Bengals want to pay Dalton like Kaepernick


When the real numbers of the long-term contract signed by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became available, it became apparent that any team with a potential franchise quarterback should offer the same deal.  Now.

Not surprisingly, a team widely regarded as being extremely careful with money wants to pay its potential franchise quarterback like Kaepernick.

Via Geoff Hobson of the Bengals’ official website, owner Mike Brown believes Dalton’s deal should be in the Kaepernick range.  Presumably, a deal already would be done if Dalton’s camp agreed with that sentiment.

And if there was/were/whatever any doubt that the Kaepernick deal is incredibly team friendly, the Bengals’ willingness to give the same contract to a guy who hasn’t won a playoff game proves it.  A mere $13 million fully guaranteed at signing on a seven-year commitment from the player.  A very late (relatively speaking) April 1 deadline each year for dumping the player before injury-only guarantees become full guarantees.  An annual average that pays the quarterback mid-level money now and, given spikes in the salary cap, mid-level money (or worse) in the out years.  And an obligation for the player to plunk down a ton of cash for a $20 million disability policy payable to the team in the event that he suffers a career-ending injury.

So, yes, the Bengals should try to give Dalton that same contract.  And the Panthers should try to give it to Cam Newton.

And the Colts should try to give it to Andrew Luck.  And so on throughout the league as each young quarterback with franchise potential becomes eligible for a new deal.

95 responses to “Bengals want to pay Dalton like Kaepernick

  1. And they should…no better way to set the organization back for another 10-12 years.

  2. Just take a wait and see if I was the QB. Because if you out play your current contract then the team will have to give you a big deal or lose you.

  3. I think AJ Green should get 75-80% of whatever Dalton makes. Any QB can throw a ball in Green’s direction and pray he comes down with it.

  4. That’s pretty much what you have to do with the way Green has been talking lately. Otherwise you have to trade the pair, so make a package choice about the two and go all-in on that route. Although I’m not comfortable giving big money to Dalton so I’d probably be leaning towards sending them both away at this point.

    It’s getting awfully late to make wholesale changes and the upside of keeping Dalton is that Cleveland seems to be stumbling around and the Steelers and Ravens are kinda holding at status quo, so the Bengals have a legit shot to win big in this division this year.

    Tough choices, but still if you overpay your QB, then that’s just never a good idea and a really bad habit that every team should be cognizant of.

  5. Kaepernick makes a lot more money on endorsements and will continue to because his team has money and people to surround him with a good team. Kaepernick seems to know the value of being the star of a top team.

  6. 50 something passer rating in the playoffs. This guy is an absolute joke without AJ Green and still funny with him.

  7. Interesting Dalton is the most underrated QB in the league and Kaepernick is the most overrated QB in the league.

  8. NO, NO, NO…not for any amount of $$$…I have seen enough, draft a first round QB next year and lets move on…no more Dalton for ANY amount of $$$…this solid team is being dragged down and wasted by sub par QB play…

  9. Dalton is as good a QB as Alex Smith and the kid is still getting better. Therefore, it goes without saying he’s a notably better QB than Kaepernick.

  10. A QB who has led his team to the playoffs in each of his first seasons in the league, since starting as a rookie. And this is not a team that was going to the playoffs much before he arrived. Hard to complain about that if you are a bengals fan. Sure, he is not an elite QB, but neither was Drew Brees three to four years into his career.

  11. They should think outside the box with Dalton’s deal. Pay him league minimum, each playoff win = $7.5M bonus, trip to SB = $10M bonus. If he’s a confident gamer, he’ll take it.

  12. I agree with most of what you’re saying about giving POTENTIAL franchise qb’s that kinda money but you lost me on the Luck comment. The guy IS a franchise qb and should be paid as such. He is/was/will be worth that kind of money

  13. This kind of deal might work for some players.

    But if the Colts try to give Andrew Luck this kind of deal, they may soon be looking for a new quarterback. Seattle certainly won’t try this tactic with Wilson seven months from now.

  14. The ginger from Katy Texas has yet to prove himself. The Bengals as much as i hate em have weapons, o-line and defence, but something else is missing! Kapernick money? Ha ha thats even too much, maybe 5$ mil guaranteed, maybe.

