Judge denies Rolando McClain’s request to delay trial starting Friday


The Cowboys traded for linebacker Rolando McClain earlier this month as they try to find options to step in for the injured Sean Lee, but it looks like he’s going to miss a little bit of his first training camp with the team.

The Associated Press reports that Judge Bill Cook Jr. ruled that McClain’s trial in Alabama on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct will not be moved from a scheduled Friday start. McClain’s attorney had requested a delay because of the conflict with Cowboys camp, but the linebacker will now either have to settle the case before Friday or miss some practice time while the case is heard.

McClain pleaded not guilty to the charges, which resulted from an April 2013 incident in Decatur, Alabama, last year.

It’s certainly not an ideal situation for McClain, who is trying to resume the football career he put on hold last season to deal with mounting legal issues stemming from his off-field behavior. Even with Lee out of the lineup, McClain faces an uphill battle in a short amount of time to show that he’s both fit enough and committed enough for the Cowboys to keep around.

11 responses to “Judge denies Rolando McClain’s request to delay trial starting Friday

  1. Maybe he’s planning on a one-day comeback with the Cowboys like he did with the Ravens and that was the day he felt like showing up before retiring again.

  2. This is why the cowboys “suck”, and will continue to “suck” well into the future! Signing idiots like this does not get you back to the playoffs, or a winning season for that matter.

  3. The cowboys will lose on this one. The raiders lost real big on the kid.

    To many millions of dollars. So glad they changed the rookie wage pool for top draft picks. These kids never needed to throw a pass, block, catch, tackle, run or whatever again in their lives with the millions they were receiving guaranteed on rookie contracts.

    McClain is probably only coming back because he is broke after 28 million from the Raiders.

    Then to get a second chance from the Ravens, and show up fat and out of shape.

    He and Ja Marcus Russell will end up in the same homeless shelter. I hear Russell is broke, McClain is next or there.

    Feel no pity for these fools.

  4. Hey! If he doesn’t work out, then no real big loss. But what if he really gets his s – – t together. I still say it was a good business deal. We basically got this kid for nothing. What? A 7th round pick. Please! Sometimes you just see something in a person that says they deserve another chance. An trust me this is his last. Everybody wants to take shots at the kid, but nobody knows what he and his family were going through. And for all you fansofotherteams. I’m sure you
    have a few second Chance’r on
    your team.

  5. So MANY crystal balls… I wonder where they all disappear too? If they worked these guys would be worth the mint the made on the lottery and predicting the outcome of the draft.
    We’ll see, it might be a busted move that doesn’t pan out, if so; no big loss for the Cowboys. BUT, if it works out and he DOES get his act together, it COULD save their season.

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