Alex Boone will hold out from 49ers camp


Vernon Davis reported to 49ers training camp. Teammate Alex Boone will not.

Boone is holding out from 49ers camp, as expected. The 27-year-old Boone has two years left on his contract, with base salaries of $2 million in 2014 and $1.2 million in 2015, and he believes he deserves significantly more than that.

The question is whether the 49ers are willing to give him more than that. They may think they have the leverage because Boone has two years left in his deal and they can fine him $30,000 a day for every day he misses, and they may also think that giving him a pay raise would be rewarding a holdout.

Boone has started all 16 games in each of the last two seasons, and he’s an important part of the 49ers’ offense. By holding out, he’s betting that the 49ers will decide he’s too important to be without, and will give him a raise to get him back in the fold.

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  1. An offensive guard holding out on a team with a lot of OL depth…..makes sense, I can’t see any reason why it will fail.

  2. I guess we shall see which strategy pays off. Boone is setting himself up for a fail though. He should be in camp working on his pass blocking techniques.

  3. Boone the 49ers gave you a chance when no one else would…you have outplayed your original contract but you signed it..Whats more important? Money or playing cor a winning team? Look at Staley..always kept his mouth shut and played then got paid.Maybe you should do the same..Niners are deep on the o line before you know it your gonna be running short sprints in Jacksonville.

  4. His contract $$ are for a backup guard. For the past two years he’s been an outstanding starting guard. (Wish he wasn’t because I’m a Rams fan.) Time to pay him starting guard numbers.

  5. LEARN FROM VERNON DAVIS! He showed up to camp so the Niners will discuss and negotiate a new deal for him.

    They won’t do crap for you while you’re sitting at home on your couch, jackass.

  6. A guy under performs and he gets cut.
    A guy over performs and he gets fined.

    Why wasn’t this addressed last contract?

    EVERYONE hold out FOREVER, until this inequity is fixed. Period.

  7. Hold out!! Hold out as long as you need to!! See if you can get some of the players to side with you and maybe some of them will come with you, too. No matter what, NEVER give in. Stay out the whole season if you must.

    A Seahawks Fan

  8. As a charger fan let me tell you guys, we had a tackle (mcneil) and a receiver (v jax) hold out more than half a season and it ruined what could have been a great year.

  9. Good move. If I were Vernon Davis I would do the same. They can play hard ball with one guy but if they have two, they probably give them new deals rather than have the season go south.

  10. With his yearly salary that low, it’s hard to imagine Frisco doing another one for him. If they could give a decent signing bonus but a lower cap hit, they might go for it. It’s hard to see that happening. Unlike KC’s Charles situation, he’s not completely irreplaceable. Normally I go with the player in these situations, because even millionaires are the underdogs compared to billionaires, but maybe not this time.

  11. Fine him and claw back the bonuses paid.

    The reason players hold out is because management eventually caves. If you want to stop the holdouts, you have to show them that holdouts do not work. Period.

    Personally, I think the agents are to blame. They’re the ones who put a bug in the players’ ears, telling them how underpaid they are.

  12. @computojon: actually he played well in 2012 in 2013 he graded out in the negative in pass protection according to PFF….he was far from ELITE.

  13. Boone is a nice player but the 49ers and me are betting Joe Looney is a lot better.

  14. He has 2 years left! Plain and simple, if SF paid him while he was holding out half of the team would do the same. If he thought he was gonna be the starter he should have bet on his self and not signed the 1st contract, but he took the guaranteed cash at the time. Show up to work, keep your mouth shut, work hard and you will be rewarded EX: Joe Staley.

  15. Teams can cut players at any time. Players who out play their contracts have only one recourse (if the team will not up their pay to something approaching for performance), they holdout.

    Boone is only resorting to his only leverage. I doubt Sf pays him now but I’d bet if they want to keep him that they promise to work on his deal going forward. That might be enough to get him to report but if not, he’ll sit for a while then report before he’s docked a year of service.

  16. Boone doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Baalke will not cave an inch, just watch.

    Yeah, you probably know Trent Baalke much better than Alex Boone does.

  17. $30K a day for missing camp is chicken feed for a mega-star on a 10 or 12M/year deal. But when you’re at $2M (before taxes and agent), though, I would think that adds up a little faster.