  15. and I am tired of hearing how Dalton “got his team to the playoffs three years in a row”…CHILD PLEASE…!!!…this team wins IN SPITE of The Ginger Midget, NOT because of him…!!!…

  16. Andy Dalton – 2011 NFL Draft – 2nd round – 35th pick overall

    80 td – 49 int – 15 fumbles

    1630 attempts – 60% completions

    236 yards per game = 11360 CAREER passing yards

    457 rushing yards – 7 td

    – 3-time Pro Bowl A.J. Green
    – Jerome Simpson
    – Marvin Jones
    – Mohamed Sanu
    – Jermaine Gresham
    – Andre Caldwell
    – Andre Hawkins
    – Brandon Tate

    – Cedric Benson
    – Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    – Giovani Bernard

    2011: 19th in NFL
    2012: 18th in NFL
    2013: 18th in NFL

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Colin Kaepernick – 2011 NFL Draft – 2nd round – 36th pick overall

    31 td – 11 int – 18 fumbles

    639 attempts – 59% completions

    157 yards per game = 5046 CAREER passing yards

    937 rushing yards – 9 td

    – 2-time Pro Bowl Vernon Davis
    – 3-time Pro Bowl Anquan Boldin
    – 6-time Pro Bowl Randy Moss
    – 1st round draft pick Michael Crabtree

    – 5-time Pro Bowl Frank Gore

    2011: 8th BEST in NFL
    2012: 4th BEST in NFL
    2013: 3rd BEST in NFL

  17. I think you know what you’re getting with dalton. If the bengals are content with that (fans are not, but I believe the team is content with having an above average Qb). Mike brown is cheap, but he knows the alternative to dalton is an unproven thing, and I believe he’s fine with merely winning more than he loses.
    Think about Dalton’s side though. He’s a good qb. He can’t carry a team, but there are 5+ teams that would give him a great contract because he’s better than what mediocre teams can get in the draft. If dalton simply wants to get paid he can go to a mediocre team and cash the check. If he wants to win and get paid, he needs to have a great year and if they lose in the playoffs it better not be his fault.

  18. If Dalton is going to get paid like Kap, what is Russell Wilson going to get? 300 million? Dalton is a 10-12 million dollar QB.

  19. crownofthehelmet says:
    Jul 22, 2014 12:52 PM
    They should think outside the box with Dalton’s deal. Pay him league minimum, each playoff win = $7.5M bonus, trip to SB = $10M bonus.

    So if the Bengals win 3 playoff games and get to the Super Bowl he would get 32.5 mil + the league minimum.

    You do know there’s a thing called the salary cap that your proposed pay schedule would destroy don’t you ?

  20. Dalton > smith and let’s Finally end this debate Alex smith outdueled drew Bree’s ! Brees had 462 yds and 4 TDs smith 299 3 TDs and had the benefit of his d forcing 5 turnovers at home! To say Smith singlehandedly beat Bree’s an the saints is the biggest joke in NFL history! And the NFC championship game kyle Williams didn’t lose the game for smith Smith lead the niners to six straight 3 n outs between the fourth quarter and overtime! That said none of kap Dalton or smith is a franchise qb though lap has four time the playoff wins as the other two put together

  21. So Dalton is going to get paid because AJ Green catches everything thrown in his general direction? Did no one else learn from Baltimore’s mistake with Joe Flacco when Anquon Boldin has made nearly every QB he’s had look better than they are? Even then Kaep and Flacco competed in Superbowls while Dalton hasn’t won a playoff game and the Bengals can’t even win in their own division consistently yet.

    Let him play out this year. If he finally gets out of the top 10 in the league in throwing interceptions then you treat him like a franchise QB. Otherwise he’s not going to be worth much in free agency next season as a starter (definitely not Kaepernick money) so they can probably get him back cheap once he tests free agency or worst case scenario Cincy can test that A.J. Mccarron pick from this past draft.

