Marcell Dareus will get a few day to get in shape


The Bills need defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

But it will be a few more days before they give him a chance to come back.

The troubled defensive tackle failed his conditioning test at the start of camp, and won’t be given a chance to re-take it until Thursday, according to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.

“Dareus has a good heart,” Bills coach Doug Marrone said. “We will get him in shape. We need him to play football for us.”

The heart hasn’t been a question for Dareus as much as the head this offseason, after being arrested for synthetic marijuana possession and drag racing.

But with the losses of linebacker Kiko Alonso to injury and safety Jairus Byrd to free agency, the Bills can’t afford another foundation player on defense going away.

So they’ll give him time, and apparently encouragement, to get himself back.

15 responses to “Marcell Dareus will get a few day to get in shape

  1. This is why some teams never win. What is the coaches message to 89 players before the start of a grueling training camp. Hey Dareus, you fat, out of shape druggie, “we need you” so take the week off and will see you on Friday.

  2. “few day”

    Seriously. Microsoft Word has a thing that should alert you to this type of stupid error. You should use that.

  3. What a terrible organization. To make fun of someone’s weight and publicly announce it to the media world. Where’s is all the moral outrage for a team making fun of a +300LB’er who was told to be heavy then punished for being heavy.

  4. The Media covering the NFL needs something else to talk about. Dareus is a good guy. He’s not dog fighting, sneaking steroids or murdering people. He’s young and made a few stupid mistakes.

    He is a beast, and this is more motivation for him to come out swinging this year. He was running 100 yd wind sprints after he “failed” the conditioning test yesterday to get back into shape. And he has the franchise tag on the line. He will be fine. Lay off the guy.

  5. Just because he’s not out murdering people doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy. He has made some very poor choices at the very least and unfortunately those choices were illegal. He may not be as bad as a murderer but he has still been spending more time breaking the law than staying in shape apparently.

    He better use this as motivation but I’ll believe it when I see it. People thought the same about Haynesworth but he didn’t care. If Dareus doesn’t realize the error of his ways he could find himself broke and unemployable soon enough. What a shame too when any NFL player can make millions but throws it all away because they are young and made stupid mistakes.

  6. A total lack of commitment to being a professional. Not just being out of shape, but overall. And no he hasn’t killed anyone, but very well could’ve drag racing on the street, high or not.

  7. this is a blatant attempt at sending dareus a message….i didn’t know the bills would be taking ideas out of shanahan’s playbook….lets hope it works out better for dareus than haynesworth

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