Andre Johnson sighting at NRG Stadium sparks speculation he’ll report for camp

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As the Texans and receiver Andre Johnson remain at an impasse over whether he’ll be given a chance to earn back $1 million in a squandered roster bonus, a new development suggests he’ll show up for training camp.

Unless it doesn’t.

Per multiple reports, Johnson was spotted Monday at NRG Stadium, the building in which the Texans play and the location of the team’s facilities.  Per a source with direct knowledge of the situation, however, Johnson’s visit to the building doesn’t mean he’ll be showing up for training camp.  It likewise doesn’t mean he won’t be showing up for camp.

After the offseason program ends and before the start of training camp, players are permitted to use the team facility to work out on their own, as long as no coach, trainer, or other club personnel participates in the process.  That’s possibly all that Johnson was doing — utilizing his free access to the weight room and other exercise equipment at the team facility.

So, yes, Johnson was there.  And, no, it doesn’t mean anything, one way or the other.

26 responses to “Andre Johnson sighting at NRG Stadium sparks speculation he’ll report for camp

  1. Too bad it isn’t about money. It’s about winning, and the Texans aren’t committed to winning – unless you’re one of those mouth-breathers that believes the “defense wins championships!” nonsense.

    (Spoilers: You aren’t the 2000 Ravens, and this isn’t the 2000 NFL. You actually need to score now.)

  2. He is getting a jump start on learning the offense, so that when he gets traded to New England, he has the foundation and most of the terminology covered…

  3. Your feeble attempts at witty humor are funny and entertaining.

    Unless they aren’t.

    I hardly think he has to go to the Texans facilities for free gym time…

  4. I think he shows…. I just do.

    He tried to hold out before and it lasted a few days and he just showed up and basically said he missed his team mates and being on the field.

    He’s not happy about it but I think he shows…

  5. just pay the guy his million….he did your team a favor with the contreact he signed, which just might be the worse player contract, and best team contract in the entire nfl……if not sit out andre.

  6. If the Texans were smart, they would get something for him while they can. The Texans are not going anywhere this season. Keeping an unhappy wide out will not help them much. Make a trade that will help rebuild the Texans.

  7. Cheap owners weasling out paying the franchise’s best player ever. I hope they make the Super Bowl and he intentionally drops the game winning TD pass to spite them. That would be the funniest thing in football history and the Texans’ owners would deserve it.

  8. He has no choice. He will be there or the Texans can sue him for 10Million in signing money. Plus $30K a day for everyday he misses in training camp.

  9. This guy did everything he could for Houston including restructuring and they couldn’t get it done with the pieces they had. Are they really going to keep him around like some kind of indentured servant?

    They pushed his money back and, instead of hanging around to get the $10 million payday he was promised when he restructured, he wants to go somewhere where he has the chance to win the championship they were supposed to win. Let the man go live his dream and be proud he played ball with your expansion team for 12 years.

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