Report: Jamaal Charles will hold out from Chiefs camp


In a surprise move, one of the NFL’s best players has reportedly decided not to report to training camp.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles will not show up when the Chiefs report to camp on Thursday. Charles is holding out for more money, KCTV-5 reports.

Charles still has two more years left on his contract and is due $3.9 million this year. He’s correct if he thinks he’s a lot better than a lot of players who are making more money than him, but the Chiefs may feel that they have no reason to give more money to a player who is under contract through 2015.

If Charles is serious about making his holdout a long one, that would be very bad news for the Chiefs: Charles led the team last year not just in rushing with 259 carries for 1,287 yards, but also in receiving with 70 catches for 693 yards. There may not be any non-quarterback in the league who is more important to his team’s offense than Charles.

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  1. So… what does the Union say about players who sign contracts but dont honor them? this must be ok to hold out. Ill have some cake and eat it too please.

  2. not a good situation for the chiefs…..just wish all players would play for what they signed for….if not why sign it.

  3. They could have cut him if he didn’t perform, so good for him holding out for more money when he far outperformed the value of his contract and using the only leverage he has, which is to elect to not play.

  4. I’m sure everybody is going to side with management and say “he signed the contract, shut up and play,” but I say good for him for making money while he can as a RB. If he underperformed his contract, the team would cut him without thinking twice.

  5. The Chiefs should get another long term deal done with him. The guy is just too valuable to them. He is within striking distance of Priest Holmes KC rushing record and along with McCoy is the best all around back in the NFL. The only non-QB people that deserve to get paid as much if not more than Charles are Calvin Johnson and maybe McCoy and Peterson. Pay the man KC! Chiefs fans want him to finish his career with KC.

  6. Every NFL player has the same understanding with their team. At any point that the team decides to cut you they can, and at any point you want to hold out you can. It’s the same for everybody and this is the process that everybody has agreed to. So what’s the problem?

  7. paul82461 says:
    Jul 22, 2014 7:20 PM
    So… what does the Union say about players who sign contracts but dont honor them? this must be ok to hold out. Ill have some cake and eat it too please.


    The Union probably says the same thing to its players that the Goodell says to teams who sign players to contracts and then cut them – This is just business.

  8. The Chiefs had a LOOOOOONG time to stop underpaying the best player on their team.

    This guy is a top 3 running back (imo he’s #1 but im trying to be gracious to idiots who wear purple)

    Charles has been underpaid for the last 2 seasons. He’s well within his right to ask for more money. Did anybody see what happened to the Chiefs when Charles went out last year.

    Make no mistake Jamaal Charles is the offense of the Chiefs. You want to undercut him? The rest of the the NFL appreciates it!

  9. The going rate of rbs is a pat on the back and a couple of asprin.

    Be happy with 3.9 mil. Next year you’ll get 5 Max.

  10. For those complaining about Charles not abiding by his contract, the team can blow up his contract whenever they want to, so why shouldn’t he have the same right? Grow up. This is business.

  11. Good for him. I hope he sticks to his guns and doesn’t punk out like Jimmy Graham.

  12. Normally I’m against players holding out for more money. However, I feel the running back position has really taking a hit with the passing fad that has taken off. There are maybe a handful of truely elite backs and Charles is one of them. Couple that with the shot shelf life of a back and he really does have no choice but to hold out. His value will probably never be higher than it is right now. If he waits he will be 29 when he is a free agent and they will try to use that to lowball him. Charles best play is to hold out now and get his money, and he does deserve to get paid.

  13. The argument for not paying Charles is clear: the position is devalued and teams can get 85 % of Charles’s production for 500,000 a year now.

  14. what’s this do to his fantasy draft position? does this drop him out of the top 5?

  15. Looking at last yrs stats and the depth chart, I don’t think the Chiefs saw this coming.

  16. Has he looked at RB salaries around the NFL?

    Chiefs probably want him to take a pay cut.

    ps: Chiefs is racist…

  17. Didn’t he account for like 80% of their offense last year?

    Hold out and get paid because the second your production drops they will be banging your door down to take a pay cut just like every team does with their veterans when the production doesn’t match the pay. $3.9 mil is a steal for Charles, if he doesn’t play the Chiefs don’t win more than six games.

  18. as a chiefs fan this doesn’t concern me at all. he’s saving some tread on the tires for the the regular season. don’t see him holding out longer than that, and don’t see him struggling when he returns, either.. guy is a natural fit in andy reid’s offense and the least in need of practice/improvement during camp.

  19. It’s okay for a team to cut a player with years remain on his contract because his value decreased, but it’s not okay for a player to hold out because he feels his value has increased? This guy is a beast and we saw how valuable he was to the Chiefs in that Colts game when he was out the second half.

