Report: Eagles’ Keelan Johnson arrested for assaulting police officer

Eagles safety Keelan Johnson has been arrested after an altercation with police at a bar in Tempe, Arizona.

Johnson was charged with assaulting a police officer, passively resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to Arizona news station KTAR.

Police say Johnson was standing in front of a bar at 2 a.m. after an acquaintance was involved in a fight. As police detained Johnson’s acquaintance, Johnson shouted at officers. He was told to step back and then, according to police, when an officer tried to move him back, Johnson shoved the officer and a scuffle ensued. The report said Johnson appeared to be intoxicated.

The 24-year-old Johnson signed with the Dolphins as an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State last year, then signed with the Eagles when the Dolphins cut him at the end of the preseason. Johnson played in two games for the Eagles last season.

54 responses to “Report: Eagles’ Keelan Johnson arrested for assaulting police officer

  1. Not an Eagles fan but nobody’s fooled by these cops anymore. The cops had no right to put a finger on him, unless he was already being arrested. Funny…..cops touches you, everything is okay. You touch a cops, automatic assault. What is happening in this country?

  2. It’s pretty simple. If a cop tells you to do something, you do it. That’s pretty easy. If you don’t do it and are interefering with police business, whether you agree with it or not, it’s not going to end well with you. All he had to do was not be stupid and leave the cops alone but he had to be all macho.

    He’ll have plenty of time to be drunk at bars after the Eagles cut him. It’s not like he’s a world-beater and this won’t help his cause.

  3. How do you “assault a police officer”, and “passively resist arrest” at the same time? Punch him in the mouth, then fall on the ground in a fetal position with your arms covering your head?

  4. Yes, another day, another pro football player getting charged with assault. This is quickly becoming the rule and not the exception. Let’s face it. Football players are violent people. A lot of them have learned to save their aggression for the field. A lot of them haven’t, and menace the rest of us with their thirst for violence.

  5. “How do you “assault a police officer”, and “passively resist arrest” at the same time? Punch him in the mouth, then fall on the ground in a fetal position with your arms covering your head?”

    I don’t think you know what assault is, in legal terms anyways. You don’t have to punch someone to assault them.

  6. Gabbert, those are two separate charges. When Johnson touched the officer it was assault, he then apparently resisted arrest by not cooperating with the arresting officer.

  7. I guess the Eagles will be looking for another Safety after they cut this guy. He probably wasn’t going to make the team anyway. This practically guarantees it.

  8. That will be former Eagle Keelen Johnson in a few days. As Tom Coughlin said a few years back, nothing good can happen being out at 2:00 in the morning.

  9. No problem, he is in the NFL he will be given a lesser charge or the police made a mistake.

  10. “It’s pretty simple. If a cop tells you to do something, you do it.”

    Even if it violates your rights?

    He then found out that he has the right to remain silent.

  11. I’m not sure why the “Days Without an Arrest” counter has two digits…

    And, legally, assault is anything that puts someone in genuine fear of being battered. Hence the assault & battery distinction (you can be charged with both).

  12. Fox Sports reports he was arrested for Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer — that he pushed the cop backwards into a tree and hurt his head. If he is convicted on aggravated assault on a cop I’m pretty sure he will be going to prison. Arizona statutes state:

    Commit any assault against a police officer, peace officers, constables, firefighter, emergency treatment paramedic, teacher, school employee, or licensed health care professionals engaging in their occupational duties, public defenders or criminal prosecutors;

    Aggravated Assault Penalties

    Aggravated assault may be charged as Class 6 felony or Class 2 felony (most severe).

    Below are felony assaults/aggravated assault penalties for first-time offense convictions:

    Class 6 Aggravated Assault (least severe): Prison terms 18 months to 3 years; Presumptive term of imprisonment is 27 months.
    Class 5 Aggravated Assault: Prison terms 2 to 4 years; Presumptive term of imprisonment is 3 years.
    Class 4 Aggravated Assault: Prison term 4 to 8 years; Presumptive term of imprisonment is 6 years.
    Class 3 Aggravated Assault: Prison term up to 15 years; Presumptive term of imprisonment is 7.5 years.
    Class 2 Aggravated Assault: Prison Term 7 to 21 years; Presumptive term of imprisonment is 10.5 years.

