Eli Manning admits he’s “a little nervous” in Giants’ new offense

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning is coming off a miserable season, with a career-high 27 interceptions to go with just 18 touchdowns, his fewest since his rookie year. So the good news about the Giants’ new offense is that Manning could hardly get worse.

But Manning admits that learning the system of new coordinator Ben McAdoo could make things tough as he enters training camp.

“Yeah, it is different. You come into the season a little nervous; you just don’t have [the same comfort],’’ Manning said, via the New York Post. “You have a good feel for it, but not to where I want it to be. That’s with repetition and more plays. It’s a different feeling this time of year than in previous years. We’ve still got a lot of work to do and a lot to improve on to get comfortable, myself with my teammates and everything that goes on with being successful in an offense. I know we’ve got a lot of work to do. But we’re excited about that challenge.’’

Manning says his surgically repaired ankle is completely healed and won’t be an issue. Now he just needs to learn the offense well enough that he throws a lot fewer than 27 interceptions, and a lot more than 18 touchdown passes, this year.

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  1. Poor Eli, poor Coughlin, poor Giants, poor Jerry Reese. No longer can they blame Gilbride for their ineptitude.

    Somebody will have to be held accountable. The Organization has been subject to excuses for years. Fact is, they’re just not very good. I see them as a last team in the NFCE.

    After that, maybe they’ll stop getting a pass.

  2. I guess he could have Archie intervene again after all you can’t have Eli being uncomfortable. The Manning’s deserve to have what they want as the FIRST FAMILY OF FOOTBALL

  3. Sounds like he is nervous. Another poor showing by this team. Bravo to them on their (2) rings (from a Chargers fan who hates Eli), but it truly does sound like this year is shot based on lack of talent.

  4. He wouldnt have any rings if it wasnt for a great defense and a couple of extremely lucky catches… This dude sucks. Even with two rings im not sure that gets him in the Hall of Fame where his brother will be a first ballot hall of famer

  5. Eli’s a gamer. Always has been going back to Ole Miss. Fantasy football, changes to the DB chuck rules and 24/7 news cycles have made statistics some sort of holy grail but there’s always been only one stat that matters. 2-0 in Super Bowls and getting us there twice to begin with. The point keeps getting made but the counter point never goes away. Go ahead stat nerds – take Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers and Matty “Ice” and their combined one ring and go win your fantasy league. I’ll take Eli, stable coaching and a puncher’s spirit and see if we can round out the best era in Giants history (or at least an era that sits in the top two) and root for a third SB ring for the kid and a fifth overall. When we get it and the confetti falls in the Canyon of Heroes, you all can dissect Manning’s interception to attempt ratios while I sip bubbly and raise a glass his way. Practice starts today. Lets lock in for the ride and bring the trophy back to NYC!

  6. He looked so clueless last year its hard to imagine he’s the same guy. If Eli transforms into Mark Sanchez in 2014 then the end really may be here.

  7. Eli is the man, beat that Brady kid, not once – but twice – hahaha! I’ve been laughing about that one since 2007! I’ll laugh about it till the end of time!

  8. “That’s funny how he has 2 rings to brother Peyton’s 1”


    Yeah, but those 2 rings don’t make him any more “elite” than Joe Flacco.

  9. Thats a good thing, He can use that fear to his advantage and make better reads and better passes… to be honest Eli sucked last season garbage straight garbage… but looking for a bounce back… not a Giants fan but a JPP fan…Indeed…

  10. His ankle won’t be an issue because even before the injury he couldn’t run without tripping over his own feet.

  11. I was in Wi. for the Packers first Super-bowl win. For the year they won, Favre was a genius and a calculated gambler. When they lost to Denver he was a wild card who took too many chances. It’s tough to be an NFL QB and even tougher once you won the big game. Good luck Eli, hope you are back to 100%

  12. Talking about Eli with 2 rings is always the most laughable defense when people stick up for Eli.

    At first I used to hate him, then he won and I respected him.

