Nick Foles knows he may never match last year statistically

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When last season started, quarterback Nick Foles was on the bench for the Eagles. When it ended, he’d established the best touchdown to interception ratio in league history by throwing 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

Anyone who believes that Foles is going to have a difficult time doing that again has company in Foles himself. Foles knows that last year’s results have no bearing on how he’ll play this year, but he also knows that he can throw two interceptions in the first week of the season and still wind up as a better player by the end of the year if he leads the Eagles to more success.

“Our team isn’t measured by my 27-2,” Foles said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Can I be a good-enough leader to where I can make these guys better players around me to where it makes the team better and we win? Now, I might not ever reach those [statistics] again. … I hope I do. I want to get better and I want to be a better player. But if you’re just looking primarily at statistics, you might not ever.”

Foles threw seven touchdowns in a game last season, something that also may never happen again and something that also doesn’t have any bearing on whether or not he’ll go on to a long and successful career as an NFL quarterback. Given the talent on the Eagles offense and Foles’ comfort level after a year running the show, he’s well-positioned to take the Eagles to the playoffs again even with a less remarkable stat line.

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  1. INT’s will go up, but so will his overall skill level. He will be throwing plenty of TD’s in a high octane offense. Sorry haters, but this guy is the real deal. Foles was Andy Reid’s farewell present to all us Eagle fans as a 3rd round steal.

  2. You are what your record says you are. Not your stats. Foles has the right idea, im sure he’d trade his 119.2 qb rating for an 85.0 qb rating if it meant he was in the NFCCG or SB

  3. His defining characteristic thus far in his short career is an over-arching unwillingness to be complacent in any way. It doesn’t matter what stat line Nick Foles puts up year to year, he’ll never believe he’s good enough to stop working the way he does. You can’t ask for anything more in your leader than that…

  4. Sort of reminds me of Rodgers but not quite the arm strength (but more than enough to make all the throws). Have to like the head on his shoulders. Eagles will be dangerous until they have to pay him big money. Than the Eagles’ GM (and every GM paying top QB money) has more of a challenge keeping your team on top.

  5. In light of Foles and Wilson, take another look at their qb draft class. Sure, some of the big ones aren’t looking so good right now. Across the board, top to bottom? Very very good.

    It literally might end up to be better than the 1983 Marino, Elway, Kelly et al draft. Of those quarterbacks, four played in the Super Bowl, four were selected to play in the Pro Bowl, and three have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    The 2012 draft had Luck, RG3, Tannehill, Wilson, Foles, and if course Wheedon playing the role of Todd Blackledge. There’s a long way to go, yes, but there’s also an incredible amount of potential there. Ultimately, perhaps even Hall Of Fame potential. As Foles and Wilson show, you just have to look past the first round.

  6. I’m not an Eagles fan, but if I was, this would be an exciting time. This team is going to run away with the NFCE.

  7. I think the Eagles offense is going to be on a mission to show that they do not need Desean, and Foles is leading the way. I see 9 or 10 wins for them and they should easily win the NFC East. Again though, offense will not the problem. Their problem will be on the defensive side of the ball. I think their defense definitely played better the second half of the year, and I think Billy Davis will have them play even better this season. For them to have any shot at beating Seattle or San Fran, their defense will have to improve dramatically.

  8. They will not… They made a big mistake by letting D. Jax go no one to stretch the field or put fear in teams to play safe…so unless J. Maclin becomes that deep threat that we know he could the Eagles Offense will be taking a step back…Indeed…

  9. trefkennedy says:
    Jul 21, 2014 3:44 PM
    I think foles will be exposed this season

    Exposed? Explain? He’s not RG3 where you need to account for the run and passing attack. You mean a product of the system type QB? lol… either way enjoy being wrong as Foles continues to better himself as a QB.

  10. I think it’s funny when people say that a QB is a product of the system. If the system leads to a 27:2 TD:INT ratio than who cares. When they change the system than we can talk

  11. The NFC East title is a merrygoround. Every team that has won it in the past four years has missed the playoffs the following year. Add the loss of Desean and an offseason for the rest of the league to catch up to Chippy’s gimicky offense, and it’s not looking good for Napoleon Dynamite.

  12. The offense is not gimmicky and there is no secret to it, force the opposition to play man-to-man coverage and expose their weaknesses in pass coverage. With guys like Sproles Maclin Matthews Cooper Ertz, they have size and speed which poses problems for man-to-man coverage and all the presnap movement. Run the ball, use play action (read option) and put your players in a position to isolate the defenders. No secret, nothing to figure out just smart football with the right personnel

  13. Foles will be exposed this season… as awesome… to the people who somehow don’t get that he is awesome yet.

  14. I love it when people say that Foles is a product of Kelly’s system as a way to bash him or eagles fans for seeing that he is probably gonna end up being the best qb we’ve had in a long, long, long, long time. Cuz Kelly is our coach. And Foles our QB. So he is in that system. So he will be good. That’s your logic, not mine.

    He is a big, tall, strong (looks like he has put on 10-15 of muscle in his upper body), heady, calm, quick decision making pro-passer. Already. And it’s obvious that these are his attributes; not some fluke-way he happened to play last season. Read his college scouting report.

    And he hasn’t even started 16 games yet. Check his W-L record and stats with QB’s of history. Find a better start to a career on a younger more explosive team that is still growing? Let me know….

  15. Chip keep up with those great offseason moves..LOL!

    In Chip we trust.

    Signed Redskins, Cowboys, Giants

  16. Foles is a decent QB with a great attitude…it’s a shame he will end up on the injured reserve after Chip breaks his foot after running over it with his remote control car and food poisons him with his nasty smoothies.
    Poor Nick

  17. Close your eyes and chuck it Foles…….

    …….won’t work this year. Dude was lucky as heck last year and now their best player is in DC.


    ……that’s how they’ll finish.

    EAGLES…..trophy-less once again…..staining the 10+ trophies the rest of the division earned.

  18. Which Philly receiver now can keep other teams from the 8 man box by stretching the field and demanding double coverage?

    You don’t have one. Shady McCoy will suffer the most from the extra people that don’t have to cover down field anymore.

    He will miss Djax the most because he was the biggest beneficiary of him being on the field. Swing passes and dump offs will be harder to accomplish.

    Mathis and Peters will have to be on top of their game on the left side opening holes because the right side is not where they have confidence to run the ball,

    Philly won’t win the division because that title goes back to Washington with Djax who now will exploit the mediocre Philly defense.


    Bubble Burster

  19. I dunno, Foles looked pretty good last year didnt he. Can he do it again? I think so. Besides behind Foles there isn’t much at QB.

  20. Foles’ level head and work ethic are exactly what you want in a quarterback.

    Know who’s going to get exposed this year? Desean Jackson. A WR needs a quarterback and now he doesn’t have one.

  21. Lmao @ you people who think that a defense can run an 8 man box against the Eagles. Find me ONE educated opinion anywhere on this planet who will tell you that’s the way DC’s think they can play this team.

    It’s a ridiculous notion. Pick something else to say.


    The Eagles are the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!

    They have the
    Best QB
    Best RB
    Best RB Duo
    Best WR CORP
    Best OFFENSE
    And A Much Improved Defense!

    This Year iss gonna be a blow out!!

  23. It’s sad that the stats are the focal point. If/when Foles has a bad game this season the Philly media -which is the worst- will jump on the chance to question his 2013 record setting season as a fluke. The truth is, if he wins you games, he deserves to start.

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