    Eagles won’t have to cut him — it sounds like he cut himself

  13. How many times does a police officer or innocent bystander have to be maimed or murdered by some pinhead going off on them, grabbing their gun, punching someone, etc., until you genius’ defending this troll have to understand they MUST get you to comply when they tell you to back off or shut up in a confrontational situation. More times than not, this ends badly for many. They saved the surrounding public and themselves a mess by cuffing an imbecile who shows no respect for the law. He deserved an arrest….at least.

  14. A police officer has no legal right to physically move you,;unless you are under arrest. Anyone, police officer or not, that pushes you, is technically commiting assault- if you push them back, you are technically engaged in the act of self defense.
    also, you are allowed to stand a certain distance from police proceedings..was he violating that distance?

  15. What? An altercation at a bar at 2am on the last weekend before training camp? Say it isn’t so. Yup, even after the first announced arrest of the weekend, I stated yesterday not to worry, at least one more would out. Here we are. Were I the HC, I’d send every parent of my players a letter as follows:

    “Dear Mr. and Mrs. X, I’m your son’s HC and look forward to seeing him safe and well at Training Camp in Mid July. He’s got a bright future and can live out what I’m sure is his and your dreams. But young men like to have fun and celebrate their accomplishments. Repeatedly, they find trouble right before camp, and often it destroys a budding young career. You can help out with this by doing you best to convince your son to stay out the nightclubs the month before camp. You will all be happy he did. I can’t tell him because the NFLPA won’t let me. But you can. Thanks for you support.”

  16. Not true!! Yes you can yell at a Cop! I work around them, do it all the time! Also no!! You do not have to do what a Cop tells you what to do unless he/she is expecting you of a crime!! If not? Then you do not have to show them ID or even tell them your name!! I’ve done that many times as well! Never been arrested!! As long as you know you have done nothing wrong! Stand your ground! Know your rights! Don’t touch them! Ask again?! ” Do you expect me of committing a crime”? If they say no? And they persist on seeing ID? Tell them you want there supervisor! 9 put of 10 times you will be fine!! And yes, it is kinda wrong!! Cops murder a guy here in NY and if you touch a so called “New York’s Finest” Lol you get arrested! Unreal!! The Cops the killed that poor man here should go right to Jail for manslaughter!!! FNGC’S!!

  17. No worries Roger G.

    NFL players don’t have a growing problem being good members of society. You are right to spend copious amounts of time worrying about a team for London in 5-10 years or worrying about where the draft will be. This assault, weapons, public intoxication, reckless driving, DUI, resisting arrest, domestic violence, marijuana, cocaine thing is just a little phase everyone goes through. No worries Rog…it will pass.


  18. It’s a football player thing. You should see the arrests on College Football talk. Alot of these guys are just flat out a holes. You don’t read of this many arrests in baseball basketball or hockey. Football players seem to have major issues obeying the law.

  19. Cops are pigs. Always trying to assert their macho authority when they’re nothing but a bunch of employment rejects who can’t get real jobs so they join the police force as a substitute.

  20. Just another example of why marijuana should be legal and enjoyed at home. I guarantee cases like this would decrease significantly. People wouldn’t be as aggressive and putting themselves in bad situations just to regret it later. It would also make law enforcement officials’ lives a lot easier and safer.

  21. Whatever. He went from having a 0% chance of making the 53-man roster to having a 0% chance of being on the training camp roster. For someone like him, that was the sad end of any NFL dream. Sucks to be him.

  22. The Eagles will cut Keelan Johnson. It will be later described as “a football move” and they will openly say it had nothing to do with media reports of assault.

  23. As a person in law enforcement myself..i would agree that if you “touch’ a police officer it “CAN’ be assault..but it sounds like the cop had a little attitute abd took things to a higher level. Nobody likes having a finger on them or in their face and given orders. especially a person outside a bar ( obviously he was drinking)..Sounds like cop took it too far and now Johnson will pauy the price. as far as him making the Eagles team. well, if the league would allow 65 players on the active roster opening day..he still wouldn’t have made the team

  24. Should read ‘former’ Eagles safety Keelan Johnsonn. Cannot put yourself in a position to even be suspected of assault, especially on an officer of the peace. #knucklehead

  25. Cops are probably lying. If you look at one the wrong way, you’re “assaulting” them.

  26. And amazingly some people still wonder why many folks white and black, rich and poor, educated and uneducated hate the police. Who the hell polices the police? Their selves?

  27. “It’s pretty simple. If a cop tells you to do something, you do it.”

    Even if it violates your rights?


    What rights were violated? He should have known his role and shut his mouth.

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