    Unfortunately the more that his team depends on him to be successful, the worse he will do and they will do.

    He’s a game manager not a field general

  13. He looked a little nervous last year. I saw him play the Seahawks in that drubbing they took at home. 5 picks if I remember???
    That was not pretty.

  14. mrniceinvenice says:
    Jul 22, 2014 9:38 AM

    Eli’s a gamer. Always has been…..


    Enough said!!! Go Big Blue!!!

  15. I love how everyone always goes back to Eli would of never won without a great defense. In both those years, the Giants defense was terrible for the majority of the year. They put it together in the playoffs and allowed Eli to do what he does best: make plays.

    Would Peyton have won a superbowl with out a great defense? – No, he threw more interceptions than TDs in that playoff run.

    Would Brady of won a superbowl with a great defense? – No, all of his wins were by 3 points won by the kicker.

    Even with their “great defense”, the Giants were still losing with 2 minutes left in both Superbowls. Eli led the team to 2 game winning TD drives.

  16. @campcouch, I would sure like to meet up with you for that bet. I don’t think a 6-10 team can win anything.

  17. Eli and Ben are the only two active QBS with more then one SB ring

    And then are those teams with zero rings

    See you in fall

    But first make sure you tune in to see Mike get his gold jacket in two weeks

    Have a nice day

  18. Proof positive that the fantasy nerds now sadly outweigh true football fans by a wide margin. mrniceinvenice said it best.

    You all can chuckle about the 27 ints anytime there is any post Giants-related. However, if your kids’ lives were at stake, you’d take Elisha Nelson Manning over your QB without thinking twice. You know it and I know it.

    For the few Seahawks’ fans trolling here…congrats on your win. Way to pop your cherry. But refer to the previous paragraph. The only team you were happy to see not make the dance last year was the Giants. Again…you know it and I know it.

    We’re picked to suck again and that’s how we won our last 2. Soooo….

    Cheers all!

  19. @greymares

    I bet it’s more likely that Giants win the division in 2014 than you guys win anything meaningful once again this year. 54 years & counting. Safe money is on it becoming 55.

  20. Eli will win another ring before his time as the Giants QB is done (and he retires).

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  21. Make jokes at Eli’s expense, it’s fine.

    He’ll be laughing when he has a career turn-around under a legitimate OC, and helps lead the GIANTS to the playoffs.

    They have a good team, and a decent schedule. 10-6 and a WC berth is very realistic.

  22. First of all, let me make it clear to you Gnats fans. You are never going to be a dynasty. That ship has already sailed – you have to win 3 Super Bowls in a short period of time. Even if you win this year that will be 3 in 8 years, which does not qualify.

    Second, the giants have not had an impressive season since 1990 when a bill belichick defense dominated. 2007 and 2011 don’t count as impressive since you had crummy regular seasons and some how got hot in the playoffs.

    Third, your only claim to fame is the team you beat – the patriots.

  23. Uh big blue fan, from one giants fan to another, while mentioning Eli and Ben as the only two, you woefully omitted one of the five men in contention for title if best quarterback ever in Tom Brady, who is indeed still active

  24. @fiverings – was he lucky in the -24 at Lambeau or the monsoon at Candlestick? Those two games were two of the best QB performances in a NFCCG that you’ll ever see.

    Here’s one that will hit home for you…..was he lucky engineering that 2 minute TD drive before the half after your team just ran off a 10+ min drive for a TD?

    Just because a QB actually does his job in crunch time unlike yours, it’s not luck for the rest of us without choking qbs.

  25. These Eli Manning haters are a freaking broken record. They wouldn’t hate him so much and call him over rated if he didn’t win 2SBMVPs in extraordinary fashion. The jealousy has taken on Desperate Housewives proportions.

    This defense whining is so ridiculous. He took a bottom third defense right into SB46. Enough already. If any QB has ridden defenses to championships it’s Big Ben and more recently Russell Wilson.

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