Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t “feel comfortable” talking about chances of starting


The Vikings start training camp this week, kicking off both their final preparations for the 2014 regular season and the final days of the competition for their starting quarterback job.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said a call on the starter “won’t be for a while,” although that’s not going to stop people from obsessing over how Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder and Teddy Bridgewater are faring in practices. It also won’t stop them from being asked questions about how they think things are playing out, although Bridgewater gave warning on Monday that he isn’t going to be a great source of information.

“That’s something I don’t feel comfortable talking about,” Bridgewater said, via ESPN.com. “I’m just looking forward to training camp. Can’t wait to get to Mankato, put the pads on and just continue doing what we’ve got to do — play football.”

Bridgewater was working out in Minneapolis Monday with a group that included Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph and says he’s spent the last few weeks studying the playbook one way or another. Cassel is considered the favorite to start, but Bridgewater got first-team reps during the spring and could earn more this summer if his studies have him showing early mastery of the offense.

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  1. He’s studying the playbook by playing Madden. Great strategy! Hope he’s the day 1 starter. Things are looking up for the Vikings.

    Wait — the Vikings *are* looking up. They finished in the cellar last year, and the year before, and the year before.


  2. Bridgewater is a bust and isn’t even on Derek Carr’s level
    Derek Carr> Teddy bustwater.
    Top 5 Rookie qbs
    1. Derek Carr

    2. Johnny Manziel
    3. Blake Bortles
    4. Jimmy g…
    5. Bustwater
    Khalil Mack>Clowney and Barr

  3. I like the attitude. No reason to talk about the QB competition. All he can do is work his hardest, which it sounds like he’s doing. Bridgewater is by far the most talented QB on the roster. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t start week one.

  4. Bustwater is also not comfortable opening a mayo jar with his tiny digits. They’ll have to order his NFC north participation ring from Claire’s in the mall.

  5. This guy has bust written all over him. Little hands, played in a weak conference, laughable pro day. His “big” win of his college career was against a Florida team that didn’t want to play anymore after their BCS Title chances were gone. Add the fact he plays for an organization that hasn’t groomed a good quarterback this millennium

    Bridgewater is just the next Ponder, Tarvaris Jackson, Booty, and all the other craptastic QB’s they keep drafting.

  6. So, depending on any given poster here, Bridgewater is a bust or the best QB ever.

    Newsflash…..until someone starts taking live NFL snaps in a full speed regular season game you have no idea how he’s going to play.

    He could be great, he could be average, he could suck. But nobody knows yet.

  7. That’s a good attitude to have for the rookie. Just come in, study the playbook, and work hard and good things will happen. I hope the kid does well, and I’m not a Vikings fan.

  8. Cassell, the worst starting QB in the NFL, and Ponder are ahead of this guy. No wonder he doesn’t feel “comfortable” talking about it.

    “If the gloves don’t fit…”

  9. you got to love Raiders Fan’s, you got a guy that is getting high and partying on the non bust list and your making fun of guy studying working hard who’s poised to start. I love the enthusiasm you guys have for the season but your average team age probably grew by 15 years. Wait until the Whistle blows to run your mouth’s

  10. Bridgewater is no bust Will be the most competent QB from this draft.. If he’s a bust explain why he was touted the number 1 overall selection all football season but when games were done being played now he’s a bust??? Jealous much

  11. Steal of the draft. NFC North = toughest division in football. Our last place is better than your first place.

  12. He’s a smaller version of Tarvaris Jackson, including his hands. Pre-draft statistics, measurements, Wonderlic, etc., are very similar. He does not strike fear. The fans are so desperate though, they will give him all their hope on a silver platter. So many fingers crossed tightly they will need surgery to disengage them.

  13. Just another in the long line of Minnesota Viking Superbowl winning Quarterbacks. Oh, wait, there aren’t any.

  14. Even though I’m sick of the gloves cracks, I nonetheless was wondering if he wore gloves in today’s 90 degree 90% humidity while working out at the U of M.

  15. Keep Studying Teddy. All the excellent QB’s P.Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers have one thing in common……..they all have total command of the offense that they are running. So keep it up bro and learn! It will take time and ups and downs to learn all the exotic looks the defenses will give you.
    You play and let the coaches make up their minds who goes under center, smart kid.

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