Griffin believes his receivers will be fine with limited touches


Washington has plenty of offensive weapons.  But with only one ball being used at a time and a strong-to-quite-strong complement of receivers, running backs, and tight ends, the team will have to find a way to keep everyone happy.  Quarterback Robert Griffin III doesn’t see that being a problem.

“These guys know that there are some weapons around them on the field, so they don’t have all that pressure on them,” Griffin told 106.7 The Fan in D.C., via  “But they also know when they get the ball, they are going to have to do something with it because there’s no guarantee that the ball is going to come to them 10, 15 times a game.  They might only get three or four of five shots a game, and they have to make the most it.”

It sounds good, but it won’t be easy to persuade DeSean Jackson to be happy with three or four or five shots per game, especially when he’s trying to prove the Eagles got it wrong by matching or exceeding his numbers from last year (82 catches, 1,332 yards).

“The great thing about having so many weapons is all these guys have great attitudes about them,” Griffin said.  “They are great character guys. At the end of the day, when you win everybody’s happy.”

That assumes plenty.  Specifically, that the team will win.  If the team doesn’t, and if DeSean is getting three or four or five looks each week after averaging 5.125 catches per game (not targets but completions), it will take more than a radio interview from Griffin to keep Jackson from becoming a problem.  And that’s where it will be on Griffin to adopt a willingness to say things that Jackson won’t want to hear, a general sentiment former teammate London Fletcher shared on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk in April.

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  1. Griffin is clearly still a little wet behind the ears. I mean give me a break dude, have you not paid any attention at all to this guy over the past few years?!?

  2. I wouldn’t say they have “so many weapons”.

    DeSean is a great player and superb threat. Garcon is becoming a very good player…. Santana Moss is old and hasn’t broken 600 yds in 3+ years….

  3. That may quite possibly be the first time in NFL history that Desean Jackson was referred to as a “character guy”. We’ll see.

  4. Can’t believe Djax chose the redskins YES I said it redskins over the magnificent raiders. Biggest mistake of his life have fun with that circus
    Khalil Mack>Barr and Clowney

  5. So last year when there was more pressure and reliance for them to perform they were expected not to do as much with the ball? Did he announce to the team that yards after the catch were totally optional and to not try so hard? No wonder they got smoked last year.

  6. Griffin said. “They are great character guys.”


    “[…] a number of sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles revealed was that Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games.”

    High character guy . . .

  7. Pierre catching 100+ passes last year was a bit ridiculous. Once Reed went down everyone in the stadium knew Pierre was getting the ball. Period. Having a lot of options is definitely a good problem.

  8. How will matching his production prove the Eagles got it wrong? They didn’t cut DeSean because of production. They cut him because of rumors of gang connections.

    But Yea Griffins going under a bus soon if 3-5 targets happen.

  9. 8to80texans- nobody is under the illusion that moss is Anything more than a 5th reciever at best Anymore. Andre Roberts is the undisputed 3

  10. I love how this article acts like the person knows what DeSean will be happy with. Because, of course, he didn’t know coming to DC that he was going to share the ball with Reed, Garcon, and Morris.

  11. 8to80texansblog says:
    Jul 21, 2014 2:56 PM
    I wouldn’t say they have “so many weapons”.

    DeSean is a great player and superb threat. Garcon is becoming a very good player…. Santana Moss is old and hasn’t broken 600 yds in 3+ years….


    Really? You wouldn’t???

    “Garcon is becoming a very good player…. ” – He led the league in receptions, so I think he’s quite a bit past “becoming”

    And have you forgotten Alfred Morris? All he has accomplished is gaining the second most rushing yards in the league since he has been in it.

    Oh and btw, you bring up Moss may be in decline, but he is not the 3rd or even the 4th receiving threat at this point. Jordan Reed had the 4th most yards and 3rd most TDs amongst TEs before his concussion… and he’s back now and Andre Roberts will be in the mix too.

    I would say that’s quite a few weapons around RG3. I doubt there’s a QB in the league surrounded by more.

  12. Me thinks Alfred Morris was more a product of Shanny than anything. He always had a knack for getting the most out of his runningbacks.

  13. Blah, blah, RGIII sucks, he’s an idiot, etc. We get it , you guys don’t like the guy. When you have Garçon, Jackson, Reed and Roberts, the rock must be shared.

