PFT’s 2014 Preseason Power Rankings

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Here is how PFT ranks all 32 NFL clubs entering the 2014 season. A preseason analysis of each team can be found below. The rankings were determined by vote of the editorial staff:

1. Seattle Seahawks. (NFC rank: 1.)

2. San Francisco 49ers. (NFC rank: 2.)

3. Denver Broncos. (AFC rank: 1.)

4. New England Patriots. (AFC rank: 2.)

5. Green Bay Packers. (NFC rank: 3.)

6. New Orleans Saints. (NFC rank: 4.)

7. Baltimore Ravens. (AFC rank: 3.)

8. Indianapolis Colts. (AFC rank: 4.)

9. Cincinnati Bengals. (AFC rank: 5.)

10. Carolina Panthers. (NFC rank: 5.)

11. Arizona Cardinals. (NFC rank: 6.)

12. Chicago Bears. (NFC rank: 7.)

13. Philadelphia Eagles. (NFC rank: 8.)

14. Atlanta Falcons. (NFC rank: 9.)

15. Pittsburgh Steelers. (AFC rank: 6.)

16. San Diego Chargers. (AFC rank: 7.)

17. Kansas City Chiefs. (AFC rank: 8.)

18. New York Giants. (NFC rank: 10.)

19. New York Jets. (AFC rank: 9.)

20. St. Louis Rams. (NFC rank: 11.)

21. Detroit Lions. (NFC rank: 12.)

22. Cleveland Browns. (AFC rank: 10.)

23. Washington Redskins. (NFC rank: 13.)

24. Dallas Cowboys. (NFC rank: 14.)

25. Houston Texans. (AFC rank: 11.)

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (NFC rank: 15.)

27. Minnesota Vikings. (NFC rank: 16.)

28. Buffalo Bills. (AFC rank: 12.)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars. (AFC rank: 13.)

30. Tennessee Titans. (AFC rank: 14.)

31. Miami Dolphins. (AFC rank: 15.)

32. Oakland Raiders. (AFC rank: 16.)

22 responses to “PFT’s 2014 Preseason Power Rankings

  1. thank you the compliment pft raider haters….#32….we are the strongest team in the entire nfl….we are holding everybody else up.

  2. How did the Vikings get rated that high? They have the worst of all NFL starting QB’s and he’s best that group. It can only go down hill for them if he gets hurt.

  3. Remember all those fans claiming the repeat and elite and dominance talk about the Ravens last year – ANOTHER team that was GIFTED the SB by the stripes (from the 49ers, coincidence?)

    Here’s the seaFrauds history: 37 years of nothing, with a lone trip to the bowl via the weakest combination of teams that the NFC had put forth in decades (thanks, Romo). Then the pete: 7-9, 7-9, playoffs, and the stripes hand them the NFCC. Let’s face it: Alabama would have taken down Denver – Peyton is way too tired in February to be producing.

    Please stop the “elite” and “dynasty” slobber. Take your 1 and done and have fun HOPING that Percy plays (err, I mean: finishes) more than 1 game this season.

  4. Sea! HAWKS!! SB champs, and they WILL repeat, you can print this out and save it and if they aren’t hoisting the Lombardi in Feb 2015 mail it to me and I’ll eat it!

  5. The Detroit Lions are absolutely in the top 16. They have the most talent on their roster since 1957.

    Sure, Stafford’s gotta improve, the CBs are dicey and the coaching staff is still a mystery, but 21? One would think our wretched past, infamous personnel decisions, the Stench of Millen and numerous curses may have influenced your ranking of the Leos. Go Lions!

  6. I would take Baltimore and Cincinnati down about 10 spots. Cleveland could also be lowered by three spots. Miami needs to be raised by 10 spots.

  7. Saints should at least be in the top 5 the saints beat the niners this year who beat the packers on the road in the playoffs . The seahawks should also be lower like the packers because they took a big hit this off season and are not going to be the same #WHODAT

  8. Preseason rankings are a debate but these are only off for a few teams, the funny thing is when reality sets in for some fans teams. Everyone thinks their team is too low!

    1. Seattle Seahawks… Won SB deserving spot

    2. San Francisco 49ers… Off field distractions, from coach to players, will take time to regain chemistry. Will still be top 6 team.

    3. Denver Broncos… Good offseason & upgrades all around. Should be ranked #2

    4. New England Patriots… Always formidable & always a top 4 AFC team with Brady & BB.

    5. Green Bay Packers… A healthy Rodgers goes how this team goes, great offense but Def? Should be swapped with NO.

    6. New Orleans Saints… Could be playing in the NFCC, this team is loaded.

    7. Baltimore Ravens… Ranked kinda high. Questions all around on O, but history says they don’t stay down long.

    8. Indianapolis Colts… Weak div has them ranked in top 10, but they do have Luck & dangerous Off.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals.. QB & coach choke in the big games. Good depth, a top 5 defense & dangerous Off. Should be ranked higher

    10. Carolina Panthers… All the teams in their div got better, they fell off just a little on D. Fair spot.

    11. Arizona Cardinals… Ranked a little high. Tougher sched this year than last & tough div they will fall back after some losses to Def.

    12. Chicago Bears…Underrated. Should be ranked higher if Def comes around very dangerous.

    13. Philadelphia Eagles..Best team in weak div. Offense is scary, the D is suspect but if Foles stays consistent watch out.

    14. Atlanta Falcons… Ranked a little high. Injuries set this team back last season. Coaching is unimpressive. If faced with adversity this season they could fall way back.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers… Ranked about right or to low, too many questions on D not answered until they play the games. Great FO they don’t fall far.