  18. Well, I’ll say this too though: As long as teams can cut underperforming players ending their honorably signed contracts, then players can hold out because they have outperformed their honorably signed contracts. There has to be checks and balances in any system, even capitalism and even in the NFL. It’s either both or neither, and right now, it’s both.

    So if he wants to hold out, good luck to him.
    I’m just not so sure it’ll work in this particular case.

  19. What we don’t see in the article is what the signing bonus amounted to. Maybe not so much, and if that’s true then he has a good argument because he is not going to get paid nearly what a solid starter should be paid.
    If, on the other hand, this is another case where a guy gets 10 million for signing and then comes back a couple of years later screaming that he’s “only” getting 3.2 m over the next two years I have no sympathy what so ever.

  20. @atthemurph Sure teams can cut players, but they still have to pay them their guaranteed money that the player and team agreed upon.

    I get that his only leverage is to hold out, but then what? He shows up when he feels like it, all the while another player has taken all his 1st team reps? He still has 2 years left and he would be strait up stupid to sit out the year and lose money he most likely won’t get back. Plus he has to play a certain amount of games to have it count against his contract years to be come a unrestricted free agent.

  21. Holdout is the only leverage Boone has. He wont get the money he wants during the holdout, but best believe he will be getting calls from the 49er’s begging him to come in. Boone’s holding out from camp, least he doesn’t have to worry about getting injured & giving away any leverage he has. He is 27 & the NFL seems to give players their best money at that age, 2 years from now he will be 29 & anything could happen by then. Not having 1 of the best players on the Oline can be a big problem for your offense.

  22. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Jul 23, 2014 2:10 PM
    Mediocre lineman begging for more money. Hilarious.

    Fans of less than mediocre teams should not talk… Boone is an excellent lineman, do your research.

  23. Alex Boone is easily one of the best O Line guys we have – that is a given. He knows that. And the 49ers know that. However, Harbaugh believes in that “next man up” mind set like no other I know; Baalke believes in negotiating with players who are present – period; the team has options now, and could acquire others in short order if pressed; and although he is underpaid, he knows (as does his “people”) that this move will not work because a guard (any guard) is not worth altering your precedence over. When the season starts, one way or another the 49ers will have a five man line they feel very comfortable with – Alex Boone or no Alex Boone). Again (and the VERY BOTTOM LINE)the teams has options. Boone does not!

  24. unfortunately for him he doesn’t have much leverage but I wish he would report and recap his losses and attempt to workout an extension because I really like the kid.

  25. Boone is getting bad advice from his agent. Unless he’s trying to force a trade which would have been leaked by now from his agent he is going to lose money and his starting job. Looney is going to be a better G than Boone who is not a bad G but a better T. At this point next year Thomas steps in to take Iupati’s spot as he bolts for FA and Boone is still a backup unless Staley or Davis is lost for the year. Then what Alex? Your paid handsomely as a backup. By the way I hate the Hawks but Number1HawksFan awesome post on VD.

  26. @udontknowjaq Joe Staley is 29 and just got extended, so not sure what you mean by that? SF already said they will not rip up contracts with multiple years left while the person is holding out.

  27. Wonder if the 49ers would consider a trade? I know my Bucs could use help at the OG position (nobody knows for sure if Carl Nicks will be able to play) and we still have more than $10million in cap space to sign him to a long term deal. Maybe S.F. would take a 3rd or 4th rounder for him if they can’t come to a deal with him?

  28. We’ll take him in Minnesota! Any guy that threatens to beat up Clay Matthews will always be welcome by the Vikings.

  29. You can make a very good case that Boone is the best player on the O-Line. He has shown that he can play guard or tackle at a very high level. I can see why the 49ers, however, do not want to reward a player who won’t honor his contract. But nobody Boone, Boone’s agent, and the 49ers know what transpired before his decision to hold out. Recall that Boone was an undrafted free agent with clear maturity issues. The niners too a chance on him, but he responded — big time. You have to think that there may be fault on both sides for him to decide to hold out. If the hold-out fails, Boone should think about getting a new agent. I second the thoughts of those that say that the best way out for everyone is a trade. If I were the 49ers, it would require at least a second round pick.