  22. I’m not saying Dalton is a bad QB, but you have to pay the QB based on what he has and will do for your team. Also, be sure to factor in his “replaceability.” I’m not a fan of Kaep, but anyone who watches the game can understand what he brings to the table. I don’t think it would take many turns on the carousel to find a QB, who can bring the same skill set that Dalton has.

    Hold on to that check a little while longer.

  23. Let him finish his contract, then you’ll know for sure that he stinks to the high heavens.

  24. 2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals (Andy Dalton-led Bengals) knocked BOTH pittsburgh and baltimore out of playoff contention in the final game of the 2013 season.


  25. harrisonhits, you could pay the bonus money the following season as a signing bonus, spread out over a few years. I’d be willing to bet at this point in their history, every one from the fans to the owner would be willing to pay him $30M if it brings home a Lombardi.

  26. I love it … Doctorrustbelt just states the facts … literally lists the stats without stating an opinion and he gets a 2 to 1 ratio of thumbs down.

    Truth hurts, eh Kap fans?

  27. Dalton isn’t horrible. He wins in the regular season. No doubt!
    However, we all know that Andy is very difficult to understand. There are times I think he’s elite and there are times where I think not.
    I think the Bengals org should show us fans and the NFL world that they are willing to challenge Dalton and do a “show me what you got” thing before they decide whether or not to pay him. Since day one Andy has been “babied” by the Bengals. Us fans want to see the Bengals pull a Joe Flacco season with Andy.

  28. A lot of fans only see Dalton play on national games or in the (3) playoff starts. If you watched him week in and week out you would see the strengths of his game. He can be very, very effective.
    Though I hope he plays better in bigger moments going forward.

  29. Bengals fans LOVE Marvin Jones (even though physical DBs can control him off the line and re-direct him off intended/expected routes).

    Bengals fans LOVED Andrew Hawkins (even though he was a 5’6″ speedster who has only got into the endzone FOUR TIMES (as a receiver)).

  30. Forget about Dalton, just make sure you keep Marvin Jones signed long-term. Him and AJ Green are one of the best duo’s in the league. It’s amazing that Dalton has a 1/6 TD/Int ratio when it counts.

  31. Big mistake… He hasn’t proven anything… playoff wins? Let’s count them….. Zero….and that makes you a $100 million dollar contract QB ? like Romo who is in the same boat and also a mistake… Except he finally got 1 playoff win..then an 8-8 season following that season with the big contract….when are these GM’s /owners going to learn… Only maybe 3 or 4 QB’s are worth that…

  32. No one in the NFL needs to prove it on the field as much as Andy Dalton.

  33. Mike brown cheap? He shells our money all the time. Please keep your 1990’s insults back where they belong. In the 90’s. Dave Shula isn’t the coach and Scott Mitchell isn’t the QB.

  34. I think it’s easy to rag on Dalton, but my personal opinion is that it’s hard or impossible to get a better quarterback. Yes, there are better quarterbacks, but Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, etc aren’t ever available. Meanwhile, there are definitely a lot worse options. He hasn’t gotten it done, but he has made three trips to the postseason in his first three years (granted, much credit goes to the defense and AJ Green). But at this stage for the Bengals (built to win more right now than they have been in 20+ years), it makes no sense to bring in someone new, who more than likely won’t be better.

  35. Pay for performance…….thats the way it is for 98% of all us posters……should be that way for the NFL also…….. I will prolly make more than Dalton this year. Unless, of course, He wins the superbowl.

  36. eaglesfan036 says: Jul 22, 2014 12:41 PM

    I think Kapernick and Dalton are about in the same range, maybe with Kapernick slightly better.


    For real???

    I would say the Packers, Falcons and Panthers have a different view than that.

    Kaepernick actually wins playoff games. He beat the Pack last year with a game-winning drive. Dalton, blows when the tourney starts, 3 years in a row.

  37. As I’ve said before, Marvin has had several extensions without winning a playoff game. Why let that hold back Dalton’s extension Mike Brown?

  38. Same pay for same results. They both choke in the playoffs. If you want to cut $500k/year off what Kaep makes for Dalton because he loses in Round 1, I guess that’s fair.

  39. Last Season….Andy Dalton and the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals beat the Green Bay Packers, too.

