Rex Ryan: David Harris is the most underrated player in the NFL

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Jets linebacker David Harris has started every game that Rex Ryan has coached. Ryan thinks it’s about time that people start recognizing everything Harris does for the Jets’ defense.

Harris wasn’t listed as one of the Top 100 players on NFL Network’s recent countdown, and Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that he was outraged by that.

“David Harris is the most underrated player in the league,” Ryan said. “It ain’t close! It ain’t close! You could have a top 100 . . . and he’s not even mentioned. And I’m like, ‘What?!’”

Harris may be underrated in part because his personality is unlike Ryan’s: While Ryan will loudly proclaim his own greatness, Harris lets his play do the talking. But sometimes the players who let their play do the talking get overlooked. So Ryan will do the talking on Harris’s behalf.

57 responses to “Rex Ryan: David Harris is the most underrated player in the NFL

  1. Just because a player is dominant in his rookie level Madden Franchise on PS4, that doesn’t mean that he will be successful in real life.

  2. Sorry Rex, but the most underated defensive player in the NFL is Paul Poslusny, middle linebacker of the Jags.

    What is a defensive playe supposed to do primarily? Tackle the guy with the ball, that’s right. Pos finished SECOND in the NFL in tackles and doesn’t get a sniff for the top 100? C’mon man!

  3. Looks like the old Rex is back, greeeaaaat. Hopefully the Pats, Bills and Phins all kick the crap outta the jests this year so that he can go back to being the humbled Rex from the last two years.

  4. his whole team is underrateed according to him.maybe that why they dont win,because they are.

  5. Rex is right, David Harris is a beast, just because you guys don’t know who he is does not mean he sucks, it actually means he’s under rated.

  6. Why can’t some reporter ask Rexlax where he thinks he rates as a coach?

  7. It’s remarkable to me how Rex as a D-Coordinator hardly ever opened his mouth, but from the minute he became a HC he has yet to shut up. Here’s what we can take from this offseason alone:

    -The Jets will make the playoffs
    -The Patriots should fear them
    -Rex thinks he’s a great coach, not QUITE best of all time.
    -Harris is the most underrated player

    Reality? The Pats won’t worry about the Jets because they are an average team that won’t make the playoffs, causing ‘great’ Rex to lose his job. And Harris is good, not great, surely not underrated.

  8. Rex, don’t curse the guy, every time you praise a player he turns to crap, ala Mark Sanchez, remember him? the Sanchize, one of the lowest rated QB’s in the NFL, you said he was the future of the Jets, instead he was the failure of the Jets, just keep your mouth shut for a change, you’ll get better results.

  9. Ok well now this is getting a little overboard. No more coffee for the coach, heck we can’t even afford coffee now that we have to give David Harris a giant raise! Oh wait yes we can, that doesn’t really cost us more, we just take that money out of an overrated player’s pocket. So Rex, who are the list of players on the team that are most likely to subsidize this new pay raise for Harris? Let’s hear your enthusiasm for who sucks the most!

  10. The most underrated player is Chris Kluwe. He’s so underrated he cant find a job.

  11. It finally came to Sexy Rexy that this is his last chance as a head coach to run his mouth without a losing record or flailing QB hanging over his head.

  12. He may be right. I mean, my reaction when I saw the headline was … “Who?”

  13. I think we all agree Rex talks to much at times. With that said , I am a Pats fan and a die hard Michigan fan. Harris is very good player and doesnt get enough credit when its due. The guy always is in the right place at all times directed that defense….

  14. I don’t have a dog in this fight whatsoever. I’m a Browns fan and have and my own worries on a defense for players NOT named Haden. Here’s hoping that Mingo is utilized more under the new regime and that Dansby proves to be a productive signing. Playoffs are a stretch this year, but that defense is set to get some attention this season. On offense… Well at minimum, let’s try to piece together a running game and then we’ll talk.

  15. The most underrated player in the league is Marques Colston. Period. The guy has produced consistently since being the second to last pick in the draft. He holds numerous records on the saints as well as several in the league. His stats match up with some of the top receivers and the guy has yet to make a pro bowl or receive any sort of recognition. Not as a saints fan, but a fan of football, the guys who produce, but close their mouths, rarely get recognized.

  16. Properly rated. He plays linebacker behind a beastly defensive line. It’s one of the easiest places to play linebacker in the entire league. A better linebacker would look more like Ray Lewis with a Dline that eats up so many blocks. By no means a bad player, but let’s face it, a better linebacker would be crushing it back there.

  17. Why is an NFL coach concerned about who is in the top 100? This is why Rex has his priorities so screwed up. His job is to coach the team, not to worry about where his players are ranked, or what somebody in the media is saying about the team. If his goal is to get his players to think he has their backs, then he’s accomplished that goal. But I thought the goal of an NFL coach was to win games.

  18. Memo to David Harris’ agent. GM’s tend to have a fairly selective memory. When David’s contract gets renegotiated, maybe you should keep this article.
    Harris is a very underrated player and for his Coach to demand this attention for his player is rare. Rex is a one of a kind. This was actually Rex’s way of showing his appreciation and also motivating Harris to prove him right.

  19. Wrecks should have said, “David Harris is as underrated as I am overrated.”

    He would be selling used cars if his old man wasn’t Buddy Ryan.

  20. Rex can never just make a reasonable observation like David Harris is a solid player that we value on our team. Instead it’s always, best ever this, best squad ever, blah, blah, blah. He’s the boy that cried scariest wolf ever.

  21. Of course he is Rex he is your player after all.

    We all know that if Rex has a player who isn’t known as a great player he is underrated. Rex is one of the greatest (but not the best) coaches of all time!

  22. Gotta love Rex, I know I do. No other coach in the NFL is as candid and no other coach loves his players as much as Rex does.

    I’d like to think that this is the year his players pay him back, but I think Jets may still be 1 year away from making noise in playoffs. Just depends on Geno’s learning curve and/or how Vick will play. Defense is STOUT.

  23. First off Ryan doesn’t proclaim his greatness he thinks his team is great and why not what else is he supposed to say, if he coached your team you’d love this guy he’s a hell of a coach.

  24. For those who don’t know, he would be the guy who picked Brady in the wildcard game of the 10-11 season. He is very underrated but very slow. Like getting caught by Crumpler from behind after picking Brady like I referenced earlier. Yeah, that kinda sloooooow. As for contract, he has made his money. He’s on the back 9 of his career now and very much a liability in pass defense. Demario Davis is the guy Rex should be promoting, but he loves his savvy old vets, i.e. Calvin Pace. Harris is in no way a product of the D line. His numbers pretty much read the same from his rookie season till now.

  25. The thing that gets me is that this is probably one little tiny piece of a long press conference and this is the only thing that was mentioned. He probably had many good and regular points, but the New York daily news tries to make him look crazy and over the top.

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