Weather the latest thing to keep Marcell Dareus from camp

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For all his self-inflcited problems this offseason, weather is the latest thing to keep defensive tackle Marcell Dareus from training camp.

According to Mike Rodak of, Dareus wasn’t able to get from his court date in Alabama Monday to Rochester, N.Y. because of bad weather.

“He’ll be with our weight room staff working out as soon as he gets here,” coach Doug Marrone said.

They’re going to give him a few more days before he re-takes his conditioning test, which he failed once already. Between that and arrests for synthetic marijuana and drag racing, it’s been quite an offseason already for the former No. 3 overall pick.

13 responses to “Weather the latest thing to keep Marcell Dareus from camp

  1. Keep up the great drafting Bills! When you constantly miss in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft, then you constantly draft high, except for next year as you felt giving up a #1 for a WR is good business. Just as good as drafting 3 RB’s in the 1st every 3-4 (03, 07, & ’10) years was smart business.

  2. This guy might be a clown off the field, but like Josh Gordon, he is a beast on Sunday. So he isn’t a bust, but man is he doing everything short of pulling a Hernandez this offseason.

  3. Somehow I don’t think the weather would keep him from cashing his paycheck. I wonder if this guy realizes how much he looks like a tool. In a way I feel sorry for him because these stories keep coming out but then he only has himself to blame for being in this predicament. If he doesn’t like it he should do something about it. Otherwise he can keep being a chucklehead and keep looking like a chucklehead in the media.

  4. “Marcell Dareus misses training camp yet again. This time claims pack of feral dogs ate his car, now has no mode of transportation.”

  5. I used to work with someone like this. This person would come up with any reason under the sun not to come to work, and seemed to have an endless supply of almost-believable reasons why.

    At some point you have to cut bait with those people or they will bring down the morale of the whole group.

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