Jairus Byrd on schedule in recovery from back surgery

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The Saints went through OTAs and minicamp without safety Jairus Byrd after their biggest free agent acquisition had back surgery in May.

The word at the time was that Byrd could have played through any injury, but that he decided to get it taken care of in the offseason so that it would not cause him any problems during the season. According to Mike Triplett of ESPN.com, things are progressing as hoped.

Byrd is expected to be healthy enough to take part in the team’s first practices of training camp at the Greenbrier in West Virginia, although the team may opt to bring him along slowly after missing the offseason program. Whether or not he is a full participant from the first day, Byrd’s got plenty of time to get himself into game shape and he should be in the lineup in Week One as long as he avoids any further injury.

The more cautious approach makes sense since the Saints see Byrd’s arrival as a chance to continue the defensive turnaround that started under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan last season. Byrd and Kenny Vaccaro give the team two playmakers to deploy in the back end as they try to claim an NFC South title this season.

23 responses to “Jairus Byrd on schedule in recovery from back surgery

  1. Talk about bandwagon fans, look at the saints fans!!
    Remember wearing brown bags over your heads???
    Hope the saints keep winning otherwise there may be a lot of fans suffocating inside their Wal-mart bags!!


  2. Bummed the Bills let him walk, but I guess this is not really something I’d want to worry about. Neck and back injuries are a big deal, and I think recovery times are often shaky if not optimistic.

  3. Great player for my Bills and would have really liked to have him at about ~6 mil per year, but the Saints overpaid and that was before the presence of a back issue. Nearly 60 mil over 6 years with 28 guaranteed! Good lord….they will regret that one.

  4. Great move by the bills to let him go, this guy is a handful of lucky interceptions away from being an above average player, highly overpaid, you only pay safeties that much if they are elite game changers, Thomas, reed, etc. Saints will regret this move in a year or two.

  5. vikes4reel

    why do you even PONDER posting?

    yes you are once twice three, even FOUR times a superbowl loser, we LOOOVVVVVE it. Yes we do.

    Go practice some 56yr field goals…

    The Lord blessed us with the Bryd, so we could send it as a signal to you…. lol

    Skol, is that viking for empty skull no brain?

    like Hell skooool? Anyone in in der?

  6. Why are Viking’s fans STILL acting like they would have won the SB in 2009 and that the Saints “robbed” them? The Vikes lost 4 times already and if they could have managed to get out of their own way in ’09 and get to the SB instead of the Saints they would have lost that one too. That’s what the Vikings do.


  7. not really sweating Byrd, we have so much depth on this team, short of losing Brees, this team will be in the mix for another superbowl.

  8. Exactly, three less interceptions and he is a pedestrian. He is a good player but not near worth that salary, couple tipped passes don’t go his way and he is not even top 10 in INT’s

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