Mark Davis: Raiders had “phenomenal” offseason


When the offseason began, Raiders owner Mark Davis said that the team had no more built-in excuses after navigating their way through salary cap hell and years with diminished draft picks because of ill-advised trades.

The message isn’t any different several months later. Davis called an offseason that saw the Raiders add players like Khalil Mack, Matt Schaub, Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, Derek Carr and James Jones “phenomenal” and then followed up that praise for General Manager Reggie McKenzie with a reminder that the mistakes of the past won’t be available as excuses any longer by saying that “results speak.”

“Obviously nobody’s happy with the way that season ended … this year is the year, there are no more excuses,” Davis said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “There were games last year where we didn’t show up. The Kansas City game. One play four times? The same guy scoring four touchdowns? Philadelphia, seven touchdown passes? It wasn’t there. That can’t happen any more.”

Davis isn’t issuing any specific ultimatums, but the situation doesn’t really call for them. McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen have overseen the dismantling of what came before and they need to show this season that they are the right guys to oversee the rebuilding of the Raiders into a competitive team that can contend for postseason berths and/or Super Bowl appearances. If not, it will be time for a change in Oakland.

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  1. The Kansas City game. One play four times? The same guy scoring four touchdowns?

    Guess Mo…errrr Mark, can prepare for that to happen a couple more times this year.

  2. I think they’re improved but how much remains to be seen. They’ve been down for so long I’m kind of rooting for them even though I’m in no way a Raiders fan.

  3. So he’s smart enough about football to know that he had a great offseason, yet he wasn’t smart enough last year to win at the game? Ok well I guess we should see a phenomenal season then, or next time he renders an opinion we will just know not to take him too seriously.

  4. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I honestly can’t remember a time since then that “on paper” the Raiders haven’t always been the team to beat. The problem is on Sundays, no one breaks out a notebook and has a “paper war”. With a Davis in charge anywhere at that organization, the Raiders will always be “phenomenal” in the offseason and on paper.

  5. That’s why this season is a win/win for raider fans. Either they win, or we go after a better coach

  6. If you honestly dissect and evaluate what McKenzie has over the last 3 seasons he has done a fantastic job excluding the Veldheer flub. But even that situation isn’t crystal clear if JV wanted to be a Raider or not. I give Reggie a B+ over his last 3 years of work.

  7. Davis is right, year 3, we (the NFL fans and world) need to see significant progress. I think every organization would have that standard.

  8. I consistently see that the raiders went “all in” this season to save the gm and coach’s jobs…. what fails to appear is that the Raiders had enormous cap space they had to spend…. there are not but so many free agents available and I believe they managed to get a very strong assortment of the free agents available.

    McKenzie, had the fortitude to pay the price to right this ship and get it back to respectability after the chaotic spending of Mr. (Al) Davis. I think the younger Davis just needs to have a little patience with this gm/coach team to see them succeed. They have had their hands tied behind them for 2 years. Now they get to do their jobs. Lets hope they can.

  9. Oakland is easily better than KC at this point.

    3rd in the AFC West should be good for a nice meth addled parade/riot.

  10. Good interview. Based on Davis answers and a little reading between the lines, he is not pleased with D.Allen and will keep Reggie if the season goes south. Interesting that Davis sees some similarities between this team and the veteran influx brought in back in ’99.But Davis pointed out the major difference between that team and this one….Jon Gruden! Reading between the lines again?

  11. I’m speaking as a diehard Broncos fan… but good for them. Really. I want the Raiders to rebuild, I want the old rivalry back- right now, as much history as the Denver/Oakland rivalry has to it, the teams just aren’t even close right now in terms of talent. I cheered for KC coming back to relevancy last season because it was fun to have a reason to hate them again- and I really want the Raiders to do the same. It’s fun to have a bitter rival who kind of scares you all week leading up to the game- so go Raiders, rebuild this team so I can hate you like the old days!

  12. Well, somebody’s going to be in the unemployment line in 6 months, lol. I know the coach will, it’s just a matter of whether he’ll fire the clueless GM, too.

  13. Sometimes, adding old re-treds are a good thing for a team, but only when you have a strong basic foundation in a solid offensive line and a stout defensive line. When you build up your team in every aspect but the OL and DL, your rebuilding effort almost always fails big time.

    If the Raiders finish the season under 8-8, adding good complementary players without a solid foundation will have meant nothing for this season. And since they have to play Denver, SD, and KC each twice, 8-8 looks awfully difficult to attain.

  14. I agree with Steve Corkran in that the dismantling process should’ve occurred immediately (in 2012) rather than over 2 seasons (for instance, Seymour should’ve been cut right away). In this way the improvement could’ve started in year 2 (2013). I also think that McKenzie’s 2013 draft looks pretty bad although if Hayden & Watson can show something, I’m willing to revise that opinion.

    Having said that, I think that the Raiders had an excellent 2014 draft and while I wasn’t happy with replacing Veldheer with Penn I thought most of the other other offseason acquisitions were good.

    Now it’s up to the team to show improvement on the field. I don’t expect a playoff appearance this year but even with the tough schedule I will be disappointed if the Raiders don’t finish in the 7-9 range. If they suck this year like they have over the last 2 years of the new regime, then I think Son-of-Al would be justified in bringing in a new GM & HC.

  15. .
    When you have been moribund for years, step one is to get a roster that will be competitive for 16 weeks. They have to stop being blown out of games.