  20. “There may not be any non-quarterback in the league who is more important to his team’s offense than Charles.”

    ……..ADRIAN PETERSON?!!!!!!!

  21. You know what paul82461, I am generally in agreement with the notion of honoring contracts, but when I look at the NFL they have the most one sided concept of a contract I’ve ever seen.

    The deal is, a player has to agree to play for $X in year 3. But the team can cut him at no cost if they don’t want him. So if a player does poorly, he loses. If he does very well (like Mr. Charles), the team wins.

    The only other sport I watch carefully is hockey. If a player gets a 5 year deal for $2 million a year, he gets all $10 million.

  22. I used to side with management most of the time in these contract disputes, and sometimes still do. But come on, two more seasons is an eternity to a running back. His wheels could fall off before then and then what? Would the team pay him for how great he’s been in the past?

    This is a move Charles has to make. Hopefully the Chiefs will do what’s right.

  23. the other reason this is not the end of the world is that the chiefs know how valuable charles is and there is precisely zero chance of him not staying in KC for at least 2-3 more years.

    i have a strong feeling they are in restructure negotiations right now, to gain even more cap room to sign houston and alex smith to extensions, while also extending charles for another couple of seasons. and his agent probably leaked this report to gain some leverage.

  24. I doubt most you understand how to contracts work, teams can’t just blow up a contract like it never existed. If they released him, they would still be obligated to paying the contracts guaranteed money that BOTH sides negotiated and agreed to.

  25. Stand your ground Chiefs! I hope Charles skips the whole season. BTW, did I mention I’m a Chargers fan?

  26. schmokes says:
    Jul 22, 2014 7:52 PM
    How much money did he pay back to the team when he was out for the entire 2011 season with his knee injury?

    Nothing. The team actually paid him!

    What a crazy world we live in. Someone gets hurt on the job and yet, they still get paid.

  27. I really do hate the act of holding out and what it symbolizes, but he has pretty grossly outplayed his contract. And as stated before, NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed and they can drop him whenever they want. Cash in, young man. Take care of your family. That’s what matters at the end of the day. Just don’t make this a freaking habit. Get your payday and be happy.

  28. What justintuckrule? “Don’t punk out like Jimmy Graham”. I will gladly “punk out” for 4 years at $10 million a year with $21 million guaranteed. Worry about Eli and….. Nobody?

  29. So, the season ended 6 months ago and he decides 2 days before the start of training camp that he is unhappy with his contract? SMH.

  30. skoobyfl says:
    Jul 22, 2014 7:41 PM
    Who does the heavy lifting in KC ?

    Andy Reid’s office chair

  31. The main problem I see is that his size is an issue as far as injuries and as sure as grass grows green over a septic tank, he’ll get hurt right after signing that big fat contract. Its gonna be a LONG season..again.

  32. Second best all around back in the NFL next to McCoy, I think only McCOys blocking makes him the better player. I am a big believer in giving guys on the last two years of a deal they out performed a raise at that point. Not so much a fan of the hold out as I think that hurts the team. He should probably get a bit bigger deal than McCoy got. Nobody should get the deal AP got because it is stupid in the cap era.

  33. Boo freaking Hoo. He’s due to make more money in the next 6 months than I will see in my whole lifetime. Suspend him and donate his salary to charity.

  34. He’s right to hold out. RBs are a dime a dozen nowadays. He is a top 3 back right now. And HE LED THE CHIEFS IN RECEIVING LAST YEAR. He’s also the NFL’s all-time leader in career yards-per-carry average among running backs.

    He is a weapon! Dude has power and is explosive.

    Chiefs need to keep this guy.

  35. Way to help your team win, dude. You want to be the best, act like it. LeSean didn’t hold out when he had the chance and it paid off for him (2013 Rushing Title).

  36. Out of all the RBs in the league besides Shady and Peterson he may be the most important to his team. He plays a pretty big role for the Chiefs. Most running backs aren’t worth high salaries anymore but he is.. Pay the man his money!

  37. Folks get their panties in a bunch when players hold out… If the team does not want his services they can just cut him just like they do to players who get injured or don’t fulfill their duties on the field… A player who honors his contract when he is underpaid is just as rare as a team who honers a contract for a player who is falling off… just look at Bryan Urlocker.

  38. One year left,hold out. Two years left,no dice. The front office will remember it well later. They’re not going to cut him and if he maintains his production this coming season, he’ll get paid enough to cover him towards the back end of his career.

