Seahawks have 99-percent season-ticket renewal rate

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It’s good to be the defending NFL champions.

The Seattle Seahawks have announced that all tickets for the 2014 regular season have been sold, thanks in large part to a franchise-record 99-percent renewal rate on season tickets.

The team capped season tickets at 63,000.  Another 12,000 members of the 12th man have joined the Blue Pride season-ticket waiting list.

It’s hardly a surprise, given the passion of the fan base, the performance of the team in 2013, and the potential for the Seahawks to become the first team in a decade to win back-to-back Super Bowl crowns.

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  1. The only period of time the Seahawks did not have a season-ticket waiting list was when Ken Behring was driving the team into the ground and then driving them to L.A.

    But this might be the largest waiting list they’ve had since the mid-80s.

  2. And the patriots have sold out every game before training camp has even started for the 21st season in a row. Seahawks are a bunch of fair weather fans

  3. How can bronco58lb or any bronco fan even mention anything negative when it comes to the Hawks? Not a fan of either team but c’mon man.

  4. Funny thing is… Brandon Browner was the “corner who holds on every play”…

    He is now with the #1 rated (or so some would say) Dbacks, the Patriots. We’ll now see who has all the holding calls.

    If you watch film of the games at all, you’ll notice hitting a receiver at the line is not the same as holding at the line. This was a point in the postseason with the NFL and oh, by the way, the Seahawks secondary, without Brandon Browner, wasn’t flagged much.

    Now, you can all go back to playing Madden ’14.

  5. 3 NFC East teams (Washington, NY, Philly) have waiting lists with more people on them than they have season tickets (60k+).

    Seattle wins a SB and has a waiting list that represents less than 1/5 of their season tickets.

    Ho freakin’ hum.

  6. “robert831 says:
    Jul 21, 2014 8:34 PM
    Lots of Seahawks fans getting ready to watch the most overrated corner in football get exposed when he can’t hold on every play.”

    Well, the rules have also been tightened up for offensive holding. Not overly worried with the rule change. It is a shame that they have gotten so far away from the original grind it out style of football to this fantasy football oriented/glory stats game that they play today.

    The other side of it is that Seattle has two extremely fast WR’s (Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson) and they won’t be able to be held either.

    So it will all balance out. Seahawks will still get a large number of coverage sacks and they may well start blitzing more.

  7. Taken from
    By Rich Kurtzman
    August 05, 2013 8:37 am MDT

    “The Broncos’ current sellout streak of 343 games dates all the way back to 1970, it’s the third longest in the NFL behind the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. But, because the Broncos began in the defunct American Football League – which merged with the NFL in 1970 – they’re the only franchise to sell out every one of their games in the NFL.
    That’s spectacular.”

    The NFL has some diehard fans around the country, lets hope they don’t screw it up…

  8. vincelombardisghost says:Jul 21, 2014 8:38 PM

    12,000? That’s it? Packers have nearly 90,000 on their waiting list.


    Hey genius, they said 12,000 new people in line for seasons tickets. Lay off the Milwaukee’s Best homie. You’re making packer fans look worse than they already do.

  9. Of course they will after they win the SB the year before.

    Look at the almighty Packers. They couldn’t even sell out a Playoff game and had to have an extension and corporate help.

    The only reason they have a waiting list is because half of them sell their tickets for profit and most don’t go to the game.

  10. I would expect this type of announcement from an expansion team within their first five years or so of existence and not an established team like the Seahawks which may be new to the NFC west but has been in the NFL since 1974.

  11. The Packers sell out streak dates back to 1960. The average wait for season tickets is 30 years. Since only about 90 tickets are turned over each year, add your name to the list today and you’ll be waiting about 955 years. Through good years and bad, the Packers have the most loyal following in all of sports, hands down.

  12. Vincelombardi, was about to say the same thing. I’ve been on the steelers list for 10 years already and am probably atleast another 30 from getting even remotely close. Fairweather fans in Seattle…wait another 5 years when they suck again and see where the #’s are!!

  13. Lambeau has over 99% renewal EVERY year. Welcome to the club, I guess, but let’s see if you can do that for 60+ years and counting.

  14. The Seahawks have only been around since the 70’s.

    Teams like the vikings have been around longer and can’t sell 50,000 season tickets.

    The Seahawks are moving up on the NFL reputation list. Times are good and they have a waiting list.

    Instead of saying they haven’t sold like your franchise, be happy they are contributing and making the NFL better.

  15. It’s called the business cycle. They will cycle back into obscurity, just like the Steelers.

  16. That’s awesome about those Broncos’ fans selling out since 1968. That means 4 and a half decades or roughly 2 generations of fans were able to witness the embarrassment of their team at the hands of the Hawks. It’s nice to do things as a family.

  17. The waiting list is capped at 12,000.

    > vincelombardisghost says:
    > Jul 21, 2014 8:38 PM
    > 12,000? That’s it? Packers have nearly 90,000 on their waiting list.

  18. It’s amazing that the trolls on here don’t understand the difference between selling games out and the renewal rate for season ticket holders. Season ticket holders move away, get transferred to other locations, people die, people lose their money in bankruptcies. The games still get sold out, but there may be dozens of reasons that a person can’t renew their season tickets. That’s pretty basic, gang.

    And yes, the Green Bay Packers have been around since 1919, the Broncos since 1960, and the Patriots since 1959. But the Seahawks are the only ones who won the last Super Bowl.

  19. So Seahawks fans are essentially doing what every season ticket holder of every defending champion in every sport does. I know it’s the offseason but is there really nothing else to write about?

  20. Purchasing a ticket, even season tickets, does not a fan of that particular team make. Perhaps this is a unique dynamic in Seattle, however I seriously doubt it. You see, wherever a fan of football lives, and if they posses the requisite disposable income, they purchase season tickets. If in fact they are well enough off, they sell these tickets from time to time and travel to the home stadium of their favored team. You see real fans of football aren’t always the most prudent bunch.

  21. Dear Pete, as someone who’s lived in Los Angeles all my life I am delighted for you and your success. You put USC football back on the map and now you’re doing the same with the Seahawks. Well done!

  22. Wow. the band wagoners are out in force. Just wait until this team takes a dump this year and misses the playoffs altogether. Jacksonville will have better attendance!

  23. 2014 NFC
    NFC East Champ – Philly
    NFC North Champ – Green Bay
    NFC South Champ – Saints
    NFC West Champ – 49ers
    Wildcard – Bears
    Wildcard – Arizona

    Sorry Seattle, you are going 9-7 and missing the Playoffs this year.

  24. Hearing Seattle claim they have the best fans is truly laughable.

    I dont believe I have ever met a Seahawk fan in my life, not before last year at least.

    You have a good football team, but your arrogance offends me.

  25. Best fans; best home field advantage; best team.


    lol, ill give you best team……last year

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