    16. San Diego Chargers.. Like the Steelers they could be ranked right or to low. 2nd best in div.

    17. Kansas City Chiefs… This team falls back with tougher schedule & SD improving.

    18. New York Giants..Jekyll & Hyde year to year. Giants can easily in a weak div take control. Best FO, Coach, & QB combo in div. Can move up.

    19. New York Jets…Rex does more with less than any coach. Injuries happen to other teams this team will move up. Good ranking

    20. St. Louis Rams..This team needs a health QB if so will be better than AZ. The Dline is by far the best in the NFL. Could shock the NFL this year.

    21. Detroit Lions..Hard to take this team seriously. History says so with under performance. their play gets them ranked higher.

    22. Cleveland Browns..Talented roster, definitely on defensive side, but tough div. Qb questions & wr problems. Tough out. Good ranking

    23. Washington.. Ranked to low or high depends a lot on RG3. The D is terrible but O could mask that. The div is not strong. Ranked right until they get on the field.

    24. Dallas Cowboys..This teams is like Washington, D is bad maybe worst than Wash, but they play the div tough a few wins outside the div & good QB play could move them up.

    25. Houston Texans.. No QB, but play in the weakest div in the NFL. Ranked right but the D could be strong & win them games.

    26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers…Ranked way too low. Had 1 of the best offsesons if it all comes together this team could suprise. Better than ATL imo.

    27. Minnesota Vikings..A year away from being a dangerous team if young Qb becomes decent. The teams in their div are to strong right now

    28. Buffalo Bills.. Same div as the Pats & jets have better coaching. Great Talent on D and some on O, but just not enough to place better right now.

    29. Jacksonville Jaguars. Doing all the right things to be formidable to Indy by 2015. This year ranked right but could change quick.

    30. Tennessee Titans.. In thier div anything is possible could move up or down. QB play will dictate their season. Ranked right

    31. Miami Dolphins.. Team seams like a circus & so many distractions. Seems like it will take some games to see how they put it together or get a good feel for this team. Good ranking

    32. Oakland Raiders… Ranked to low this team imo will not be the worst team in the NFL. They are not a playoff team. The QB position & offense as a whole keeps this team Ranked very low.

  9. Man, haters gonna hate huh? I keep hearing that the Seahawks “lost a lot of talent,” but no one really lists anyone that I am fretting a whole lot.

    I was sad to see Tate go, but he is talented and a bit too selfish. He wants his own personal numbers and the Hawks are about spreading the wealth. He got his ring, now he wants his stats. Sure would have loved to see a reenactment of Tate’s “Immaculate Reception,” (not to take anything away from Franco Harris’s version) in the Hawk’s first game of the season against GB though.

    Breno? The guy was a trail-blazer but he can be replaced. Less false starts may actually help Wilson not have to extend as many plays on third-and-long’s. Plus, Cable is just gonna keep crushing out new talent on the line from the young-guns we have waiting for their turn.

    Um, New England can have Browner, and Thurmond will have something to prove with less talent around him. The “University of Pete” is gonna keep filling vacated CB spots with ridiculous talent, and the Cover-3 scheme makes it work. As long as Chancellor and Thomas are healthy behind them, and Sherman locks down the #1 WR, a few contestants from “The Biggest Loser” could be planted in there and we’d still be just fine.

    Again, sad to see Clemons go, but something had to be done to make room for Sherman, Thomas, and Wilson’s (eventual) contracts. Wish the guy the best, but it’s gonna be tough producing in Jacksonville without the coverage-sacks he was being handed by The Legion of BOOM. Bruce Irvin steps into a really good spot. It’s just too bad Jared Allen didn’t take the offer when he had the chance… 60% of the snaps in Seattle are worth way more than 90%+ in Chicago.

    Can’t take the Hawk’s #1 spot away until they have given you a reason to do so, and we haven’t heard anything regarding PED’s coming out of Seattle in a while 🙂

  10. Not sure why the Dolphins are ranked so low. They finished 8-8 last year and actually had a better record after Martin/Incognito “scandal” than before it (3-4 vs 5-4). 31 is way too harsh, they should be 20-25ish after their performance last season.

    But how else will PFT justify their unwarranted 24/7 hatred of the Dolphins.

  11. @udontknowjaq

    “Preseason rankings are a debate but these are only off for a few teams, the funny thing is when reality sets in for some fans teams. Everyone thinks their team is too low!”

    You’re right by the way, the Hawks are WAY TOO LOW. If there was a #1/2, or a way to rank them #1 and then list SF, DEN, NE, GB and NO tied for #6, I would have suggested they do that. Seattle is just hands-down better than everyone else right now.

    And please, DO “try him [Sherman] with a sorry receiver like Crabtree,” because THAT’S the result WE’RE [SEA Fans] gonna get… A Super Bowl!

  12. The o-line can’t be worse than last season, and the shorter drops in McAdoo’s offense certainly will help Eli, who, on top of everything else last season, had just one dependable receiver. The running game appears better on paper, and the secondary is vastly improved. Sad to see Tuck go, but the DL is deep, too. The big questions are with LB, TE and OL. But every other NFCE team has serious flaws, starting with the Cowboys, who are likely to field an historically bad defense.

  13. The Chiefs surprise by excelling in 2nd year under Andy Reid. Too much has been made about the off-season losses, but they were planned and Reid/JohnDorsey, are purposely getting players that they feel fit their offensive and defensive schemes better. This is a team that is being built primarily through the draft and we will see some of last year’s picks, step up this season, as they did against the Chargers (2nd stringers played the entire game) in the final regular season game, at San Diego and against a team that had to win to make the playoffs. Also, Alex Smith will be a legitimate MVP candidate.

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