Super Bowl PSLs could be coming

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When you weren’t working over the weekend, and in turn weren’t reading about sports on work time, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times wrote that the NFL could breaks its stadium logjam in L.A. by building its own building.

The full story merits a careful read, because it contains plenty of interesting nuggets.  At one point, Farmer suggests that a new L.A. stadium could be one of the anchors of a Super Bowl rotation that would allow the league to sell Personal Seat Licenses for the league’s championship game.

“For instance, if L.A. were promised four Super Bowls in 20 years, the league could tell fans, ‘Pay X-thousand dollars now, and you will have the right to buy a face-value ticket for this seat for all four of those Super Bowls,'” Farmer writes.  “You may not like it, and it’s going to be pricey, but there’s a good chance that’s eventually going to happen.”

The news comes at a time when the notion of a Super Bowl rotation has diminished.  Over the last 10 years, the game has gone from Jacksonville to Detroit to Miami to Arizona to Tampa to Miami to Dallas to Indianapolis to New Orleans to New York.  This year, it’s back to Arizona, then to San Francisco (Santa Clara), Houston, and Minneapolis.

A set rotation makes it harder to squeeze the best possible deal out of each and every host city that competes with other cities for the privilege of hosting the game and in turn giving the owners all sorts of free stuff.  The best approach could be to pit L.A., Miami, Arizona, and New Orleans against each other for that guaranteed four Super Bowls in 20 years, prompting each of them to go all in for the ability to avoid having to throw elbows with cities that get Super Bowls as payback for taxpayer-funded stadiums or locations willing to go ridiculously all-in for the chance to host an open-air, cold-weather game.

Regardless, it looks like the NFL has found yet another revenue stream onto which the league eventually will be dropping a big-ass boat.

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  1. The aristocratization of attending NFL games continues unabated.

    Super Bowl ticket plan should be fifty percent to one participating team, fifty percent to the other. Put fans in the seats, not suits.

  2. LA doesn’t even have a team, what’s next, a SB in London?
    Why does the NFL not see that southern Californians are couldn’t care less about NFL football? That goes from Fresno all the way to the border w/Mexico.
    The Rams, Raiders, and Chargers all struggle with attendance in LA/San Diego b/c the fan base is so apathetic. They do not DESERVE a Super Bowl.

    Put Green Bay and Pittsburgh in the S rotation, those fans do DESERVE it.

  3. Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs? You bet.

    The greed of Gooddell, spurred on by the owners, will wind up killing this game. I am really starting to believe I will see the end of the NFL in my lifetime, and I’m 48.

  4. No, No, NO! At this rate, who knows if the NFL as we know it will be around in 20 years. As a Giants fan, 1 PSL change was enough. Anything that comes to fruition that is even remotely close to this scenario only serves to distort the fan base between the rich and actual fans.

    In 20 years I’ll assume the Super Bowl will be a PPV event at this rate. LEAVE IT ALONE!

  5. I’m trying to figure out how fans across the country would want to buy PSLs for future Super Bowls when there’s no guarantee their respective teams may make any of them.

  6. How soon before the referees will be required to announce a sponsor break for this first down. “and now spotting the ball on the 14 yard is brought to you by Under Armour”

  7. The NFL under Goodell is all about one thing: Greed

    Remind me, how does the NFL have a tax exempt status? I thought that it only fell under non-profit organizations.

  8. Goodell made 32 million last year. Like everything else, when you’re given an estimate, double it and add ten percent. They’ll tell you anything you wanna hear, just to get into your checkbook. Deceitful bunch o’ liars.

  9. Greed. Nothing but pure greed. At some point supply will exceed demand and the the NFL owners will be forced to take this game global and alienate it’s current American fan base even further.

  10. That’s just fine. I stay home where the food is better, the comfort station cleaner, the view is unobstructed and the sound can be muted.

  11. Someone will pay it and that is great for the NFL and the players and owners alike. But I will not be paying it, just not in my price range but it is a good deal for the NFL.

  12. .
    How much will the PSL’s go for at your local cinema when Goodell puts the Super Bowl on Pay Per View?

  13. Just as long as they acknowledge that a PSL grants purchase rights to all events in that stadium I’m OK with it.

    That and they don’t give this stadium preferential treatment in getting SB bids.

    In reality the SB should rotate to all 32 teams (at x many venues) regardless of weather & accommodations and PSL owners of those venues should get the benefit of being an investor in the NFL product.

  14. What ? only five anti-Goodell comments… I was under the impression that there were 32 owners and Roger was just the mouth piece for them.. Roger certainly has a lot of power on his own..

  15. The great and powerful prophet Mark Cuban will soon be featured in Chinese fortune cookies.

  16. If the people of LA want football – why not COURT a team like everyone else has had to do. I get the feeling that LA is not all about football.

  17. NFL Owners almost split their money with their employers(players) & their the employers always want more raises.. The fans pay & both know it!

  18. It would be cheaper to buy the tickets on the secondary market. The NFL raises the face value prices of the Super Bowl each year. You can hardly even call it “face value” anymore, because the prices are as high as the secondary market. You’d have to be an idiot to buy a PSL for four games over 20 years. You don’t even know if you’ll be alive in twenty years.. Hell, the NFL might be flag football by then and you might not even watch it anymore.

  19. Think of it as an investment. Guaranteed Super Bowl tickets at face value? Who ever gets them at face value??

    Depends on the PSL cost, of course, but if you market them right, you can re-sell those tickets for a handsome profit.

