical womanizer, BUT, he made me, for one, forget all about the Don Majikowski era!!! Thanks for everything Brett! If I’m at LAMBEAU when they retire #4, I will be cheering as loud as I can!

  26. I’ve been a Packer fan since 1959, and I will boo him until he either leaves town, along with his disgraced jersey number, or I lose my voice. Then I will use a air horn. That is my opinion, which I am entitled to.

  27. johnnyjagfan says: Jul 21, 2014 7:17 PM

    Always drama surrounding Favre. I wish Jerry Glanville wouldn’t have traded him to Green Bay.
    Umm, yeah. It’s not like the assent of Favre as an fine QB and the signing of Reggie White saved the Packers from another 15 years of mediocrity. The 70’s and 80’s in GB were filled with such success for the franchise after all. Face it, despite the fact that the exit of Favre was ugly, the franchise and true GB fans owe him one last hearty cheer. Nobody can say for sure if Rodgers would have been forced to start right away instead of learning for three years that he would not have been a dud just like so many others that were put in that position.

  28. Would it help if BOTH sides came out and publicly apologize? It seems that Brett doesn’t think he did anything wrong to the Packers organization, the coaches, Rodgers, or the fans. The team has already tried to make overtures to him, but it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated. The first step of acceptance and seeking forgiveness is admitting wrongdoing.

  29. I just can’t cheer for a guy that really wanted the Bears to eliminate the Packers from the playoffs back in 2010. I’m still a Favre fan, but I’m a Packers fan first.

  30. Favre is a dramatic guy. There will be a smattering of boos, because he earned them and deserves them.

    But then he’ll step to the mike and tearfully reminisce and they’ll show highlites and there won’t be a dry eye in the place. That’s when he’ll get a twenty minute non-stop standing ovation and I’ll be one of them cheering for the guy, a hillbilly, but he’s our hillbilly.

  31. Packer Nation is ready to welcome him back. He needs to be back. He belongs here. This whole “they might boo him” issue it nothing more than a talking point for the media. Enough time has past. He has meant too much to this team and fan base for too long for a couple years in purple to poison. His number will be retired. His name will to up there in the bowl along with Reggie White’s. His banner will hang in the Lambeau Field Atrium. And the house will be rocking. All I ask… Packers… you current players… when the time comes… WIN THE D@MN GAME! We always seem to lose these “special occasion” games. Just sayin… peace.

  32. Brett Favre helped save the franchise and made Green Bay a national team. Anyone who boos him cannot truly be a Packers fan.

    With that being said, Green Bay probably has the classiest fan base in the NFL. No way they boo him.

  33. I would have booed Farve as a Viking, and I will never approve of the way he left. But as a fan just young enough to have missed the Lombardi years but old enough to have witnessed two decades of awful football before #4 came to Green Bay, I think he absolutely deserves to have his number retired and honored for the tremendous role he played in Packer history.

  34. I didn’t boo him when he was wearing purple, except when he played the Packers. If he would have won a SB in Minny, that wouldn’t have bothered me either. It would have given the trolls on here something to actually talk about the Vikings achieving.

  35. I wouldn’t boo him, give him a mini golf clap maybe, but not boo him.

    I think a better strategy would be to head for the Men’s room during the ceremony and get back to your seat in time for the 2nd half.

  36. No one has done more for GB in the last 25 years than Bob Harlan. He regards Favre as the greatest player in team history. That’s good enough for me.

    There will always be contrarian knuckleheads who boo to be different, but they will be overwhelmingly drowned out.

  37. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept being good enough to start in the NFL and not being good enough to be a Packer. Being as good as Brett was made that process more difficult.

    First things first.

    Players don’t get their name put up in Lambeau Field until they have been inducted in to Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton first. That is the minimum standard.

    He will have a chance to speak at Canton first and say the right things.

    If so, there will not be a dry eye at Lambeau Field when he speaks with the crowd erupting in orgasmic celebration.

  38. I always enjoyed seeing those sideline antics of him acting like a big old kid butt slapping, farting and joking around with every one, team mates, refs and even the ball boys. You could tell how much he loved being out there with his team. His talent was awesome but his love of the game was what made me a Favre fan.

  39. If there is any booing the cheers will drown it out anyway. As for that queen thing, thank God it was a failure and easy to forget, we can thank Porter for his great pic in that NFL championship!! Welcome back Brett.

