Lawyers want their conversations with Hernandez not broadcast


The arguments advanced by the Aaron Hernandez legal team now include an attempt to keep secret the in-court discussion of their arguments.

According to the Associated Press, Hernandez’s lawyers filed paperwork on Monday asking the Bristol Superior Court to rule that private conversations between Hernandez and the lawyers not be included in the online broadcast of hearings.  The lawyers contend that the images violate the rules established for the electronic recording of courtroom proceedings.

“[P]rompt action” is requested.  Which makes sense, given that Hernandez will be back in court on Tuesday for a status hearing in the Odin Lloyd murder case.  Hernandez’s lawyers recently asked that the trial in the case be delayed from early October to early January.

4 responses to “Lawyers want their conversations with Hernandez not broadcast

  1. It’s a landmark case so maybe as times change and technologies evolve we will start to see a lot of new rules changes in court. At some point some trials are inevitably going to be delayed to a time where the norms of the process start to change. The future is bound to only make things more transparent.

  2. I think he’s guilty as sin. However, this is far from an easy conviction. As long as you have tons of money and can afford a team of high-priced lawyers (for now at least) you have a pretty good chance at getting away with murder. I agree with the first poster. I’m tired of hearing about this chucklehead. He’s a complete psychopath and I hope he goes away for life and he can be a big star in the prison system where he can commit as much violence as he wants and the public will be safe from him. How he ever got to this point is still shocking to me. I mean the guy committed (most likely) three murders. He probably would have gotten away with the first two had he not committed the last one. Brazen.

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