Henry Melton ready to go for Cowboys camp


The Cowboys weren’t able to make wholesale changes to a bad defense, but they are getting one key piece back just in time.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, Melton will be cleared to take part in the first practice of training camp.

Melton hasn’t done any of the on-field OTAs after last year’s torn ACL, but he hasn’t missed any of his rehab sessions or suffered any setbacks. He has to pass his physical first, but that appears to be a non-issue.

Melton should be a significant part of any rebounding the Cowboys do. The former Bears franchise player fills the hole left by Jason Hatcher, and his back, and will need to anchor a young group under new coordinator Rod Marinelli.

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  1. Glad to see Melton healthy enough to play right away for someone. He can be a solid 3 technique, but I don’t think he can do it alone. His biggest issue is the same thing that was wrong with Tommie Harris, and the biggest drawback to most 3 technique players. They have a quick get-off, and they can be disruptive, but if the OL is in the right position, they can be stonewalled pretty easily and taken out of the play with a single blocker. Hand use is what separates great players like Sapp and Randle from the rest of the pack.
    Melton has only been a DL since later in his college career, so he doesn’t have the experience fighting off blocks with his hands. Starting out as a fullback, he led with his shoulders and didn’t extend his arms, because he would either be exposed to fumbling, or a holding call. The better DTs use their quickness to gain leverage, and then use their hands to control the gap or disengage. If you watch Melton, he relied solely on the explosion through the gap to make plays. If he is a step slower, understandable after ACL surgery, he won’t have a chance if his hand use doesn’t improve dramatically.

  2. Defense is going to surprise a few people this year.
    Cowboys have more talent than outsiders believe. Mo Claiborne has hit the weights and ready to sneak attack

  3. The Cowboys defense will be better this year. No team could have handled all the injuries they had last year.

  4. How are they getting Melton ‘back’, given that he has never played for them?

    Good news. Marinelli’s D requires a really good 3-Tech, which Melton is. Now, get Spencer back (unlikely tho) and they have the makings of at least a better D line than last season.

  5. He stole cash from the Bears last year. He was getting man handled before the injury. Dallas way overpaid. This guy disappears for 3 games, then shows up for a half, then disappears again.

  6. Mo Claiborne is bust! He can lift all the weights he wants but he and everybody else in that weak secondary just can’t cover!!!!!
    Last place in the NFC east…….

  7. If we’re going to show any signs of respectability, the defense must me better. If you can’t get to the QB to even apply pressure, that leaves LBs and DBs on an island and you get picked apart, just like last year.

    Melton is going to need help, aside from needing to stay healthy. That will go a long way in helping the Cowboys. You can’t keep expecting Romo and Co. to score 35 points a game and having to keep trying to score because you KNOW the defense is swiss cheese and will give up that lead.

  8. man please dont get your hopes up…the bears cut him for a reason…the boys picked him up for stupid jerry ones….claiborne and carr suck at covering and the safteys are in limbo all the time….take away no linebacker play and vuala’…we be in last place! ugh!!!

  9. Typical Cowboy bashing and writing them off before they even have their first training camp practice.

    I’d remind all the haters…they were 5-1 last year against the NFC East (and a last drive interception by a back-up QB who was playing his first game from being 6-0) with a Defense that was historically bad.

    Staying relatively healthy and getting production from some young players (they are now one of the youngest teams in the league) and I think they’ll be just fine.

    But haters will hate…and oh yeah, they need a real GM!

  10. Besides the fact that Dallas entire defence was hurt most of the season. We played that dumb a – s cover two defence. Carr and Claiborne are better man defenders. Don’t be surprised if both these guys make the pro bowl this year. And don’t worry, Melton will have plenty of young , relentless help. Fresh legs every down. They have all the players in place. If we can stay healthy, who knows maybe the Doomsday D returns.

  11. Ummm… the Cowboys are still gonna be playing Cover 2 (or more specifically, Tampa 2).

    Marinelli is a Kiffin disciple, so even though the DC and some of the players have changed, the scheme won’t.

  12. A better Oline, should help with both the passing game and running game (which HOPEFULLY they’ll be able to user for TOP and running out the clock when needed.) Lawrence, Melton, Bass and Selvie with a second group in rotation should help the LB’s and DB’s. The BIG questions are: how well will the LB’s play without Lee, AND how ell will the DB’s play. Not only Carr and Claiborne but a safety as well.

  13. I loved it in week 17 when Orton threw the game-ending interception against the Eagles, and the Cowboys’ owner turned around and yelled at his GM and president.

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