  39. ….and they think they are going to compete for the division this year? LOOOOOOL Their season will be over after they get demolished week 2

  40. Chiefs would be wise to give him a 2 yr extension w raise, sign Smith and franchise Houston after this year.

    Agents are wising up to the final year franchise tag game for big time players and holding 2 years before the contract ends. They don’t lose the FA clause that way is my guess.

  41. Everyone knows that team lives and dies by Bowe and Alex Smith…

    …totally joking here.

  42. Yes, the players can be cut at any time, but a lot of top players get a ton of upfront money in the form of a signing bonus that is guaranteed. Lets not act like they are on welfare

  43. I’m almost starting to feel some pity for Chiefs fans. Maybe they ought to drop the KC and just call them the Disgruntled Chiefs.

    It is becoming less and less likely that Disgruntled makes it to that first round playoff loss this year.

  44. If you look at the history of holdouts, those players that hold out are frequently injured.

    If it is the body not being accustomed to the collisions, not ready for the speed, or whatever.

    Hold outs do more to damage a career than anything else.

  45. People ask me why I enjoy fantasy football so much. All I have to say is that I’m a chiefs fan and they suddenly realize why I like fantasy football and pay directv extra for football games outside my area

  46. rickywatts80 says:
    Jul 22, 2014 7:43 PM
    For those complaining about Charles not abiding by his contract, the team can blow up his contract whenever they want to, so why shouldn’t he have the same right? Grow up. This is business.
    – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – — – – –
    I agree …it’s business…thats why you sign a contracts, so from the business side of it you can balance the books for all 53 guys. Thats why you get long term deals, signing bonuses etc….Go ahead sit out…..i’m a raider fan……i hope he sits out, but the bottom line is there are other ways to go about it….

  47. C’mon already…what ever happened to sticking with your decisions? It is obvious that he has the talent and is probably the best all-around athlete in the league but, that does not give him (or anyone at this level) the right to break a contract. Pay at this level is just out of control to begin with (that is a whole other topic, though). People…not just professional athletes but, people in general these days have such a need to immediate gratification and not put in the time. It is sad because, once you start going against your own word (a contract, for example) you start to realize that you can make empty promises and not have to hold up your end of the deal. I am a HUGE fan of the Chiefs and of Mr. Charles’ talent, however, if he proceeds with these kinds of actions, it will be difficult to be a fan of Mr. Charles himself. Hold up your end of the deal and EARN the next big payday when you agreed to. If you don’t like the terms, maybe you should just quit…or did you agree to owe money if you quit? If that is the case, I am certain the organization would ensure you hold up your end of that deal.

  48. So he gets a front loaded 6 year 28M contract .. Play 3 of those years and 1 IR.. Pretty tough to live on 28M… You signed it.. By the way all you sympathizers for the player remember their contracts are front loaded and the players know it…go after your agent or your mom if they forced you to sign the deal

  49. He just had a huge year and his stats will decline. No Brandon Albert and he’s playing three games against the NFC West. Not the weak last place schedule they had last year. This is his only chance to demand the salary he has already earned.

  50. Pay the man or cut him so he can go some team
    that will pay him. Same with Andre Johnson.
    Let him go to a team that will pay the man.

  51. “Charles still has two more years left on his contract and is due $3.9 million this year”

    Whenever the press reports on what a player is going to make his final couple years of the contract, they need to include their pro-rated signing bonus. Because one could look at this saying “gee, that is not much for a RB of his caliber” while not taking into account the humungous $20 mil signing bonus that he got (just an example, not sure what his signing bonus was because shoddy reporting won’t state it).

  52. I will agree that he has outplayed his contract and should be paid, but his timing could not be worse. Dude had the entire offseason to voice his dissatisfaction and waits to bring it up until the day before camp opens? Ridiculous.

    This is an incredibly selfish move that essentially gives the middle finger to Justin Houston and Alex Smith. The Chiefs don’t have the cap room to pay those 2 right now, let alone redo Charles’ contract. He’s forcing them to make a choice and I’d be surprised if that choice will be to allow Charles to strong arm them.

    Way to be a team player, Jamaal.

  53. Holding out is the same thing as “temporarily retiring.” There’s nothing wrong with it. He signed a contract that states he gets paid if he plays. He doesn’t want to play then he doesn’t get paid. In this case, he’s using his leverage because the Chiefs need him. Its smart business. Nothing personal.

  54. Might be his only chance to try to get more money. Health and production is not guaranteed, so try to get the money if you can. NFL careers are short.

