No 2011 draft picks expected to hold out from training camp

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When the rookie wage scale grossly restricted the money earned by players taken at the top of the 2011 draft, a theory emerged that once players became eligible for new contracts after their third NFL seasons, plenty of the men who became quality players would hold out until receiving the money they didn’t get upon entering the league in order to prevent busts from being unduly overpaid.

So far, that theory has busted.  No members of the 2011 draft class are poised to hold out, even though none of the first-round picks has received a second contract.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, a fifth-round pick that year, has gotten a massive payday.  But he’s the rare exception.  First-rounders like Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Patrick Peterson, Julio Jones, Tyron Smith, and J.J. Watt (pictured) are waiting — and they’re waiting very patiently.

In fact, only one 2011 draft pick has taken a stand this offseason.  Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston boycotted the offseason program and a mandatory minicamp.  He’s still expected to report this week for Chiefs’ training camp, especially since he is only a season away from free agency, unlike the first-rounders whose hands are tied by the fifth-year option.

The situation will further bolster the idea that the NFL won big in the last CBA, even though the truth remains that the NFLPA got the best deal it could given a rank-and-file that didn’t want to miss a paycheck.  As a result, the paychecks will continue to smaller for for all rookies drafted from 2011 through the end of the decade, whether superstar or half-a-star.

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  1. I have mixed feelings about the CBA in terms of who won or lost. I think the players actually got too good of a deal overall as I think the NFL was too lenient with them and should have taken a harder and more aggressive stance. People are probably happy that I’m not the Commissioner because the threat of a lockout would have been far more real.

    But the players shafted themselves by not arranging the money the right way such that I despise the concept that players who bust out whether from getting in trouble or just not being good players can walk away from the game with so much money which dilutes the money pool for the good performers and those that play by all the rules. Not to mention some other goofy language and terms and miscellaneous loopholes that are pretty messy.

    And then of course you have situations like what’s being talked about here where we see some players get lucky, or get good breaks, or benefit from timing of random circumstances, and there’s just too many players that are getting customized results that flat out don’t make sense in comparison to their similar peers. It’s just overall a really sloppy deal.

    Oh and Goodell makes way too much money for being such a weak negotiator.

  2. I think the fans won too. Gone are the days where some huge draft bust (Ja-cough-Marcus) is a financial albatross around your team. A franchise can miss big on a first round choice and it really only sets them back one year.

  3. Players got screwed by this CBA, and their union. If any of these guys held out, they would lose a substantial amount of money. Teams don’t even have to discuss new contracts, just let the fines come and they’ll show up eventually.

  4. Well… That is what happens to you when you send a “Boy” to go do a “Man” Job

    The NFL players chose DeMaurice Smith as their executive director to represent them.

    The NFL owners chose Roger Goodell

    it’s clear from the CBA results the players are paying the price for sending a “Boy”(figuratively) to do a “Man” job….

    NFL Players will surely live with the consequence for a long time!!!

  5. “As a result, the paychecks will continue to smaller for for all rookies drafted from 2011 through the end of the decade, whether superstar or half-a-star.”

    Can this sentence possibly be explained? Is there going to be a shrinking rookie salary pool? Is there going to be another round added to the draft?

    I think the answer to those is no, and the rookie salary pool will increase, albeit slowly.

    Thus the forthcoming rookies arent going to be making significantly less money. The only technical reason I can think they would make less is inflation.

    Unless I just don’t see the conspiracy here.

  6. Jake Locker or however you spell his name has to be the biggest loser financially responsible for the 2011 draft. He could have came out a year earlier and had Sam Bradford money (50 m guaranteed), but he wanted to stay for the college experience, ha ha.

  7. God forbid you show up for work for the contractually obligated amounts.

    Yeah Yeah, I know contracts are not guaranteed, but employment in the majoirty of the country is considered an at will state where an employer can fire your for no reason also.

  8. The NFL waited for 2011 to institute a cap which has negated hold-outs but has benefitted players, teams and the fans?

    Atta boy, Goodell, keep the laughs coming.

  9. Oh, boo hoo. Crimea river. They’re still making more money in a few years than most people will see in a lifetime. The sense of entitlement among pro athletes is nauseating!

  10. they can complain all they want about that contract.. They also dont have to practice as much anymore and there is less contact in practice. That CBA softened the NFL in a way that set a precedent for the future. It will just get softer and softer until something drastic happens like new gear that truly protects or something of that nature happens.

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