Super Bowl champion Seahawks are at the top of PFT’s preseason rankings

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The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl by 35 points over the Denver Broncos in February. They re-signed several key players to long-term deals this offseason and suffered few significant losses to free agency this spring.

With all that in mind, the Seahawks had to come in at the top of our preseason power rankings.

The Seahawks have few questions as training camp gets set to open on Friday. Seattle’s offense has the potential to be more explosive this season with a healthy Percy Harvin in the lineup and Russell Wilson having another year of experience under his belt. The defense will remain as one of the most physically imposing units in the league with their key pieces intact and star-studded secondary locked up for the next few years.

However, the San Francisco 49ers remain directly in the rear-view mirror and the battle for NFC West should once again be must-see entertainment this fall.

Our full Seahawks preview is located here. Tell us in the poll below if you feel the Seahawks deserve the ranking we gave them heading into the season.

40 responses to “Super Bowl champion Seahawks are at the top of PFT’s preseason rankings

  1. It’s frankly hard to argue against this ranking. When you annihilate a very good Denver team like they did and you’re returning essentially the same team, I don’t see how anyone else could get the #1 spot.

  2. Champs until proven otherwise but the Packers are coming to crash that celebration week 1!

  3. PFT…The Seahawks Empire welcomes you. Your oath of fealty to the Seahawks Empire is enthusiastically received. As a loyal member of The Empire, all your football hopes and dreams will be realized. Serve The Empire well, and you will be rewarded with pride beyond calculation. Be warned, though, of those that would attempt to defile the might of the Seahawks Empire, for they are lost, and serve only to lower others to their lowly depths of despair. Jealous are those that follow false teams. Continue to walk in the light of the Seahawks Empire and you will never know despair. You have witnessed The Rise. You have witnessed The Dawn. Now live in the glory of the PLANET OF THE SEAHAWKS EMPIRE.

  4. Give credit where credit is due… They are the champs.. Beat the snot out of a broncos team ( niners would have won too) the way few would have thought. New season though fellas..division will most likely be decided on thanksgiving nite… 9ers pats in Super Bowl 50.. That’s my guess

  5. Where’s the too low option for Hawk fans? They are clearly on another level and the other 31 teams should be relegated to a lower league.

  6. The Seawagon definitely deserves the top spot. They beat the second best team and went on to destroy an overrated but good Denver team in the SB.

  7. The window has shut on the Steeler defense but the current Seahawks are what the Steelers could have been if the Steelers had a quarterback who could play better than a 22 passer rating in his first Super Bowl.

  8. Oooh! Way to put youselves out there, picking the defending Sub-Par Bowl Champion as your top team. Air some more eps of Nascar America instead of PFT while you’re at it…oh wait.

  9. Let’s see how their secondary does with the refs actually calling holding. The secondary systematically teaches holding and does a numbers game, numbers say they won’t be called all game so do it all day long.

  10. Given most of the losses were on defense, and it’s hard to repeat as #1, the defense might take a step back this year. There are some pretty good young players, plus veteran Kevin Williams, who are poised to try and prevent that from happening.

    I think the offense, though, has a chance to improve. More continuity along the offensive line (up to three starters were hurt for multiple weeks last year), added depth to the receiving corps (Harvin, Richardson, Norwood), and Christine Michael starting to carry more of the load at RB, giving Beast Mode more rest so he can be fresher longer into the season, all could contribute to improvements in production. The idea that Britt could be an upgrade to Giacomini isn’t that much of a stretch.

    I really like Paul Richardson. He was the only real weapon Colorado had, other teams planned around stopping him, and he still had something like 1400 yards receiving. If I had to pick one player to really make a mark this year, even though he’s only a rookie, he’d be the one.

  11. mortwannabe says:
    Jul 22, 2014 3:59 PM

    You just gave them the kiss of death. Thank you very much. 👍

    As a Seahawks fan, I’m hoping The PFT Curse and The Madden Curse cancel each other out.

  12. When your team gets hated on it means you’re feared and fear is respect in this game. I EAT YOUR TEARS AND HATE ALL DAY, AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. TALK IT, WALK IT, REPEAT. #CHAMPS

  13. Just because so many people find them repulsive doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be #1.

    They lost 3 games by a total of 15 pts and only allowed more than 20 pts 3 times all year including the playoffs. Until someone beats them they have to be considered the best coming into this season.

  14. I have no love for the Seahawks but claiming this spot belonged to any other team in the preseason would almost be as ridiculous as having a power ranking in the preseason.

  15. Until someone proves otherwise, Seattle is #1.

    That being said, certain members of the team and the fan base could use a little humility.

    Wanting to erect a statue of one play in a game they barely won (NFC Championship Game), before going on to win the Super Bowl. That’s not classy, and reflects extremely poor sportsmanship.

    I’m all for playing with a little attitude or swagger, but that’s a level unseen in professional sports of any kind.

  16. Why wouldn’t they be ranked #1? It’s certainly not going to be Denver, LOL. A case could be made for Green Bay or Santa Cruz, but until they can knock them off this ranking makes sense………….& it’s just a preseason rank, nothing else.

  17. I can’t help but think the replacement refs’ poor call against the Packers helped Seattle win the Super Bowl.

  18. Seattle will still win the division, maybe only at 12-4 this year because of the tough schedule. Arizona should take the #2 spot with that nasty D they have now. St. Louis will finally put all the pieces together and earn the second wild-card spot in the playoffs. Where is San Fran you ask? Spiraling out of control with players going to prison and holding out for contracts that pay them more than they are worth, plus a coach that is fueding with his G.M. and finally asking for the team to complete that trade for him to go coach the Browns. Then all the Whiner bandwagon fans who realize that the last three years of humiliating last second losses actually mean that their team was never the best can go back to cheering on the Giants and the A’s.

  19. The 49ers will be taking the division & conference back this year!
    ^9er bandwagon really guy? More than half of your loyal”fanbase” has only been watching football for around 3 years, get over your self and soak it all in, the SeaWagon is on top of the world but will never make it back there in your lifetime. And actually we will always cheer on our other sports in the Bay Area unlike your fanbase who only shows up when a team is relevant. And now that Lebron left Miami what basketball team are you going to claim as your favorite team? Go 9ers !

  20. Meaningless article.
    Love the haters in these threads. Get over it, the best team last year were the Seattle Seahawks.
    It was an amazing year and after years of torture it finally happened. A SB win!
    Excited for this season but repeating is extremely difficult.
    gohawks and feed the beast

  21. As a Seahawks fan for 35+ years and no title, last year was sweet justice for all of the painful years. For anyone calling my team cheaters, go blow yourself! Every team in the league is looking for some type of advantage, ours is just good old fashioned “we’re better than you” DEFENSE! The offense will be better this year with a healthy WR core, and improvments on the offensive line. If they don’t repeat, I would be very surprised. SF is very good, but isn’t half their team in jail? Go Hawks

  22. Denver Bronco’s broke season records in almost every single offensive category. Yet our Defense shut them completely down. Our Defense will be even better this year! Good luck to the rest of the league!

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