  55. usually am one to say “you signed it”, but in this case it was unbelievable at the time and now is just stupid. he is far and away their best player, he is great for the team and the city, he is worth more than joique bell, and his peers seem to believe he is a top 10 player

    so really there should be no question

    feel bad for chief fans? look the losses and all that may be reason to, but don’t feel bad because they have a pretty stacked roster full of young talent. that is a good problem to have. Charles will get a nice little extension adding a couple years and 4 mil a year. well deserved

  56. The guaranteed money was only $13 mil over 6 years. This is year 5. Totally deserving of fresh paper.

    He should get 5 years, $40 million with $20 million guaranteed. Chiefs will get his best remaining football, Charles will get what he deserves.

  57. nfl contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on. If a player is cut he only gets a PORTION of his “guaranteed” $$$. Most will get an injury settlement thts somewhere in between his yearly salary & his guaranteed $$$. At any other time the team can cut u. You actually get more $$$ if your hurt when u get cut then if thry just outright cut u. Y not hold out smh?!

  58. Just read he is DUE almost 4 Million dollars. Holdout?!! Are you );$&)(: kidding me? There are so many people out of work with families and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Holdout loser. I hope the Chiefs tell you to stick your arrow on your logo up your ass. Change places with the out of work people Jamaal. Maybe that way you”ll appreciate making that much money for playing a freaking game!!

  59. All these issues could and would be avoided if like all other professional sports if contracts were GURANTEED . Especially with rookie pay scale and risk of injury players only get max type contracts after earning them so they should not be front loaded and just guranteed and that solves all this .

    If your retarded like people like Charles and Vernon Davis and invest your money poorly then it’s on you can’t wait until your yearly is under value when your initial years were OVER value . Take these idiots out of mix !

  60. Yes, the Chiefs can cut him. But his up-front bonus is long cashed. If he didn’t like the deal he shouldn’t have signed it.

    For those who say it’s just business … it’s also just business to fine him the maximum amount for every day he holds out, as permitted by the CBA. I hope they do.

  61. Ever notice how it seems that players who hold out usually come back and soon end up on IR. Seems pretty common. I supposed it’s because everyone else is up to speed and in condition.

  62. On the one hand, Jamaal Charles deserves to be paid handsomely. He is certainly the most valuable member of the offense. On the other hand, I remember when Maurice Jones-Drew held out for a new contract with the Jaguars, and how his season went.

  63. btw alfred morris is the running back..if you just figure in running and not catching..mans a bull

  64. Familiar story. Although Charles is a hell of a back, if he doesn’t want to play, they’ll find someone to plug in.
    Running backs are so replaceable in modern offenses. They have almost no leverage at all.
    If the Titans had understood that fact, they could have saved a ton with Johnson.

  65. To start off, I agree that Charles is being under paid. Compared to the salaries that other top RB, he is a bargain on the current deal.


    All this crying from poster about how the poor players can be cut at anytime and that is unfair is just unfounded. This is due to two things……Signing Bonus and Guaranteed Money. Yes the team can cut a player at anytime……..but they still have to pay them a good portion of money. Just look at Aaron Hernandez. He was collecting a pay check for quite some time while sitting in jail for murder.

    In Jamal Charles case, it was a $8,000,000 signing bonus and $13,000,000 (of roughly a $27,000,000 contract). So if the Chiefs cut him the day after he signed the contract he would have walked away with $8 Million in his pocket and collected an additional $5 Million over the course of the next 6 years.

    So it is not quite “unfair”, wish I could get let go from my job and still collect about half of what I was going to be paid.

  66. Whatever happened with integrity? While Charles should be paid more for his talents, he should have quietly stated his case to management, then be done with it, and gone on to prove his case on the field. The only thing he has done now was to prove to ANY other team that he can’t be trusted to live up to his contract EVER again.

  67. Let him sit out for two years and make nothing – use the extra money for a player with heart and integrity. See how he feels when he can’t pay his bills made with his greed.

  68. It’s ok for teams to cut players that don’t perform up to their contracts. Soooo, that is why players get front end loaded deals. Play out your deal, like the rest of us peons would have to do.

  69. How does charles only make 5.3 million this season while Dwayne Larda$$ Bowe gets 12 million? Uh-uh nope. My a$$ is going to park right on the couch if I were Charles. No question he should be the highest paid player on that team RB or not.

  70. The Chiefs shouldn’t have even let it come to this. He’s being vastly underpaid. That being said, Charles and his agent look really stupid right now for agreeing to that 6 year deal in 2010. Seriously, what were they thinking?

  71. If Charles was smart he would report to camp but come down with a phantom injury that the team can prove he doesn’t have such as a sore back. But suddenly gets better once he gets a new contract

  72. Had a grudge against him since I drafted him 5th overall in my fantasy league and the second game of the season Rory the Detroit Lions mascot hurt him for the whole year.

