Dareus appears in court, agrees to substance abuse treatment


Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was absent from training camp on Monday while he appeared in an Alabama courtroom, where he told a judge he will agree to substance abuse treatment.

Dareus was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance in Alabama on May 5, and his lawyer told the Associated Press on Monday that Dareus agreeing to enter the NFL’s substance-abuse program may allow him to have those felony drug charges dismissed.

The drug possession charge was not Dareus’s only legal problem this offseason: He also was charged with reckless endangerment after an incident in which he crashed his car into a tree following an alleged drag race with teammate Jerry Hughes. Dareus has a September 9 court date in that case.

On the field, Dareus is missing practice until he can pass the team’s conditioning test, which he failed on his first attempt on Saturday.

Dareus could be facing league discipline, either under the substance-abuse policy for the drug possession arrest or the personal-conduct policy for the reckless endangerment arrest, but there has been no word from the league office about any fine or suspension.

4 responses to “Dareus appears in court, agrees to substance abuse treatment

  1. Dareus needs to into treatment like some of the other players. He has a lot of talent and It’s a shame if he just tosses that away, and behaves like an idiot. The Bills must be very disappointed in him, because when he joined them he was an excellent player.

  2. I remember back in little league football in the 60’s if we showed up for practice unfit the coaches would be all over our sh.t. This guy is a pro and he has the nerve to show up like fat out of shape whale. Of course when you spend half the summer being arrested for various reasons of lawlessness I guess you don’t have much time for getting in shape….

  3. You’re right about the unprofessionalism of some of these guys. It’s almost like when the season’s over it’s time to forget about being ready for the next season and just go out and see how much trouble they can get into. I guess like unclebuck, I’m too old to be able to relate to this generation of pinheads. I was in the Army and if we didn’t pass a PT test there were consequences that NOBODY wanted. In the NFL if you can’t pass your PT test, you get some time off. Hopefully it’s without pay. It’s just pathetic how some of these guys behave. Still, he’s the only Haynesworth so far this year that I know of and unfortunately it paints a bad light on everyone. Let’s just remember that it’s Dareus’ responsibility to be in shape and be out of trouble. So far he’s not doing very well.

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