Chargers, Danny Woodhead agree to two-year extension


Chargers running back Danny Woodhead plans to stay in San Diego for at least three more years.

Woodhead and the Chargers have agreed on a two-year contract extension, which keeps him under contract through the 2016 season.

“Danny is an integral part of our offense,” said General Manager Tom Telesco. “His work ethic and on-field production were key elements last year. We look forward to having him be a part of the Chargers organization into the future.”

Woodhead initially entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Chadron State, where he was twice named the best player in Division II football. He played for the Jets from 2008 to 2010 before he was released and signed with the Patriots. In 2013 he left the Patriots to sign a two-year, $3.5 million deal with the Chargers.

In his first year in San Diego last year, Woodhead caught 76 passes for 605 yards and six touchdowns and carried 106 times for 429 yards and two touchdowns.

18 responses to “Chargers, Danny Woodhead agree to two-year extension

  1. Good little career for him if he makes it to the end of his contract.

    Patriots were dumb to let him leave for so little. I blame BB arrogance for taking a chance on him and then later for letting him walk. Patriots need someone to tell BB that he is wrong sometimes (… and needs to sign some top receivers for Brady).

  2. It was a big mistake letting Woodhead get away from the Pats when his value was high and his price was low.

    Danny Woodhead is a great player and both the Jets and Pats screwed up letting him slip away.

    Last offseason I thought Welker might be a Bill Walsh “better a year to early than a year to late” case with a high asking price so I regretted the Woodhouse loss even more.

    Of course the Amendola and Gronk injuries aggravated the Welker loss after the year started.

  3. .
    Woodhead was waived by the Jets, earned a spot as an alternate for the Patriots and is now an integral part of the Chargers offense. At 5’6″ tall, he’s a professional “Rudy”.

  4. Woodhead will again be a key part of the Chargers slow-march-down-the-field, clock-eating football. The offense, which was pretty good last year, got just a little better with some injured players returning. More importantly, the defense, which was bad, especially against the pass, should be much improved with the signing of Brandon Flowers.

    Should be an interesting year for the bolts. We will know the first game of the season, when they play at Arizona, another team that appears to be going in the right direction.

  5. Woodhead made a big difference for Philip Rivers and the Chargers last season. He’s a gutsy player who will fight for the ball, for the extra yardage, for the goal line. Look forward to watching him do more damage to AFC West opponents’ defenses this season.

  6. BB knows that running backs are a fungible quantity and that is where you save money on your roster. Would Danny Woodhead have helped the Pats when one more game last year, they were 12-4?

  7. Gotta suck for Raider fan to already know they have the cellar locked up again for the 2014 season.

  8. Huge mistake by the Pats letting him go. Yes, they went 12-4, but they often looked awful doing it, including a ghastly loss in the playoffs. He would have been a huge help to an offense that struggled for long stretches.

  9. humb0lt says:
    Jul 23, 2014 11:16 AM
    Not that difficult to get to 12-4 when no other team in your division is over .500.
    The Pats wouldn’t win their division much if they went 8-8 like the Chargers did in 08 when they won it. I’m really sick of people acting like being in the AFCE is why the Pats are good every year. You don’t get to 3 straight AFCCs just because you are in a “bad division” anyway.

    As for Woodhead I always hated losing him more than I hated losing Welker. BB couldn’t have foreseen Vereen getting hurt and all the other issues they had on offense with injuries, etc. but there is no doubt in my mind that Woodhead would have helped the offense even more than Welker would have last year. There were times in his Pats tenure when the offense was bogging down and they would throw Woody in there and he’d spark a TD drive in many different ways. I love the guy and will always wish him well.

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