  40. I have never been a Favre or Packer fan. I do however have a tremendous amount of respect for his body of work. His work ethic, toughness, and grit on the field is something that is rare in a QB. His name was spoken 10 times a game even when the Packers weren’t playing. I remember this because I distinctly recall screaming at the tv: “SHUT THE (TR)UCK UP MADDEN, HE HAS A BYE WEEK THIS WEEK! ” I will remember him as a Packer when I am old. Any Cheesehead that boos his jersey being retired should have their Packer priveledges revoked for a year, and if they are on the season ticket list they should be pushed back to the end of the 90,000+ waiting list. Shame on you in advance!

  41. As a Packers fan, I’m still not sure. Only cuz he sent a pic of his wiener to a woman while in New York, though he is married. And he lied about his intentions to retire, once again, to get to Minnesota. The Super Bowl and the freak play memories are SWEET!!! However, I think Rodgers has outclassed Favre while maintaining the same level of play, if not better. If I were there I wouldn’t boo, I’d clap. Coming from the boy who got chills the first time he heard Brett Favre’s name get called as he ran on the field years back. Management made the right decision letting him go when they did.

  42. The crowd at Lambeau on all sides would strongly suggest to anyone booing Brett on his day back home that they shut the heck up.

  43. Brett is the prodigal son.

    He’ll be welcomed home.

    Before he’s a first time-eligible HOF inductee.

  44. A more interesting question is who Brett will ask to deliver his induction speech at Canton.

    (Maybe Ron Wolf.)

  45. He shouldn’t only be booed for the whole retirement fiasco, being a traitor, and putting that knife in our backs.
    He should also be booed for blowing all those playoff games and losing that SB for the Pack and the fans!

  46. Any iconic athlete like Brett Farve is bound I have haters. It goes with superstar territory, people are going to be envious. When Brett Favre’s number is retired and Green Bay they’re going to cheer as loud as when they won the NFC championship Game that put Green Bay back on the Track to the Super Bowl that Favre helped them win. 99.9% of the fans are going to cheer loudly! Get up here Brett and take a bow!
    Go pack go

  47. They didn’t boo McNabb in Philly and he was far less accomplished, created more drama and was a bigger choker than anyone. And, Philly fans really only know how to boo.

  48. He won’t get booed.

    Fans are always nostalgic about returning guys, even if there were rocky times in between.

    Ok, maybe one or two a-hole fans, but generally he’ll be cheered.

  49. granadafan says:
    Jul 21, 2014 7:50 PM
    First he has to apologize to Aaron Rodgers for the way he treated Rodgers.


    And he must buy him a shrubbery…

  50. I’m just trying to remember which other NFL teams/rivals Nitschke and Starr and Kramer and Taylor and Hornung played for? Because, you know, Brent said that he’s not the first Packer (great?) player to do that.

  51. If LeBron can go back to Cleveland. Favre should be welcomed back to Green Bay with open arms. People have short memories and are forgiving for the most part. In this case both parties were in the wrong and Favre’s competitiveness took over when he wanted to play for a rival to be able to stick it to the Pack twice a year. If I was a Packer fan I’d be glad to have him back where he belongs. Nobody will remember Favre playing for the Jets or Vikings. He’ll always be remembered as a Packer.

  52. “Being booed? Nah, I’m not worried about that. I’m just not wanting to retire my jersey just yet… You know, I’m just not sure that kid they have now- what’s is name, Rutgers? Rodgers? Something like that. Anyway, I’m not sure he’s real NFL material, so… gotta keep the ol’ arm in top shape, just in case I get the call to come back and save the day, you know? Can’t do that if they’ve retired my jersey, that’s all awkward, right?”

  53. I booed him at that Minnesota game. I would cheer wildly at his return and in canton, 2016. That 2011 game meant a lot to the Pack’s season and considering favre beat gb twice the year before, there were some other factors to consider. Things just bubbled over that night and got a little ugly.

  54. He screwed every single player, particularly his linemen, who kept him alive in Green Bay for all those years. He screwed every fan who payed hard-earned money to support him financially. Remember the mic picking him up, telling a Chicago Bear to “Go get ’em next week,” when the Bears were to play the Pack?
    Oh yeah, he really LOVES the Packers and their fans!
    How Many Times did he jerk everyone around up there?
    It was always, Always, ALWAYS about Him, and it Always Will Be.
    The best thing about retiring Number Four will be because no one will have to look at it anymore.
    Compare him to the likes of Real Teammates and Men like Bart Starr or Reggie White.
    If they cheer wildly, they will be making utter fools of themselves. Golf Applause and Silence would be acceptable. Barely.