  73. If the contracts were guaranteed like the other sports, I would say honor it. But they’re not guaranteed and the owners can cut you without paying another dime. Additionally, no one wants to sign or keep a RB past 30. So every RB should get paid while they can. Since no RBs are being drafted in the first round and they’re cut before age 30, the next CBA should allow RB contracts to be renegotiated after year 2. They can keep it at 3 years for other positions since the other positions can get contacts after 30.

  74. Three things. Players contracts are not guaranteed and they can be cut, so holdouts are a fair response for players.

    Jamaal should get more guaranteed money and an extension rather than a new contract.

    The Chiefs scored 78 points in their last two games of the season without Charles against two playoff teams.

  75. I am behind Charles 100 percent. Might be his last chance for a big pay day. They do not have to pay him more, but he doesn’t have to play.

    That offense will be lost without him. He holds all the leverage if those making the decision to pay him more want to win. Does anyone really trust Knile Davis?

    Since when does this guy owe anyone anything? He has played for below market value for several years – going out there and getting the crap kicked out of him every Sunday. If they refuse to give him a raise and he walks away, good for him. I wouldn’t want to take that pounding as a NFL running back.

    NFL contracts are barely worth the paper they are signed on.

    By the way I am a huge Chiefs fan reigning from the K.C.

  76. The hell with Charles, the only story we need to worry about is Michael Sam making the Rams roster. If he were to get cut, the civil rights movement would backtrack 50 years. This is bigger than Jamaal Charles or any Super Bowl championship, this is even bigger than football itself, this is about justice and sacrifices need to be made. Michael Sam is the NFL.

  77. Before the draft I remember mentioning how the Chiefs should trade Charles a 1st and maybe another sweetener for Adrian Peterson.

    Chiefs fans didn’t care for that trade before the draft..cuz you know… Reid’s systems and Westbrook, and stuff and a pick that is now Dee Ford…

    Good thing it seems Chiefs fans are fine with the team winning about 7 games a season.

    They could have got one of the best players in the league, while attempting to counter Manning, and the Chargers are on the way down…

    While the Vikings are scrambling to rebuild… as evidence of their 7 1st round picks in the last 3 years.

    Remember when the last CJ with a great skillset that cashed in?

    If you don’t.. ask the Titans worked out

  78. The window for a player to cash in is by far the smallest in the NFL, especially as a RB. Cash-in while you can. It’s business.

  79. Bad news amongst other bad offseason news for Chiefs fans….Lost so many good players (mostly among the O line) and then your best player is a hold out? Ouch.

  80. The league and the players have to negotiate some type of compensation to players being cut into the next CBA. It’s really not fair that a team is able to cut someone in mid-contract if that player has a down season, but a player isn’t entitled to a raise after a monster season because the team has that player locked into the terms of a deal. If the player was able to receive some kind of compensation for being cut, then these holdouts would happen less and less

  81. The Kansas City Cheaps are royally screwed, even with him they’re going nowhere.

    House of cards.

  82. I get the sense this is a really shrewd move for a major running back.. interesting timing to inflate his value to the team as they push to make a contest of the AFCW. I’m sure the fans know they don’t think Cassel can carry this team…..

  83. Everyone using the “Well, the team can cut him anytime they want” is way off base. Certainly the team can cut him, BUT they will have to pay him his whatever was guaranteed in his contract. So the answer is, get your agent to negotiate more guaranteed money before you sign…Then honor the contract.

  84. I am a Chiefs season ticket holder and I say let him sit out. I want all you non-Chiefs fans to realize that we fans and the Chiefs have seen this before. Larry Johnson pulled this crap 5 years ago and the Chiefs caved and it bit them in the ass…a 40 million deal!! Charles has a short memory because of the Johnson holdout and subsequent injury, Charles became the RB he is now. In the wings is Kniles Davis and I am sure he doesn’t mind Charles holding out.
    What really bugs me is that the Chiefs extended his rookie contract after he had the ACL injury and gave him a good contract at the time. Why did he sign it if it was such a bad deal? He has 2 years on his contract left…HONOR IT!

  85. Does he even have a rushing title ? Lol anyways, I hope he holds out until week 1 and still doesn’t get a penny lol then knocks himself out of the game like he did last year. He has been in the NFL for 6 Years now but only has 2 good years lol

  86. Normally not a fan of holdouts, but this guy really is a central piece to the offense. Davis can’t do what Charles can do. I think the team has to consider the environment. Another 10 win season without JC? I doubt it. Some other 10-win team that gets JC? Suddenly formidable.

    Hopefully the team and the player can work something out.

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