  16. Well, he certainly spent some money this off-season.

    On paper, it looks like foolish money on past their primers, but per the rules it had to be spent.

    There’s no digging out of the cellar in this division. The other three teams are considerably more talented.

  17. The Chiefs slid badly this off season and the Bronco’s and Chargers stayed relatively the same.

    The Raiders should finish 2nd, IMO.

  18. Compared to the offseasons they have had lately, I agree, buy it still is not saying much, N wit that said….oh u think u had a good offseason ha? U think ur gonna make the playoffs ha? Ur delusional ha?

  19. “One play four times? The same guy scoring four touchdowns? Philadelphia, seven touchdown passes? ”

    yo markie mark…. be like your pops and can the coach that doesn’t have a high enough IQ to see this happening as its happening.

  20. Phenomenal (adj): Letting a quality young left tackle leave for no reason via free agency to sign a worse player for more money only to have that guy fail a physical and end up signing a third vastly inferior veteran free agent because there was no one left.

  21. The first four games are HUGE. At Jets, Texans, At Patriots, Miami in London. At worse the Raiders needs to be 2-2, hopefully 3-1. Only the NE game would take a herculean effort to win. I think the Raiders are a 7 win team, 8 wins potentially. If that happens I think Allen and McKenzie come back if not changes need to be made.

  22. I predict that the Raiders will win the Offseason Championship, and proudly display the Offseason Championship Cup in their Hall of Fame!

  23. Hope Springs eternal!!!!!!

    Looking back on last year, they played a Washington team that was struggling and let that one go. Then they play a Philly team right after Vic is injured and Foles looks like the second coming of Dan Marino. By the way, that game turned Philly’s entire season around. On Thanksgiving, they completely out played a Dallas team in the first half, only to be a “no show” in the second half. Couldn’t stay in the game against the Giants and finally, played a Jets team that hadn’t scored a TD in 3 games, benched it’s QB only to have him come back and regain some confidence.

    That’s 5 winable game. In my opinion it was due to a lack of depth. Yes, they didn’t get aging veterans, but for the first time, it gives the team some depth, which they haven’t had.

    With that said, much tougher schedule which should be embraced.

    Hope does Spring Eternal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Reminds me of the last few years of the Shanny reign in Denver. Sign a bunch of street vets in decline and declare yourself improved.

    We Denver fans swallowed it hook, line and sinker every time. I’m sure desperate Raider fans are even ingesting the pole.

  25. Haters are going to hate so hate on haters, but anybody who does not think the raiders have improved are just full of hate. Just go down the check list of who we lost and who we added

    QB – Schaub, Carr > Pryor
    RB – added MJD, Sheets, Murray (IR)
    OL -added Howard, Jackson, Penn but lost Velhdeer (ouch), and Saffold (thank you)
    WR – added Jones
    DL added Tuck, Woodley, Smith, Ellis, Harris > Lamarr Houston
    LB – added Mack, and have a healthy Burris back.
    Secondary – added Brown, Rogers Carrie, McGill, and have a healthy T Branch back in the mix> jenkins, and porter
    Special teams…just bringing back the nfl leading punter, one of the greatest kickers in nfl history…all good

    Velhdeer was Reggie ‘s only mistake in the off season….but that was a huge mistake.

  26. At best, the Raiders can go 0-0 in the offseason.
    At worst, the Raiders can go 0-0 in the offseason.
    The Broncos improved considerably and the Chargers have a better QB and run game than the Raiders. Raider fans – I hope you’re enjoying your “phenomenal” offseason.

  27. gagnestyle says: Jul 22, 2014 2:26 PM

    The Broncos improved considerably and the Chargers have a better QB and run game than the Raiders. Raider fans – I hope you’re enjoying your “phenomenal” offseason.
    Oakland was 12th in rushing offense last season. San Diego was 13th. Flip those rankings for rush defense. San Diego was 29th in pass defense. Oakland was 28th. Obviously, both teams need to improve their pass defense dramatically. San Diego’s passing offense was far superior to Oakland’s last season, and should be this season as well. As far as having a “phenomenal” off season, most execs and players say pretty much the same thing this time of year.

  28. I still say the drafting do Carr was a gutsy, unselfish move. Reggie drafted for the present and the future in 201,4 and for that reason he deserves at least one more year.

    I’m not thrilled with his choice of HC, but the GM is young and that was his first-ever HC hire. If it was a mistake to hire Dennis Allen then Mckenzie should be allowed to learn from his mistake and move forward. The same with his first number one draft pick. If Hayden’s a bust let Reggie learn from it and then do better.

    Part of what made the Raiders so great in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was stable ownership and coaching. Ever since then the head coaching position has become a turn style.

    I fear that if Mark Davis doesn’t allow Reggie Mckenzie to learn and grow, the Raiders are headed for a continued downward spiral.

  29. I think the Raiders did improve this offseason, but it’s hard not to when you have a ridiculous amount of cap space and nowhere to go but up. However, I just don’t see it translating into wins. They will lose to Denver twice and if things go well MAYBE split against San Diego and Kansas City. They will likely lose to all four NFC West teams, and will not beat the Patriots. If everything goes their way I see seven wins at best, but more likely 5-6. This means a Dennis Allen firing and starting all over again next year. If things really go bad, McKenzie might go too.

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