  14. I am sure Desean will be happy going from the best year of his career last year with the birds and then transitioning to a team where he averages 3 attempts a game with the skins……goood luck ….I will be shocked if the skins don’t finish last in the division

  15. twilson962 says:
    Jul 21, 2014 3:01 PM
    Pierre catching 100+ passes last year was a bit ridiculous. Once Reed went down everyone in the stadium knew Pierre was getting the ball. Period. Having a lot of options is definitely a good problem.

    Reed played in 9 games. Garcon had 54 of his 113 catches in the first 8 games and 59 in the last 8.

  16. Alfred Morris does well behind a zone blocking run scheme. Which is why Gruden is sticking with that technique in the run game. Me thinks you have no substance behind your opinion.

  17. I think RG3 will be a little better this year, but I can’t see the Skins making much noise in the tough NFC this year even though they are in the weak NFC East.

  18. Don’t like the Redskins, but Jordan Reed is going to be a major weapon, especially when safety help is going to be needed over the top so DeSean doesn’t get behind the secondary. That will leave a whole lot of room for Reed to operate underneath. Truth is, they have a lot of weapons. Let’s see if they can execute on Sundays.

  19. Morris will get 20 touches/gm, 5 each Helu, Garcon, Jackson, Roberts, Moss,& Reed=50 offensive snaps….. The ones who produce will get more like 10, because they’ll have 60-75 offensive snaps/game

  20. That’s fine if Morris was a product of Shanahan, Gruden and OC Sean McVay (who has been with the Skins his entire career) aren’t changing the run game.

    Although I don’t agree with him being a product of the system since he has been top 3 in Yards after Contact the last 2 seasons. That’s personal skill and desire, not the system to break tackles.

  21. Let’s not forget with all those weapons it will make for a lot of 7 man fronts for Morris to work with. And of course Reed getting one on ones with LBs and safeties.

  22. Skins are going to shred this pathetic division to pieces. The Eagles are the closest threat, but losing D-Jax really makes that offense a lot easier to handle. The Cowboys, unfathomably, somehow managed to make their defense even worse. And of course, the Giants are bringing up the rear as their O-line is falling apart at the seams. Skins will win this division with at least a 9-7 record, probably clinching it during the last game of the season against Dallas, who will definitely finish 8-8.

  23. Whoever thinks that DeSean “knew what he was getting into when he joined a team with Morris, Garcon and Reed” and that DeSean is, thus, prepared to get fewer touches, doesn’t know much about DeSean. DeSean’s thought process is “I’m the greatest in the world, I sure hope those guys know I’m cutting into their touches.” I assure you, it has never occurred to DeSean that it goes both ways. As I said before, good luck with that.

  24. Andre Roberts is now and has been a JAG his whole career.

    Pierre Garcon had BY FAR the best year of his career last year, but before that he’s been a #2/3 his whole career with numbers to match. So as I said, he’s “Becoming” a really good player. Have to do it more than just once to be a “Great” player. But now with DeSean on the team, he’ll go back to filling that familiar role. As far as him leading the league in receptions? Matt Schaub led the league in passing one year… does that make him a “Great” QB?

    And sure, Alfred Morris is a great back, probably top 5, no question top 10 in the league, but he’s not even the best back in the division.

  25. Think its time for Robert Griffin to quit talking and show the football world someting more than out of control ego. He may end up being great. He may not, but until that all plays out the best path for him to follow would be that of understated leadership. Dont tell us how good you are, show us!

  26. Hogdropalogonbigd

    How can you say the Eagles are the biggest threat to you but you would have to beat the Cowboys week 17 to won the division.. If your theory is correct then the Cowboys would be 8-7 and you would be 8-7 and to me if my Cowboys with out “horrible” defense is left with another chance to win or lose the division by week 17 then that means this Division including Washington was not strong enough to beat a historically predicted bad defense which should be sad for the Eagles giants and Washington

  27. “Blah, blah, RGIII sucks, he’s an idiot, etc. We get it , you guys don’t like the guy. When you have Garçon, Jackson, Reed and Roberts, the rock must be shared.”