  40. I don’t think Dalton has much leverage. I can’t see him hitting free agency and demanding top tier money. He’d get signed of course, but not to a top 10 QB contract. If teams tried to offer that kind of contract to Newton or Luck, that’s a different story. They could tell their teams to pound sand and get their money on the open mkt.

  41. doctorrustbelt says:
    Jul 22, 2014 1:31 PM

    Bengals fans LOVE Marvin Jones (even though physical DBs can control him off the line and re-direct him off intended/expected routes).

    Bengals fans LOVED Andrew Hawkins (even though he was a 5’6″ speedster who has only got into the endzone FOUR TIMES (as a receiver)).
    Hi!! What the heck are you talking about??

  42. Yeah… the 7th best passer in the NFL with the 3rd most touchdown passes in the NFL has no leverage.


  43. Dalton is going to be fine. And he’ll be our qb for the next 10 yrs. what the f did manning do in his first few years? Actually what’s he done in his whole career? 1 ring. The great manning. 1 ring. Give dalton 12 more years and there’s a chance he’ll get 1. If dilfer can win a bowl, no doubt dalton can too.

  44. Mike Brown has lost his mind. I love that he wants to pay players, but lets start with Burffict and Green. Those guys deserve the money. When Dalton has ability to win game like those two then pay him like Kap.

  45. For a guy like Dalton who is making second round money, it might make sense. For the Cam’s and Luck’s of the world who will have $20M in the bank by the end of their rookie deals – not so much.

  46. First thought the headline said “play” him like Kap, and my reaction was that is so not going to work.

    Unfortunately, a “pay” like Kap scenario isn’t going to work with most QBs and their agents either. Remember, Kap’s agents are pretty green and took a pr hit when the details came out on his deal. The 49ers won that negotiating round, and established agents will not surrender that much guaranteed money (he only $13 million, really???? wow) for a QB who is supposed to be the face of the franchise for years to come.
    Top agents aren’t going to accept a “Kap” deal.

  47. Dalton’s superior numbers to kap is a product of Dalton playing in jay grudens pass happy offenders ! While kap had the 49ers protecting him for fear of injury ! Compare their stats in games played in January ! Dalton throwing a bunch of yds during the regular season isn’t special ! In three playoff games he has one TD pass one!

  48. QB’s better/more valuable than Andy Dalton:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Peyton Manning
    Drew Brees
    Tom Brady

  49. Frank Gore Post-Season Statistics (2011-2013):

    646 rushing yards – 5 td

    167 receiving yards – 5 td
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Cedric Benson/Benjarvus Green-Ellis Post-Season Stats (2011-2013):

    119 yards – 1 td

    -9 yards – 1 td

  50. tough to roll up post season offensive stats when your QB is a turnover machine…

  51. doctorrustbelt says:
    Jul 22, 2014 1:16 PM
    2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals (Andy Dalton-led Bengals) knocked BOTH pittsburgh and baltimore out of playoff contention in the final game of the 2013 season.


    And then SUCKED It up in the playoffs AGAIN!

  52. A lot of people also seem to forget that the Bengals were about to dominate in that game against San Diego (2013 playoffs) when Giovani fumbled in the red zone. Changed the entire game on that turnover.

  53. FGore has played in 8 playoff games over the last 3yrs. Unfortunately, mostly because of Dalton, The Bengals are 1 and out every yr, ave about 11 pts/g. In his only playoff game, Bernard had about 120 total yrds, comparable to Gore.

  54. Funny how the Bengals are talking about giving Dalton a boat load of money and at the same time saying they have to take responsibilities (IE: # of passes per game, etc.) off of his plate so he can be successful. So wait a min. You’re about to park a Brinks truck in a guy’s driveway who you have to take work away from because he can’t do what he’s being asked to do? Makes sense if you don’t think about it.
    I’m not a Dalton fan, however, I do think some of his issues were play calling. He was being asked to be Peyton Manning by throwing the ball all the time whereas he should be more of a game manager and utilizing a run game primarily and then passing once the run game allows. Hopefuly Hue helps Dalton by running a more ground and pound type of game. But it’s just funny to say we gotta pay this guy a whole lot more and take work away from him.
    Oh and Marvin said they didn’t want to bring any viable QB’s to “challenge” Dalton because they don’t want to add any unnecessary stress to him. Really?! NFL isn’t about competition now adays? Good lord.