  20. Good. Keep the nonsense coming. Charge PSLs for parking spaces for all I care. The sooner this dogcrap of a game is killed, the sooner that REAL football we knew as kids will rise from the ashes!

  21. At the rate the NFL is going under Goodell, 30 years from now it will be a shell of its former self following a terrible implosion.

    The good people who made the NFL what it is today are fast dying, and the greedy who are rapidly turning it into what we wont like tomorrow are becoming a dime a dozen.

  22. i give the NFL 5 years before they are begging fans to come back.

    The rule changes, the hipocracy, and the money grab, are driving folks away, to better more affordable entertainment.

  23. What’s with pointing out Levi’s Stadium is in Santa Clara? You failed to point out the Cowboys play in Arlington and the New York Super Bowl was actually played in New Jersey. It’s kind of weird you would make that point. Like some clown from Seattle with an inferiority complex. Yes, the 49ers stadium is in Santa Clara. And it is the most costly stadium built for 1 team in the NFL. Even more than Little Jerry’s playhouse in Arlington and the bogus Stadium in Seattle.

  24. Goodell has enough problems of his own, but the responsibility for this nonsense, London, et al, is the SOLE responsibility of the 32 owners. Praise them all you like, but they are the source of all the money problems facing fans in an ever increasing manner. Personally, I have decided I no longer want to participate, due to the third rate audio and video coverage that is interrupted by commercials so frequently. Yep, you guessed right, a guy who started attending NFL in 1956 has had enough. Actually, I guess that should be enough for an 84 year old who refuses to have his remaining time of peace ruined. Good luck to you if Cuban is not the source of change.

  25. dickshotdogs says: Jul 21, 2014 11:01 AM

    I am a pure capitalist, but this is absurd. On every conceivable level.


    A pure capitalist shouldn’t have any problem with this at all. If the demand for the Super Bowl is such that people (be it fans, brokers or corporate entities) are willing to pay both face value AND a license to purchase, then that is what the market should conceivably yield.

    If the NFL grossly misjudged the marketplace, then it will come to bear in a half-empty seats and angry ticket purchasers who actually paid the full face and PSL and didn’t receive any return or appreciation on their purchase (in terms of resale value), making them very unlikely to purchase Super Bowl tickets in the future.

    Long story short: the market will always correct itself, just sit back and enjoy.

  26. I can’t see this flying with the majority of Arizonians who could care less about paying outrageous prices to guarantee being in a SB rotation when there is no money for schools, law enforcement or securing our border. At some point taxpayers will say ENOUGH and, I believe, California is in a similar, if not worse, position. Every time we host a SB (this will be the second)Glendale residents raise Hell because of the expense and subsequent tax hikes while our schools remain ranked in the bottom nationally and residents are too strapped to buy SB tickets!

  27. If Mark Davis can’t afford to build a new stadium in Los Angeles, the NFL can. This way all of the owners will own a part of the LA facility and they share in the riches of the Super Bowl say every 4 or 5 years.
    The Raiders move from Oakland to Los Angeles. They go from the worst stadium to the best and every owner makes more money.
    The hogs are at the trough and they want more food. Goodell is given big $ bonuses for getting it done.

  28. This is the kind of crap that happens when you get way too big and full of yourself.

  29. Folks who cares the average fan can afford a SB ticket and expenses now so who cares if they raise the price for the select few who can afford it.

    The Game was just played right here in my backyard and never even thought about going and I am season ticket PSL owner of two very good club seats at MetLife
    The home of the mighty NY Football Giants

    The Super Bowl is for the rich and those willing to take a second mortgage on there homes to watch a football game as i am neither rich nor stupid I will watch that one from home

  30. PBL

    Personal Beer License. For only $75 per game, you have the right to purchase as many $12 beers as you can stomach. For an additional $55, you can drink yourself senseless through the conclusion of the 4th quarter.

  31. People, please quit saying the NFL is a tax free business. All 32 teams pay taxes. All players pay taxes. End of story.

  32. Cuban is right. The Average NFL fan has been priced out of SB games years ago and recently regular season games for to the secondary market. NFL needs to pay tax like the rest of is working slaves.

    I remember when fans of the teams went to the SB. Not business owners showing off

  33. I know someone whom works for the FA (Football association ~ people who run football (soccer) in England) and Goodell has already put forward proposals for multipule SB game at London Wembley stadium. Its not if but when.

  34. PFTFAN,

    You are absolutely correct. I should not have mentioned capitalism in my post. You’re right, the market always corrects itself. If you can make it, then make it. And I don’t want any of the monetary success that someone else earns. Nor do I want to see them taxed to death on that success. I was just livid with the idea of purchasing a PSl for a game in which I may never see my team play in. My apologies, and thanks again.

  35. As much as this sucks, it’s better than having the Superbowl in Minnesota (or NY and Indy for that matter). It should not be played in cold parts of the country.

  36. The Super Bowl SHOULD be on a rotation.

    This game should rotate to every NFL city and every team should have this opportunity to host the games’ biggest event. There is no reason why the Northern or smaller market teams should be excluded. If they’re big enough to host a regular season or playoff game, then they’re completely capapble of hosting a Super Bowl. No team should get a second hosting turn until every team has done it once.

    My 2 cents

  37. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone belly-aching about PSLs at the Super Bowl, like any of us have a shot to go in the first place.

    So the NFL is bilking the corporate sponsors that supply 90% of the tickets in the first place.

    So what?!?!

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