Dareus returns to Bills with renewed focus, he claims


He appeared in court on Monday and then was unable (due to the weather) to get back to the team on Tuesday. Now, Bills defensive lineman Marcell Dareus returned.  And he celebrated not by drag racing a teammate but issuing a statement.

“After dealing with a personal matter in Alabama, I am excited to return to training camp to rejoin my teammates in our preparations for the 2014 season,” Dareus said in a quote issued by the team. “Right now, my focus is on earning the trust of my teammates, coaches and the fans while continuing to improve as a football player. I have a passion for this game and I want to be here to help this organization achieve its goals. There are things I need to work on professionally and personally to make sure I can be accountable to myself, my family, this team and this community. My focus will remain on achieving that goal one day at a time. I want to thank the Bills organization, Coach Marrone and the coaching staff, my teammates and our fans for their continued support.”

One of those one-days-at-a-time presumably will include Dareus passing the pre-camp conditioning test, which he failed when he initially arrived at camp, drawing deserved criticism for failing to keep himself in a basic level of fitness at a time when football players find a way to stay in excellent shape throughout the year.

19 responses to “Dareus returns to Bills with renewed focus, he claims

  1. Yada yada yada. Bills fans have heard it all before (see Marshawn Lynch). Actions speak louder than words so until he back ups his words with action I will remain very skeptical about his future.

  2. I think people should give him the benefit of the doubt. He lost his brother over a year ago and for anyone that has lost a family member like that, it throws you off. Hopefully he is focused and ready to become the monster the Bills drafted him to be.

  3. All this proves is his agent knows how to write a good statement and Dareus can read. I believe most Bills fans are hopeful this is an honest admission from Dareus but I would also believe most Bills fans are wary and are waiting for him to do more than just say the right things.

    My opinion is that he isn’t too bright and doesn’t get it. The Bills picked up his fifth-year option, which they may regret but with all that has gone on in the past few months I’d be really surprised if they offered him a new contract. That means this year is a contract year for him and he should have been on his best behavior to show the Bills or another team he’s worth wasting millions of dollars on. His actions this off-season have probably cost him some money but somehow I don’t think he realizes that. He’s too busy out acting foolishly.

  4. I think he will always be remembered for almost ripping Colt McCoy arm off in the National Championship game and knocking him out of the game. Kid has been through a lot and it is important for him to get things together. What a weird country we live in, in Alabama it is multiple felonies for having synthetic marijuana. In Colorado the cops would laugh at you and hand you the real thing.

  5. He deserves Buffalo and Buffalo deserves him…an overrated player on a mediocre team.

    The Bills are the Browns of the AFC East.

  6. Let’s hope he means it.. The guy is still young. Anyone who says they didn’t do things they regret when they were younger are delusional or just lying. Hopefully he can grow up and be a man as well as play at a Pro-Bowl level!

  7. Big Puppy is monster in the middle – his first Pro Bowl last year should let you know that. He is 24 years old….hopefully he grows up a little soon and focuses on football

  8. Yeah, he also claimed that he was “not a trouble guy” after he was busted for synthetic marijuana possession back in May and look how he’s lived up to that since then.

  9. Kid has all the resources in the world to get the help he needs BUT will he use them??? Unfortunately this story is too common. See Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon.

  10. Don’t remember Lynch ever issuing a statement, oh yeah, he won’t talk to reporters at all.

    Marcel, the ball’s in your court.

  11. Got to wonder what action the league is going to take, since he was arrested twice this summer. Looks like he will be subject to the second level drug testing policy at a minimum.

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