    Not to mention Alfred Morris, one of the most underrated RBs ever. This offense can easily be top 5. Our special teams will be a lot better, too.

    Now if our defense just doesn’t suck (even if it’s middle of the road), we can get back to the playoffs.

  28. A single reception can come with a significant amount of yardage

    I’ll guarantee D Jackson is not set on making career numbers – just delivering his share of those devastating plays the Redskins have been on the receiving end of prior 2014.

  29. First I’d like to start by saying that’s hilarious, gregmorris78. You’re in for a rude awakening.

    Why does RG3 talk so much? He”s gotten obnoxious. The last two offseasons have been littered with rg3 bravado quotes. Just shut up and accomplish something noteworthy.

    To the people saying that Desean fully thought through his decision and is well aware that he’ll be sharing the ball with the rest of the stable, you’re living in a fantasy land. He went to the one place the would actually pay him something and give him the guaranteed money that absolutely no other team would even consider. Here was his thought process: MONEY. Way too many egos in the Skins locker room. And with Jay Gruden managing those egos, I cringe for the skins faithful.

  30. DeSean Jackson has never once complained about touches. You got the wrong guy, Florio. That was T.O. doing the complaining. Jackson has an attitude but it’s not about selfishness. It’s about not committing 100 percent to football. He likes making music. Personally I can’t blame the man.

    You’ve never seen Jackson arguing with his QB about not throwing to him. I don’t think he really cares enough.

  31. Meanwhile, at REDSKINS Park…….
    DeSean: “What are those three shiny things coach?”
    Coach: “those are what are known as Super bowl trophies”
    DeSean: “I never saw those in Philly”
    Coach: “duh, it’s Philly, the SOLE team in the NFC EAST without one…’s quite pathetic actually and embarrassing for the division”

  32. Five paragraph article about the Redsksins that does not use the word ‘Redskin’ at all.

  33. The amazing arrogance of the Redskins haters. There are 32 teams in the league and which one of them have skilled position players that don’t believe that they are the best at their position and want all of the success that they can have to solidify their jobs and to get bigger paydays even if they are not bold enough to say it?

    Why should RGIII be any different with his opinions and optimism about himself and his team. We definitely do have a lot of weapons that are young and talented which have not been assembled on this team before at the same time.

    You “JAG”s are ignorant opinionated pessimist siting around talking about a young man who has put himself in position to capitalize off his talent and marketing appeal.

    You don;’t play him or pay him and your criticism doesn’t contribute to or diminish his pride and enthusiasm.

    As far as Djax, how do you know what he thinks or number of catches that he will be satisfied with as if 82 catches was the number that he set out to catch last year?

    Have you had this conversation with him or is this just more proof of how highly you rate the value of your own opinions?

    All of the hoopla over gang affiliation and him being cut from the team because of it is unproven gossip. Who are the gang members and what gang activity has been attributed to Djax?

    Oh my bad, he used a “gang” sign to acknowledge his home boys, I get it, rapist and drug addicts get a pass, but using gang signs is a felonious offense to the NFL. WOW!! what a stretch.

    Something other than arrogance and ego has to be attributed to the reasoning for the bull headed emotional actions of Chip Kelly who couldn’t talk Djax out of the $10 million that was due him.

    The Redskins saw the value in him and the price was right to get him as well as the opportunity to stick it to the same team that trashed him.

    Robert Griffin gets paid for his opinions, how much have you made lately? A jealous heart is a terrible thing to waste.

    All of you know that if RGIII is really as healthy as he appears to be this year, he is going to be a terror and a major factor to putting the Redskins back on top of the division and be right there in the play off hunt.

    As mentally painful as that might be for some of you, it will be your 2014 torturous reality and maybe some of you pitiful sad sacks can pull yourselves together to console each other while the rest of us fans celebrate the success.

    Do us all a favor and find something that makes sense to say before you decide to open your ignorant mouths.

  34. RGIII says the receivers will need to share the ball and somehow that’s bragging? People request interviews with him and he grants one with the local radio show and somehow that’s a problem? NFL players do interviews all the time it just so happens that Robert Griffin’s interviews get reported on more. It’s obvious you guys are all jealous haters who don’t want to hear anything from Robert Griffin the third because you know he’s going to tear it up this year, just go mind your own team.

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