  55. Small game QB. Crumbles under the bright lights. Helpless without AJ Green.

  56. westandwest3805 says:
    Jul 22, 2014 2:54 PM
    A lot of people also seem to forget that the Bengals were about to dominate in that game against San Diego (2013 playoffs) when Giovani fumbled in the red zone. Changed the entire game on that turnover.

    So Gio, a rookie, messes up once in a playoff game and we’re supposed to excuse Dalton, a vet, who has messed up 3 years in a row in playoff games? not just once each game either. Good lord.

  57. 2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals (Andy Dalton-led Bengals) knocked BOTH pittsburgh and baltimore out of playoff contention in the final game of the 2013 season.


    You cant be serious?

  58. I think the haters get a little overboard on Dalton. He’s still pretty young and has a lot of potential. I’m not sure you give up on a guy like that this early in his career. Of course he hasn’t earned top tier money but Kap’s contract isn’t top tier money (and Kap isn’t a top tier QB). I would, however, let this season play out before deciding what to do with Dalton’s future.

  59. I recently banned everyone from taking Andy Dalton. If anyone does ill quit because I cant deal with people who are so stupid they think Andy Dalton is good.

  60. Good luck.

    The problem is, Kaep NEEDED a deal. He made jack squat. Thus the onus was on him to sign a deal that was fair because he needed to be paid higher then the bottom 5-10 percent of the league. Guy was being paid 3rd string TE pay.

    Luck was the #1 pick and is more then a 1 read QB.

    Part of the reason Kaep’s contract sucks for Kaep, is because he still is very unproven as a QB.

    You know Luck, barring injury, will be a starter 10 years from now. You don’t know that about Kaep, and given his running style, he can lose his game much easier. If Luck slows down because of injury, he can still play QB, and probably at a dang high level, you cannot say anything like that about Kaep.

    Kaep is still very much raw and unproven. His teams have done well, and he has quite a shot to improve. But he still doesn’t go through progressions like a capable starter in the NFL should, and he may never. The 49ers may have vastly overpaid for Kaep, based on IF he actually ever develops. If he does, it’s a good deal, that helps the ballclub. If it doesn’t, they have outs, and they very well might need to exercise this at some point.

    I’m sure owners and GM’s want these deals. But it’s going to be awfully hard to convince players of that when the salary cap is set to increase by 15-20 million dollars every year for the rest of the CBA.

    Salary cap space isn’t going to be a big issue the next few years. The era of the stagnant cap is over, now is the era of the massive cap increases. In a few years it’ll be something else, but this will last into the 2020’s.

  61. In the last three years, only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have thrown more TDs than Dalton.

    Dalton threw over 4200 yards last season, and he keeps getting better.

    If he’d taken a slide the last two years, I would say go get another QB. But he is getting better each year, and as long as he is working hard, not missing games, being a positive influence on the team, not causing distractions, and getting wins, I say give him the deal.

  62. Both Kaepernick and Dalton are average at best. Neither of them deserve the kind of money that Kaepernick got. Of course, that is just my opinion as a guy who calls it as he sees it.

  63. I’m going to regret saying this but, I would take the redheaded step child over Kaep any day. Kaep is a gimmick QB, and if you think I’m lying just watch him in the red zone where the read option is less affective, you get the same result as you did in the superbowl against the ravens and the NFCCG against the seahawks

  64. These contracts set a bad precedent years ago when QBs starting taking $100 million dollar contracts and killing the salary cap! There are other players on the teams that need paid too. He has been a bargain for these 1st 4 years, and has earned a large increase… but let’s temper this 125 million that he wants so we can get other contracts done too.

  65. Peyton had a pathetic D in Indy. Dalton’s had a championship caliber D his whole time. Peyton wasn’t the reason he lost his first batch of playoff games. Dalton is definitely responsible for the 3 flops.

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