Texans, Andre Johnson’s agent are communicating

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On Monday, Texans receiver Andre Johnson reportedly was back in the building.  On Tuesday, agent Kennard McGuire declined to address those reports.

“I am not refuting, confirming or denying any reports or stories,” McGuire told Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston.  “Per the collective bargaining agreement there’s a period in which veteran players are not allowed to participate or be in their team’s facilities.”

As explained earlier in the day, veteran players currently may work out on their own at team facilities.  Which is all that Johnson could have been doing, under the CBA.

While not addressing whether Johnson visited the team’s facility, McGuire admitted that he has been talking to the Texans on Johnson’s behalf.

“While I am personally in contact with the Texans organization, those conversations will remain between myself, the organization and Andre Johnson,” McGuire told Berman.

Johnson reportedly was willing to report for OTAs, but the Texans refused to give him a chance to earn back a $1 million roster bonus that Johnson forfeited by missing the first two phases of the offseason workout program.  That impasse caused Johnson to skip all remaining offseason activities, including a mandatory minicamp.  The question now becomes whether Johnson will show up for training camp.

Veterans are due to report in Houston on Friday.

28 responses to “Texans, Andre Johnson’s agent are communicating

  1. I don’t see why the Texans should pay him money he didn’t earn per his agreement, when he CHOSE not to show up.

    I hope he decides not to play.

  2. “I am not refuting, confirming or denying any reports or stories,” McGuire said…Maybe it was the tooth fairy.

  3. feelnsavage says:Jul 22, 2014 5:21 PM

    Texans betta cut him now… This fool no wat he doing yall bout have no choice to pay the man when a “mysterious” injury pops up

    It’s posts like this that prove the education system has failed for many people.

  4. He wouldn’t be working out at the Texans’ facilities if he wasn’t showing up Friday morning. He’ll be there, everyone in Houston knows he’s not being traded.

  5. They gave $14 million to Jadeveon Clowney as a bonus, and he hasn’t done a damn thing yet.

    Or in 2013, for that matter. But hey, a guy with three sacks makes a perfect #1 draft pick.

  6. .
    If the Texans allow the Johnson situation to fester, their season is doomed. It would be a case of winning the battle while losing the war.

  7. Trade Amendola, Mallet, Boldin, & a 3rd next year & call it good….both teams get what they need & necessary Cap space relief

  8. issbillsrings says:
    Jul 22, 2014 6:24 PM
    Trade Amendola, Mallet, Boldin, & a 3rd next year & call it good….both teams get what they need & necessary Cap space relief
    Good idea! Throw in Brady and it’s a deal.

  9. i say it’s a coin toss….if they pay him his million (which they should) he will show, if they texans organization is cheap and stupid, he won’t show. Bottom line if he does show, and does not get his million he will be cancer, and disgruntled.

    Just pay the guy

  10. alreidtx says:
    Jul 22, 2014 6:40 PM
    AJ, please don’t report to camp. Hold out till the Texans bend. Sit the season out if necessary!
    Titans. Colts, Jaguars
    Titans/Colts/Jags don’t care whether he shows up or not. Texans are finishing last in the division again this year and everyone in the division knows it. If you think INTpatrick is gonna lead the team back this year from last place your losing your mind. Johnson didn’t want to come back for that exact reason. He knows he’s never getting a ring with the Texans now.

  11. Texans can’t afford the cap hit to trade him. Also, if they pay him the bonus he forfeited, that sets a very dangerous precedent for anyone else on the team to hold out next year and assume they can make back any missed bonuses.

    Andre’s got a C on his chest for a reason–the team looks to him as a leader. I appreciate everything he has done for the team, but it’s time to step up and be a leader and help the team rebound. He’s already being paid handsomely for that.

  12. Johnson said it has nothing to do with money so what the hell some of you talking about. He will show up because he will not lose another dime. And as for clowney he got 14 million over the period of his contract johnson is getting 10 million just for this year. If you dont no how contracts work shout up, at least they are not given these guys 40 million to be a bust

  13. With Sidney Rice retiring Seattle has an opening for you Andre. Come win the title you deserve! Can you imagine? Hawks would be unstoppable! Just dreaming

  14. I gave a thumbs up to cowstache….I’d love to see Andre out of Houston after this fiasco. It’s a distraction to a team that is trying to get better in a hurry, learning a new system and getting to know new players and coaches. Andre is a cornerstone of this team and should have been there to support the new coaches and rookies. He could have requested a trade privately without being a drama queen and going to the media…And then coming back begging for 1,000,000 dollars that he willingly forfeited in his little temper tantrum. Yes, 1,000,000 dollars. That’s a lot of freagin 0’s. More zeroes than most people see in a 20 year span. Yep, he gave that up…willingly, to make a point…and then when his tantrum didn’t have the desired effect, he called a “take back”…and it didn’t work too well being that he’s not 9 and on a playground. If it weren’t for the cap hit I’d like to see him gone from Houston. Given the cap hit, suck it up Andre and win back the respect of Houston by getting out there and busting your balls for the team and fans.

  15. I see a lot of interesting points being brought up, he deserves the $1Mil bonus, he doesn’t, we should let him go, we shouldn’t, he will sit out, he may fake an injury. Im not expert but I wanted to see if perhaps I could shed some light and my perspective on Andre Johnson’s situation.
    A contract is a contract, if you would’ve showed for the preseason camps he would “Earn” your bonus however Andre Johnson made a conscious decision to no show which means “No Bonus”. Andre Johnson is a part of a TEAM and if there is special treatment for Johnson to Not Show and still get paid, well that means everyone should be able to hold out and get paid which can’t and won’t happen. With the new philosophy and Team Culture O’Brien is trying to promote within the Texans, Johnson is going against the grain and its not going to work out for him in this new season if he continues to act out. Everyone wants to win. The TEAM lost as a TEAM last season it wasn’t just Andre he needs to stop being selfish, but I understand his frustration. Texans aren’t going to trade him we know this. So I believe he has Three options
    1. Sit out and lose money with every game and every practice he fails to participate in and ask for a trade next year. And deal with the financial consequences of that decision.
    2. Simply retire, come out of retirement and join another club.
    3. Play the best he can and continue to build his resume as an NFL Hall of Famer. And ask for a trade if he feels its in his best interests and or if the Texans fail to produce results.
    Andre is a great player and an asset for the Texans I hope he gives this new Staff a chance and just give it his best one more season.

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