  30. number1hawkfan says:
    Jul 23, 2014 1:20 PM
    Not surprising that Vernon didn’t have the stones to hold out. It’s just like when goes across the middle against Seattle. Timid and non committal.
    More likely (unlike seahawks) he is showing his class by fulfilling his contract commitments as expected!

  31. Now that Vernon’s reported to camp, it weakens Boone’s case. I say let him hold out…that won’t induce a new contract…the FO has made that clear. In the meantime, Looney stands to gain the most. This is his opportunity and he’ll take advantage of it.

  32. Let it begin. When these teams that drafted in the top 1/3 of the draft of years and years (SF, Sea) have to start paying for the talent they have… you’ll seem them start to look much more “human”. You can’t keep them all, and when you start having homegrown talent holding out… there’s trouble.

  33. Everything’s going swimmingly up here in the Great Northwest.

    On the other hand, down south in the Bay Area, turmoil, turmoil, turmoil. I don’t envy Niner fans.

  34. ttommytom says:

    A guy under performs and he gets cut.
    A guy over performs and he gets fined.

    Why wasn’t this addressed last contract?

    EVERYONE hold out FOREVER, until this inequity is fixed. Period.

    They get to keep what are often millions in signing bonuses if they’re cut, there’s no inequity. Good luck at getting purely incentive based contracts it will never work.

  35. Lol I love all these idiots saying “he needs to honor his contract” lol why should he? Do nfl teams honor their contracts with aging players? get real this dude feels as tho he’s worth more and he’s right. He was easily a top ten guard last year and he’s getting paid like a back up.

  36. You knew Vern wasn’t going to hold out. 30K a day is a lot of scratch to throw away. That sure was a long hold out! He sure put the fear in the Santa Clara brass!

  37. Let Alex Boone walk. He was an undrafted free agent. He is obligated to honor the contract that he signed. He needs to perform to earn a raise. The Niners must not give in! I bet you that he’ll play like crap with a new contract. He has to prove that he deserves a raise.

  38. Could find Santa Clara huh? Should be easy..its just one of the hundreds of suburbs of SF about the same size as Seattle and soon to be alot more popular then Seattle…..just like every other in California

    #@your always in our shadow
    #@small market nerds in green

  39. He’s listening to the same guys that got him signed to his original contract……isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
    Not a 49ers fan….but this guy seems not terribly bright, report to the team, see if they’re then willing to talk with you.

    $30,000 a day, missing manditory ETA was $70,000, two weeks or so and we’re talking real money.

    You’re contract this season is for $2 million… 14 days at $30k a day, you’ve wasted $420,000, add the $70k you’ve already been fined, you’ve spent $490,000, nearly 1/4 of your salary, to be behind, and possibly lose your starting job.

    Smart. (sic)

  40. Good time to trade him to a non contender that will give us a 1st or 2nd rounder..once we figure out after camp, which one of our talented backups will fill his shoes…

    He should show some appreciation. If it weren’t for the niners, he would be selling insurance. No one, I mean no team besides the niners wanted to sign his undraftable butt.

  41. Oh, he’s already blown the $50,000 workout bonus in his contract, so great job listening to the fantastic advise you’re agents are giving you.

    By the by, his contract this season pays him $2,000,000, last year he made 1/2 that.
    His workout bonus was $50K, and he has a prorated signing bonus of $340,000 per year.

    Maybe he WANTS to get traded?

    Otherwise, what he’s doing makes no sense whatsoever.

  42. Navarro Bowman means more to the 9er defense than Alex Boone does to the 9er offense but the Niners will be starting someone else in Bowman’s place for the first 6 games at least. If the Niners D can keep working without Bowman, the Niners O can certainly live without Alex Boone. Unless the Niners think they will miss the playoffs without him, Alex Boone will not get a new deal.

  43. Most fans don’t realize that the Niners do not have to trade him or pay him. He has been put on the reserve list, meaning he does not count as one of the players on the regular season 53 man or preseason 90 man roster. Therefore the Niners do not have to get rid of him in order to sign another player to take his place. They can simply make an example of him to let others know what an holdout will get.

  44. Sure would be nice to make 2 million a year and tell my boss I wont come to work until I get paid more!. Sports players are highly over-paid What about the 10 million contracts that don’t perform up to par each year do the owners get back that money!. Do not give in to players that sign a four year contract and have 2 good years not all- pro year. Stand firm Forty-niners and make him humble and greatfull….

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