Chargers part ways with Larry English

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The Chargers haven’t opened up training camp yet, but they’ve already decided that linebacker Larry English won’t be a member of their 53-man roster.

The team announced Tuesday that they have released English. The Chargers also announced that they have signed center Khalil Wilkes.

English was a first-round pick in 2009, but never developed into the player they hoped to get when they selected him out of Northern Illinois. English made just nine starts in his 52 appearances with the Chargers and produced 11 sacks and one forced fumble over that stretch. Injuries contributed to keeping him off the field, including a pec injury that sent him to injured reserve last season, but English wasn’t much of a factor when he was healthy.

English is not subject to waivers, so he is free to sign with any team once now that he’s been officially dropped by the Chargers.

28 responses to “Chargers part ways with Larry English

  1. Bust. How anybody ever thought this guy was a 1st round pick I’ll never know.

    When you make a small-school guy your 1st round pick you had better be double-damn sure he is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else on the board.

  2. AJ’s big bust. We knew pretty much immediately that English didn’t have the quick burst or knack for rushing the passer.

    2009 wasn’t the deepest draft we’ve ever seen, but there were some pretty good player left on the board after this poor 16th pick.

  3. Did he get injured while cleaning out his locker? You can’t make the club…in the tub.

    Look for him to sign with another AFC West team trying to collect info on the Chargers. Then get cut again during the final drop to the 53 man roster.

  4. Shocking development. Not. Wish him the best though. A good man, just not meant to play LB in the NFL. Maybe he can land a spot on a desperate team like the Raiders.

  5. English will sign with the Raiders, and he’ll immediately become the best Quarterback on their roster.

  6. He grew up in Aurora, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and was a local legend at Northern Illinois. I could see him getting an invite to camp from the Bears as a PR move, but I doubt he’d bump anyone they’ve currently got off the roster.

  7. He will report to Carolina for training camp to reunite with Ron Rivera. I’m sure he and McDermott could find a use for him.

    -Chicago Bears #1 defense (then Lovie Smith got scared for his job after the Superbowl loss)

    -Made the San Diego Chargers the #1 defense.

    -Made the Carolina Panthers the #2 defense.

  8. I can’t believe AJ picked this guy before Cushing or Mathews. He hardly ever had an impact on any game, should have been cut awhile ago. He’s probably a nice guy tho

  9. I had the pleasure of going to grade school and highschool with Larry. Hard worker and a ferocious athlete. Hoping the best for him, I am sure someone will take a flyer on him.

    Bring him back to ChiTown.

  10. humb0lt says: Jul 22, 2014 3:45 PM

    Shocking development. Not. Wish him the best though. A good man, just not meant to play LB in the NFL. Maybe he can land a spot on a desperate team like the Raiders.
    The Chargers kept this bust on the roster for five seasons, and hump tries to work in a Raider blast. Another lame effort from a lame troll. The Raiders are deep enough at LB that they don’t need to be digging through Charger trash at the position.

  11. See what happens when you draft players from small schools/conferences in Rd 1?

    This is Kahlil Mack in 5 years.

  12. He’s already 28 years old. That, plus his injury history, plus the fact he’s a DE/LB tweener, could all work against him. But if he’s willing to come in on a league minimum deal (which is all he’s likely to be offered), who knows.

  13. Some people from MAC schools don’t pan out, and this is one of them. I think it is kind of foul to let a guy you knew you weren’t going to keep in Mid July instead of early on in free agency. That is very foul because he doesn’t have a chance to catch on.

  14. .
    It’s always risky to take an OLB early in the draft. It’s a different position in the NFL than in college.

    The 2009 draft was a waste of the keystrokes used to write the mock drafts .

  15. I feel bad for anyone drafted by this team. The Chokers have no history of success and mentally that has to hurt their players.

    If drafted by the Chokers you:
    A) Do what Eli did and refuse to play for them. 2 time Super Bowl Champion
    B) Fake injuries and preserve your body for the next team
    C) Sleep with Humb0lts wife

  16. Another of the outstanding decisions from the chokers management (more like mismanagement) . Looks like the chokers won’t be satisfied until they’ve gone a complete century being the biggest losers with no hardware.

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