Giants defend hiring David Tyree despite anti-gay comments


The Giants’ decision to hire former receiver David Tyree as their new director of player development raised some eyebrows because Tyree has a history of anti-gay comments.

Tyree, best remembered for his “helmet catch” that helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLII, has said that he would give up that catch and that Giants Super Bowl title in exchange for banning gays and lesbians from getting married. Tyree views allowing gays and lesbians to marry as akin to “anarchy” and has also claimed that homosexuality is a choice, even though experts in the study of human sexuality say that’s not the case.

Now strong opposition to Tyree has come from the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group. Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin blasted the Giants for hiring Tyree.

“The idea that someone can change their sexual orientation or gender identity is ludicrous, and the New York Giants are risking their credibility by hiring someone who publicly advocates this junk science,” Griffin said. “His opposition to basic legal equality aside, David Tyree’s proselytizing of such dangerous practices goes against the positive work the Giants organization has done in recent years.”

The Giants, however, are standing by Tyree. Giants General Manager Jerry Reese confirmed that the Giants knew about Tyree’s anti-gay comments but still believe he’s the right man for the job.

“We do our due diligence on everyone we try and hire around here,” Reese said, via the Star-Ledger. “David was, No. 1 he was qualified, and we think he’s a terrific fit for us. We’re happy to have him on board.”

Tyree has committed to speak with Wade Davis, an openly gay former NFL player who has spoken publicly about the importance of the sports world being welcoming to gay athletes. To satisfy those who are criticizing the Giants, Tyree may also have to disavow some of his previous comments. So far, Tyree has not done that.

62 responses to “Giants defend hiring David Tyree despite anti-gay comments

  1. Cue the “he’s just voicing his opinion” idiots. Racism is an opinion too, and just like any kind of bigotry, anyone who spreads this kind of nonsense will be criticized, and rightfully so.

  2. Dumb comments for sure but if he’s the right person for the job, then he should be in that position.

  3. Sensitivity training for you before you can go to work. We all now know there are some things one can’t have one’s own opinion on, and one needs to be sensitive to what those things are.

  4. I’m all in with Tyree!
    Can a guy still buy a Tyree jersey?!!
    I’ll make that statement, any day.

  5. This isn’t about preventing Tyree from ever being able to put food on his family’s table. This is about giving an admittedly prejudiced person a job whose main function is to mentor young player’s off-the-field interests, especially business interests. What wisdom can Tyree possibly impart to these people that will advance their business interests if Tyree is already willing to cast aside a significant portion of the population. Simply put…Tyree’s not qualified for THIS job. He might be qualified for about 20 others just not this one.

  6. What kind of country are we living in when we can’t deny two consenting, tax-paying adults the same rights the rest of us enjoy?

  7. These psychologists can say whatever they want but the human body, animal bodies and even plants show what the function of males and females are for: Reproduction.
    This website sensored my earlier post, if they sensor this one then i will delete the app and never check it again. They need to respect every ones opinion.

  8. God forbid you have an opinion today. It is his belief and last time I checked we are living in a free society where a person can still speak his mind. Or do we?

  9. I’m glad to see this country moving forward. We used to have close-minded people judging and criticizing people who thought differently than them. What a breath of fresh air to finally have open-minded people judging and criticizing people who think differently than them.

  10. Im more opffended he is im charge of player development. Dude couldn’t develop himself into a player.

    But yea, this hiring is the Mara way. It should cost them draft picks.

  11. Had he said this while employed by the Giants, bye bye job. Just a reminder to the rest of us out there, be careful what you say, especially if those around you don’t agree with it.

  12. According to Mr Griffin, you can have an opinon, as long as it matches his opinion. If not, then he wants to publicly shame you and all those associated with you till you are personally & professionally destroyed.
    Mr Griffin is nothing more than a bully.

  13. “Is he not allowed to provide food,clothing and shelter for his family for the rest of his life because of his comments?”

    Of course he is allowed to provide for his family. However, his comments clearly prove he should not be allowed to be in any sort of supervisory position. His comments will open up any possible employer to lawsuits. I would not risk hiring him for such a job.

  14. People are allowed to have their own opinions even if you don’t like it.

    I’m starting to really begin to resent some groups that i never really had a problem with thanks to all the belly-aching about every little word anyone says that disagrees.

    PC is about as worn out as the Race Card….

  15. kudos to the Giants for hiring the guy they thought best for the job and not compromising for sake of PC

    and, I believe even the gays should agree that this is a fair hire… afterall, they say they want to see best hired regardless…. 🙂

  16. so what happened to tolerance? he is not allowed to have his beliefs and opinions because he disagrees with yours? typical liberal response to those they don’t agree with. next they will make him go to reeducation camp… er sensitivity training until he changes his mind or is at least forced to publicly to feed his family.

  17. I’m just an observer from up north but this whole “Freedom Of Speech” thing that I hear so much about………. It seems to be kind of fake. There’s witch hunts againt people with differing opinions. Fake outrage followed by fake appologies. The target never seems to be for honest and open discussion……. The target always seems to be an attempt at humiliating and outting a human of his career. I certainly don’t agree with David Tyree. But I do agree with his right to hold that opinion and a job.

  18. The sad part about this is that I know DT and everyone of the posters who support him do so because of their religion. The bible says gays are bad and you follow like sheep.

  19. Sad to see all the comments on here that back up the stupid jock mentality. Nobody is saying Tyree can’t say those things, just that he should not be in a position like this. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

  20. Isn’t it ironic that the very people who cause everyone of “bullying” in one form or another, are the same people who say it’s their way or the highway.

    They are the true bullies.

  21. With all the available people to hire why put someone like him in a position where he’s involved with player development?
    there had to be better options, ex Giant or not.

  22. I don’t think his comments are proof he’s not qualified and mentally capable of handling this job without predjudice.

    I do think that for someone in the position he’s hired for they are an eyebrow raiser and it’s fair to at least expect him to address the situation and move forward.

    He is in a position to affect the business interest and development of players…he should just address it and be given benefit of the doubt until actual proof of desire to discriminate exisists.

  23. In today’s America, you are only allowed to publicly have an opinion so long as it is the popular opinion.

    Anyone remember freedom of speech? I don’t agree with what Tyree said, but I will defend his right to say it.

  24. I have the same viewsssssss,,,in spades. My views are not against the law,,,of course Odumma, the lawless Pres. wants to restrict “thoughts” and the first amendment.

  25. Cue the “he’s just voicing his opinion” idiots. Racism is an opinion too, and just like any kind of bigotry, anyone who spreads this kind of nonsense will be criticized, and rightfully so.


    It amazes me how people who are not Black are always so quick to try and equate this with the racism and oppression that Black people have (and continue to) faced.

    And yes, he has a right to his opinion. Those of you who cry tolerance only want it when it is outright praise and worship of whatever it is you espouse.

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