  55. Farve can be a little quirky at times but compared to the rest of the league’s players he’s one of the all-time best there is. After all he gave that team in the end it was the Packers showing him the door.

  56. You outsiders don’t understand Green Bay. We’re are knowledgeable and passionate fans. When Favre “orchestrated” his landing in Minnesota, it was a direct slap at the Packers and Green Bay. It was his plan.
    It’s OUR TEAM ! We took it personal.
    There are some folks still bitter and they may Boo. They have the right but I hope they can take a moment to let bygones be bygones.
    Personally, I will cheer remembering his uncanny skills and toughness.
    We adored this man for years but he gave very little back to the community and then kicked us to the curb. I’ll cheer, but it doesn’t mean I have to respect him as a man.

  57. To txbearmeat, good post. I agree. I would add pursuant to another post here, that he must apologize to Arod, who he treated very poorly. I will never forget favray waving Arod away like he was an obnoxious fan when approached with the clipboard to talk about the game. That was insulting. Difference here is, Arod has moved on and is acting classy about that. And to repeat your thoughts, he deliberately tried to hurt the Packers when he left town, in a very vindicative way, now he wants all to be forgotten. No way, keep photos of your junk down in the swamp you call a home. Go Packers, down with favray.

  58. @ haaaaasoooooo
    It’s not what he did, it’s how he did it.

  59. Some of you non-Packer people don’t understand the booing.

    He soiled himself deliberately with the purple slime of the most scandal riddled dirtbag franchise in the NFL. He mutilated himself and his career by associating with the very worst type of immoral humanoid imaginable.

    Think of the worst thing your beautiful gracious daughter could do to publicly soil herself. Those that soiled her hated her and now laugh and brag about their disgusting deeds and reputation.

    It is worse than that.

  60. Sure, Favre will apologize to the Packers. Once they apologize to him for forcing him out after wanting to come back in 2008. They can also apologize to him by orchestrating a smear campaign against him while he was still a Packer player by hiring a PR firm headed by the same guy who lied to the world about WMDs before we invaded Iraq. Then using the Wall Street Journal to orchestrate this “Diva” myth by Ari Flescher using his contact there to publish that ridiculous story. Funny, Favre was never refereed to as a “Diva” before that story came out. No play, coach, or fan ever called him that.

    As far as fellow Packer “fans” who still hold a grudge, they obviously do not understand what BOTH sides did wrong and the business of football.

  61. @ badgerinwis says: Jul 22, 2014 3:05 PM

    Sure, Favre will apologize to the Packers. Once they apologize to him for forcing him out after wanting to come back in 2008.
    You seem to have forgotten the chronology of events. Favre announced his retirement in March only to recant in May. Then Ted and Mike met with him to confirm and Brett said he reconsidered his recant. Then he makes a public announcement through a national media source in July that he wants back in. So you tell me who should be apologizing ???????

  62. Funny all the Porker fans are talking about what a class act Rutgers is, and what a d-bag Favre is. If Rutgers was such a class act, he would speak up and say its time to bring Favre home and Porker fans should cheer him. Rutgers and Favre may not have been best buddies, but you can be dang sure that Rutgers would not be where he is today had he not spent some time learning under one of the best QBs in NFL history. And this is coming from a Vikings fan, whom he TORCHED for 10+ years. The Vikings fan in me hated that SOB for years, but the football fan in me loved him, because he really was fun to watch, even when kicking the purple butt.

  63. @ 1wildfan1 says:
    If Rutgers was such a class act, he would speak up and say its time to bring Favre home and Porker fans should cheer him.
    He already did that last year @ the ESPYs.
    Got any more troll comments ?

  64. greengoldandbold,

    Yeah, so what. He waffled on retirement. Funny that you left out Ted Thompson’s awkward visit to ask if he wanted his locker. Or the fact that he and McCarthy ignored his calls while they were on vacation before training camp opened.

    There was wrong done on both sides. The difference is, is that it is the General Managers JOB to get it right. I’m sorry, but the one thing I can never forgive in this was Ted Thompson hiring Ari Flecsher to orchestrate a smear campaign on Favre (The phantom Packer issued cell phone, the WSJ article, etc.) while he was still a Packer player.

  65. For anybody who thinks Rodgers is all class and just doesn’t read the script his PR team gives him needs to look no further than his 60 minutes interview where he belittles a fan just because the fan made the innocent comment “I thought you would be bigger.”

  66. No way I’d boo. Even if he did play for the hapless Vikings. The man has done too much for this franchise to get booed at his number retirement ceremony. I think we probably booed him enough the last time he was here and limping off the field.

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